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To read or
not to read?
(Answer: read!)

author Veronica
Roth delivers
Chosen Ones.

NATASHA LESTER America’s youngest
New York Times sommelier, a Forbes
bestselling author ‘30 Under 30’, paving
tells a story of Dior her way through the
gowns, a secret and notoriously corrosive
three women bound restaurant industry.
forever by war.
2020’s biggest Hilde Hinton
thriller debut. Naoise Dolan
No lie. C Pam Zhang

New in kids and YA from Mick Elliott, Deborah Kelly and Akala

The Dior Secret 1


Hachette Australia | April 2020

The Loudness of Unsaid Things 2
Providence 3
Seven Lies 4 Natasha Lester
Tiny Pieces of Us 5 Trade Paperback 9780733641886 | $32.99
Ebook 9780733641893 | $12.99
Natural Women’s Health 6
Hachette Australia
The Dirty South 7
Chosen Ones 7 England, 1939. Talented pilot Skye Penrose
Liberation 8 joins the British war effort where she
Exciting Times 8 encounters her estranged sister, Liberty, and
There’s nothing Me and White Supremacy
Letters from the Past
childhood soulmate Nicholas Crawford, now
engaged to enigmatic Frenchwoman Margaux
foolish about our The Talented Mr Varg 10
Paris, 1947. Designer Christian Dior unveils
April titles!
The City We Became
Hamnet 11 his extravagant first collection to a world
How Much of These Hills is Gold 11
weary of war and grief. He names his debut
fragrance, Miss Dior, in tribute to his sister,
18 Tiny Deaths 12
Catherine, who worked for the French
Pretending 12
Wine Girl 13
Present day. Australian fashion conservator
Fat: The Secret Organ 13
PUBLICITY ENQUIRIES Kat Jourdan discovers a secret wardrobe
publicity@hachette.com.au Squidge Dibley Destroys Everything 14 filled with priceless Dior gowns in her
Dugong Magic 15 grandmother’s vacant cottage. As she
The Magic Faraway Tree: Silky’s Story 15 delves into the mystery, Kat begins to doubt
The Dark Lady 16 everything she thought she knew about her
SALES ENQUIRIES PESTS 16 beloved grandmother.
P: (02) 8248 0800, Level 17, 207 Kent St
Sydney NSW 2000
NATASHA LESTER’s first novel, What Is Left
Visit hachette.com.au for loads of media A wardrobe of Dior gowns, a Over, After, won the T.A.G. Hungerford Award
resources and more secret kept for 65 years and for Fiction. Her second novel, If I Should Lose
Follow @hachetteaus on Twitter for the three women bound forever You, was published in 2012, followed by A
up-to-date news and multimedia
by war . . . from the New York Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald in 2016, Her Mother’s
Secret in 2017 and the Top 10 Australian and
facebook.com/HachetteAustralia Times bestselling author of international bestsellers The Paris Seamstress
For more information, or to The French Photographer. in 2018 and The French Photographer in 2019.
download covers and images, The Age described Natasha as ‘a remarkable
please visit hachette.com.au Australian talent’ and her work has been
Customer service published in anthologies and journals.
Alliance Distribution Services (ADS)
Email: adscs@alliancedist.com.au | Ph: 02 4390 1300
Free Fax: 1800 664 477 Natasha Lester
All prices are recommended unless otherwise indicated.
Publication month is subject to change without notice. We
Location: WA, Australia
recommend confirmation of stock, price and publication
date before undertaking advertising and promotions.
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Hachette Australia | April 2020

