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Psychic Magic Conscious Sleeping? Bowerbirds & Bonfires Your Horoscope

Gaye Wright channels from her Senior Origin Psychic Bede Cathy Cox takes a different angle Find out what the planets have
Chinese Chums - her three wise Nicholson introduces his series on on what it means to ‘let go’ and in store for you this month with
cosmic friends. developing healthy sleep. heal. our November Horoscopes.
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n o v e m b e r 2 0 0 9!


not you. You are different. You don’t have the magic works. But, what I can tell you,
what it takes to be a magician.  is that it works most successfully if you are
in tune with your intuitions. You cannot
In fact, have you ever looked inside be a magician and lie to yourself. If you
yourself and asked yourself that question? know you truly don’t deserve that
Have you the courage to say to yourself, “I promotion, then the magician within you
am a magician,” and start with the very will not bring it to you. If you know the
real possibility that it could be true?  If truth of how you deserve that promotion,
you look back over your life, perhaps you then the magician within you will find a
might see that there have been some very way to let you know the best way to get
real magical moments and they didn’t that promotion. It might mean that you
happen to you but because of you. You have to do to something you wouldn’t
see, this isn’t about having to be a normally do, but you’ll find the courage to
magician performing amazing tricks, but do it with the help of your inner magician!
recognizing that the magician in you is
Gaye Wright B Ed. you being you!  Good luck in creating some magic

Origin Psychics Founder in your life this November!

All you have to do is be you and
& Lead Psychic the magic starts to happen. But it’s a
different kind of magic to what you might
HI AND WELCOME! believe magic to be. A magician on stage
opens up people’s minds to believing what
Who would have thought that the end
they see to be true, that the magician has
of the year was coming around so quickly,
truly opened up a magical pathway, where
and who is ready? But ready for what? What
extraordinary things happen. But the truth
are we continually getting ready for? It
is, the magician has only opened the mind
seems that one event is over and we are

to believing a trick to be true, whereas, the
preparing for the next one in that line of
real magician in you, opens your mind to
events that we call our life. Do you recognize
believing that you can create new
the pattern? It’s called living on the linear
pathways and draw wonderful new
train track. Most of us have become so good
experiences to you. The secret of a
at it that we have learned to sit in the train,
successful life begins here, with you
look out the windows, wish we could have
what we see “ out there”, but end up still
accepting the magic of your own mind. Origin Psychics -
sitting and waiting for that magical moment Contact Details
when we will win the lotto and all will be Start being the magician now...
well. There’s something in all of us that Think about something you want to UK Free Call: 0800 389 5781
happen in your life. Keep it simple. Keep
knows the truth of magic, but how many of
it in harmony so that you want the best for
us are prepared to acknowledge that we can USA Free Call: 1877 878 3868
be magicians ourselves? all involved. Now go down into your
intuitions, down to that place within
AUS Free Call: 1800 333 007
yourself where you have those gut feelings
I am a magician.
that tell you the truth of what you want to
Can you honestly look inside yourself
happen. For example, if you truly feel you
and feel the truth of this? Or does this feel Email:
are meant to have that promotion, and up
like an emotional belief designed to make
til now you have been passed over, then
you feel better, but in actual fact it never
get in touch with the magician within you 
really works. Well, it never really works for
and put in a request for that promotion.
you! It might work for somebody else, but
You don’t have to know the details of how
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November 2009


by Cathy Cox B Mus, BA

W e have a saying in Australia – ‘She’s a real

bowerbird’. It just refers to someone who doesn’t like
A good way to start, particularly if you’re a bit of ‘a bowerbird’
is to actually have a clear out in the house, or even just your
to throw anything away, so they end up with clothes from wardrobe. Do any emotions come up that you didn’t expect – do
university days, which are still ‘perfectly serviceable’, and any you find yourself really resisting throwing things away? This
manner of magazines, chipped coffee cups, teddy bears, and could well be a sign of a bit of a defence mechanism working,
broken pencils. holding on to the old clutter as a kind of protection in a way.
Take on the energy of the Autumn light – walk softly and gently
Most of us have experienced the cathartic effect of having a through your own inner world. Reflect on whether there might
good old clear out. But at this time of the year, it can become a be something emotional still craving the clutter. By observing our
very powerful ritual. I’m writing this as the clocks are about to resistances, instead of justifying them, (I have to confess to being
change, the leaves have fallen, and the light has changed in the a master of this one!) we can develop a clear picture of what
mysterious way it does up here in the highlands. I don’t mean really does need to go.
simply that there are fewer hours of daylight – the quality of
light actually changes, in a way it simply doesn’t in Australia. Taking your time in this gentle way will support you to
There the light is brilliant and searching, for most of the year. gradually withdraw the energy you may have put into these
Here, it softens in the Autumn, as if filtered through muslin. feelings or beliefs over a long time. And the really wonderful
This is the perfect time to examine any cluttered corners in our thing is that the entire natural world of the northern hemisphere
consciousness, and to let go of old emotions, or beliefs that have is there, humming along with the vibrations of change with you.
become restrictive. If you let yourself relax, and I mean REALLY relax, rather than
rationalize, defend, explain, or judge your feelings, then the
In the soft gentle light of Autumn, you can get a totally feeling of letting the old go will become gradually easier.
different perspective on things that have been holding you back.

