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Why I Am Not A

“New Age” Global Citizen

Dr. Peter S. Ruckman
President, Pensacola Bible Institute
B.A., B.D., M.A., Th.M., Ph.D.

COPYRIGHT © 1999 by Peter S. Ruckman

All Rights Reserved
(PRINT) ISBN 1-58026-306-2

The Scripture quotations found herein are from the text of the Authorized King James Version of the Bible. Any deviations therefrom are not

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1. No Knowledge of Human Nature
2. No Knowledge of History
3. No Understanding of the Term “Liberty”
4. No Understanding of the Future
5. No Understanding of Eternal Things

There are basically five reasons why I am not a “New Age Global Citizen.” Any one of these five
reasons would be enough to excuse me from joining the mongrel mass of monkey men who are now
pressing into the Great Tribulation (Matt. 24; Luke 17; Mark 13; Joel 2; Isa. 26; Rev. 6, 12; etc.).
Once upon a time a “moderate” drinker asked a “teetotaler” why he was against the public sale of
liquor, anywhere. He said, “I have five reasons.” When asked to name them, he said, “Two boys and
three girls.”
It was a Faggoty-Frisco-Fairy Fruit, from Athen’s intellectual Disneyworld, who first said that he
was not a citizen of Athens—so he could practise Sodomy there without being arrested—but a
“citizen of the world.” Many years later, after this sex pervert committed suicide (while sacrificing a
rooster to a snake god), another great teacher of men said, “I am not of the world” (John 17:16). He
also said that His kingdom was “not of this world” (John 18:36) and His followers were “not of this
world” (John 17:16). His “beloved disciple” (John 21:20) said that everything in the world system
was either the “lust of the eyes” or “the lust of the flesh” or “the pride of life” (1 John 2:16).
The only New Testament Christian (named) who “loved” the world (2 Tim. 4:10) defected from
these commandments, after being told to “set his affections on things above and not on things on
this earth.” That backslidden defector could well represent more than 500,000,000 professing
Christians, today, who live on a planet, whose future is to be BURNED TO A CINDER (2 Pet. 3; Isa.
The Laodicean church period of Christianity (1900–1990) is characterized by worldly, earthly,
materialistic, secular humanism, in all branches of its “outreach.” Nothing is more carnal and worldly
than a Charismatic “revival” unless it is a Pope trying to “make time” with geopolitics in the UN.
The Charismatic completely covers up his extravagant, fleshy sideshows with TALK about the Holy
Ghost, and the “anointing of the Spirit,” and being “slain in the Spirit”; but anyone who has studied
the movement since 1901 (Azusa Street and Topeka, Kansas) knows that it is about as “spiritual” as
Ted Kennedy praying for Madonna.
This condemned world is the HOME of every lost sinner alive: it is the only home he has, or ever
will have, here, as long as he is “alone in the world,” having no “hope” and “without God” (Eph.
2:12), since he is “dead in trespasses and sin” and is as spiritually blind (2 Cor. 4:4) as Mother
Teresa, Slick Willie, Hillary Clinton, JFK, FDR, Adolph Hitler, Pope John Paul II, Jeannie Paul
Getty, Jack the Ripper, Allen Dulles, Gerry Adams, the Son of Sam, “Lady” Di, Charles Manson, or
Nelson Mandela.
No highly publicized major leader in art, music, politics, education, religion, or economics would
ever be caught “dead” singing “This world is not my home, I’m just a passin’ through, my treasures
are laid up somewhere beyond the blue...I can’t feel at home in this world anymore.” More than
4,000,000 Christians have sung that hymn in the last sixty years. Not one of them was a “world
citizen,” or ever aspired to be.
That hymn has never been sung in one Roman Catholic church or one Greek Orthodox church or
one Buddhist temple, or one Hindu temple or one Mosque, or one “Promise Keepers” demonstration
on this earth: not in 1,700 years.
“Man’s home” is this world. In the Bible, it is typified as “Egypt.”
