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Race and Read

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You only need to print and play. Students can use a paperclip with a pencil as a spinner,
you can attach a brad and spin a paper clip around that. Or you can do what I do and
just lay a transparent spinner over it and use that.

How to Play:
1. Students will spin the spinner and move the car that many spaces on the game
2. Then they will read and record and the word that is on the space they landed on. This
continues until one student reaches the finish line.

The game moves fairly quickly, but students have plenty of spaces on the recording
sheet to play the game over again.
How to Begin:
1. Type 1 word into each of the boxes below, for a total of 12 words. The
words will automatically be plugged into all of the games throughout the
2. If you want to change the instructions on any of the pages, just click on
the blue box and change them to anything you want.
3. To do this for additional sets of words, just save the file with a a
different file name. For example, the first one will be “Sight Word Activities
– List 1” and the next “Sight Word Activities – List 2” and so on.

Having problems?
Make sure you are opening the file with Adobe Reader. If you
aren’t, you will have issues with the formatting.

You can get it for free here:


Find the file on your computer and right click on it. Then choose
Open With > Adobe Reader.
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Race and Read Sight Words

Race along the track. Every time you land on a word, write it on a car below.

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