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Good Girl, Bad Girl.

One needs saving.
The other needs justice.

Good Girl, Bad Girl 2

Hachette Australia | August 2019

5 minutes with . . . Michael Robotham 3

Passion. Shared. The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle 4
5 minutes with . . . Sophie Green 5

AUGUST Turning Point 6

Man’s Best Friend 7
The Pillars 8
The Girl Who Lived Twice 9
Inland 10
The Perfect Wife 11
City of Windows 12

The Wolf’s Call: Raven’s Blade Book 1 13
Nobody’s Victim 13
The Poison Garden 14
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Hachette Australia | August 2019

Hachette Australia | August 2019

Michael Robotham
Trade Paperback 9780733638053 | $32.99
5 minutes with ...
Ebook 9780751573428 | $15.99
Hachette Australia
The girl with no past.
Before I was an author I was . . . a ghostwriter
Six years ago, Evie Cormac was discovered,
who collaborated on 15 autobiographies for the
filthy and half-starved, hiding in a secret room
great and the good, including politicians, pop
in the aftermath of a shocking crime. Now
stars, psychologists, adventurers and soldiers.
approaching adulthood, Evie is damaged, self-
destructive and has never revealed her true In three words Good Girl, Bad Girl is . . .
identity. heartbreaking, surprising and intriguing.
The boy who survived. The best part of writing a psychological
thriller is . . . exploring the darkest corners
Forensic psychologist Cyrus Haven, a man
of the human psyche; the hidden, echoing,
haunted by his own past, is investigating the
cobwebbed passageways that hide our darkest
death of champion figure-skater Jodie Sheehan.
When Cyrus is called upon to assess Evie, she
threatens to disrupt the case and destroy his Which authors most inspire you? I’m inspired
ordered life. Because Evie has a unique and by all storytellers, from those who sit around
dangerous gift – she knows when someone is campfires spinning yarns, to bush poets,
lying. And nobody is telling the truth. balladeers, pub thespians and imaginative
geniuses like Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and
John Irving, who can make me laugh and cry
Before becoming a novelist, MICHAEL and tremble on the same page.
ROBOTHAM was an investigative journalist
working across America, Australia and Britain. What was your writing process for Good Girl,
An unnerving psychological As a journalist and writer he investigated Bad Girl? Hemingway said that writing was
easy. He simply sat at his typewriter, opened
thriller from world-renowned notorious cases such as the serial killer couple
a vein and bled. John Irving said writing was
Fred and Rosemary West. Michael’s 2004 debut
crime writer, Michael Robotham like jumping out of a plane without a parachute,
thriller, The Suspect, sold more than 1 million
– bestselling author of The copies around the world. In 2015 he won the hoping you could catch one on the way down.
Other Wife and The Secret She UK’s prestigious Crime Writers’ Association For me, writing is like making love and having a
tooth pulled at the same time. Pleasure and pain.
Keeps. Gold Dagger Award with his thriller Life or

Good Girl, Bad Girl

TPB 9780733638053 | $32.99
Michael Robotham
Hachette Australia
Location: Sydney, NSW
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Hachette Australia | August 2019

