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Good morning, fellow students! I’m Hooi Mei. Today I’m here to give a talk about tax
professional in the future. I will make you realise that learning tax is good for you. Do u ever
thinking having tax career in the future. Or u juz want to be an accountant ? in fact, tax
professional is not u seem so complex and boring. Tax work was like a puzzle, which - because it
is constantly evolving and changing - provides so many interesting avenues that you could
pursue. It certainly seems to be a rich and rewarding career so far.' It is interesting and bring u
many benefits. Will there be a need for a Tax professional in the future? We believe that there
will indeed continue to be a role for Tax in the foreseeable future.

Let me introduce what exactly a tax professional is. Tax professional can be many types.
For example,

Why u should become tax professional? There are many benefits u can gain for being a tax
professional. If you are still wondering what to do in the future, try jump in to tax career. It offers
a stable career in the future. It has greater stability compared to other jobs. Everyone is subject to
tax, as long as there are taxes, there will be a need in every sector. Benjamin Franklin, once said
that “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes’’. Besides, in this
material society, money is very important for living and comfortable, since things in our
surrounding keep increasing, and face financial pressure. But, tax professional can enjoy high
income, Tax has a clear career progression and your salary should rise steadily. A job with a
juicy salary is always a bonus, and a career in tax can certainly draw in a big pay packet! In
Malaysia, as a fresh graduate you could start out salary RM2,600 per month, and as you go up
the scale you can expect to earn a salary of around £50,000 or more. Highly experienced senior
tax advisers and directors can earn salaries over £100,000.
Do u have any interest in tax career right now after knowing these benefits? But, is it a
tough path to be a tax professional. the answer is actually no.What can u expect in the future as
an tax professional? They will be more challenging than now as techonology keep improving.
They will be highly proficient in data analysis, statistic and technology and process improvement
and change management.(https://www.pwccn.com/en/tax/tax-tech/tax-function-of-the-future-the-
tax-professional-of-the-future.pdf) u all are generation Z who immersed in social media and
technology advanced, it is a great time for you to start …... Company needs tax professional to
carry out integrated tax solutions to help you stay ahead of the game. up-to-date regulatory
knowledge and tax technology that transform your tax function into a strategic business asset.
The tax professional of the future will need to have a more rounded skill set, including
communication, logical thinking. To succeed you'll need an analytical mind, commercial
awareness, a high level of numeracy and strong communication and negotiation skills.
Now it is time to end this talk, to summarize, in the future, tax professional in the future
will have so much potential to impact every business and our beloved country, Malaysia. I hope I
have opened your eyes to just how being a tax professional in the future can bring you a bright
future. I am here urging all of you to push yourself and have fun while studying taxation. Thank