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November 2009


Once you’re really clear and have articulated what you want
to release from your life, then the really powerful part of the
ritual follows. Write down the three things you most want to
release, AND write down the three things you most want to be
receptive to in the coming year. Then follow the example of the
ancients in their Samhain rituals, and create your very own
bonfire. Obviously if you live in a city, you may need to be a
little creative about this part, but a scented candle will do fine!
Fire in any form has the most amazing transformative qualities.
And it is just as important to articulate what you want to be
receptive to, as what you wish to release. You are sending your
intention into the heart fire of the Oneness – sending out the
vibration of your heart to the universe.

And this is the key after all to any good clear out – you’re
actually creative a receptive space (or wardrobe space if you
prefer!) for the new to enter your life. As dark as winter can
become, nobody doubts that spring will eventually come, with
her flowers and warmth and abundance. The cyclical nature of
life is embedded in our psyches, and so it would never occur to
us that Spring wouldn’t come eventually. The fires of Samhain,
and the song of the natural world, are right there with us at this
time of year. You might be surprised at how effective it can be to Type to enter text
flow along with it.
And the really wonderful thing is that the entire natural
world of the northern hemisphere is there, humming
along with the vibrations of change with you.

Samhain message from the Green Man:

The leaves have fallen and lie on the forest floor –
they are already transforming and fertilizing the
growth which is to come. There is no sadness, only a
sensation of quiet – winterʼs stillness is approaching.
It is the stillness of a deeper kind of rest – the rest
which reaches deep into your soul, and nourishes
the new seeds already there. Everyone needs this
stillness; everyone craves the peace it brings. My
promise is in the eternal cycle of the seasons, like Have a channeling reading with Cathy
the endless knot – always bringing the new from the
old. Keep the new fire of Samhain burning through Cox this month and enjoy a 15%
the winter – it holds the space you have created for discount. You can choose from either
the return of spring. It will remind you of the internal
space of creativity, during the time when there are telephone or email readings -
few external signs to remind you. Rest now - you are
safe. Listen to the quiet hum as the earth sleeps.
whichever format suits you best.

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November 2009


The Magic of
Crystal Healing

The use of crystals and gems to promote and restore crystal. Is it hot? Is it cold? Does the energy feel clear or
balance and health has been used by people for centuries. Over cloudy? Your first impression is right for you. That is the
the last 20 years or so, crystals have become part of the crystal communicating with your inner self or your intuition.
complementary therapy circuit and more and more people are
using crystals to help ground them and restore harmony to their Once you bring your crystal home, it is important to
lives. All crystals come from Mother Earth, and as such are cleanse it so that it you can programme it with the intention you
wonderful tools to help us restore our natural harmonious wish to use it for. There are several methods to do this. One is
energies and re-allign ourselves with the vibration of the planet. to put it in the light of the full moon to recharge it and restore
its natural energies. Another is to simply sit it in fresh running
The reason crystals have become so popular is that they water. You can also dig a hole in the garden and bury the
fulfill an important need for us - to bridge the gap between crystal overnight – focusing your intention on returning the
science and magic. They are used in all sorts of science and crystal to Mother Earth to recharge and balance it. You will see
technology from televisions to computers and yet they are also the crystal coming back to full charge. A dirty crystal can be
used on a personal level with meditation, visualization and dull, heavy and feel dead. A clear crystal is light, sparkly and
healing. very much alive. You will soon be able to tell the difference.