Hachette Australia | August 2019

LADIES SWIMMING 5 minutes with ...
Sophie Green
Trade Paperback 9780733641169 | $29.99 SOPHIE GREEN
Ebook 9780733641176 | $12.99
The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming Circle was
Hachette Australia
inspired by . . . the harbour and ocean beaches
of Sydney and my years swimming in their
It’s the summer of 1982 and, in Shelly Bay,
housewife Theresa takes up swimming. She
wants to get fit; she also wants a few precious When I’m not writing I . . . am listening to and
minutes to herself. writing about Australian country music, playing
tennis, walking on bush tracks near my home . . .
With her husband gone, bathing is the one
and swimming!
constant for widowed Marie.
Describe The Shelly Bay Ladies Swimming
After finding herself in a desperate situation,
Circle in a sentence. Four very different women
26-year-old Leanne only has herself to rely on,
form a bond with the ocean, and each other, that
resisting help from others.
takes them through hardship and joy.
Elaine recently moved from England and is far
Which authors most inspire you? Colleen
from family. Her closest friend is a gin bottle.
McCullough, Ruth Park, Alice Walker, James
In the waters of Shelly Bay, these four women Baldwin, Gretchen Rubin, Don Watson, Judith
find each other. They will survive shark Krantz.
sightings, bluebottle stings and heartbreak.
They will find solace and companionship in What was your writing process for The Shelly
their friendship circle, and learn that love Bay Ladies Swimming Circle? Because I have
takes many forms. a full-time job I have to write at the beginning
The author of treasured and end of the working day, and I’ve found that
writing on public transport is a very efficient way
Australian bestseller, The SOPHIE GREEN wrote The Inaugural of creating a draft. Redrafting, however, takes
Inaugural Meeting of the Meeting of the Fairvale Ladies Book Club, a place at night and on weekends, and sometimes
Fairvale Ladies Book Club, Top 10 bestseller, which was shortlisted for the very early in the morning.
returns with a new novel Australian Book Industry Awards for General
Fiction Book of the Year 2018, longlisted for
perfect for your book club. the Matt Richell Award and longlisted for the
Indie Book Award for Debut Fiction 2018.
The Shelly Bay Ladies
Swimming Circle
Sophie Green TPB 9780733641169 | $29.99
Location: Sydney, NSW Ebook 9780733641176 | $12.99
Hachette Australia
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Hachette Australia | August 2019

Hachette Australia | August 2019

Michael Veitch Luke Warburton
Trade Paperback 9780733640551 | $32.99 and Simon Bouda
Ebook 9780733640568 | $14.99 Trade Paperback 9780733641817 | $32.99
Hachette Australia Ebook 9780733641824 | $14.99
Hachette Australia
September 1942 marked the high-point of Axis
conquest in World War II. In the Pacific, Japan’s A decorated NSW Police officer, and father
soldiers had seemed unstoppable. However, the of three, Acting Sergeant Luke Warburton
tide was about to turn. thought he was taking his last breath after a
On Sunday, 6 September 1942, Japanese land bullet pierced his femoral vein in the line of
forces suffered their first conclusive defeat at duty. If it wasn’t for the fact that it happened in
the hands of the Allies. At Milne Bay in Papua an emergency ward, Warburton would probably
New Guinea, a predominantly Australian have been dead already. An hour earlier, he’d
force – including 75 Squadron (fresh from their walked to his police van with his ever-faithful
action in 44 Days) – fought for two weeks to German Shepherd, Chuck, trotting alongside.
successfully defend a vital airstrip against a Luke would be recognised for exceptional
determined Japanese invasion. The victorious bravery in the line of duty. So, too, would
Australian army units were crucially supported Chuck, who was nationally recognised for
by two locally based squadrons of RAAF bringing down Australia’s most wanted man,
Kittyhawks. Malcolm Naden, after a manhunt lasting more
The Battle for Milne Bay and victory for the than seven years.
Allies was a significant turning point in the Man’s Best Friend is Luke and Chuck’s story.
Pacific War, but while it received worldwide It’s the story of a man and his dog doing
publicity at the time, it has since been largely extraordinary things in the line of duty.
forgotten . . . It deserves to be remembered.
Michael Veitch brings to life The inspiring true story of
the incredible exploits and police officer Luke Warburton LUKE WARBURTON is a Senior Constable
who won the Commissioner’s Valour Award
tragic sacrifices of Australian
MICHAEL VEITCH is well known as an author, and his best friend, Chuck the
actor, comedian and former ABC television and for bravery as a member of the Dog Squad in
heroes in another fast-paced radio presenter. His books include the critically
police dog, and their dangerous Western Sydney.
and thrilling tale. acclaimed accounts of Australian airmen in operations in the line of duty.
World War II, 44 Days, Heroes of the Skies, Fly, SIMON BOUDA is an investigative journalist
Flak and Barney Greatrex. with Channel 9’s crime and terror unit, and
appears regularly on A Current Affair. Simon
is the author of three books, including the
bestselling Survival.
Luke Warburton
Michael Veitch and Simon Bouda
Location: Yarra Valley, VIC Location: Sydney, NSW
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Hachette Australia | August 2019

