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Systems, United States

Date Posted: 05-Jul-2005

Jane's Military Communications

Inter-Vehicular Information System (IVIS)


The IVIS is a digital command information system embedded on the M1A2 Abrams
MBT. It is designed to exploit the latest developments in digital electronics and software
technology enabling battlefield situations to be quickly and accurately assessed. IVIS
can be interfaced through gateways to other higher-echelon C2 systems such as MCS,
AFATDS and CSSCS. Its main application areas are in continuous, accurate, friendly
force location; accurate target location; enhanced navigation; and the enhanced ability to
mass friendly forces.

Analysis has quantified the benefits of IVIS. Crews are 98 per cent more accurate in
reporting their own locations, and IVIS-equipped platoons are 59 per cent more accurate
in reporting target locations. There is also evidence of improvement in mission
effectiveness with over 50 per cent reduction in planning time at crew, platoon and
company levels; a 25 per cent increase in platoon offensive missions completed; 34 per
cent in defensive missions; 42 per cent improvement in mission execution time at
platoon level; and a 33 per cent reduction in mission execution time at company level.

The IVIS commander's tactical display is a thin film EL unit which presents current menu
layer; warnings and cautions (from the system's built-in test and self- test subsystem);
date and time group; vehicle heading; eight-digit grid co-ordinate; grid map surrounding
current location; highlight area for incoming messages; display of IVIS messages; and
legends for menu/option select buttons.

Interfaces to onboard tank systems provide Far Target Designation to include accurate
target positions, and co-ordination between driver and commander with 'steer-to'

Plans, reports and overlays on the system include Log-on (Initial, Response, Complete);
MEDEVAC report; contact report; call for fire report; spot report (ground and air); own
operations overlay 1; own operations overlay 2; operations overlay 1 update; operations
overlay 2 update; higher echelons operations overlay 2; fire support overlay; fire support
overlay update; enemy overlay; enemy overlay update; obstacle overlay; obstacle
overlay update; ID report; situation report; and position report.

A gateway interface is also available to the Tactical Fire Direction system (TACFIRE)
and Airborne Target Hand-off System (ATHS). Included are Fire Rescue Grid, End of

Mission, Position Update Request, Message to Observer, Forward Observer Command,

Observer's Location, Spot Report, and Situation Report.


Fielded in M1A2 tanks and demonstrated in appliqué versions at the US National

Training Center, Twenty-nine Palms, California. Also available in M1A2 for Kuwait and
Saudi Arabia.


General Dynamics

Land Systems Division, Sterling Heights, Missouri.