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Have you ever had the experience of in horror movies. There is nothing more
driving somewhere, and then waking up at some horrible for us to contemplate than the thought
point on the journey, and then realizing you are of being alive but having no consciousness.
not going to where you intended? You are The truth is, however, that we could end up
actually on your way to work, when in fact it is a at least as a partial robot or worse still, a partial
holiday and you intended going to the shopping zombie. Just think of someone who can spend all
centre? I have had that experience quite a few their day watching television. What kind of
times. person have you become if the television has
Does it mean I have a memory problem? hypnotized you and you watch it, regardless of
No, I don’t think so. This is a case of where I what is on?
haven’t been focused and conscious of what I Life is a spark, a lightning flash, a
am doing and habit has taken over. When this roll of thunder, a beautiful sunset or a CEO - CREATIVE LIFE INT. LTD
happens, I usually say “You stupid fool, Rod.” I peice of haunting music. You cannot be
then have to make myself aware of what I am alive without awareness and
actually doing and consciously work out how to consciousness.
get to where I am going.
If you think about it, you might be surprised
Personal awareness is our own
responsibility. No one can be aware for us. We
This month
how often little incidents like these occur during can only do it ourselves and one thing is Psychic Imagination
a day where we haven’t got our mind on what absolutely certain - we cannot have personal
we are doing. This is what we call day-dreaming. power without personal awareness. So, if our
Special Offers
When we are like this we operate on automatic. lives are becoming filled with automatic
Automatic behaviours can be very strong in behaviour, then we are seriously risking the loss
The Inner Traveller
our life and the older we get, the stronger those of our personal power.
behaviours become. Although automatic Do you see your life as humdrum? Are you
behaviour can serve a useful purpose, if we wish bored most of the time? Or is your life full of Dreamscape
to be in charge of our life, we need to watch sparks and lightning flashes and peels of rolling
ourselves very carefully. thunder. We feel there is safety and security in Renewals
Robots are very popular in science fiction the mundane, the common, the banal and
films. I am sure we would all like to be able to ordinary life. Most people go for this. However, Shamanism
afford a robot that could do housework. the real truth is that this kind of life is very risky
Robotic behaviour does have a useful function and very dangerous. As we look for a safe, Meditations
for performing certain tasks. However, if we are secure life we can gradually become zombies
interested in retaining and increasing our without realizing what is happening. What a risk Hidden Gems
personal power in life, then we need to be that is! Who wants to become a reanimated
aware of the fact that there comes a point when corpse? Far better to take different kinds of
automatic behaviours can be a very serious risks, to be conscious and aware, to allow the
threat to the actuality of that personal power. unexpected to enter our lives. If your life has
Wounded Birds?
Another type of creature that we often see become boring and habitual then break out.
in horror movies is the zombie. Zombies are the Allow uncertainty to enter your life. Play with
living dead. A person who can move, do things danger. Far better to be alive and full of sparkling Educere
and on the surface, seems to be alive, but in fact energy.
isn’t. It is not accident that the zombies appear

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Psychic Imagination
A merging of intuition and imagination
has the power to create images in your
mind that can change your life..

Gaye Wright

When I first started out on my psychic journey over awareness that I am able to move into simply by relaxing
twenty years ago now, I was fortunate enough to have no into a state of mind where anything goes and everything
preconceived ideas about the psychic arts and how it all is possible. How can anyone, scientist or psychic, come
happened. It just did. Many of you can relate to this forth with anything new unless they are open to the art
because that is exactly how it is for you, and it’s also of the possible which can only happen when you believe
probably why you doubt your psychic self. In a world that anything is possible!
demands hard, cold facts, your somewhat fuzzy
explanation about your psychic experiences doesn’t Imagination is a constant in our life, enhancing,
match up. But I say, match up to what? Do you want to enlivening and sometimes exaggerating, our waking and
have everything in your life proven beyond a shadow of a dreaming experiences.Yes, you can turn it off, so to
doubt? Or do you want some mystery and magic to speak, while you dilly dally in the office space in your
hope upon, like the wishing star that we tell our children head, trying to computerise your life. But even those who
about, that is, until they are about five years of age! That’s claim they have no imagination are not without some
when we have to let them down gently about their experience that has taken them out of their usual logical
imaginary friends or the real truth about the fairies and modus operandi into another very different world that
elves and Santa Claus. I can remember when my youngest they cannot explain. Sometimes it happens through a
daughter stopped dressing up for pre-school and I could scary movie, which haunts you for a while, or a dream
have cried, probably for myself as much as her, because it that stays with you, or a certain look that you remember
meant that I could no longer share her world of someone gave you and you felt good for it.You couldn’t
imagination in the same way as I had done with her for have had those experiences without the aid of your
years and with my other children before her. I am sure imagination, and it is your imagination that keeps the
many of you can relate to that story. image going until it serves its purpose.

