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Strategic Management

Assignment: e-Types

What Design Should e-Types Present?

Submitted By: Tashahudul Islam

Factor Behind Decision
There are two questions which will help us decide whether to choose the classical design or the edgy
design. These are:

1. Is the company’s goal is to earn profit by doing anything that clients want, regardless of the
values of the company?
2. Is the company’s goal is to “Smash The World” by creating designs which resemble the core
value of it accepting the challenge of making its client happy?

My Recommendation
e-Types should present the Edgy Design to Team Denmark.

Why choose the Edgy Design?

The company e-Types was built with the spirit: “Smash The World”

It has the desire to do different from its competitors. The reason behind my recommendation is the
definition of Strategy as Perspective.

e-Types Strategy as a Perspective

e-Type has become a successful and profitable company because of its own unique method of doing
business with clients. They try understand the business more profoundly than the client knows. They find
the identity of the business before designing. They do not do their jobs to conform the client’s desire.
Rather, they take challenge to satisfy the customer with what they believe. This is their mode of operating
business and they are successful in this matter. They wanted to “Smash the world” with their works. That
means, their designs would be extremely edgy and revolutionary.
As e-Types got a call to participate on a logo designing contest, we can understand that they are already
popular in the market. So, they should not change their values only to satisfy the customer in order to
sustain in the market.

Pros & Cons of providing the Edgy design


 Edgy design is their identity and they are already popular for this
 Edgy design will help them to be stand out
 Their reputation as “revolutionary” remains the same


 Chances of winning the contest reduces

 Appealing to a larger client base will be slim.

If e-Types submit the edgy design, one of these two cases might happen:

 The client might be happy to see the edgy design and think about changing the image or brand of
Team Denmark and boost the visibility.
 E-Types might lose the competition as their design might not appeal the client who demands
traditional and conservative design.

If option two is the case, then we can say that this is one the trade-offs that a company must face in its
life. It is inevitable for a business.

In order to maintain its position as a revolutionary and edgy design company, e-Types should act in each
situation that supports each other. Because, winning or losing the competition will not change the
meaning of its’ existence.