Hachette Australia | April 2020

Trade Paperback 9780733643019 | $32.99
Hilde Hinton Ebook 9780733643026 | $14.99
Trade Paperback 9780733642005 | $29.99 Hachette Australia
Ebook 9780733642012 | $16.99
Hachette Australia Gilly, Talia, Anders and Jackson are
astronauts captaining a new and supposedly
Miss Kaye works at The Institute. A place for indestructible ship in humanity’s war against
the damaged, the outliers, the not-quite-rights. an alien race. Confined to the ship for years,
Susie was seven, and already she knew she’d each of them holding their own secrets, they
had her fill of character building. One minute are about to learn that there are threats beyond
her Dad was saying that the family needed to the reach of human ingenuity – and that the
move back to the city and then, shazam, they true nature of reality might be the universe’s
were there. Her mum didn’t move to the new greatest mystery.
house with them. And she hated going to see In this near future, our world is at war with
her mum at the mind hospital. She never knew another, and humanity is haunted by its one
who her mum would be. Or who would be there. catastrophic loss – a nightmarish engagement
The older she gets, the louder the growing pile that left a handful of survivors drifting home
of unsaid things become. through space, wracked with PTSD. Public
When their paths connect, Miss Kaye and Susie support for the war plummeted, and the
will learn that character building is just part of military-industrial complex set its sights on a
life and surviving requires patience. new goal: zero-casualty warfare, made possible
by gleaming new ships called Providences,
powered by AI.
HILDE HINTON has been a dedicated big
sister to Connie and Samuel Johnson her But when the latest-launched Providence
If you loved Boy Swallows whole life. She is currently a Prison Officer A dazzling, inventive, and suffers a surprising attack and contact with
Universe and Lost and Found, who has avoided being a writer for many years thought-provoking new novel home is severed, Gilly, Talia, Anders and
you will love this debut novel. but has finally succumbed. The Loudness of from the ingenious author Jackson must confront the truth of the war
Unsaid Things is her debut novel. She lives of Jennifer Government and they’re fighting, the ship that brought them
A stunning story about family, there, and the cosmos beyond.
in a boisterous house in Melbourne with a
loneliness and isolation that Lexicon.
revolving door for the temporarily defeated
will make you laugh, cry and and takes great pride in people leaving slightly MAX BARRY is the author of numerous novels,
be a bit kinder to those who better than when they arrived. Her children are including Jennifer Government, Company,
are lost. mostly loved. Machine Man, and Lexicon.

Max Barry
Hilde Hinton Location: Melbourne, VIC
Location: Melbourne, VIC
4 5


Hachette Australia | April 2020

Hachette Australia | April 2020

Elizabeth Kay Nicky Pellegrino
Trade Paperback 9780751578126 | $32.99 Trade Paperback 9781869713850 | $29.99
Ebook 9780751578119 | $15.99 Ebook 9781409179023 | $15.99
Sphere Hachette New Zealand

Jane and Marnie have been inseparable since Born with a heart defect, Vivienne Clark’s life
they were 11 years old. They have a lot in was saved by a transplant. Now a journalist, she
common. In their early twenties they both fell doesn’t allow herself to think about the donor,
in love and married handsome young men. the boy who died so she could live; she can’t
But Jane never liked Marnie’s husband. He bear to. Then she meets his mother, Helen, who
was always so loud and obnoxious, so much wants something in return for Vivi’s second-
larger than life. Which is rather ironic now, of hand heart: her help to find all the other people
course. who have tiny pieces of her son.

Because if Jane had been honest – if she Reluctantly drawn into Helen’s mission, Vivi
hadn’t lied – then perhaps her best friend’s agrees to trace the other recipients. One by one
husband might still be alive . . . she brings together a small group of strangers,
united by a single experience. As their lives
This is Jane’s opportunity to tell the truth, the begin to intertwine – growing close, becoming
question is: Do you believe her? friends, enemies, even lovers – Vivi finds
herself at the centre of a new kind of family,
ELIZABETH KAY started her career as a tiny little piece of a whole. And through the
an assistant at Penguin Random House. fresh joy and deep sadness, which all their
She is now a commissioning editor and is stories bring, Vivi discovers that she might just
simultaneously pursuing her passion for be braver than she ever imagined . . .
writing. Her debut novel, Seven Lies, will be My heart is less than 1% of
The most mesmerising and published in 2020. She lives in London with
my body, it weighs hardly NICKY PELLEGRINO is a number one
unsettling thriller you’ll read her husband. bestselling author and has written 10 fabulous
this year: if lies are dangerous, anything; it’s only a tiny piece novels. Her inspiration comes from her Italian
the truth can be catastrophic. of me, yet it’s the part Helen heritage. Nicky met and married a New
finds most interesting. . . Once Zealander and then moved to Auckland where
it was inside her body, a tiny she works as a journalist and edits a women’s
piece of the son she gave birth
to. Now her boy is gone and his
heart is keeping me alive.