Choosing a crystal is a very personal experience. Each Once your crystal is clean and recharged you can now
crystal is unique – no two are exactly the same. The best way to dedicate your crystal – asking that the crystal may only be used
choose your crystal is to go out with the positive intention that in a good and positive way. You can do this silently, holding the
you are going to find a crystal that will work well with you. crystal next to your heart; or speak the words out loud directly
When your intention is clear you will find that the first crystal to the crystal.
that catches your eye, that literally jumps out at you, will be the
right one for you. Once a crystal captures your attention, hold Crystals come in all shapes and sizes and of course colours
it in your hand to attune to its energy. A simple way to do this is and are thought to have different healing properties.
to close your eyes and ask yourself what you feel from the

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November 2009


Colour – Pale lilac to deep purple
Often used for meditation purposes. Amethyst provides
common sense and flexibility in decisions. It strengthens and
enhances psychic abilities, and it can help reduce anger,
impatience and nightmares. It is most effective when used on
the brow and crown chakras.

Colour – Translucent tones of brown and yellow –
can also appear in green tones.
Rose Quartz
Amber is the stone which brings about great wisdom. It is Colour – Pink
known to attract luck, calming energies, and love. Amber can
inspire change and it assists in bringing out higher vibrations in Rose Quartz represents love, beauty, peacefulness, forgiving,
order, dispersing negative energy and clearing the surrounding self-love and emotional balance. It works best with the heart
environment. chakra, and supports us to diffuse negative and uncomfortable
memories. Rose Quartz helps us to discover the ability to love
ourselves and makes us more open to other people. It helps us to
Citrine realize that change is important – even uncomfortable change.
Colour – Yellow to deep golden brown.
Clear Quartz
This is a very versatile crystal and is used for mental and
Colour – Clear, as the name suggests
emotional clarity, problem solving, memory, will power,
optimism, confidence and self-esteem. It helps to reduce anxiety,
Clear quartz is the master stone or “stone of power” and is
fear and depression.
the most versatile healing stone. It is easy to cleanse and store
Citrine absorbs, grounds and dissolves negative energies. It
information and energy. Clear Quartz works with all the chakras
is a very protective stone. Often called the ‘Cuddle Stone’, it is
and is great for meditation, cleansing and balancing.
an ideal gift as it is one of only two types of crystals that do not
need to be cleansed of negative energies.

Crystal Meditation ground yourself by imagining roots coming from your

feet and going down into the ground. Sit for a
Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. moment reflecting on what you saw and how you felt.
Hold your chosen crystal or place it in front of you You may just want to lie and put your crystal on it's
where you can see it clearly. Breath gently. Make associated chakra.
each breath out a little longer than the breath in. Sheila Khaliq
Look at your crystal, notice it's colour, pattern, shape.
Origin Team Psychic
Hold your crystal in both hands, close your eyes and ‘Sheila has a very friendly and pleasant
relax. Imagine you are inside your crystal; let yourself attitude. She comes across with great
move with the flow of the crystal. Let go of worldly empathy, and her readings are honest
thoughts and emotions and move deep into the and straightforward. Sheila reaches
centre of your crystal, imagine you are wandering deeply into the situation and gives me
through it exploring its inner beauty. the help I need to move forward with
When you are ready, slowly allow yourself to come any problem I am facing.‘
back to physical reality. Put your crystal aside and Phillipa, Scotland

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November 2009



Senior Origin Psychic

Bede Nicholson BA
Do you wake up in the morning feeling Meg, a client of mine for a number of years, was a single
mother of two, and a full time worker. Juggling a variety of
more tired than when you went to bed? responsibilities and hats, Meg was pretty much on her feet from
the start to the finish of the day. Her schedule was so hectic that
Do you struggle to even get to sleep? Meg had very little time for even the most basic leisure activities.
Bede Nicholson explores the secrets to By bed time Meg was absolutely exhausted. You would have
thought that Meg would have simply collapsed in bed and slept
a restful sleep in the first of a new series like a baby. She didn’t. Most nights Meg had great difficulty
getting to sleep. The events of her day swirled through her
of articles. mind. And while her body was exhausted, her mind simply
wouldn’t switch off. When Meg would finally get to sleep, her
sleep was interrupted, often punctuated with strange dreams
and when she awoke in the morning she felt like she had just
And if tonight my soul may find her woken up from the wars.
peace A simple analysis could say Meg’s problems were quite
straightforward. Meg was so stressed and unable to relax and
in sleep, and sink in good oblivion, therefore unable to get a good sleep. If Meg simply took the
and in the morning wake like a new- time out to manage her stress (if she was able to) then her sleep
opened flower problems would be sorted out.  On the surface, this might be
then I have been dipped again in God, true, but in reality  the real problem for Meg and thousands of
others who don’t sleep well is far deeper.
and new-created.
D.H. Lawrence