Thus, any Christian who confesses that this world is his “home” is actually confessing that he is
an unsaved sinner on his way to Hell. A Christian is a sojourner, and a stranger, and a pilgrim (see p.
000): he is one of the world’s “homeless,” to use the news media doublespeak way of putting it.
Having accepted the God of the Bible as his International, Peace keeping, Secretary, Chairman,
General, absolute Military Dictator, and Sovereign, the Bible-believing Christian becomes an
ambassador (2 Cor. 5:20), representing a foreign country (Prov. 25:25). Any unsaved man on this
earth must, by force of reality (whether he “owns up to it” or not), must choose a substitute for that
God. You either have the “God of the Hebrews” (Exod. 5:3) as your Overlord and Master, or you
have “Pharaoh” (Exod. 5:6). “Pharaoh” is identified as a type of Satan (Ezek. 29:3). Compare that
passage with Revelation 12:3, 9 and Isaiah 27:1–2!
Once you choose ANY “god” beside the God of reality and truth and history—the One who gave
you His written revelation—you automatically come under the domination of the “god of this
world” (2 Cor. 4:4) who runs it (Luke 4:6). You see, he controls any other “god” or “authority” that
you choose, after rejecting the truth of God (1 John 5:20; Acts 17:23–31). You take a God who has
“all power in heaven and earth” (Matt. 28:18; 1 John 5:20) or you take a “god” who operates under
the permissive will (Job 1–2) of THAT GOD (1 Tim. 3:16; Zech. 12:10; Col. 1:13–18).
There are no “options.”
The religious and political authorities who promise you liberty (2 Pet. 2:19) are all “the servants
of corruption” (2 Pet. 2:20). The book calls them “pigs” and “dogs” (2 Pet. 2:22).
A slave under Pharaoh would prefer living by sight, in the world, to living “by faith” under the
grace of God (see Num. 14:1–14), in a wilderness.
Egypt is a type of this world.
That is why Jacob didn’t want to be buried in it; Joseph didn’t want to stay buried in it; God
called His people out of it, and then would not let His Son remain there (Matt. 2:15).
We have no treasures in “Egypt.” Moses forsook them (Heb. 11:26) to “suffer affliction with the
people of God.”
Of the one million jaded, Charismatic “thrill seekers” who wasted thousands of dollars coming to
Brownsville, Florida, between 1995 and 1998, not ONE of them was seeking “a city...whose builder
and maker is God” and none of the professional con men who “bilked” them was laying up any
more “treasure in heaven” (Matt. 6:20) than Benny Hinn or Oral Roberts (or Robert Tilton or Rex
Humbard for that matter).
The plethora of “family value” books, “coping and sharing” books, “tension and stress” books,
and “adjustment and impacting” books on the shelves of Christian bookstores in America between
1964 and 1994 shows exactly what happened to American “Christianity” after the Civil rights Act
(1964) was passed. The “church,” in America, became secular humanists with their own opinions
and “preferences” as their final authority for their lives.
The Christian scholars who confirmed this anti-Christian, anti-Biblical philosophy were the
faculty and staff members of Pensacola Christian College, Baptist Bible College, Liberty University,
Bob Jones University, Wheaton, Moody, Fuller, Furman, Judson, Stetson, Baylor, and the seminaries
at Dallas, Denver, Ft. Worth, New Orleans, Louisville, and Chicago. They were assisted by more
than forty “updated” translations of the Holy Bible that altered the words of God in more than 35,000
American Christians, today, are NOT “pilgrims and sojourners.” They are “fugitives” (someone
running from the Law) and “vagabonds” (someone with no roots, wandering up and down, not
knowing where they are going). No Charismatic knows where he is going at death, nor does any
Moslem, Catholic, Hindu, Pentecostal, Buddhist, “Promise Keeper,” Campbellite, Agnostic, or
Atheist. There is your real “ecumenical movement.”