Fortunately for my children and myself, and whoever I You might be rather surprised when I talk about
meet on my journey, I have not lost contact with my imagination serving a purpose, because it often feels like
imagination, and in fact, it is doing quite well, thanks to a wayward child over whom you have little control.
my psychic work. Of course, psychic insight is not just Imagination is spontaneous, it is erratic at times, and it
imagination as some sceptics would have us believe, that can take over when you are anxious or fearful, especially
science rules and we have to have scientific evidence if when the cause and effect movie script takes over in
we want to be taken seriously. But when a light goes on your mind.Your imagination likes to be given an open
in my head, how is that different to what happens when a ticket to ride, but remember that it operates at its very
scientist has a moment of revelation? Isaac Newton best when you are driving the magic carpet!
himself often told the story that he was inspired to
formulate his theory of gravitation by watching the fall of That brings me to how I use my imagination in psychic
an apple from a tree, and being in that contemplative work. I have a highly developed intuition from many years
mood, the insight came to him. That’s exactly how of practice, but so too have other people, and perhaps
insights come to me in a reading. The contemplative you recognise it in yourself. I also have a highly developed
mood Newton describes is for me a heightened sense of sense of imagination simply because I have never denied

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it. Then, when I am in a reading, I have learnt to relax and let your very
allow the intuitions to flow and give permission for my talented
imagination to take hold of those intuitions and give subconscious do
them colour and flavour. I can be talking all the time but the work! You
the merging is going on all the time behind the scenes, never know what
processing and preparing insights for me to share with music you will
you. Apparently, Mozart wrote music best when his wife write!
was reading out aloud to him.

Sometimes a psychic image can be in my mind very

early in a reading, and stays. I have learnt to recognise
that this means something, often a message that the
person or thing that is hanging around is doing so
because there has not been a resolution. It could mean
that there is more to come and that person or thing is
not ready to go or even needs you to be stronger so
there can be a resolution. Whatever it means will come
to me because I accept that Rome wasn’t built in a day,
and my psychic insight needs my co-operation and
confidence. And so too does yours. Just keep talking and


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Michelle Walter, one of our premier psychics is only with us

for a short while longer before taking a sabbatical to travel
and explore new worlds.

Ring our Free Call numbers now - don’t let this chance slip by.
Lao Tzu said: ‘A 1000 mile journey begins with a going. The best way to detox is to add juices to your
single step.’…However before you embark on your diet. Here are 2 of my favourite recipes:
journey to the ultimate buddhist bliss experience,
there is some preparation to be done. Energy Saver Juice : For the basic version, blend
equal parts of carrot, celery with a few bunches of
“Retreat” conjures beautiful images. Does it sound parsley. For the pro-version, add an avocado and an
too easy? To put you in the picture, my last Buddhist apple!
retreat consisted of: No drinking for 24 hours, no
speaking for 24 hours, one meal for 48 hours and a Apple-Latte Juice: Blend 3 granny smith apples +
relentless schedule of prostrations, meditations, and handful of pepita’s and sunflower seeds.
mala prayers… repeated at 5 am, 9 am, 2 pm and 7
pm every day for two weeks. 2. WHAT TO PACK:

Sounds like too much hard work? No way! One thing I have noticed about ashrams and
A Buddhist retreat is worth your suffering… that is monasteries is, besides not being concerned about
the Buddha’s area of expertise, after all! your comfort, they will leave many details on ‘what
to bring’ out.
Besides the joy of letting go and finding inner peace
(yes, seriously, I did) this is what I learned. Through trial and error I have identified some
important basics you might not think of yourself:
There are 5 things you absolutely MUST know
before beginning… Head torch: the monks and nuns wear these to get
to the toilet and to find their way to early morning
1. HOW TO DETOX meditation sessions. Very important in monastries
where bush paths are not cleared and you regularly
Heaven and Hell are in the mind and you will bump into snakes, spiders and foxes (saw all three of
discover this on a Buddhist retreat if you haven’t these using my torch!)
detoxed first! Sherpa blanket: no matter where you are, in what
part of the world, 4 in the morning is usually cold! A
Caffeine takes 48 hours to get out of your system… sherpa blanket is a must to wrap around your
meditating, trying to work out which Tibetan chant shoulders whilst meditating and it doubles as a
you are meant to be doing and keeping up with a blanket for your bed at night.
daily dose of intense prostrating is difficult enough Wristwatch: trying to be modest, I decided to leave
without dealing with the fuzzy-headed, cranky-pants my Gucci watch behind… bad move! I spent most
caffeine withdrawals. of my free (sleeping) time hovering around the
temple gong so that I would not miss the next
I suggest coming off caffeine, sugar, alcohol, meat and session.
(if you smoke) definitely cigarettes a week before Alarm: yes I know, you have one on your mobile…
watch out - in most ashrams and monasteries
UK 0808 120 9694 USA 1877 878 3868 AUS 1800 333 007