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November 2009


‘ of sleep, it’s no wonder then that so many people struggle with
sleep in so many ways.
The first secret in getting a restful sleep is to change your
paradigm or perspective of sleep. Sleep is not about recharging
your batteries. Sleep is about the natural cycle of birth and death
contained within each day. This sounds a bit heavy or scary, but
in reality, it’s a life changing and empowering perspective about
our sleep cycle.
Like the flower in DH Lawrence’s  poem, each night we go
into the ‘oblivion’ of death and awaken reborn and newly
created.  This is not a literal or physical death. This experience
of death in sleep is what is called deep sleep. That part of the
night which we have no memory of, but we know we have gone
into that deep dark place where we cease to ‘be.’ When we go to
this place we don’t feel scared or worried or stressed. It’s a kind
of soft darkness in which we feel protected and safe. There are
many names for this place of non-being – The Taoists called it
Yin. Others call it the ‘womb of potential’ or the ‘void’.  
Scientists may call it REM or delta.  In this stage of sleep there
is the potential to simply wipe the slate clean and start over. We
all know the feeling of when we have had a deep sleep. We begin
the day feeling like it’s a fresh start – a new day. When we
Going to sleep isnʼt simply a process of recharging – itʼs haven’t had a restful sleep, we feel like its groundhog day and
a journey into a completely different reality.
yesterday’s problems immediately feel like today’s problems.
When we shift our paradigm of sleep then we can begin to
In modern society, like many things, our approach to sleep
see how we have become habituated into a mechanical pattern
has become mechanical and lifeless.  Sleep is just a process of
of sleep that often doesn’t work. Going to sleep isn’t simply a
recharging our batteries.  We reach a point of low energy, hit the
sack and hope we can manage to get enough sleep to feel process of recharging – it’s a journey into a completely different
reality. And who would go on a journey without being prepared?
recharged again in the morning. With such a limited perspective


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November 2009



Gaye Wright channels from her ‘Chums’

The Chums are three Chinese wise men somewhere in the cosmos that you are not yet in touch with
consciously. Psychic magic is accepting that our intuitions are
whom I have been talking to and sharing tuning into, picking up on, all the possibilities that we have within
us and all around us. Learning how to create psychic magic is
knowledge with for many years now... learning how to access those intuitions and the real knowledge
They lived on earth in a time well past, but they are still living contained within those intuitions.
their life from the same fundamentals that all people of peace and
harmony live and abide by. Psychic magic begins with the acceptance that we create our
own universe, that we are the magicians in charge of what happens
‘It’s a magical journey we are all on... Psychic magic is that in our lives, and we alone have the power to make things happen in
deep sense of the possible that we all have within us. Psychic magic exactly the way we want - as long as our heart’s intention is in line
is the knowledge that we can create what it is that our heart desires. with the harmony of the universe. Our intention to harmony is
Psychic magic is the authority we have to make things happen, the crucial to psychic magic doing what it is meant to do.
authority we have to think of the possibility of making something Psychic magic cannot work through agenda. When we are
happen, feel the truth of what we are thinking is possible, and then wishing and wanting, trying to control the flow into manifestation,
knowing we have the power to make it happen. Psychic magic is trying to force something into existence and trying to force others to
being able to call upon all the talents, all the strengths, all the go along with what we want, then we are into forcing our agenda.
support we have within us and from our friends all around us. We Psychic magic involves flow, not force.
live in a universe of friendly influences and this wonderful support
of friendly influences wants us to create magic, wants us to have Psychic magic and intention...
what our heart desires. Psychic magic is putting our intention into place and then
relaxing into the power of our intention to bring about what we
Psychic magic involves calling upon all those friendly want. When our intention to harmony is in place and we know that
influences, whether they be within you, around you, or from

