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Art Elements

Understanding The Elements of Art Glossary

TASK 1: Art Elements Table

1. Read through the Art Elements Glossary. This provides lots of words you
can use to describe certain art elements.

2. Using the table on the next page, find a picture from the internet of each
art element. Copy and paste into the column titled Visual Example.

3. Choose three adjectives from the glossary provided and type in the
definition of the word.

4. Save your work.

Here is an example of what your table will look like:

Complete all of the art elements in the table below:

Art Element Visual Example Adjectives






Task 2: Complete the table below showing different Australian Artworks. The first one has been completed for you.

Artwork: Art Element 1 Art Element 2: What does this

What kind of COLOURS are Choose another Art Element artwork show?
seen in this artwork? (use the that you can see in this
adjectves to help!) artwork.
Artwork Name: Colour: Art Element 2: This artwork shows a
(hint- shape or line) very colourful painting
Vibrant, bold, mainly warm with a rainbow
colours (pinks, yellows and This artwork shows the use background, serpent as
oranges). of mainly organic shapes, the centre of the
circles, dots and a serpent. artwork, a sun like
Rainbow colours have been shape in the top right
used. It makes the artwork feel The shapes are flat and and lots of symbols
lively, positive and happy. consistent throughout the behind the serpent.

Mirree Louise Bayliss: Rainbow Serpent

Colour: Art Element 2: (hint- tone

or line)
Artwork: Fredrick McCubbin; The Pioneers
Colour: Art Element 2: (Hint- line
or shape)

John Brack: 5pm Collins Street

Colour: Art Element 2: (hint- tone
or form)

Margaret Olley: Pomegranates in a basket,

Colour: Art Element 2:
(hint- line or shape)

Emily Kame Kngwarrete- Dreamliner