Hachette Australia | August 2019

Peter Polites TWICE
Trade Paperback 9780733640186 | $32.99
Ebook 9780733640193 | $14.99
David Lagercrantz
Hachette Australia Trade Paperback 9780857056375 | $32.99
Ebook 9780857056382 | $16.99
Don’t worry about the housing bubble, she MacLehose House
would say. Don’t worry about the fact that
you will never be able to afford a home. Worry ‘Rest easy, Lisbeth Salander fans – our punk
about the day after. That’s when they will all hacker is in good hands.’ Patrick Ryan,
come, with their black shirts and bayonets, and U.S.A. Today
then you will see the drowned bodies and slit ‘Salander and Blomkvist are just as compelling
necks. And I would stand there and say, But as ever.’ Michiko Kakutani, New York Times
Mum, I’m ten years old.
‘Not only do the matter-of-fact style and
Working as a writer hasn’t granted Panos intricate plotting and sexy, chilling atmosphere
the financial success he once imagined, but feel very true to the original novels, but
lobbying against a mosque being built across Lagercrantz transcends the source material.’
the road from his home (and the occasional Benjamin Percy, Esquire
meth-fuelled orgy) helps to pass the time. He’s
‘Elegantly paced, slickly executed, and properly
also found himself a gig ghostwriting for a
thrilling.’ Alison Flood, Observer
wealthy property developer. The pay cheque
alone is enough for him to turn a blind eye to
some dodgy dealings – at least for the time DAVID LAGERCRANTZ is an acclaimed
being. author and journalist. In 2015 The Girl in the
In a world full of flashy consumerism and The sixth book in Stieg Spider’s Web, his continuation of Stieg Larsson’s
aspiration, can Panos really escape his lot in Millennium Trilogy, became a worldwide
Larsson’s Millenium series –
A novel of dark desires and life? And does he really want to? bestseller, and was followed by The Girl Who
more than 90 million copies Takes an Eye for an Eye. He is also the author
moral grey areas, The Pillars
sold worldwide. of the acclaimed and bestselling I am Zlatan
is an extraordinary new novel PETER POLITES is a writer of Greek
Ibrahimovic and Fall of Man in Wilmslow.
descent from Western Sydney. As part of
from one of Australia’s most
the SWEATSHOP writers collective, Peter
exciting contemporary voices. has written and performed pieces all over
Australia. His first novel, Down the Hume,
was shortlisted for a NSW Premier’s Literary
Award in 2017.

Peter Polites David Lagercrantz

Location: Sydney, NSW Location: Sweden
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Hachette Australia | August 2019

Hachette Australia | August 2019

Téa Obreht JP Delaney
Trade Paperback 9780297867074 | $32.99 Trade Paperback 9781786488534 | $32.99
Ebook 9780297867081 | $14.99 Ebook 9781786488541 | $14.99
W&N Sphere

Nora is an unflinching frontierswoman ‘There’s something I have to explain, my love,’

awaiting the return of the men in her life – her he says, taking your hand in his. ‘That wasn’t a
husband who has gone in search of water, and dream. It was an upload.’
her elder sons who have vanished after an Abbie wakes in a hospital bed with no memory
explosive argument. Nora is biding her time of how she got there. The man by her side
with her youngest son, who is convinced that explains that he’s her husband. He’s a titan of
a mysterious beast is stalking the land around the tech world, the founder of one of Silicon
their home, and her husband’s 17-year-old cousin, Valley’s most innovative startups. He tells
who communes with spirits. Abbie she’s a gifted artist, a doting mother to
Lurie is a former outlaw and a man haunted by their young son and the perfect wife.
ghosts. He sees lost souls who want something Five years ago, she suffered a terrible accident.
from him, and he finds reprieve from their Her return from the abyss is a miracle of
longing in an unexpected relationship that science, a breakthrough in artificial intelligence
inspires a momentous expedition across the that has taken him half a decade to achieve.
But as Abbie pieces together memories of
Mythical, lyrical and sweeping in scope Inland her marriage, she begins questioning her
is grounded in true but little-known history. It husband’s motives – and his version of events.
showcases all of Téa Obreht’s talents as a writer, Can she trust him when he says he wants
as she subverts and reimagines the myths of them to be together forever? And what really
A man searching for a the American West, making them entirely – and The enthralling new happened to her, half a decade ago?
unforgettably – her own.
home he can’t find. A psychological thriller from the
woman bound to a home TÉA OBREHT is the author of The Tiger’s Wife, bestselling author of The Girl JP DELANEY’s first thriller, The Girl Before,
Before. became a global bestseller published in 41
she can’t leave. winner of the Orange Prize and a finalist for the
National Book Award.