mobiles are contraband! So unless you can set your Buddhists take their vows very seriously. In fact, an
body clock to wake at 5:45 am (which by the way army of stinging ants have taken over the Hong
does amazingly work!) bring a small alarm for your Hock Temple on Penang Island in Malaysia and even
peace of mind. though the ants have put more than one worshipper
in hospital, the Buddhists have refrained from
3. YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO exterminating them!
Another thing you might notice – is that little
A prostration is done upon entering the Gompa bitchy-yet-humorous asides will not be met with
(temple) and leaving the Gompa. Initially I was laughter but more likely reprisals… Beware the
embarrassed to be prostrating. Yet after days of ‘mental sin’. Buddhists take vows to be pure in body,
doing very little but long sessions of prostrations to speech and mind so finding out what this actually
the 35 names of the confessional Buddhas, (I am means before hand is essential if you intend on
very pleased to say that the nun spoke them at race- staying in their lovely community.
horse-caller pace) I became very proficient.
To fully prepare for meditation and Buddhist
Once the physical difficulty is in perspective, you will practice I recommend: Thubten Chodron, 2007,
find prostration to be a wonderfully humbling Guided Meditations on The Stages of the Path, Snow
experience. The prostration allows you to show Lion Productions: NY.
gratitude for all you have whilst also knowing that
whatever pain or suffering you carry, you are not 5. KNOW YOUR TERMS!
alone, you can lay it down at the feet of the most
magnificent Buddhas you can imagine. It’s ok not to know the ins and outs of the rituals
you are about to partake in. Actually, I found that
Step 1: Standing, with hands in prayer position at trying to work out what was going on helped hook
your heart. Raise them above your head to touch my attention and keep my restless mind from
the crown of your head, then touch them to your wandering.
forehead in the position of the third eye (which is in Buddhists by and large are a very friendly group and
between your eyebrows), then to your throat and will bend over backwards to help you in any way
then to your heart. possible… however knowing absolutely nothing
could slow down the process considerably. I am not
Step 2: Then bend down onto your knees, placing talking Tibetan here – just the general terms
your hands down on the ground first so you are everyone (everyone Buddhist!) uses.
bent on all fours like a cat or dog. Lower yourself to
the ground using your arms (like a push up) until Stupa at Chenrezig Monastry, by Author
you are lying flat on the ground with your forehead Vocab…Words you need to know…
touching the ground. Don’t stay there too long,
apparently this is the hell realm! Gompa: Temple
Precepts: The vows
Step 3: Then get up using hands to raise yourself up Mala: The prayer beads
to your knees and then stand. Place your hands in Dharma: The Buddha’s teachings
prayer position at heart centre again. Sangha: The Buddhist community
Repeat this 3 times. Taking Refuge: Becoming a Buddhist and following
the teachings
4. KNOW THE RULES Stupa: Holy statue
Mandala: Represents the whole universe
I laughed when I saw the conditions of entry rules: Merit field: The Deva’s gods and goddesses,
‘Do not kill’… ‘Yeah, like I kill people every day.’ enlightened ones
Until it came to sitting on the toilet…
To find out more Buddhist Basics from an
As a million-and-one mosquito’s began feasting on enlightened master read any book by His Holiness
my vulnerable body, I remembered my vow! The the Dalai Lama!
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Some dreams may appear to be simple
processing of the day’s events and yet when
one looks deeper, layers upon layers of
personal and collective significance can be

