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Case 1

1. If you were Ujjal Gupta, how would you analyse the problem?
If I were Ujjal Gupta, first I would gather some information about those
trainees who applied in this company, if they are really qualified for this kind of
job. In recruiting an applicant you need to know first their strength and weaknesses
especially their skills.
Then second know the interest of trainees so that they will understand more
what was being explained to them during their trainings, and lastly teach all the
trainees they need to know for them to practice it well so that the given 90 days of
training they completely know what to do so that at the end of the training they are
qualified enough to perform the job and no one will asked to leave the company
because they did not meet the expectations of being qualified in the said job
waiting for them.

2. What would be your suggestions for improvement?

The next time you hire, choose a trainee who can work under pressure and they
can relate their self in performing his/her job as a sales trainees. Then extend more
their trainings so that they can understand more what was being assigned to them.
And then give them an agreement before sending them to their trainings so that no
one will asked to leave the company.
Case 2
1. If you were Rakesh Tandon, what suggestions would you give and why?
If I were Rakesh Tandon I would suggest that you should recruit a permanent
salespeople not a temporary employee then give them a proper training minimum
of 30 days so that they can perform well their job and then give them a commission
if they really reached their quotas. And to maintain the moving up sales of the
company they should give the benefits to their retail stores or their main stores a
minimum of 100 pair of shoes every month so that all the buyers of this said stores
will buy because there are several kinds and designs of shoes were they can choose
what to buy so that the sales of the company will grow and not going down.
Case 3
1. Do you have any comments on the existing strategies and practices?
No, I don’t have any comments on the existing strategies and practices of SM
Technologies. Because in every country they have their different strategies and
practices to make their sales reached their goals in improving their sales every
2. Would you like to suggest new strategies or tactics in order to achieve the
No, I won’t suggest new strategies or tactics, but if Arun Kumar really wants to
achieve the 40 per cent growth in their sales maybe he should conduct himself a
new strategy but in this country you should probably know first if it is best to
change your existing strategy and practices because your employee or users of this
services will need to adjust again.
Case 4
1. What were the major problems or issues faced by the company?
Relationship between manpower, facilities, strategies and sales income of
the company and the percentage and quotas, informally recognized by only
some board of directors as well. Should goes with the trend that generations
should have. Their demand should come first.
2. If you were Ramesh, what would you suggest to the management, during the
review meeting?
I would suggest to the management that they should give the benefits and
incentives of their employees so that no one will file an resignation and then they
should not delay the promotion of their employee if they deserve the vacant
position and give their employees a proper training so that they would know and
understand more the task given to them and make your employee as your family so
that they will enjoy what they are doing.
3. What improvements in Salesforce training would you suggest?
There would be more training to enhance the ability of the sales trainee. More
time to prepare for them ready to market. What the company has. The benefits of
the product to the user as well.
Case 5
1. If you were Balaji, how would you convey the delay in delivery to the
Survey for the manpower which available to do the service. Include mechanical
malfunction technically wrong and misinformation between the boss and the
delivery man.
2. What corrective steps would you suggest to improve the customer delivery
service substantially?
Plan, Implement and Supervise on time, It must be ahead of time for conducive
services and to avoid irregularities on the part or the boss, customer and delivery
man. Brief first the delivery man so he should know where exactly he can deliver
the product so he can avoid the delay to deliver.
Case 6
1. Discuss and offer your solutions to the management with reasons.
Increase the market share of the company in the foreign market by
aggressive marketing.
To develop the in-house R & D & Technology design.
Develop a strong marketing team & target should be to have a large
customer base (standardization).
Differentiate the product from the competitor
Motivate the dealers to sell the product.
Increasing the profitability by increasing the margin
Having a strong brand name
Having strong relationships with the customers.
To establish a brand name in quality and after sales service.
Decision should be taken looking all the positive and negative strategies with
the distributors.
Case 7
The first strategy would require a huge capital input since finding new distributers
who would be loyal to Alfa Networks is a tough task. Technical expertise of the
new distributers is also a key element.
The second strategy is more feasible in terms of investment of time and
money but may fail if the incentives provided to the existing distributers don’t
appeal to their motivation to promote Alfa brand more that their own brand. Hence
the organization has to do a lot of homework before designing the incentive
module for these distributers.
The third strategy requires a lot of market research to understand and
evaluate the upcoming marketing trends to come up with a suitable channel. This
again would require a lot of R&D investment.
Implementation of the above mentioned strategies would help Sukesh
Kumar, Marketing Manager of Alfa Networks to achieve the company objectives
of satisfying customer needs and streamlining the distribution networks by ironing
out all the flaws. The distributers would receive better incentives than they are
receiving now leading to effective brand building of Alfa. The competitors would
have more to lose since the price advantage, they had due to ineffective distributors
of Alfa won’t exist anymore providing Alfa with a platform to build on their
current market share.