So I have five good reasons why I am not part of the “New Age” movement, or the “Global
Citizen” movement of the United Nations movement, or the “One World” movement, or the “Peace
on earth to men of good will” (a Roman Catholic abortion of Luke 2:14) movement. You see, I know
where I am going. More than that, I know where I came from, and what I am doing here now, and
what I should be doing till I get where I’m going.
With this absolute and dogmatic assurance (based on infallible truth), what “truck” do you
suppose a character like me—a pilgrim and a sojourner—would have messing around with religious
fools who are engaged in making THIS world “a better place to live in”? You have to DIE in it,
stupid; no one has to “live” in it.
You see, I KNOW at least seven things no “New Ager” knows nor can he find them out. He
couldn’t find them with twenty-five years of formal education, five earned degrees, and an IQ of 210.
They are listed in 2 Timothy 2:12; 1 John 3:1–3, 24, 5:13, 19; Romans 8:28; and 2 Corinthians 5:1.
Knowing these absolute (an infallible) truths I will give you five reasons why I am not a “New Age”
Global Citizen and reject, at sight, their goals, organizations, motives, plans, designs, “role models,”
methods, thought patterns, “life styles,” speech, and religions.
No Knowledge
Of Human Nature
What, on this planet, could be more pitiful than a bunch of humans talking about “man’s
inhumanity to man” (and “humanism) when the “humans” doing the blabbing all profess to have
come from ANIMALS instead of humans?
Every “New Ager” from Bush and “Slick” to Princess Di and John Paul II professes to have come
from animals. Did you know that? They (as Marx, Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, and Darwin) are all
evolutionists. Not one of them accepts the Biblical account of creation as being history. How do
monkey men and women (or ape men and women or tarsier men and women or lemur, etc.; take your
pick—it is the same Fairy Tale for Grown-ups that was invented to compensate for emotional panic)
figure out “human” problems? Everyone of them thinks he, or she, got here through survival of the
fittest: i.e., physical violence—killing.
And do they now decide they should stop it and can stop it? Why, that would stop evolution! At
least that is what Hitler, Stalin, Haeckel, Nietzsche, Marx, Huxley, Bismarck, and 2,000,000,000
Communists believed and taught.
What would such a pack of beasts be doing talking about “ethics, morals, religious beliefs,” and
“helping lepers out”? Do you know of any animals who organize to help other animals get well of
If you came from bears, alligators, sharks, snakes, rats, and cockroaches—in classical and “Neo”-
Darwinism all living organisms are related—how do you know that you are a “human”? All New-
Agers worship Mother Nature or the “Great Mother Goddess” or the “Green” or the “Good Earth”
(“Mother Earth”). That is why a White Owl is more valuable to them than a human baby—ask any
abortionist. And these nature lovers and animal worshippers (who came from animals) are going to
solve the problems of “humanity” with “Humanism”?
Wanna bet? Shoot, you’re faded.
To a New-Ager, rats, cockroaches, bears, wolves, owls, fish, and birds are more important than
human beings. Whoever heard of any twentieth-century gas bag (Carter, Bush, JFK, FDR, Mandela,
Yeltsin, Gorbachev, Mao, Hitler, Castro, Mussolini, Franco, Pius XII, “Lady” Di, Pope John XXIII,
Pope Paul VI, “Tipper” Gore, or “Slick” Willie) killing 32,000,000 owls or red fish or wolves or
“bald eagles”? Why, evolutionists don’t kill animals; they kill “humans”! Two World Wars snuffed
out the lives of more than 32,000,000 “humans,” and during that time seven countries passed gun
control laws so they could murder another 58,000,000 of their own people (1917–1995)—while
protecting “endangered species”!
Survival of the fittest. “Me first—you next.”
And THOSE are the IDIOTS who are now invading foreign countries, “breaking and entering”
(under the threat of killing any resister), and talking about “Peace on earth to men of good will.”
They even engraved a part of a verse from the King James Bible on a wall opposite their UN building
in downtown New York (Isa. 2:4), while carrying on eighty-five wars (1945–1996)!