Kim Thomas Well Jim

Everything changes and in difficult times this is perhaps
all we can be sure of. Our experience of change may be I feel your dream vividly describes a force of change, a
dramatic and painful or slow and uncomfortable, all the wake up call. This experience is sometimes represented
same it has to happen. Now more than ever before, the by the Tower in Tarot or Uranus in Astrology. A relentless
human race is being called upon to change, to evolve. As force which stops at nothing to bring about change,
this universal process is inevitable, it’s not if we change anything false or unhealthy which impedes the evolution
but how? How do we move forward in our lives with the of the person will be forced open to the light of
least amount of suffering and resistance? How do we examination.
know which way to proceed with integrity and respect
for ourselves and others? I believe within in us is an Perhaps, this house represents the security of your
inner guide, call it God or our Higher Self, this relationship, the structure that supports you. Do you
knowledge is free from fear and through direct have any fears regarding your connection with Andrea?
experience with it we evolve and expand. Dreams are a Could Andrea leaving the house before you be symbolic
way for us to tap into that Universal knowing, to find our of your differing needs?
true paths by understanding energies and symbols laid
before our eyes while we sleep. This month and next we What is this dream trying to tell you about your
look at two dreams, both of which describe a different relationship? It feels important that you are alone in the
manifestation of this transformative principal and offer house when the walls come tumbling down, somehow
the way forward. this awakening is yours alone. She, perhaps is more
focused on an outer, worldly experience and you more
Dear Kim, at home with the unconscious realms. This is certainly
emphasised in the second part of the dream where you
Waking up in one of those lovely San Francisco wooden feel eager to explore the potential of the aqualung. Often
house structures Andrea is already dressed and ready to the element of water is likened to emotions and feelings.
leave. I start slow and say I'll meet her there soon. I head I sense you are a deeply emotional and spiritual person,
to the bathroom. When I start to become aware of the living from this point of experience where Andrea feels
shaking...I wake more quickly as I realise its an more fiery and adventurous, could this basic difference in
earthquake. I feel the violence of the shaking. The brick the way you relate be causing a divide between you?
wall of the house has gone and I can see the garden. I
feel a sense of absolute powerlessness and surrender The significance of your choice to surrender is beautiful,
myself to the moment - what else can I do. within the dream you are provided with a solution to
Later, in a different house, downstairs in the lower crisis. Your decision to just be during the earthquake
rooms, there is an aqualung which I start to try, does it leads you to the next dream scene where you learn to
fit? Will it work? Andrea snatches it from me, calling me modulate your breath to enable you passage around the
"stooopid!". I am tempted to storm off in a huff but I room. The element of Air represents communication and
don't. She is suddenly not there, and I put the objective thought, perhaps you are being given the
mouthpiece on, starting to swim in a surreal way around breathing space to understand your emotions and how
the submerged room. It is a fantastic sensation to be able they relate to others. The earthquake although disruptive
to float around this room, use my arms and legs to and frightening has brought about change, perhaps
propel me around the furniture - chairs and tables, adjust broken down some barriers and now you are free to
the oxygen, not too fast or too slow. Lost in this world float, dream and be yourself. I hope this helps.
of floating and breathing.
Thanks, Jim Kim x
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where they recognise exactly what situation created this
energy blockage.

This month, how to improve your emotional After an emotional release, I continue to support the
client and to channel healing into their body, to help
health. them come back into a state of balance, allowing the
energy to once again move freely through their body.
Lynne Leslie Often they fall asleep at this point, waking up at the end
of the session, refreshed and so relaxed that it takes
them quite some time to even consider getting off the
Energy healing therapies help many different physical treatment couch.
conditions, but they also support clients with emotional
issues. In our society the expression of emotions - such as
crying – can sometimes be seen in a negative way,
We all have moments when we try to hold in our however in healing circles it is something to be
emotions and not express how we truly feel about things celebrated when a client becomes emotional– it is a sign
- possibly due to a fear about how this would be that a release of negativity has been achieved. This will
received. We may get angry, but not be able to express it leave them feeling lighter, more at peace, and able to
in a constructive way. Or we have issues within our move on in life in a positive way, without that feeling of a
relationships that we don’t feel we can express to our powder keg waiting to explode.
loved ones, for fear of the words coming out wrong, and
hurting them - so we stuff the feelings down inside. The benefits of a healing session are that the things
which used to easily trigger anger for example, no longer
The problem is that the emotions don’t disappear when have the same effect, as the emotional energy has been
we stuff them down – they are still lurking beneath the released.
surface. Emotions are energy, just like everything else in
the universe, and the natural state is for energy to be If we find we are taking things out on others, it can be a
constantly moving, flowing, without restriction. sign to us to take time to review our life – as it is out of
balance. There is something underlying which needs to
When we don’t allow our feelings to be expressed, we be looked at so that we can resolve it and bring harmony
are preventing the natural flow of that energy, and we get back into our lives again. We need to make space, to
so used to this pattern that it becomes a habit – we give ourselves some quiet time to contemplate the
don’t even realise we are doing it. underlying reasons, and possibly seek the help of an
experienced energy therapist to guide us through the
We may have experienced a time when something has process.
annoyed us and we have reacted out of all proportion to
the circumstances – this is the suppressed emotion The staff at Origin Psychics, and the Origin Retreat
demanding to be expressed, a bit like an exploding Centre are a team of dedicated and caring individuals
pressure cooker. who will accompany you on the journey back to a life of
harmony and balance.
Where emotional energy has been suppressed, Reiki and
Quantum Touch energy healing sessions can help re-
Don’t forget to visit our website
instate normal energy flow, allowing the emotion to be
released. During this time clients may experience a form for Lynne’s monthly distance
of release such as crying, which is the suppressed energy
coming to the surface and dissipating. Sometimes when healing podcast
this happens, clients also have a moment of clarity –

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In this second chapter, Graham
Watt, tells more on the origins
of Shamanism.

Our monthly articles will now focus more on the subject references to Shamanic practices, with similar rituals and
of Celtic Shamanism - a subject close to my heart, as a healing techniques being found in countries as far apart
resident of the Isle of Skye; the history and the spirit of as Russia and South America. This also applies to Celtic
the Celts is all around. Shamanism.

