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38 Profitable Businesses In Nigeria With High Demand That Will Make You Rich

Nigeria may be a country with tons of business opportunities. There are several needs
that has got to be satisfied. Our large population provides an outsized marketplace for
any good business or product to thrive. Businesses that thrive more in Nigeria are
people who solve the essential needs of individuals . they're real day-to-day businesses.
i think in real businesses. the companies on the list below are real businesses. they're a
day businesses that are often neglected but yielding millions to varied entrepreneurs.
1. Garri processing factory – Garri is one among the foremost consumed food products
in Nigeria. the merchandise sells even without advertisement. Most of the people that
produce garri roll in the hay locally.
2. vegetable oil business – vegetable oil has many uses then many business
opportunities are often derived from it. you'll found out an feather palm plantation,
vegetable oil processing plant, or become involved within the wholesale and retail of the
merchandise .
3. Primary and lyceum – this is often another business that brings in millions to the
owners if properly found out . it's capital-intensive, but it's very profitable.
4. Hotel / guest house business – Although capital-intensive, hotel and guest house
business is profitable and it creates jobs.
5.Transportation Business – People must move from place to put a day . you'll found
out your own intra-city or inter-city company .
6. Cosmetics Store – This involves the sales of basic and medicated cosmetics like
creams , make-up items and wonder products. Cosmetics stores sell a good sort of
beauty products and therefore the market is large.
7. Supermarket store – People love buying from good supermarkets like ShopRite et al.
for several reasons which includes; buying during a serene and safe environment,
buying many things under an equivalent roof, having the ability to form payments using
electronic means like P.OS. machine etc. This business is lucrative but it's capital-
intensive to line up a typical supermarket.
8. Sachet / drinking water factory this is often a well-liked business in Nigeria thanks to
the inadequacy of pipe borne water system . The sachet water business seems to be
getting saturated and has been a topic of discuss and controversy for possible ban
thanks to its contribution to environmental pollution. Therefore, i counsel anyone getting
to get into the business to also consider the drinking water aspect of it.
9. Poultry Farming – This involves the growing of chicken for meat, eggs or both. there's
a really large marketplace for poultry products in Nigeria that's yet to be satisfied by the
local businesses as most of those products are imported. Other indirect business linked
to poultry farming is poultry feeds production.
10. LPG Filling plant – Liquified petroleum gas, LPG or cooking gas filling plant is getting
more popular in Nigeria and it's making many of us richer day by day. It requires a large
amount of capital to start-up and there are several requirements by regulatory bodies to
satisfy before you'll commence the business. However, the proceeds from the business
is sweet .
11. Grocery shop – this is often a store that sells food products and commodities. This
business is sweet because food products are among the fastest selling products.
12. Restaurant – Well established and properly found out restaurants attract more
people and make more proceeds for the business owners. If you open a restaurant
business, ensure good quality and high standard of the meals produced by employing
experienced cooks. Also ensure well found out and clean environment.
13. Auto-mechanic workshop – There are many auto-mechanic workshops scattered
around us but only few of them are standard or properly found out as are often found in
western countries. Auto-mechanic workshops don’t need to be very dirty, smelly, oily
and messy. Auto-mechanics also don’t need to be dirty and wear tattered clothes. this is
often an excellent opportunity that must be tapped into. you'll found out your own auto-
mechanic workshop where you recruit trained and experienced auto-mechanics which
will always be in their overalls and use modern tools and equipment to bother shoot and
fix problems in cars. People need to buy their services to a cashier and there should be
a conducive waiting bay for clients that wish to attend for his or her cars to be fixed.
14. Building materials shop – This business is best found out at developing areas where
new buildings are arising . Products like cements, shovels, trowels , head pans,
hammers, wheel barrows etc are often sold there.
15. Barbing salon or barbershop – The services of barbers are always needed. There are
many barbershops around us, but what's lacking is standard barbing salons as are often
seen in western countries. you'll even intensify the business by making it a unisex hair
salon for both males and females. Men can come to urge their haircuts and ladies also
can come to form their hair.
16. Professional car wash – this is often one business that also yields good proceeds if
properly found out and maintained. the great thing about this business is that it's a
coffee start-up cost.
17. Catering, decoration and events planning – This business has good market and low
start-up cost.
18. Car parts shop – There are thousands of cars in our cities and country. These cars
develop faults easily thanks to our bad roads. This provides huge opportunity and
marketplace for people who sell car parts. Before going into this business, determine
the cars that are mostly utilized in the locality that you simply wish to determine the
business so on ensure more patronage.
19. Petrol gasoline station – This business may be a gold mine. I don’t got to tell you
that. You don’t got to beg any customer to shop for from your gasoline station if your
flow meters are accurate. However, fixing the business is capital-intensive and you've
got to satisfy several requirements of the regulatory bodies.
20. Laundry and cleaning services – i really like and recommend businesses that has
got to do with provision of services to people. the rationale is because the start-up cost
for services businesses is typically low. Also there's little or no or no risk of theft.
cleaning services business is one among such businesses.
21. press – this is often a business that's not too common and with little competition.
press carryout printing of books, magazines, business cards, wedding cards, posters,
hand bills, flyers.