The verse spoke of worldwide peace (Isa. 2:1–5).
Do you know what the UN (United Nuts) are? They are the Untied (Psa. 2) Numbskulls. The UN
is “Unified Nonsense” carried on by jungle killers according to the Darwinian laws of the jungle. Its
programs are carried out by a bunch of educated, civilized savages who have no more knowledge of
human nature (at least they act and speak like they don’t) than a pagan, B.C., Greek philosopher
without a brain in his head (Thales, Solon, Anaximanes, Anaximander, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato,
Aristotle, et al.). Two of THOSE idiots said:
“I am a citizen of the world,” and “Man is the measure of all things.”
Those idiotic remarks came from two of the most dim-witted, undiscerning nit wits who ever tried
to contradict the Scriptures.
Now, the Grand Master of Human Knowledge (“the wisdom of this world,” 1 Cor. 2:6
—“earthy, sensual, devilish,” James 3:15) is his majesty the Devil (Ezek. 28:12–17). No “human”
who ever lived had 6,000 years to observe human nature in action, twenty-four hours a day, on seven
continents, under every condition known (or unknown to man), but Satan has done it. Since there is
no “Satan” in Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, Atheism, or Humanism, and since Satan is “Jesus
Christ” in the NIV and the NASV (see their corruptions of Isa. 14:12), you can count on him fooling a
minimum of 3,000,000,000 sinners. When it comes to humans (and humanity and humanism) and a
knowledge of man’s basic NATURE, no human being who ever lived, including Solomon (1 Kings
10:23–24) had all of the data: Satan has it.
In the oldest book written on earth—at least 800 years before anyone pretended that “The Book of
the Dead” was a “sure enough” book [it isn’t; it is a collection of scraps of papers taken out of
mummy cases and caskets]—Satan studied the position of a rich, successful, pious, godly, “family
man” and said confidently, “Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life” (Job.
The first rule of human nature has always been (and is and always will be): “ME FIRST, YOU
NEXT.” That applies to every world leader on this planet.
This is what Bible believers call “the Adamic nature” (1 Cor. 15:47) or “the old man” (Eph.
4:22). This basic, Adamic principle is the foundation on which every human being “builds his life.”
No man gets rid of this nature till he is DEAD.
The greatest, most unselfish, dedicated, self-sacrificing Christian who ever lived (2 Cor. 11) said
that he could find “no good thing” dwelling in his own flesh (Rom. 7:18). He had a knowledge of
human nature totally denied to every major military leader, every statesman, every politician, every
Catholic pope, every UN “Secretary General,” and every major artist, scientist, philosopher, and
every major religious leader on this earth.
We call this great, unique revelation: “The Power of Negative Thinking.”
Not one major newspaper, TV channel, radio station, weekly or monthly magazine, or “Book of
the Month” was able to find it since Cain knocked Abel’s brains out.
Man is the “measure” of nothing.
The “measure of man” is a tape worm.
The worms (according to all of the monkey men in the UN, who are evolutionists) were here ages
before “humans” showed up, and if the past or present is any monitor of the future—and all monkey
men base the theory of evolution on that premise—the worms will be here long after the last human
being has drugged himself to death or blown his brains out.
“Man” is the “measure” of NOTHING.
The Book says that when ALL of mankind gets together with all of their “nations,” they will be
“less than nothing” (Isa. 40:17). How is THAT for “negative thinking”? Bet you never heard that
verse expounded in a UN General Assembly! Put that one on the “Isaiah Wall”!
So the first reason I am not a One-World, “Mother Goddess,” Tree-hugging jackass is because I
did not come from animals. I have a human nature: I got it from Adam, and it has proved to be a total
failure so many times in recorded history (see Chap. 2) that I no longer have to guess about how it
will behave when I want something, desire something, hunger or thirst for something, covet
something, desire to justify some action, or desire to attack some enemy or defend myself from
Neither does any “Unusual Nitwit” in the UN. We all came from the same man (Acts 17:26).