But first we ask the question, who were the Celts? Until In our society, the new age of spirituality, there are
the Romans invaded, the history of the Scottish people constant references to paganism and shamanism. I’d like
had not been written down and was quite vague. to take this opportunity to describe the similarities and
differences between Paganism and Celtic Shamanism.
A lot of the history that the Romans provided us with
has to be taken a bit tongue in cheek as it may have been The word pagan is associated with the old English word
exaggerated by the Romans who had been repeatedly Pagus (1100-1500 AD) which means “country dweller”.
embarrassed at being defeated by a smaller inferior Most people around this time tended to live in towns or
nation. What we do know is that they were a race of communities whereas the pagans remained more insular
people who travelled and spread from Southern Spain in small groups, living off the land, working with nature
and North Africa to settle in North Europe, Scotland, and had their own religious/ spiritual beliefs and they did
Ireland and Wales. not follow any of the major religious orders of the time.

Reference was made by Greek historian Herodutus, to To a certain degree both Celtic Shamanism and Paganism
the Celts as an established race of people as far back as tend to acknowledge a deep connection to the earth and
450 BC (known as the Keltoi). He saw them as Mother Nature and both honour the festivals associated
incredibly adaptable, inventive and loyal. However, there with the seasons. The festival dates for both spiritual
have also been historical references by other cultures systems are the same, however the Celts made reference
about the Celts as far back as 6550 BC. to the Wheel of the Year, as opposed to the Pagans who
knew them as the “Sabbats”.
The Celts tended to be a warrior race but when they
weren’t fighting other nations they would fight amongst Where Celtic Shamanism starts to differ is when we look
themselves…. And when they weren’t fighting, they were at the individual rituals and deities, as to complicate
farming. They introduced the clan system, which matters, the name of the Celt’s Gods/Deities varied
provided the foundation of the clan structure in Scotland. depending on their location – Scotland, Ireland or Wales.
As well as their body armour and jewellery, they brought .
to Britain various iron-age tools including the plough as The main shamanic rituals are for example soul retrieval,
we know it today. Also easily recognisable was the Celtic journeying, vision quests, sweat lodges, medicine wheel
art – quite unique and beautiful in its own right. and references to the other worlds. These are not linked
in any way to Paganism.
In all corners of the world, no matter what culture, Next month I will look at the eight festivals of the Celtic
background, or beliefs, we find amazing crossovers and year.
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Your monthly guide to

inner calm.

Robert Gebka

Last month we explored the fundamental attitude that the mind that we need to return if we wish to create
mindfulness meditation encourages, namely that of being harmony, happiness and compassion in our lives.
a carpenter who works with the kind of wood he/she
finds and making the best kind of furniture he/she can Having said this it is important to understand that in
with it. In other words acknowledging and working order for us be in an empowered position; being able to
towards an acceptance of one’s state of mind just as it is accept a certain situation and then begin to work with it
within any present moment and then creatively working creatively, we first of all need to be in a position of self-
with it in order to bring about positive change. awareness. In other words in order for us to be able to
change something in our minds and lives we first of all
This kind of approach is an approach of being mindful need to understand what it is that needs adjusting and
and aware of our state of mind and ultimately our own changing. Is it a thought, is it an attitude or is it perhaps a
state of life. Mindfulness is the foundation of meditation situation that needs external action?
practice and leads to both self-awareness and our
naturally innate state of harmony. Often in life we are so deeply entangled in our own
confusion and situation that we often don’t know what is
To me meditation is about drawing forth the hidden what anymore. We might be feeling too much
inner potential within us. It is about empowering frustration, too much pain and too much confusion. How
ourselves to positively transform the very mind that can we bring about self awareness when we are in such
creates and shapes our experience. Transform what into deep states of negative mind, when we feel our struggle
what, you may ask? Well to me, it is about transforming is too much for us to come out of alone?
our own disharmony into harmony or put another way:
transforming negativity into potential positivity, put yet During such times it might be a good idea to engage in
another way it is about transforming ignorance into what we can call “shared meditation.” In other words we
wisdom and compassion. can share our problem, our confusion, our frustration or
our anger with another person. This can be done by
The Pali word (an ancient Indian language spoken during either talking with a friend, having a psychic reading or
the Buddha’s time) for meditation is Bhavana and means attending a healing session.
“mental culture” in other words it is a culture or an
approach to life that acknowledges that should we wish By sharing our problem with another human being we
to bring positive change in our life we first need to can foster the self-awareness needed to be able to
accept a certain amount of responsibility for the way we return to the point of an empowered state of mind and
think and feel. Here the term responsibility does not begin to creatively work with the situation that is
imply blaming ourselves for where we are in our lives confronting us.
but rather it is a kind of compassion born from an
understanding that our lives are a reflection of our own How do we begin then? Well, in meditation we begin this
thoughts and attitudes which we at some point or process with mindfulness as it is mindfulness that leads
another, most probably unconsciously, chose to accept as to self awareness which in turn leads us to this state of
true in our lives. being empowered to work creatively towards bringing
about harmony in our lives.
This type of culture is based on the principle of the mind
being the creator of one’s life and so with that it is to
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Hidden Gems
Our monthly delve into the OP archive.
This month, Michelle Walter on why
psychics are the new psychologists