Téa Obreht JP Delaney

Location: New York, USA Location: Oxford, UK
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Hachette Australia | August 2019

Hachette Australia | August 2019

Robert Pobi
Trade Paperback 9781529353129 | $32.99
Ebook 9781529353136 | $14.99
Hodder & Stoughton

The shot is impossible. In the middle of a

blizzard, down a busy New York avenue, into a
moving car.
The agent in charge knows only one man who
can work out where the bullet came from. Lucas
Page, child prodigy and physics professor, sees Anthony Ryan FIGHT AGAINST PSYCHOS,
crime from a different angle – his ability to read Trade Paperback 9780356511283 | $32.99 PERVS AND TROLLS
a scene is uncanny. Ebook 9780356511269 | $14.99 | Orbit
Carrie Goldberg
Page quit the FBI after an accident nearly took
his life. But the victim is his former partner, and PEACE NEVER LASTS. Trade Paperback 9780349010533 | $32.99
he can’t resist the call to help. Ebook 9780349010519 | $14.99 | Virago
Vaelin Al Sorna’s leadership overthrew empires,
But this death is only the first in a series of won hard-fought battles and defeated an evil
Nobody’s Victim is an unflinching look at
meticulously planned murders, carried out with more terrifying than anything the world had
stalking, blackmail and sexual violence.
a skill beyond anything Page has seen before. ever seen. Yet he cast aside his earned glory for
a quiet life in the Realm’s northern reaches. In gripping detail, Carrie shares the ways her
To catch this seemingly unstoppable killer, clients are attacked and how she, through
Page must discover the well-hidden secret Now whispers have come from across the sea
her combination of advocacy, relentlessness,
connecting the victims – before he and his of an army called the Steel Horde, led by a man
risk-taking and client-empowerment, pursues
family get caught in the crossfire . . . who believes himself a god. Vaelin has no wish
justice for them all. Stories include a woman
to fight another war, but when he learns that
The launch of a major new Sherin, the woman he lost long ago, has fallen
whose ex-boyfriend made fake bomb threats
American thriller series with ROBERT POBI is an internationally bestselling in her name; a 15-year-old girl who was
into the Horde’s grasp, he resolves to confront
sexually assaulted on school grounds and then
a brilliant hero: Lucas Page novelist whose work has been published in this powerful new threat.
suspended when she reported the attack; and a
sees crime from a different more than 15 countries. He spends the summer
months in a cabin in the mountains and writes man whose ex-boyfriend used a dating app to
angle, and only he can stop a at a desk once owned by Robert Calvi.
ANTHONY RYAN is the New York Times send more than 1,200 men to his home.
series of impossible killings. bestselling author of the Raven’s Shadow
CARRIE GOLDBERG is a victims’ rights
lawyer and has been profiled in The New
Yorker, The Times, Glamour, Jezebel and the
New York Post.
Robert Pobi
Anthony Ryan Carrie Goldberg
Location: Quebec, Canada
Location: Sheffield, UK Location: Brooklyn, USA
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Hachette Australia | August 2019