In reality, the mottoes of the UN are “Dog eat dog,” “Me first, you next,” “Submit or perish,” “He
who has the gold makes the rules,” “You can get more with a kind word and an AK-47 than you can
with a kind word alone.”
The UN is a Universal Police State that takes unauthorized power to itself and supports itself from
money stolen from people who work for it.
“Me first, you next.”
A deceived reprobate (one who thinks he came from animals) or a lying reprobate (one who
pretends that human nature is basically “good”) is just as dangerous as a deceived reprobate who
thinks he is the Vicar of Christ or a lying reprobate who thinks that “man” can bring peace on earth
by self effort. In action, they are all bloody killers (see Chap. 2).
I am not a New Age Global Citizen because I have observed that no New Age Global Citizen has
any sane grasp at all of human nature. If he did, he would discipline children instead of catering to
them, he would execute every convicted murderer within twenty-four hours after he was convicted,
he would try “Slick” Willie on two counts of treason, and he would no more trust ANY government
that limited its own guns to army and law enforcement officers than he would trust a den of
rattlesnakes in his bedroom.
Anyone who knew ANYTHING about human nature would no more expose their children to sex
perverts (or the teaching of sex perverts) than he would expose his child to a live, 110-volt line in a
Ignorance of human nature is the basis on which the New Age was built. “Every man at his
BEST state is altogether vanity” (Psa. 39:5).
You don’t have ten Congressmen, ten “Promise Keepers,” one Pope, one delegate to the UN, or
one ambassador who believes anything of the kind. They are as blind as a bat in bright sunlight.
No Knowledge
Of History
The God of history (reality, as it took place and is taking place) is the God of the Book. The Book
now exists in over 2,000 languages: those tongues covered 97 percent of the world’s population in
This is to be expected, since regardless of any nation’s (or man’s) attitude toward the Book, if it is
what it professes to be (a history of “man”), then “man” should consider it to be more important than
all of the books written by every religious leader on earth since the beginning of recorded HISTORY.
It is not a “white man’s religion.” It is not a “Judeao-Christian” tradition. It is not a “faith.” It is not a
series of philosophical essays on morals. It is not even a book showing how an intellectual can work
at mental gymnastics until he can reconcile Yin and Yang and escape Dualism and Karma. It is a
history book about what took place in history.
The proof that it is the only historically accurate book produced that deals with things like
salvation, God, and eternity (invisible things) is that it records HISTORY before history can take
place (Isa. 41–48).
There does not breath on this earth a New Ager who supports International Socialism or the
Vatican State or the adoration of Nature Goddesses or a UN World Police Force or Human Rights or
Affirmative Action, or an International Biosphere or Atheistic environment, or Behavior
Modification or Sensitivity Training, who has any more sense of history or an understanding of
“man’s” nature, as it works out in history, than an Eskimo has any understanding of how to grow a
banana tree or cultivate a coffee crop.
There is an oft-repeated maxim that is as good for 4,000,000,000 people today as it was when it
was first “coined” as an expression. It goes like this: “Those who do not learn the lessons of history
are condemned to repeat them.” An expansion gives us: “The only thing that men learn from history
is that men learn nothing from history.”
The Bible is not, basically, a religious book; it is a history book.
That is why men want to make it a “religious book”: i.e., just a record that you can (or cannot)
believe, depending upon whether you want to believe it or not. And this explains why German
Rationalism, French Atheism, and English Deism went to such lengths (in the eighteenth and
nineteenth centuries) to find fault with the historical details recorded in the Testaments.
If you could prove that the Exodus did NOT take place or that Adam and Eve never existed, or
that Noah’s flood was only “local,” it would follow that the real “historical” Jesus would never be
found in the Bible: you would have to make up one (Jesus Christ Superstar, The Last Temptation,
etc.). That is, no one actually died on a cross for anyone’s sins, and no one came out of a tomb three
days later to be seen by 500 witnesses (1 Cor. 15). The four accounts by eye witnesses (Matthew,
Mark, Luke, and John) would not be historical records: they would be theological opinions or beliefs.