22. Bakery – Everyday people eat bread. Bread is among the foremost common
foodstuff in Nigeria and even globally. If you would like to travel into this business,
attempt to provide a spread of types, sizes and taste. Also ensure and maintain top
quality .
23. Pharmacy shop – this is often a really profitable business. Many sick people prefer
getting to the pharmacy shop to shop for drugs rather than getting to the hospital
thanks to lack of funds. Most pharmacy shops in Nigeria aren't owned by professional
pharmacists. In many cases, the owners just learnt the trade under an experienced
person for several years or months. However, i like to recommend you'll found out your
own pharmacy shop and use a professional pharmacist to run it for you and don't
become involved in fake and adulterated products.
24. Hospital – you want to not be a doctor or medical man to open your own hospital. If
you've got the capital, you'll build your hospital and use doctors, nurses, lab scientists,
25. Phones, laptops and accessories shop – People can’t do without phones. In fact,
phones are among the fastest selling products within the market. New models of smart
phones are being developed everyday and other people will keep buying them and
therefore the associated accessories.
26. Power generating sets shop – Until the facility supply problem in Nigeria is fixed,
purchase of power generating sets will always be high and therefore the people that sell
the facility generating sets will always be in business.
27. Furniture sales shop – you want to not be a carpenter to have a furniture shop. you'll
buy deluxe furniture and sell in your showroom.
28. Musical equipment and P.A. system sales – Churches and organizations will still
increase and that they will always be buying public address systems and musical
29. Apartment houses leasing – Housing needs will always increase because the
population increases and since the govt isn't playing a serious role in providing housing
for people, private housing investors will always be in business. If you've got the cash
you'll buy apartment houses for leases or build them yourself.
30. Standard tailoring shop – I mean well-organized and standard tailoring shops. i do
know a tailor that sews only corporate suits. He charges a minimum of N100k to stitch
one suit. Most of his clients are politicians and rich business people.
31. Cooking and eating utensils sales – Products starting from plates, stoves, gas
cookers, microwave, cutlery, warmer, blenders etc. are often sold during a cooking
utensils shop. People will always buy these home items . As people marry and have
their home, they're going to always need these things for his or her new homes. these
things are always bought as wedding gifts for newly wedded couples. This make the
demand for them to be high.
32. Wine and drinks shop – Events are organized hebdomadally in Nigeria. Drinks and
wine are always served in these events. there's high demand for these products. Most
times, people who are into this business usually have a warehouse for storage of the
merchandise and a delivery truck to enable easy of operations. They also make
connections with the majored distributors or suppliers which can help them to urge the
products at cheaper rates.
33. Boutique – People must wear clothes. Man must satisfy their clothing needs. A
boutique sells items starting from shoes, clothes and accessories. People spend
thousands of naira per annum in buying clothing items and this makes this business
34. Electrical / electronics appliances shop – Products which will be sold within the
shop range from electrical cables for building, stabilisers, electric fans, refrigerators,
washing machines, contactors, switches, lighting fittings etc. These are everyday
needed household goods and that they are highly demanded.
35. Baby/ kiddies wears shop – This business has high demand because, parents give
more preference to purchasing clothes for his or her children before thinking of their
own wears. This shop sells a spread of baby clothing and sanitary materials.
36. Cold room business – This business isn't too popular. However, it's making many of
us wealthy secretly! This involves the storage and preservation of chicken, turkey, fish,
diary products, and other perishable food materials during a refrigerated room. you'll
make money by charging people for keeping their products in your cold room or by you
stocking your cold room with these above listed items and selling to retailers and
37. Rice farming – Investing in rice production is one among the foremost lucrative
agricultural businesses you'll ever do. As population increases, so does the demand for
rice also increases. From findings, Nigerians consume about 5.5 million plenty of rice
annually and three .6 million tons are locally produced. This shows that our local
production is way below our consumption of the merchandise . Most of the rice
consumed in Nigeria are imported, therefore getting involved within the production of
rice in Nigeria, can help fill the gap and cause you to rich.
38. Fish farming – Fish is one among the foremost affordable sources of protein in
Nigeria. The poor and therefore the rich eat fish. there's hardly any soup or meal cooked
in Nigeria without the utilization of fish. Therefore, stepping into fish farming, sales and
distribution may be a lucrative business as there's high demand for fish every where in
Nigeria. Catfish farming is that the commonest fish farming in Nigeria. you'll start this
business during a small-scale by fixing your own fish pond employing a 1000 litres open
plastic container.
Those are the 38 businesses on our list. Keep checking this text from time to time as
we'll keep adding to the list with new business ideas as we keep researching. Don’t get
discouraged by the amount of individuals already doing the companies that you simply
wish to try to to .The fact that a lot of people do it shows that the business is sweet . If
the business isn’t good, nobody would be involved in it. Also, most of those businesses
aren't wiped out knowledgeable and standard way. What you ought to be brooding about
is the way to intensify the sport . believe how you'll add more professionalism, quality ,
creativity, standard and uniqueness to the companies and make them better, more
attractive and profitable than what every other person is doing. That’s how
entrepreneurs think!