Hachette Australia | August 2019


Alex Marwood Nelson and Alex DeMille Allison Dickson Rachel Winters
Trade Paperback 9780751565997 | $29.99 Trade Paperback 9780751565737 | $32.99 Trade Paperback 9780751574807 | $32.99 Trade Paperback 9781409184904 | $32.99
Ebook 9780751566000 | $16.99 | Sphere Ebook 9780751565751 | $14.99 | Sphere Ebook 9780751574821 | $14.99 | Sphere Ebook 9781409184928 | $14.99 | Trapeze

At 22, Romy has escaped the toxic confines of Military cop Scott Brodie is the guy you send Before we begin there are some things you Evie will lose her job unless she can convince
the cult she was raised in. in when the other guys can’t solve a case. Now should know. her film agency’s most difficult client, Ezra
he’s on the hunt for a dangerous ex-Delta Force Chester, to finish the script for a rom-com. The
But Romy is young, pregnant and completely This is our story – hers and mine.
deserter named Kyle Mercer, and he may have catch? He hasn’t started writing it.
alone – and if she is to keep herself safe in this It could’ve been different if it weren’t for him.
met his match. He will only write it if Evie can prove that you
new world, she has some important lessons to
learn. Some secrets you can’t take to the grave, and can fall in love like they do in the movies.
once the ugly truth is out, there’s no going back. Forget internet dating – Evie can only meet
Like how there are some people you can trust, NELSON DEMILLE’s first major novel was
a man the way that Sally met Harry, or Hugh
and some you must fear. And about who her By the Rivers of Babylon, published in 1978, I had to act, I had no choice. But I didn’t mean
Grant meets anyone. Cue her entering into
family really is, and why her mother ran away and is still in print as – are all his succeeding for it to go this far.
one ridiculous scenario after another. But can
from them all those years ago. novels. He is a member of American Mensa, life ever be like the movies?
The Authors Guild and is past president of ALLISON DICKSON has been writing novels
And that you can’t walk away from a dark past the Mystery Writers of America. He is also a Because if this was a rom-com, surely the
without expecting it to catch up with you . . . and short stories for over a decade. After assistant would fall in love with the arrogant
member of International Thriller Writers and having a small hit with an independently
was chosen as Thriller Master of the Year 2015. yet ridiculously good-looking screenwriter
published novel, she found her home in the and not, for example, the sensible single dad
ALEX MARWOOD is the author of the word- He holds three honorary doctorates: Doctor world of dark thrillers and psychological she meets along the way. Of course, real life is
of-mouth sensation The Wicked Girls, which of Humane Letters from Hofstra University, suspense. When she isn’t writing, she’s usually never that straightforward . . .
won a prestigious Edgar Award, The Killer Next Doctor of Literature from Long Island overdosing on true crime shows, crocheting
Door, which won the coveted Macavity Award, University and Doctor of Humane Letters from something cute and/or creepy, or wandering
and The Darkest Secret. Dowling College. the urban sprawl of Dayton, Ohio with her RACHEL WINTERS freelances for local
husband and two teenagers. papers and online magazines – including
writing a column about pets she doesn’t own.

Alex Marwood Nelson and Alex DeMille Allison Dickson Rachel Winters
Location: London, UK Location: Long Island, USA Location: Ohio, USA Location: London, UK
16 17
Hachette Australia | August 2019