Elizabeth Kay Nicky Pellegrino

Location: London, UK Location: New Zealand
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Hachette Australia | April 2020

Hachette Australia | April 2020

Fern Green
Trade Paperback 9780733643620 | $19.99
Ebook 9780733643637 | $9.99
Hachette Australia

Women have been using herbs for healing for

thousands of years for both preventative and
From tinctures to soothe stress or pre- John Connolly Veronica Roth
menstrual migraines, scrubs and smoothies
Trade Paperback 9781529398304 | $32.99 Trade Paperback 9781529330243 | $29.99
for glowing skin and balancing hormones,
Ebook 9781529398311 | $15.99 Ebook 9781529330250 | $15.99
to teas that will cool hot flushes and boost
Hodder & Stoughton Hodder & Stoughton
libido, this book includes everything you need
to naturally take care of you. A simple guide
It is 1999, and someone is slaughtering young 15 years ago, five ordinary teenagers were
and resource for women everywhere, it also
black women in Burdon County, Arkansas. But singled out by a prophecy to take down an
features specific information on the cycles
no one wants to admit it, not in the Dirty South. impossibly powerful entity wreaking havoc
of women’s health by age group, 99 recipes
In an Arkansas jail cell sits a former NYPD across North America. The Chosen Ones, as
for healthy herbal healing, and a variety of
detective, stricken by grief. He is mourning the the teens were known, gave everything they
methods for getting the most out of each to
death of his wife and child, and searching in had to defeat him.
boost your body’s wellbeing. The path to self-
care starts here! vain for their killer. He cares only for his own After the Dark One fell, the world went back to
lost family. normal . . .
FERN GREEN is a UK-based food stylist. But that is about to change . . . On the 10th anniversary of the Dark One’s
99 all-natural remedies for Following the success of Green Smoothies and defeat, something unthinkable happens: one of
optimal health. Green Proteins, Fern has written Super JOHN CONNOLLY is author of the Charlie the Chosen Ones dies. When the others gather
Smoothies, Fermenting, Green Teas and Parker mysteries, The Book of Lost Things, the for the funeral, they discover the Dark One’s
Tonics, Green Soups, Power Snacks, Smoothie Samuel Johnson novels for young adults and, ultimate goal was much bigger than they, the
Bowls, Detox Smoothies, Power Smoothies, with his partner, Jennifer Ridyard, co-author of government, or even the prophecy could have
Power Breakfasts, Power Drinks, Natural the Chronicles of the Invaders. John Connolly’s foretold – bigger than the world itself.
Cleaning, High Performance Smoothies and debut – Every Dead Thing – introduced the
Turmeric. character of Private Investigator Charlie Parker, VERONICA ROTH is the globally bestselling
and swiftly launched John right into the top author of the Divergent series and the Carve
ranks of thriller writers. All his subsequent the Mark duology.
novels have been Sunday Times bestsellers.

Fern Green John Connolly Veronica Roth

Location: London, UK Location: Dublin, Ireland Location: Chicago, USA
8 9
Hachette Australia | April 2020

Hachette Australia | April 2020

Imogen Kealey Naoise Dolan Layla Saad Erica James
Trade Paperback 9780751576023 | $32.99 Trade Paperback 9781474613453 | $32.99 Trade Paperback 9781529405095 | $29.99 Trade Paperback 9781409173861 | $29.99
Ebook 9780751576009 | $15.99 | Sphere Ebook 9781474613477 | $15.99 | W&N Ebook 9781529405088 | $15.99 | Quercus Ebook 9781409173885 | $15.99 | Orion