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November 2009


what we want is in line with harmony, then we can relax to imagine it is real. But it is! That’s because psychic magic
into the magic we have within us. When we know that we are involves being co-creators of the universe. It’s not just up to
doing the right thing for ourselves and others, that allows us to you...
relax. Psychic magic is shared magic. It’s about joining forces
with all those friendly influences that are within you and that
Psychic magic is being able to channel our intuitions you have access to through the power of your intention to
into manifestation. There harmony. When you join
is a process of having forces with the creative
intuitions, relaxing, power of the universe, then
connecting more and more you are not on your own.
deeply with your intuitions, You have access to all the
access the real knowledge power of the universe.
contained within your When you are co-creators,
intuitions, and finally, you are taking charge of the
channelling that real flow into manifestation from
knowledge into a very different perspective
manifestation. As you are from what happens when
going through this process you are trying to force your
you are aware that your agenda, which is you on
intention is what creates the your own, forcing,
fundamental guideline, controlling, and most often,
provides the background losing control at some point.
against which manifestation When you get that peaceful feeling, you know that It makes sense to join forces
occurs, and it is the psychic magic is starting to happen. with your friends and get
foundation of how your the job done in a more
psychic magic begins to happen. Psychic magic happens in the relaxed manner.
same way that all magic happens - spontaneously. You put
everything into place as best you can and then you relax and Psychic magic has no limits... Psychic magic takes away
allow the magic to arise from within the melting pot of your all the limitations around the process of manifestation. When
psychic ingredients! Psychic magic comes from that deep you know that magic is involved, you know that anything is
knowingness within, and our intuitions keep telling us that there possible. Without the influence of psychic magic, there are
is real knowledge in that knowingness. But we have to relax into limitations imposed by our belief system and our own
that knowingness and that knowledge. We have to give our conditioning. When psychic magic is involved, there is nothing
intuitions permission to bring that real knowledge to the surface to stop the very best outcome happening for us. Our ego might
so that we get a sense of what it is we have to do. When we have operate from the belief that control is the best way, but psychic
that sense of what it is we are meant to do, we experience peace. magic goes way beyond what a controlling ego can create.

Psychic magic brings peace... When you get that Gaye Wright B Ed
peaceful feeling, you know that psychic magic is starting to
Origin Psychics Founder &
happen. Genuine psychic magic has a peaceful influence on us.
Leading Psychic
As your intuitions start to bring real knowledge to the surface
you will start feeling a flow of calm in allowing things to happen ‘I believe that Gaye truly possesses a
in the way that they are meant. You do this not because you are gift and that she uses her abilities in
a victim who has no say in what happens. It’s the very opposite. a way that will help others to
You are the one in charge of the process, but the process itself is improve their lives. She does not tell
happening spontaneously on the flow of real knowledge that you what to do, but provides you with insight and tools that
you have relaxed into manifestation. It’s so simple that it is hard will help you to make the best decision.‘ Erica,

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November 2009


The Healing
There’s a veritable smorgasboard of therapies
available these days for anyone wishing to take a
more holistic approach to their health and well-
being. This month, one of our Skye team, Lynne
Leslie, introduces some of the various options open
to Origin Psychics’ clients, when they come to stay at
our retreat centre on the Isle of Skye.
As far back as my late childhood, I remember believing in therapy “menu”. I trust that I will be guided to give them what
the existence of spirit, being curious rather than afraid, and they need to bring them back into balance and harmony.
having a thirst to know more about it and understand it better.
Sometimes that will involve tools I’ve learned as a Shamanic
My interest in healing therapies started when my beautiful Practitioner, and using earth energies, the energy and power of
black horse had a leg injury which had to be bathed and the elements and nature, and the wisdom of our native
bandaged daily. I found myself wanting to do more for him to forefathers. I am often guided to use the essence of a plant, tree
help him heal, and would hold his leg in my hands and focus on or flower to assist in the healing process and it is amazing how
my love for him and that desire to help him heal – not realising relevant the properties of the plant or tree can be for a client’s
that this was my first step towards hands-on healing. particular healing needs.

I then took my first course in healing therapies, and over the I also offer sessions in Quantum Touch – a therapy which
years I have added various therapies to my “menu”, including brings hands on energy healing and the use of the breath
Spiritual healing, Reiki and Sekhem - all forms of energy together in a powerful combination, which produces amazing
healing – where universal life force energy is directed from the results for clients. One client reported acute back pain going
universe around us, through the therapist, and into the client’s from being 8 on a scale of 0-10 before the session, to 0
body, giving them a feeling of balance and well-being and afterwards. Another found that her tinnitus had disappeared.
boosting their body’s own healing abilities. My belief is that I All clients, regardless of why they have come, find that they
am not the healer, the client is - I only assist in bringing their experience very deep relaxation, going into a dream-like state
body back into balance, to allow it to heal itself more effectively. (where they may receive clarity on questions or problems that
are troubling them).
Often when I ask a client which therapy they would like to
have, they say “you decide”, and frequently they will end up Colour and crystals are also used during healing. Colours
enjoying a “pick and mix” variety of the offerings from my have a vibrational energy in the same way that sound does, and

UK 0800 389 5781 USA 1877 878 3868 AUS 1800 333 007
November 2009


it may be that a client needs that particular colour’s energy to
help them heal. The appropriate colours to use come to me ‘
intuitively during the treatment, and sometimes clients are aware
of them being used – telling me afterwards that they have seen a
vibrant blue, pink etc, in their mind’s eye during the session.