Hachette Australia | August 2019

FLAMES Niko Vorobyov Lauren Aimee Curtis Christine Leunens
Aliette de Bodard Trade Paperback 9781529378023 | $32.99 Paperback 9781474611930 | $24.99 Trade Paperback 9781529396386 | $29.99
Ebook 9781529378047 | $14.99 | Hodder & Stoughton Ebook 9781474611947 | $12.99 | W&N Ebook 9781529396362 | $14.99 | John Murray
Trade Paperback 9781473223400 | $29.99
Ebook 9781473223424 | $14.99 | Gollancz
Ecstasy dealing in London, crack talking in On a hot day in late June, a young girl kneels Johannes is an avid member of the Hitler Youth
The great magical Houses of Paris – headed by Los Angeles, LSD dropping in Tokyo, heroin outside a convent, then falls on her face. When in the 1940s. After he is severely injured in a raid,
Fallen angels and magicians – were, however smoking in Sofia, cocaine cooking in Medellin, the nuns take her in, they name her Dolores. he discovers his parents are hiding a Jewish
temporarily, at peace with each other. Until bounty hunting in Manilla, opium taking in Dolores adjusts to the rhythm of her new life – girl called Elsa behind a false wall in their large
House Harrier was levelled by a powerful Tehran. to the nuns with wild hairs curling from their house in Vienna.
explosion. Now peace has become chaos, Taking us on an unforgettable journey chins, the soup chewed as if it were meat, the His initial horror turns to interest, then love
tearing apart old alliances and setting off a around the world, we trace the emergence of bells that ring throughout the day. and obsession. After the disappearance of his
race in which each House hoards magic and psychoactive substances and our relationship But in the dark, private theatre of her mind parents, Johannes finds he is the only one aware
resources to protect itself against another blast. with them. Exploring the murky criminal are memories – of love motels lit by neon red of Elsa’s existence in the house, the only one
Thuan, the Dragon head of the House underworld, the author has unparalleled hearts, discos in abandoned hospitals and a responsible for her survival. Both manipulating
Hawthorn, is consolidating his power. Aurore access to drug lords, cartel leaders, hitmen and boy called Angelo. And inside her, a baby is and manipulated, Johannes dreads the end
– exiled by House Harrier – sees her moment government officials. growing. of the war: with it will come the prospect of
to seek power. Emmanuelle finds herself alone losing Elsa and their relationship, which ranges
in the middle of it all, trying to piece together through passion and obsession, dependence and
NIKO VOROBYOV served a two-and-a-half-year LAUREN AIMEE CURTIS’s work has appeared, indifference, love and hate.
what has happened, and hoping to make sense sentence for Possession with Intent to Supply.
of it all. or is forthcoming, in Best Summer Stories,
Upon his release, he graduated from UCL and Catapult, The Atlas Review, Sydney Review
began working at Russian news outlet, Russia of Books, Fireflies, Cordite Poetry Review and CHRISTINE LEUNENS is the author of three
ALIETTE DE BODARD is one of the Writers Today, before putting his media, academic and Australian Book Review. In 2017, she was novels translated into more than 15languages.
of the Future, has won two Nebula Awards, a under-the-counter expertise together to write a shortlisted for the Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Caging Skies is an international bestseller, sold
Locus Award and a BSFA Award. book. Prize. Dolores is her debut novel. in 16 countries and the basis for a major new film
by director Taika Waititi.

Aliette de Bodard Niko Vorobyov Lauren Aimee Curtis Christine Leunens

Location: Paris, France Location: Bristol, UK Location: Sydney, NSW Location: New Zealand
18 19
Hachette Australia | August 2019