To the Allies she was a fearless freedom fighter, Ava, newly arrived in Hong Kong from Dublin, If you are a person who holds white privilege, With its winding high street lined with a
special operations super spy, a woman ahead spends her days teaching English to rich then you are complicit in upholding that harm, greengrocers, post office, pub and church,
of her time. To the Gestapo she was a ghost, a children. whether you realise it or not. This is not my Melstead St Mary is the perfect English village.
shadow, the most wanted person in the world Julian is a banker. A banker who likes to opinion. This is fact. And if you are person who Neighbours look out for neighbours, and
with a five-million-Franc bounty on her head. spend money on Ava, to have sex and discuss holds white privilege, the question you should few things trouble the serene surface of the
Her name was Nancy Wake. fluctuating currencies with her. But when she be asking isn’t whether or not this is true, but community.
asks whether he loves her, he cannot say more rather, what are you going to do about it? But when residents start to receive anonymous
Now, for the first time, the roots of her legend
than ‘I like you a great deal’. letters containing secret information about
are told in a thriller about one woman’s incredible
quest to save the man she loves, turn the tide of Enter Edith, a lawyer. Refreshingly enthusiastic LAYLA SAAD is a globally respected writer, their pasts – secrets that no one else is meant
the war and take brutal revenge on those who and unapologetically earnest, Edith takes Ava speaker and podcast host on the topics of race, to know – life in Melstead St Mary is about to
have wronged her. to the theatre when Julian leaves Hong Kong identity, leadership, personal transformation change, possibly forever . . .
for work. Quickly, she becomes something Ava and social change. As an East African, Arab,
Imogen Kealey is a pseudonym for British, Black, Muslim woman who was The author of many bestselling novels,
looks forward to.
DARBY KEALEY and IMOGEN ROBERTSON. born and grew up in the West, and lives in including Gardens of Delight, which won
And then Julian writes to tell Ava he is coming Middle East, Layla has always sat at a unique the Romantic Novel of the Year Award, and
IMOGEN ROBERTSON is a writer of historical
back to Hong Kong . . . intersection of identities from which she is able her recent Sunday Times top ten bestsellers,
fiction. She is the author several novels, including
the Crowther and Westerman series. to draw rich and intriguing perspectives. Me Summer at the Lake and The Dandelion Years,
NAOISE DOLAN is an Irish writer born in And White Supremacy is Layla’s first book. ERICA JAMES now divides her time between
DARBY KEALEY is a writer and producer whose Dublin. She studied English Literature at Trinity Suffolk and Lake Como in Italy, where she
credits include the critically acclaimed series College Dublin and Oxford University, and now strikes up conversation with unsuspecting
Patriot for Amazon, as well as a number of film lives in London. Exciting Times is her debut Italians.
and television projects currently in development. novel.

Imogen Kealey Erica James

Naoise Dolan Layla Saad
Location: Los Angeles, USA Location: Suffolk, UK
Location: London, UK Location: Soha, Qatar
& London, UK & Lake Como
10 11
Hachette Australia | April 2020

Hachette Australia | April 2020

ULF VARG BK 2 N. K. Jemisin Maggie O’Farrell HILLS IS GOLD
Alexander McCall Smith Trade Paperback 9780356512679 | $32.99 Trade Paperback 9781472223807 | $32.99 C Pam Zhang
Ebook 9780356512655 | $15.99 | Orbit Ebook 9781472223814 | $15.99 | Tinder Press Trade Paperback 9780349011479 | $32.99
Trade Paperback 9781408712757 | $29.99
Ebook 9781408712740 | $15.99 | Little, Brown Ebook 9780349011448 | $15.99 | Virago
Every city has a soul. Some are as ancient as Hamnet is a novel inspired by the son of a
The Department of Sensitive Crimes, renowned myths, and others are as new and destructive as famous playwright. It is a story of the bond Set during the Gold Rush, in a re-imagined
for taking on the most obscure and irrelevant children. New York City? She’s got five. between twins, and of a marriage pushed to American West, Lucy and Sam, 12 and 11, are
cases, led by Ulf Varg, their best detective, is But every city also has a dark side. A roiling, the brink by grief. It is also the story of a flea newly orphaned siblings. With their father’s
always prepared to take on an investigation, ancient evil stirs beneath the earth, threatening that boards a ship in Alexandria; a kestrel and body on their backs, they roam an unforgiving
no matter how complex. So when Ulf is to destroy the city and her five protectors its mistress; and a glovemaker’s son who flouts landscape dotted with buffalo bones and
approached by the girlfriend of Trig Oloffson, unless they can come together and stop it once convention in pursuit of the woman he loves. tiger paw prints, searching for a place to give
who claims her beau (the infamous bad boy and for all. Above all, it is a tender and unforgettable him a proper burial. The siblings must battle
of Swedish letters) is being blackmailed, Ulf is reimagining of a boy whose life has been all but with their own memories, the illusion of the
determined to help. forgotten, but whose name was given to one of American Dream and each other.
N. K. JEMISIN is a Brooklyn-based author
When Ulf is then tasked with looking into a and the winner of three Hugo Awards for her the most celebrated plays ever written.
group of dealers exporting wolves that seem novels The Fifth Season, The Obelisk Gate Born in Beijing but mostly an artefact of the
decidedly domestic, it will require all of his and The Stone Sky. She previously won the MAGGIE O’FARRELL is the author of the United States, C PAM ZHANG has lived in
team’s investigative instincts and dogged Locus Award for her first novel, The Hundred Sunday Times no. 1 bestselling memoir I Am, I 13 cities and is still looking for home. She’s
persistence to put these matters to bed. Thousand Kingdoms, and her short fiction and Am, I Am, and eight novels. been awarded fellowships and scholarships
novels have been nominated multiple times from organisations including Bread Loaf, Tin
for Hugo, World Fantasy and Nebula awards, House, Aspen Words and the Iowa Writers’
and shortlisted for the Crawford and the James Workshop. Her work appears in Kenyon
of over 80 books on a wide array of subjects,
Tiptree, Jr. Awards. Review, McSweeney’s Quarterly, Tin House and
including the award-winning The No.1 Ladies’
Detective Agency series. His books have been
translated into 46 languages.