Clients can also benefit from muscle testing to determine

which emotional issues may be causing them problems in their
life, and the use of EFT (light tapping on specific points of the
body) to help release emotional trauma or emotionally charged
memories from the body’s energy system.

Origin Educere Centre

Come to the Origin Educere Centre on the magical Isle of Skye, and have one of
our personalized retreats. Autumn & winter prices start from £45.00 per night, with
discounts available for longer stays. Your accomodation, & breakfast are included in
this price (all bedrooms have an ensuite) as well as an introductory session with one
of our team. We will tailor your retreat to suit you, with as little or as much interaction
as you’d like. You can choose to have individual sessions or programmes involving
Psychic Development, Healing therapies, Intensive Psychic Counselling, Reiki
Healing and Attunement, Shamanic Journeying - let us know what it is you’re looking
for, and we’ll develop a programme to suit you.

For more information...

If you would like to find out more about our
personalized retreats, or to make a booking,
please phone:

(44)1470 532 397

Or Email:

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November 2009



by Origin Team Psychic Dana Patterson

Greetings everyone, I’m Dana Patterson and I have been an Equine Experience he set me up with the biggest horse of the
working with Origin Psychics for nearly two years now. I am a lot.
bit of a veteran of working Psychic Networks and am very Now, I love horses, but from a comfortable distance, thank
proud to be working for Origin Psychics because they really are you. The first lesson was for me to walk up to the horse, pick up
one of the best services I’ve ever worked for. The readers are its hoof and clean it. Sounded simple enough. But as it would
truly compassionate and devoted to helping clients with their turn out, the horse, in its own intuitive way, would respond to
needs. I live in the desert of Arizona and just love talking with my emotions and choose to not respond to my efforts to bend its
Origin Clients from around the world and enjoy the wonderful leg and pick up its foot. So in my bewildered frustration as I
diversity of accents the opportunity offers. looked at the horse, I began to emotionally melt down, and was
quite certain that horse could see right through me.
What I would like to share with you is my personal story Wyatt explained that a horse has two things on its mind,
involving horse therapy, sometimes called ‘The Equine safety and food. A horse, as big as it may be, is not a predator
Experience’. There are some great books on the subject - one is and when approached by a human will sense and reflect back
entitled “The Tao Of Equus” by Kinda Kohanov and the the human’s emotions. So when we have fear, the horse may
subtitle says it all: “A woman’s Journey of Healing & feel our fear and react by not cooperating, by not allowing a
Transformation through the Way of the Horse”. Another book lifting of its hoof, by preferring to stand firm during the
is titled “It’s Not About the Horse” by Wyatt Webb. confusing mix of body signals. The cool thing was that as I
I had the good fortune of experiencing horse therapy with approached the horse with this wave of fear, Wyatt looked at me
both authors and I have to say that in each case it was a and said “why are you so powerless, when in truth you are a very
powerful experience. I’ll start with Wyatt Webb. During a time powerful woman.” In a moment of clarity I suddenly was
I worked at a spa resort with him, he invited me (or challenged emotionally two years old and saying “Being powerless keeps me
me) to undertake his Equine Experience, and quite the journey alive.”
it was. Picture if you will that Wyatt is a big guy that looks like a Then in a psychological flashback came something I was
character from the American Western movie “Lonesome Dove.” told by my parents, of a childhood illness from age one-to-two,
In his wily way Wyatt liked to push my buttons, so the day I did of being in the hospital for almost an entire year. During that