Hachette Australia | August 2019



V. V. James TO THE END Oisín Fagan Rachel Elliott
Trade Paperback 9781473225732 | $32.99 B. J. Miller & Shoshana Berger Trade Paperback 9781529389098 | $29.99 Trade Paperback 9781529389098 | $29.99
Ebook 9781473225756 | $14.99 | Gollancz John Murray Ebook 9781472259400 | $14.99 | John Murray
Trade Paperback 9781786484819 | $32.99
Ebook 9781786484802 | $14.99 | Quercus
The small town of Sanctuary is rocked by the An ambitious noble and his three serving men A life-affirming novel of love, loss and letting go
death of its star quarterback. It looked like an travel through the Irish countryside in the for readers of Eleanor Oliphant is Completely
There are plenty of self-help books for
accident, but everyone knows Dan’s ex-girlfriend stifling summer of 1348, using the advantage of Fine, The Trouble with Goats and Sheep and
mourners, but nothing in the way of a modern,
Harper is the daughter of a witch – and she was the plague, which has collapsed society, to buy When God Was a Rabbit.
approachable and above all useful field guide
there when he died. up large swathes of property and land. On her 47th birthday, Sydney Smith stands on a
for the living. And all of us – young, old, sick
Then the rumours start. When Harper insists and well – could use the help. They come upon Nobber, a tiny town, rooftop and prepares to jump . . .
Dan was guilty of a terrible act, the town turns whose only living in habitants seem to be an Sydney is a cartoonist and free runner. Feet
An accessible, beautifully designed and
on her. So was his death an accident, revenge, or egotistical bureaucrat, his volatile wife, a naked constantly twitching, always teetering on the
illustrated companion, A Beginner’s Guide to
something even darker? blacksmith and a beautiful Gaelic hostage. edge of life, she’s never come to terms with the
the End offers a clear-eyed and compassionate
As accusations fly, it’s down to Detective Maggie Meanwhile, a band of marauding Gaels are event that ripped her family apart when she
survey of the most pressing issues that come
Knight to prevent an investigation – and a town – roaming around, using the confusion of the was 10 years old. And so, on a birthday that she
up when one is dying, and will bring optimism
from spiralling out of control. sickness to pillage and reclaim lands that once doesn’t want to celebrate, she returns alone to
and practical guidance to empower readers
belonged to them. St Ives to face up to her guilt and grief. It’s a trip
with the knowledge, resources and tools they’ll
need to die better, maybe even with triumph. that turns out to be life-changing – and not only
V. V. JAMES is the author of the contemporary OISÍN FAGAN has had short fiction published for herself.
fantasy trilogy Gilded Cage, Tarnished City and in the Stinging Fly and the anthology Young
Bright Ruin. Gilded Cage is a 2018 World Book B. J. MILLER is a hospice and palliative care
Irelanders, with work featured in the Irish RACHEL ELLIOTT is the author of Whispers
Night pick and a Radio 2 Book Club selection. specialist as well as long-time director of the
Museum of Modern Art. In 2016, he won the Through A Megaphone, long listed for the
Zen Hospice Project, a pioneering hospice
inaugural Penny Dreadful Novella Prize for The Bailey’s Women’s Prize in 2016.
organisation in San Francisco.
Hierophants. He is a recipient of the 2016 and
the 2018 Literature Bursary Award from the

V. V. James B. J. Miller & Shoshana Berger Oisín Fagan Rachel Elliott

Location: London, UK Location: San Francisco, USA Location: Dublin, Ireland Location: Bath, UK
20 21


Hachette Australia | August 2019

Hachette Australia | August 2019

Beci Orpin Jane Godwin
Board Book 9780734419415 | $12.99 Paperback 9780734419231 | $16.99
Lothian Children’s Books Ebook 9780734419248 | $11.99
Lothian Children’s Books
Flying with your arms . . .
Sneezing with your nose . . . Three teenage girls from very different
backgrounds find themselves sharing a hospital
There are so many interesting ways to move ward. When they witness a crime in the park
your body! below their window, they bond over trying
Learn about the different movements we can to solve the crime and each one undergoes a
do in this vibrantly illustrated board book, with profound change.
simple and fun text, from one of Australia’s A coming-of-age story about identity,
leading designer-illustrators, Beci Orpin. expectation, class, justice, society, fairness and,
above all, kindness.
BECI ORPIN is a creative practitioner based in
Melbourne, Australia. Her work occupies a space JANE GODWIN is the highly acclaimed
between illustration, design and craft. Beci has author of over 25 books for children and young
run a freelance studio for over 20 years, catering people, across all styles and ages. Her work is
to a wide range of clients, as well as exhibiting published internationally and she has received
her work both locally and internationally. She many commendations. Children’s Publisher
has authored four D.I.Y books and one children’s at Penguin Books Australia for many years,
title. Her work is described as colourful, graphic, Jane was the co-creator with Davina Bell of the
bold, feminine and dream-like. Our Australian Girl series of quality historical
fiction for middle readers. Jane’s books include
her novel Falling from Grace, and picture books
A simple, vibrantly A beautiful coming-of-age Go Go and the Silver Shoes (illustrated by Anna
illustrated board book story about three teenage Walker), The Silver Sea (with Alison Lester
focused on bodies in girls from very different
and patients at the Royal Children’s Hospital,
Melbourne) and Watch This! (with designer
movement, from one of backgrounds who find Beci Orpin and photographer Hilary Walker).
Australia’s leading designer- themselves sharing a hospital
illustrators. ward, for fans of Kate
DiCamillo and Fiona Wood.