This would immediately place Biblical Christianity into a Sutra, Purana, Shasta, Koran, Tripitaka
setting where all historical truth is immaterial.
The Unified Nuts love that type of thing: it makes all religions “equal,” since all of them are
nothing but various opinions and views about the supernatural which you can take, or leave, without
stubbing a toe—unless, of course, you run afoul of Moslems, Mohammedans, Iraquis, Iranians, and
the PLO in Arabia, Lebanon, Turkey, etc. They teach that a “believer” gains paradise by the SWORD
and “infidels”—someone who doesn’t take their opinions and preferences—are to be killed or sold
into slavery, or raised as servants and concubines.
But in the UN, you pretend that Moslems don’t believe these things, when they do. You pretend
that basically Moslems are “good folks” (i.e., human nature is “good”).
The “good Popes,” from A.D. 500 to A.D. 1800, slaughtered more than 5,000,000 Christians who
didn’t agree with their opinions and preferences. But who knows that? If you are ignorant of history
you know nothing about those 1,300 years, most of which were called “The Dark Ages.” It was
“Dark” because of a Catholic Church State set up as a European Catholic Police State.
Pagan superstition, coupled with armed weapons. “Me first, you next.”
“Human nature,” with no knowledge of human nature or human history.
Observe that three quarters of the Bible has nothing to do with theological doctrines. It is past
history dealing with kings and kingdoms, nations and rulers, and records, in HISTORY, how God
deals with those nations, in HISTORY (Joshua, Judges, 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, 1 and 2
Chronicles, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Esther, Daniel, Ezra, Nehemiah, Ezekiel, Zechariah, etc.). The God of
history is the God of the Bible. The proof is that He writes out FUTURE HISTORY in detail before it
takes place (Gen. 3:15, 6:10–20, 12:1–4, 49; Exod. 10–11, 15; Judg. 5; 1 Sam. 2; 2 Sam. 22; Psa. 2,
89, 100; Isa. 7, 9, 11, 53, 65–66; Zech. 14; Joel 2; Zephaniah 3; Daniel 2, 8–9, 11).
The Koran doesn’t attempt to do it one time in 114 Suras.
The Sutras, Vedas, Shastas, and Puranas never attempt it once.
It can be found nowhere in the Book of Mormon or Mary Baker Eddy’s “Key,” except where
passages have been quoted from the Bible.
There is no collection of historical literature anywhere on this earth that predicts the future of
history accurately, outside of one Book. It was not written by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Jean
Dixon, or Kahlil Gibran. It certainly was not written by Mohammed: he couldn’t even prophesy the
year of his death. Christ professed twelve details of His death, plus the time it would take place
(Mark 10:33–34; Luke 13:32–33).
Problem for the Unified Nuts: how do we get all these religions together when ONE of them is
historical and the others are pipe dreams?
What does history reveal? Well, “HISTORY” sports more than 40,000,000 sinners, in 1999,
singing songs of praise and worship about a DEAD MAN. That is not a theory, a speculation, belief
or “religious conviction.” The songbooks are there—many of them containing more than 400 songs
about the dead man—and children four to ten years old are singing these songs (on seven continents
in more than forty different languages) along with octogenarians.
That is not a religious belief.
That is an historical fact.
The devotees of Mohammed and Buddha profess to know where their corpses lie, but none of
their devotees could sing one song of praise for either one of them. No one on this earth has ever seen
a fingernail, a toenail, or a bone of Christ’s body. That is not a “belief”: it is a fact.
In connection with this, a historical fact was recorded in Matthew 28:11–15 which can be
checked at your local synagogue in 1999. It is still the standard alibi for the missing corpus delecti,
although the incident took place more than 1,960 years ago. That isn’t a religious belief either.
Matthew recorded what the Jews did and what they told the soldiers to say.
The Bible is primarily a history book.