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November 2009


stay, instead of walking and crawling and doing what babies nothing, paid little notice to me. My panic from seconds before
are supposed to do, I had to stay powerless in a crib, to avoid was gone, I was suddenly so calm and cool that I picked up some
whatever the illness was from taking over. grass and held out my hand and the horse came over and ate it
from my hand. I hugged the horse and left the pen and cried.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, with Wyatt’s help I was able Linda, to me the goddess of horse therapy, handed me a
to see that the horse didn’t give a hoot about me and that my picture of a mother horse licking her new born baby. I cried
fear was mine and mine alone, and that once I acknowledged some more and just melted and said “that is it!” Flash back to
that fear the fear subsided and the horse allowed me to easily lift what I was told by my parents, about when I was born.
its hoof. Apparently, my mother nearly died and had to have huge
amounts of blood transfusions and spent several months in the
Moving on to a second exercise I was taught how to direct hospital and it turned out that we didn’t get to bond for those
the movement of the horse using my several months. For some reason
body language, and the outcome was ‘ that unconscious experience of life
successful with the horse but brought caused me to cry when I saw a horse
up in me emotion that I was still mom and its baby.
processing at the end of the day with I spent much of my life thinking I
eyes so teary that I had to have my hated my mom, like many of us can
friend drive me home. But the next sometimes do, but over time and
time I did the Equine Experience with work we face the pain and heal
with Wyatt, I noticed I had a the wounds, and right after that
different attitude and so did the horse therapy I called my mom and
horse. said “Hi, Mommy.” We both cried,
but it was a good cry, the kind that
Now Horse Therapy number ends in laughter that somehow lets
two took place two years ago with go of the past and rejoices with a
the famous Kinda Kohanov, who knowing sense that life does have a
wrote the book “The Tao Of higher purpose. All the pain and
Equus”. A two day workshop in this growing up struggles can melt away
gorgeous higher desert setting, only and instead of melt downs maybe we
sixty miles away but a world of can have melt ups. When I presently
difference from my Equine look at the horse picture of mare/
Experience with Wyatt Webb. We foal, mommy/baby, I don’t cry but
began with circle group therapy Itʼs not about the horse. It is about fears and self- feel glee. Something has changed
doubts and our non-verbal communication with
sessions and then went out to the and now when I am around a horse
the world around us.
horses and were asked to observe the there is a difference, but in horse
horse and our feelings and reactions to them. After several horse therapy, as Wyatt would say, “It’s not about the Horse.” It is
encounters, each of us was paired with a horse chosen by Linda about fears and self- doubts and our non-verbal communication
for us to work with, and were to enter the pen alone and connect with the world around us. It has certainly changed my ‘me’ with
with the horse. my mom and my ‘me’ with me and my ‘me’ with everyone else!

By that time, with all the therapy and emotions building to a   Dana Patterson
peak, it was evident just how much our body language speaks Origin Team Psychic
volumes to horses, to people, to the world around us.
‘Thank you so much. You have given me
Admitting to myself that I was scared, I determinedly
so much to help me undersand what I
volunteered to go first. Once again I found myself given the couldn’t before and it is helping me get
biggest horse to face, and I burst into tears, insisting “that is not out of the deep hole I am in. I pray
a horse, that is a fire breathing dragon that for some reason looks everyday and now have constructive
like my mother.” But as I entered the horse pen, the horse did guidance that makes sense to me.‘ Carol, USA

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november 2009


Aries Taurus
There will be some intense planetary With Venus entering your opposite sign
movements this month Aries, that could on the 7th Taurus, you will be moving way
rock your world - or simply turn it upside out of your comfort zone! And we all know
down! This is a preview of what is to come this is something Taureans don't usually like
next year, especially around January time. A Saturn-Pluto to do! Unfortunately, it is likely to be a lover
square will effect you quite a lot in your personal life, so it is who is pulling the bull by the horns as a result of this cosmic
time to connect with your heart’s true desire and be unafraid of movement! You could at least try to enjoy yourself and not take
change. This is a time of upheaval in your personal it all too seriously, otherwise you could end up with a battle on
relationships - especially with regards to power dynamics and your hands. By the latter stages of the month, you’ll discover that
getting what you truly deserve from those around you. Speak the discomfort was all worth it in the end Taurus, as you begin to
your truth and don't fear the consequences as you will start a feel quite refreshed from exploring that new field! Watch out too
wave of change that will continue in the coming months. for a new venture or work opportunity as the month ends.

Gemini Cancer
November is a strong month for you in terms Pluto is continuing its hard stare into
of your career Gemini, so much so that you your inner life this month Cancer. Whilst
might end up taking on more than you can chew! this has the capacity to give you a bit of a
You will be filled with enthusiasm and opportunity will come persecution complex, if you can stay
knocking a few times this month, almost as a sign to you that the positive, you’ll find that Pluto is only exposing the things you
universe really does respond when your intention is in the right NEED to get rid of in your life. Unfortunately for you poor little
place. Be sure to carefully weigh up your choices and options as crabs, Pluto doesn't take any prisoners! With Venus' help in a
you could make big changes financially, in your work, or even in friendly sign, you may find letting go of the past becoming a lot
your living arrangements this month. It is time for you to take a easier during November. You’ll find that by month’s end, there
step forward in your career Gemini - you know that change is will be something (or someone) new to look forward to! Stick
long overdue. This could be just the breath of fresh air you have with it Cancer - you won’t have another planetary challenge like
been waiting for, and it will rejuvenate all areas of your life if this for some time now. You’ll really feel the difference as we get
you have the courage to grab it! closer to the end of the year.