Alexander McCall Smith N. K. Jemisin Maggie O’Farrell C Pam Zhang

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland Location: New York, USA Location: Edinburgh, Scotland Location: San Francisco, USA
12 13
Hachette Australia | April 2020

Hachette Australia | April 2020

Bruce Goldfarb Holly Bourne Victoria James Mariëtte Boon &
Trade Paperback 9781913068042 | $32.99 Trade Paperback 9781473668140 | $32.99 Trade Paperback 9780349726267 | $32.99 Liesbeth van Rossum
Ebook 9781913068240 | $15.99 | Endeavour Ebook 9781473668157 | $15.99 Ebook 9780349726243 | $15.99 | Fleet Trade Paperback 9781529400908 | $32.99
Hodder & Stoughton Ebook 9781529400922 | $15.99 | Quercus
The unlikely tale of Frances Glessner Lee and An affecting memoir from America’s youngest
her revolutionary work in forensic science April is kind, pretty, and relatively normal – sommelier, tracing her path through the Everywhere we look, whether on TV or in a
through the creation of the Nutshell Studies of yet she can’t seem to get past date five. Every glamorous but famously toxic restaurant world. magazine, we’re confronted with the same
Unexplained Death, a series of doll-house sized time she thinks she’s found someone to trust, message. You need to be thinner, you need
Exhilarating and inspiring, Wine Girl is the
crime scene dioramas that she used to teach they reveal themselves to be awful, leaving her to be on a diet, you need to take so-called ‘fat
memoir of a young woman breaking free from
homicide investigators. heartbroken. And angry. burning’ supplements. No other organ – yes, fat
an abusive and traumatic childhood on her
If only April could be more like Gretel, a own terms; an ethnography of the glittering, is an organ – has so many prejudicial attitudes
Regular Everyday Manic Pixie Dream Girl Next high-octane, but notoriously corrosive towards it with people having such limited
BRUCE GOLDFARB is the executive assistant knowledge about it.
Door With No Problems who doesn’t exist. restaurant industry; and above all, a love letter
to the Chief Medical Examiner for the State
of Maryland, USA, where the Nutshell Studies As soon as April starts ‘being’ Gretel, dating to the restorative and life-changing effects of
of Unexplained Death are housed. He gives becomes much more fun – especially once she good wine and good hospitality. MARIËTTE BOON, MD, PhD is an internal
conducted tours of the facility and is also a reels in the unsuspecting Joshua. medicine specialist in training. Her research,
trained forensic investigator. He began his VICTORIA JAMES has worked in restaurants performed at the Leiden University Medical
career as a paramedic before working as a since she was 13. She was certified as a Centre, focuses on fat metabolism.
HOLLY BOURNE started her writing career as
journalist, reporting on medicine, science and a news journalist, where she was nominated for sommelier when she was 21, making her the
health. He collaborated with Susan Marks – Best Print Journalist of the Year. She then spent youngest sommelier in the country, and has Professor LIESBETH VAN ROSSUM, PhD
documentary filmmaker who produced the six years working as an editor, a relationship appeared on both Forbes and Zagat’s ‘30 Under is internist-endocrinologist at the Erasmus
2012 film about Frances Glessner Lee and the advisor and general ‘agony aunt’ for a youth 30’ lists. Currently, she is the Beverage Director University Medical Centre, Rotterdam. She is
Nutshells, Of Dolls and Murder. charity – helping young people with their and partner at Cote, a Michelin-starred hot spot co-founder of Obesity Center CGG, and has an
relationships and mental health. in the Flatiron district of New York. internationally leading position in the field of
obesity and biological stress research.