Paul said if the resurrection was just a religious belief or a theological conviction that he was a
liar, and all of his converts were lost, and they were the most miserable men on earth (1 Cor. 15:14–
19). He bet on eyewitnesses and history instead of “faith.”
“Faith” and “belief” in something that did not take place is FRAUD and DECEPTION:
“spontaneous generation,” for example, or “the inheritance of acquired characteristics” or “the Big
Bang” or “the origin of the species,” etc. Those are religious dogmas of Fundamentalist Fanatics who
ignore history.
Darwin, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Einstein, Huxley, Hawking, and the NEA are examples of
fanatical blind faith in religious “extremisms.” Their fatuitous theories and conjectures are no more
HISTORICAL events than 850 pages of Muhammad’s nonsense which he dictated in less than forty
years. The Book is written by more than forty authors on three continents, through a space of 1,600
years. What Mohammed borrowed from the Old Testament (and got it screwed up beyond belief!)
was history written out in history as the historical events took place.
If you are ignorant of history you are ignorant of the God of History, for He is as much the God
of History as the God of Creation or Salvation. You see, both of those things (Creation and
Salvation) are history; they are not religious “faiths.”
If you believed that Jesus Christ was “God in the flesh, born of a Virgin, and died for your sins
and was buried and rose the third day from the dead,” you would still go to Hell like a bullet if those
things were not HISTORICALLY true.
Sincere belief in a “faith” is the quickest road to Hell there is (Prov. 14:12) if the incidents in it
did not take place or the writer deliberately deceived his reader, or the writer pretended he was led of
“God” when he was just ruminating over ideas that his Adamic nature drummed up from time to
Now what does history (not “religion”) teach man about “man”?
Well, to be empirically scientific and totally objective about it, you would have to say that
recorded history—as recorded by Bible-rejecting scholars and historian, and Bible-denying history
teachers and biographers—gives you a record that matches the Biblical record from Genesis to the
New Testament. “Man,” in history, is a total failure, a complete flop, a bombed-out farce—a
The contemporary confession is that he has ruined his own environment after wasting it for
centuries. The contemporary confession is that he is going to have to kill older people (as well as
babies) so the young people and the middle-aged people can run the world. His contemporary
confession is that if you cannot control liquor, license it, so if you can’t control drugs...! His
contemporary confession is that after operating a Peace-Keeping World Organization for forty-eight
years he has cut his wars to one every three months, after wasting $45,000,000,000 trying to find
“life in outer space”!
This is man’s “progress” since the days of Noah:
Fifty-eight million Genocides in seventy-four years, 32,000,000 battle casualties in forty years,
30,000,000 abortions in one country in less than fifty years, and one out of two marriages ending in
divorce in a nation that is $5,000,000,000,000 in debt and has declared war on three countries
without Congress convening, two million criminals in prison in America, 2,000,000 illiterate High
School graduates; foreign troops occupying the soil of the wealthiest nation on earth—having come
there to enforce censorship of speech, limitation of movement, ownership of private lands, and
That is man’s “progress,” via Darwin, since 1776.
And how was it in former days? How much progress has man made since, say, 100,000 B.C. to
5001 B.C. (dates given are monkey men dates figured by monkeys who are always monkeying with
dates)? Well, sir!
Weapons were the first things developed: bows, spears, arrows, swords, darts, maces,
boomerangs, shields, and clubs (Timeliness of War, p. 2, Brownstone and Frank, Little Brown and
Co., 1944). Note the title: he meant “The Timeliness of War” or the “Timeless Occupation of War.”
WAR is always contemporary.
“Battles”: Assyria and Mesopotamia, Sumeria (3500 B.C.), Europe invaded Britain (2500 B.C.),
Syria conquered Egypt (1700 B.C.). “Battles”: Sumeria, Akkad, Anatolia, Babylon, Erech, Lacash
(2500 B.C.–1800 B.C.). “Battles”: Aryans in India (2000 B.C.), Greeks kill people in Troy, Greeks
kill Minoans on Crete, Egyptians kill Hittites (1800–1300 B.C.).