Leo Virgo
Mars in your sign will give you the There are powerful changes all around you
strength and extra energy you will need to this month Virgo. November is shaping up to be
achieve all your objectives this month Leo. You a good time where change happens that you
are brimming with new ideas and bubbling again with creativity. couldn't have forced or made happen yourself. The universe has
This could well have been blocked for some time - be sure to been showing you that this change had to occur in its own time.
channel this energy in the right direction now. It is good to do It is important for you to step back and observe what is going on
things for you this month, and to focus on what really makes you and try and let things take their own course for now. You are
happy. This is a month for you to take a break from your part of a greater picture, which includes the destinies of people
responsibilities to others and to let the Leo light shine for its own close to you and this month you will start to see how changes in
sake. This will be a very healing experience, and could well one person's life can create a domino effect in yours. The
bring forth a very productive period as a result. Overall Leo, outcome will be liberating for all. The challenge, if you choose
you’ll have the energy you would like to have this month - use it to accept it, is to go with the flow. (Your favourite thing to do?)
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november 2009


Libra Scorpio
The cosmic forces are at really play in With Venus in your sign you’re
your life during November Libra! With feeling irresistible and your sex appeal
Saturn moving into your sign on the 15th of will sky rocket. Enjoy your surge of
this month you are getting ready for a two attractiveness Scorpio, and try to direct it
and a half year cycle of setting down roots, making outward towards other goals besides the obvious. Scorpios in
commitments and focusing on long-term goals and relationships need to be careful that innocent flirtations don't
achievements. No more wishy-washy patterns allowed! Librans lead to more - there could be confusion around love and
will need to define what they want and who they want to friendship for you this month. Single Scorpios will not be single
achieve it with! Be confident though Libra, because even for long... enjoy the nightlife, socializing and attracting new and
though Saturn is getting you to face realities, the other planets interesting people to you. Actually this will spill over into other
are rallying around and making sure the universe is supporting areas of your life as well Scorpio - there will be lots of creative
you to follow the right path. possibilities for you to run with just now.

Sagittarius Capricorn
Travel, learning and opportunities to You are facing a major crossroads this
expand your horizon will start to pop up again month Capricorn, with the Saturn and
in your life this month Sagittarius. This is Pluto square on November 15th. However
exciting for you as you have been under some with such important planets supporting
heavy planetary influences for some time and now you need a you, the change could be any time in the few
break! Some play, some inspiration, so growth - it’s all on the weeks surrounding this date. Be aware of what the universe is
astrological agenda this month! It is time to let go of worry and trying to tell you about your life: Are you happy? Are you
postpone your responsibilities for a little while. Let the romantic healthy? Are you on the right path? These are the big questions
in you out and take life as it comes for now. You will be you will be answering this month. It all sounds a bit heavy, but
surprised that some of the things you have let go of in the past you’ll be surprised at how easy this process becomes once you
(people or hobbies, perhaps interests) will come back into your face it and don’t try to avoid it any longer. Now is an opportunity
life in the coming months. You’ll take it all in your stride if you to find what you are looking for - the answers you need are not
don’t try to analyze it too much Saggie. far away.

Aquarius Pisces
There are two ways to look at the You are strangely business-minded and
planetary influences on you this month grounded when it comes to making decisions
Aquarius, especially Mars and Venus. One is and getting what you want this month Pisces.
encouraging you to set some stable This is a wonderful time for you to achieve
foundations for commitment, especially in relationship. The progress with your goals - it seems as though the
opposite, and much more negative way, is to allow yourself to whole universe is with you, helping you to achieve your heart’s
feel trapped! Someone close to you may want more than you desires. Affirmations and sharing with others what your dreams
can give - or maybe you can give it, but you’re just resisting it? It are will help bring whatever it is you truly want closer to you.
is time to look at what you are capable of and take that step off You often feel the magic of the universe Pisces - fishes more than
the cliff. This is especially so in matters of the heart. Stay anyone else this month will feel the reality of that magic. Watch
positive this month Aquarius, and take a few emotional risks, for synchronicities in your life to give you the confidence to keep
and you’ll find yourself feeling much more grounded and secure going. These are the omens you need to follow, now more than
than you expect. usual.
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