A recent Gallup Poll shows that about a third of sharing of wisdom. Folklore, religion, cultural heritage,
Americans believe in telepathy (psychic ability) and about stories, and myths exist in every civilisation, as they pass
a quarter claim to have experienced it themselves. on the knowledge learned from one generation to the
Rather fewer have experienced clairvoyance or psycho- next.
kinesis (PK), but still the numbers are very high and have
An Origin Psychic is like a guide who uses the shared
not decreased over the years. Previous surveys have
wisdom in the human race to map different pathways
found similar results, and also that the most common
and life choices for people. Psychics have not lost their
reason for belief in the paranormal or psychic ability is
connection with the lineage of ancient wisdom. In order
personal experience (Palmer 1979; Blackmore 1984). In
to do a psychic reading, a psychic will use Tarot images
short, people believe in psychic experiences because
containing the stories told in ancient mythology, the I
they have them!
Ching, runes, and past life stories that draw upon ancient
It would seem that far more people are seeking to cultures and civilisations. Psychics communicate the
understand their own intuition and to gain support and messages that will help the person make choices in their
insight into their lives through those psychic life. The psychic is in touch with the shared wisdom of
phenomena. So why are so many people the ages, and can keep this lineage alive, so that people
can continue to access this wisdom as they have done
Surprising experiments in personality psychology show
throughout the ages.
that people’s response to situations was predicted more
by the situation than by their personality. In other A psychic is constantly in touch with you. Origin Psychics
words, we have more in common with each other when do not refer to books to discover what your problem is.
we face similar life circumstances, regardless of our A psychic can read the energy in a person's life and then
personality. So there is a lot to learn from the see where that energy is unfolding. So a psychic will deal
experience of life. Not everything can be predicted by with each situation as it is being created in that person’s
measuring aspects of the person. This is because people life. Psychic insight enables the therapist to share the
exist in interaction with life. This is very interesting client’s space - share their world, share their personal
when you consider the focus throughout history on the experience, and through that, see a way forward.

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The connection is evidenced in the psychic reading within, you can access anything you need. This is the
when the psychic is able to accurately reflect the Psychic Origin, where you see the potential within
details of the situation, either practical, or your own mind. When you feel separate and alone,
emotional, as if they were there. This is ultimately you can't access this knowledge. At these times, you
reassuring for the client, as the client can then feel a can link into a psychic friend to help you along the
connection with a shared humanity. Instead of being way.
diagnosed and treated as if they are the problem, in
a psychic reading, the client becomes part of the
tribe again. The wisdom of the collective human
tribal experience is available for them, and they can
take the answers that suit them.

You can access the wealth of hidden knowledge

within you. All the answers lie within your
consciousness. Imagine that your mind is like a
doorway to the universe, and if you focus and look

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Origin Horoscopes
Kim Thomas
Aries: The month starts with work and health as a priority, communication hold ups lead to some
fretting but energy moves by the 12th.  The mood turns to partnerships, with Mars and Venus in your
relationship sector, there is a romantic quality, notions of service and love. With Saturn’s presence, you
are unlikely to get carried away but learn a lesson in fair and balanced loving. The planets support you
in working with others and moving beyond the superficial mid month.  Choose to channel your
energy wisely on the 23rd as the moon is full in Aries, intensifying career and relationship needs.

Taurus: Expressing your creative side this month brings rewards at home and with your sense
of self-worth while your ability to work alongside others in the spirit of cooperation is
strengthened.  This bodes well for romance and from the 14th you are able to balance your needs
with those of the people you love.  You may experience profound longings and be quite verbal
about your need for relationship or perhaps you will be the object of someone else's passion.  Your
personal power days on the 27th and 28th bring energy into your working day while challenging the
structures of your daily life.  

Gemini: September begins with the Moon in your sign, invoking a heightened sense of personal
power, great for planning and preparing.  Matters at home or in your past may lead to frustration,
think creatively towards resolution this is a great month for change and your future security benefits
from it.  Harvest comes after the 12th with positive planetary connections encouraging deep,
psychological thinking, resulting in ideas to improve your daily life or work situation.   Keep things in
perspective though from the 29th as your mind is working overtime, dealings with others require
some sensitivity and understanding for a more harmonious home-life.