Mariëtte Boon &

Bruce Goldfarb Holly Bourne Victoria James Liesbeth van Rossum
Location: USA Location: London, UK Location: New York, USA Location: The Netherlands
14 15

Hachette Australia | April 2020

Hachette Australia | April 2020

Mick Elliott
Too Paperback 9780734419460 | $14.99
gross Ebook 9780734419477 | $9.99
grown-up Lothian Children’s Books

When their beloved teacher, Ms Trigley, suffers DUGONG MAGIC MAGIC FARAWAY TREE:
a bizarre injury while watching a performance at
Deborah Kelly SILKY’S STORY
the school talent quest, Squidge’s arch-nemesis
(former-Vice-Principal now-janitor) Hector Hardback 9780734418654 | $26.99 Enid Blyton & Jeanne Willis
Hoovesly takes over teaching duties. Ebook 9780734418661 | $13.99
Hardback 9781444956290 | $24.99
Lothian Children’s Books
Hoovesly immediately locks Squidge in a Ebook 9781444952230 | $21.99
Hodder Children’s Books
padded room, transforms the entire Craglands A beautifully illustrated, lyrical and informative
South Primary teaching staff into phone- story about dugongs, one of our most unique
addicted zombies and seizes control of the The perfect introduction to the wonderful
endangered animals. Ideal for anyone with an world of the Faraway Tree. Discover the
school. interest in marine life and the environment, magic! Explore the Enchanted Wood with
Now, the only chance that Squidge, Padman and and an excellent teaching resource. Joe, Beth and Frannie and meet their very
6PU have to stop Hoovesly is buried deep under special friends, Silky the fairy, Moonface and
the school in an ancient, hidden bunker. Originally from New Zealand, DEBORAH Saucepan Man. When a runaway elephant
Can Squidge and 6PU save Craglands South KELLY now lives in Australia. She has a degree visits the tree, there’s a lot of mess for the
6/12/2019 9:05 AM
Primary before their whole world literally in marine biology, but has worked in all sorts of friends to sort out . . .
Squidge Dibley and his 6PU collapses above their heads? jobs. She has written several picture books and
classmates are facing their a junior fiction series.
ENID BLYTON’s books have sold over 500
biggest, grossest problem MICK ELLIOTT is an author, illustrator, million copies and have been translated into
EVER. A hilarious series children’s television producer, scriptwriter and LISA STEWART was shortlisted for the other languages more often than any other
about a very strange class, animator. His credits as producer include Camp Crichton Award for New Illustrators for her children’s author. She died in 1968 but remains
Orange, Slimefest and hundreds of advertising first book, Can I Cuddle The Moon? (written by
perfect for fans of WeirDo, campaigns. Kerry Brown). It has since been published in
one of the world’s best-loved storytellers.
Funny Kid and Tom Gates. Taiwan and Korea, and illustrations from the JEANNE WILLIS is an award-winning,
book were used by Sydney Opera House in internationally bestselling author whose titles
their highly popular Babies Proms series. include I Hate School, I Want to Be a Cowgirl
and Don’t Let Go.

Deborah Kelly
Mick Elliott Enid Blyton & Jeanne Willis
and Lisa Stewart
Location: Sydney, NSW Location: London, UK
Location: Australia
Hachette Australia | April 2020


Akala Emer Stamp
Trade Paperback 9781444957259 | $19.99 Paperback 9781444949629 | $14.99
Ebook 9781444943245 | $11.99 Hodder Children’s Books
Hodder Children’s Books
Stix is the size of an egg cup, can jump the
For a street kid from the Devil’s Gap, London’s width of a dog’s bottom, and LOVES cheese.
most notorious slum, home to killers and thugs, That’s because Stix is a mouse. He probably
life is short and tough. For Henry, a boy thief lives behind your washing machine, but
with brown skin, inherited from a mother who you wouldn’t know it, because his Grandma
abandoned him, life is tougher still. The Dark taught him to always stay out of trouble and
Lady enters his dreams at night. She seems to NEVER let the humans know he’s there. But
represent a past, and possibly a future . . . now Stix has stumbled across PESTS – the
Peewit Educatorium for Seriously Terrible
So Henry learns to read, he trains to become
Scoundrels, in the basement of his block of
the best thief the Gap has ever seen, and he
flats, and along with a whole host of new pesty
hones the magical gift that holds the key to his
friends (and enemies), he’s about to rip up
Grandma’s rule book and make a REAL pest
But when a cruel duke offers knowledge, of himself . . .
power and riches in exchange for the betrayal
of his best friend, Henry’s choices are more
impossible than ever . . . EMER STAMP is the bestselling author of the
Diary of Pig series, winner in the 6-8 category
of the Lollies 2018.
AKALA is a BAFTA and MOBO award-winning
hip-hop artist, writer and social entrepreneur,
as well as the co-founder of The Hip-Hop
Shakespeare Company.

Akala Emer Stamp

Location: London, UK Location: London, UK