Beci Orpin
Jane Godwin
Location: Melbourne, VIC
Location: Melbourne, VIC
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Hachette Australia | August 2019

Hachette Australia | August 2019

Suzanne Barton and Nicola Davies and Marc Martin Kit de Waal Michelle Lovric
Shannon Horsfall Hardback 9781526361417 | $26.99 Paperback 9781510105706 | $16.99 Paperback 9781444009972 | $14.99
Hardback 9780734418692 | $24.99 Ebook 9781526361424 | $22.99 Ebook 9781510105713 | $9.99 Ebook 9781444009958 | $9.99
Ebook 9780734418715 | $11.99 Wren & Rook Orion Children’s Books Orion Children’s Books
Lothian Children’s Books
When you were born, a song began . . . 17-year-old Dinah needs to leave her home, Young orphan Lily has grown up in a glum,
My unicorn is an icky, sticky disaster area, from So begins this lyrical and unique non-fiction the weird commune where she grew up. She prison-like convent. Her only freedom is walking
his silly, sparkly horn to his polka dot bottom. needs a whole new identity, starting with how the beautiful streets of Venice, dreaming of
picture book. With tenderness and a good deal
she looks, starting with shaving off her hair – escape . . . of a family . . . of being loved.
But despite the stink, the sneezes and snores, I of heart, Nicola Davies introduces young readers
her ‘crowning glory’. She has to do it quickly,
love him loads and he loves me more. to the universal rights that every child is entitled Then someone tries to steal the bones of
because she has to go now.
to under the United Nations Convention on the Venice’s beloved Saint Lucy. Without her
My Unicorn Farts Glitter is a funny, warm- Rights of the Child with beautiful and deeply Dinah was going to go alone and hitch a protection, the city’s vibrant colours fade to grey.
hearted and often painfully honest tale of sibling moving watercolour illustrations by award- ride down south. Except, she ends up being And soon, the Venetians start to turn on one
love and farty bathtimes. winning Melbourne artist Marc Martin. This is a persuaded to illegally drive a VW campervan another.
SUZANNE BARTON is the editor of book that encourages children, and the adults in for hundreds of miles, accompanied by a
If Lily can’t find a way to save Saint Lucy, Venice
Melbourne magazine and the creator of cabaret their lives, to speak up for all young people. grumpy man with one leg. This wasn’t the plan.
– the only home she’s ever known – will descend
productions inspired by 1940s radio drama. She But while she’s driving, Dinah will be forced into darkness . . . forever.
independently published her first picture book, NICOLA DAVIES is an award-winning author to confront everything that led her here,
Meeka, working with illustrator Anil Tortop. whose books include Big Blue Whale, Just everything that will finally show her which
MICHELLE LOVRIC divides her time between
Ducks!, One Tiny Turtle and The Promise. direction to turn . . .
her apartments on the Thames and in Venice.
SHANNON HORSFALL’s head is a mess of She has published five novels for adults and
stories, pictures and the occasional cake recipe. MARC MARTIN is the award-winning author/ KIT DE WAAL’s writing has received her book Love Letters was a New York Times
She has previously published three picture illustrator of A Forest, LOTS and A River, and numerous awards. My Name Is Leon, her first best-seller. Michelle was born in Australia and
books, Was Not Me!, Nomax! and Dear Santa. was shortlisted for The New York Times Best novel, was published in 2016 and shortlisted for the hotel in the book is based on the Carrington
Illustrated Children’s Book Award 2017. the Costa Book Award. Hotel at Katoomba in New South Wales.

Suzanne Barton and Nicola Davies and Marc Martin

Kit de Waal Michelle Lovric
Shannon Horsfall Location: Wales, UK,
Location: UK Location: London, UK
Location: Melbourne, VIC Melbourne, VIC