Cancer: Much of the incredible intensity you have been feeling at home in particular, eases early
month, although relationships and your understanding of them still leave you with much
consternation.  Don’t cry, as the planets of Love and Sex move together in your fun zone from the
14th, life will lighten up, bringing with it creativity and an almost psychic boost.  As the Moon ripens
towards the 23rd, it acts like a planetary trigger, pushing the button of emotion, so prepare for an
eruption as the structures which support you quake, bringing a shift in the right direction.

Leo: If you really want something, how do you go about getting it?  This month, you find out as
you take stock of your material possessions and inner resources, deliberating on what you need
to increase your wealth and setting your sights on some, not so far off, dreams.  The energy of the
New Moon on the 8th, in your house of finance sets things in motion.  By the 22nd the Sun moves
into Libra, bringing contact once again with Uranus and Jupiter, this may hasten developments with
regards to joint finances or some of the more transformative issues of life.  

Virgo: This month is about renewal and the beginning of a new cycle, the spotlight is on you. 
Now is the time to make a good impression and project the positive aspects of your personality. 
Internally, your thought’s centre on your life’s goals, making plans and understanding your needs is a
productive use of this energy.  A door way opens on the 8th, while energy moves through it from
the 12th, creating a space for quite profound understandings of oneself, the people you meet now
are significant and help you to move forward.

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Libra: Before a new cycle begins assimilation of the years happenings naturally occur; this is a
time for reflection.  Potentially tricky though, as your popularity seems to be on the rise during
the first week of the month, but thankfully a sense of inner balance prevails allowing you to give
your attention to creative partners and your inner world.  On the 7th and 8th, testing situations
call for flexibility. The Equinox on the 22nd ushers the Sun into your sign and with it something
out of the ordinary shining light on your need for renewal in the areas of work and relationship.

Scorpio: Your mind is on community issues this month, inwardly aligning your needs with
those of the like minded individuals around you.  Deep communications stir within, calling forth a
strong spiritual desire to belong.  Pluto moving forward from the 14th provides a chance to recap
recent teachings from a more holistic viewpoint.   After the 18th you uncover opportunities
regarding relationship and your sense of self, this is a very worthwhile time with discipline and co-
operation you can build a new creative path for yourself and others to live more harmoniously

Sagittarius: Your inner journey moves to your external goals and life path, mentally seeking
balance between your needs and those of family and friends at this time of year.  By making
adjustments to outer resources and how you relate to others, you become truer to yourself in the
long run and please those around you.  The Moon in your sign on the 15th promotes the power to
resolve ongoing issues, tie up loose ends and move on.  Unexpected opportunities come around the
18th, perhaps in the form of an email or news about travel or family.  Certainly Jupiter’s energy
deepens your understanding of an issue and that in itself is a gift.

Capricorn: Now is the time to recognise the higher meaning within the turbulence of the past
months.  By opening your vision to a different perspective and developing understanding of the
purging process you are experiencing, you bring forth strength to continue with this dramatic
overhaul of your life.   Early month, the energies of service to others and yourself are
balanced, affecting career opportunities as people notice your practical wisdom.  The Full Moon in
fiery Aries on the 23rd awakens recent dramas, offering you a chance to release tension by
communicating authentically with others.

Aquarius: September denotes a time of shared experience, perhaps its financial or emotional,
either way it’s intense and calls for a degree of letting go to allow for regeneration and
transcendence.  Talking and working issues out is easier in the first week of the month, wait until
after the 7th for finalising new insights regarding love or money as these may result in a change of
plan.  From the 20th, your chart rulers and several other planets will be connecting, highlighting
once again the need for change and understanding within the areas of finance and self worth, in
other words trust yourself to realise your dreams.

Pisces: The very nature of Pisces is that of Oneness.  Often for you watery souls sacrifice of self
may be used to deny responsibility for your inner needs.   September divides the one into the two
in an effort to bring wholeness, conscious awareness of the balance of yin and yang within yourself,
enabling acts of compassion for yourself and others.  Jupiter’s return to your sign on the 8th, adds a
touch of mystical magic to your life, with a few surprises on the 18th. The Moon’s powerful vibes on
the 22nd will help you feel what is right for you within those important relationships.

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Are you looking for a

wounded bird in your


by Bede Nicholson

person that others can’t see. We can recognize their

When we think of our ideal type of partner, many qualities capacity to change while others say a leopard never
may spring to mind: the handsome, strong and broody changes its spots. That through the power of love,
type or perhaps the attractive, playful and nurturing type. transformation is possible.
Yet, what we rarely acknowledge to ourselves is the
negative or difficult qualities we may find ourselves The challenge for Moyra or any person in this type of
attracted to. It seems counter-intuitive that we may relationship is to step back from focussing on the other
WANT to attract a person who is dysfunctional or person's needs and issues and to look at their own. How
reinforces negative behaviours.Yet, this is exactly what are my needs being met from this relationship? Of course,
happens. the first answer may be that my needs are not being met
at all, and this is certainly how it will feel being in such a
Moyra, a full time nurse, had been out of a relationship for relationship. Yet, a deeper and perhaps more honest
over three years when she met Martin. Her previous questioning of the situation may lead to a different answer.
relationship had broken up due to an affair. Moyra had In Moyra’s case, the relationship with Martin met her need
been devastated, and while her ex had always been a bit to feel in control and needed. After her previous
emotionally distant, she never suspected him of any relationship, which was characterized by feeling unloved
infidelity. After three years felt she had resolved the hurt and having no control over how it ended, the relationship
and trust issues, and was now prepared to enter into a with Martin, with all his myriad issues and baggage made
relationship with a man who was more emotionally open Moyra feel wanted. Deep down, Moyra felt her last
and receptive. When she met Martin, they instantly relationship had ended because there was something
connected. Martin was going through a divorce - his wife wrong with her. Moyra still felt that she had been
had left him. He and Moyra shared the stories and feelings abandoned because she was uninteresting and
about their past experiences. Martin didn’t hold anything unattractive. With Martin, even if things finished, she would
back and spoke very freely about everything that was feel that it was due to his problems rather than something
going on his life. Moyra finally felt she attracted the type being wrong with her. In this way, the relationship with
of person she wanted in her life – someone open and Martin protected Moyra from really getting hurt and
honest, and whom she could trust. having to face up to her own deeper sense of insecurity
and lack of self-worth.
Yet, within six months, serious issues had begun to
emerge. Martin’s initial openness seemed much more This revelation about her own insecurity helped Moyra to
volatile. At times he would be very intense and loving, and formulate a very different attitude in her relationship with
at other times very remote and cut off. Moyra was Martin. Moyra recognized no amount of counselling or
becoming increasingly confused about the signals Martin support would help Martin to grow and change if she
was sending out. Yet, it was the moments of closeness that herself was stuck in old patterns of insecurity. How could
she held onto. He had admitted that he had issues with she expect Martin to really value her, if she didn’t even
depression and opened up about some childhood value herself. Moyra stopped pandering to Martin’s every
problems. They had many long conversations about his issue, and rather than work-shopping his problems,
problems, and at times it felt like she was getting
suggested that ‘he was a grown adult and that he needed
somewhere, but then he would suddenly just switch
to work through things himself.’ She initiated a break in
moods – becoming unpredictable and difficult. Moyra
the relationship for a period of time. Interestingly enough,
couldn’t help feeling that his behaviour was more akin to
Martin’s self-absorbed behaviour actually changed. Moyra
dealing with an adolescent boy than a 40 year old man.
had created a space where Martin had to think about what
she wanted, rather than just expecting her to focus on
The story of Moyra reflects a common type of
him. It took time for this to happen, but with a new
relationship pattern – the ‘wounded bird.’ We are
confidence and sense of determination in Moyra to insist
attracted to the person because we believe we want to
she ‘deserved better’, a new dynamic began to emerge in
heal them. We believe that we can be the one to make the
the relationship. Moyra realized that some wounds are
other person’s life better. That we can see things in that
best mended by themselves.

First Degree Reiki Course - Limited Places Still Available
September 25th & 26, 2010

The Origin Educere Retreat Centre, on the beautiful Isle of Skye is offering a course in Usui Ryoho Reiki (level
1) during September. This two day course will be taught by Graham Watt, a traditional Reiki Master/Teacher,
with over 15 years experience.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese word meaning Rei (Wisdom or the higher power) and Ki (Life force
energy). The Reiki system of healing as we know it today, evolved from Japan with the dedication and
experience of Dr Mikao Usui (1926). It is defined as a "laying on of hands" healing system, which allows the
energy to be sent where it is needed. Graham is also a practising Shaman and incorporates some of the
energy reading and sensing techniques used by Shamans the world over in his Reiki training, making these
courses quite unique.

Graham believes that we all are individual beings with hidden strengths and abilities,
teaching from the heart with compassion,he encourages students to look inwards and
recognize their true potential.

Found that Graham's courses have been a life changing

The course will include: experience for me, and have been able to incorporate many
of his teachings in to my daily routine of life....................S M,
. Teaching its origins, history and lineage. Stonehaven, Scotland.
. Understanding Life Force Energy, energy
fields and chakra systems. In all my years as a practising therapist, it is a joy to hear the
. Basic anatomy and physiology. words of someone in this Industry that remains grounded
. Grounding techniques. but yet incredibly informative..............................................M J,
. Hand positions for self healing. Aberdeen, Scotland.
. Attunement to Level 1.
. Certificate and manual included. What a pleasure Graham's Reiki weekend was, not only was
it very interesting but also delivered with a great sense of
humour..........G H, Cardiff.

TOTAL COST - £199.00 / US $300.00 / AUS $340.00

Includes course cost, all materials, 2 nights’ accommodation & all meals
Free Call - 0808 120 9694 / 1877 878 3868 / 1800 333 007
or email