Hittites kill Palestinians, Egyptians kill Hittites, Jews kill Canaanites (1500–1300 B.C.). Jews kill
Midianites and Amorites. Philistines and Ammonites killing Jews (1300–1200 B.C.). Chinese are
killing Chinese (Chou vs. Wu Wang: 1057 and 1027 B.C.). Romans are killing Etruscans (700 B.C.).
Sparta is killing anyone. Assyria is killing everyone. Persians are killing Assyrians. Greeks are
killing Persians. Romans are killing Jews. Jews are killing Romans. Romans killing Celts, Goths,
Visigoths, Carthaginians, etc.
I have not gotten to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John yet.
I have covered twenty pages out of 526 pages listing the progress of “man” since he got his
forefeet untangled from an underbrush (the Darwinian account). The battles get longer, they occur
more frequently, the death toll doubles, triples, and quadruples as you go. Roman Peace (Pax
Romana) was nothing but an armed Empire under martial law, exactly as America will be in the next
few months.
Peace did not come with Otto the Great (912–973). It did not show up with Pepin the Short (714–
768) or Charles “the Hammer” Martel. Neither Charlemagne nor Mohammed brought enough “peace
on earth to men of good will” to last two weeks, and Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Saladin, Baibars, and
the Crusades did about as much, as “bringing in the kingdom” (Matt. 6:9–13) is concerned, as
William the Conqueror or Frederick the Great did (see The History of the New Testament Church,
Vol. I, 1982).
“Man” is a total failure.
He always has been and always will be.
He is the measure of DEATH.
You don’t have to prove something, even once, that has already been proved twenty to thirty
times a century for sixty centuries.
Africans have been killing Asiatics and Europeans for more than nineteen centuries. Asiatics have
been killing Asiatics, Europeans, and Africans for more than three thousand years; and Europeans
have been killing Africans and Asiatics for more than twenty-five centuries. Americans, (except the
native Indians), are Europeans, Asiatics, or Africans; and Europeans have been killing Indians (and
vice versa) since 1500.
“Man” is a failure. He doesn’t have to be tested another twenty-four hours to see if he is
“successful.” The word for “sheep” in a Greek New Testament is “probation.” Would you have to
finish High School to see that a “sheep” is a PROBATIONER? He is on trial; he is being tested.
Jesus Christ called every saved sinner who believed in Him a “PROBATIONER.” He is “out on
probation.” This took place AFTER he was saved. Before he was saved he was condemned (John
3:36); he was on “Death Row” waiting execution (Eph. 2:1–4). He was not being “tested” for
He had been tried (Rom. 1–2), judged (Rom. 3:1–4), and sentenced (Rom. 3).
German human nature is no different than Chinese, African, Mexican, English, or Indian human
nature: me first, you next. No man lives up to his own convictions completely, let alone the standards
he thinks other people should keep. Philanthropists and martyrs have always been the exception,
never the “rule.” Congressional Medal winners are never the “rule”: they are always the exception in
any war America ever fought against anybody.
Any man who is not submissive to some higher authority than himself is his own God: he
worships himself. If he chooses any other God beside himself it must be the God of HISTORY
(reality—the truth) and the Book (reality the truth: John 6), or he will be ruled by a TYRANT. That
is how Popes, Dictators, Presidents, Kings, Dukes, Barons, “chairmen,” etc., get into “office” (see 1
Sam. 8:1–11 for the historical case, in history, where history demonstrates what happens in history).
You will submit to God and the Book, or you will submit to Satan and one of his “underbosses”
(Luke 4:1–6).
Unregenerate “man” cannot explain why one religion has twenty times as many martyrs as any
other two religions combined; he cannot explain why only one major religious leader didn’t stay
dead; he cannot explain how ALL religions teach works for salvation (or “wholeness” or oneness or
enlightenment, etc.) except ONE; he cannot explain why only ONE gives absolute assurance of
eternal life to a sinner before he dies; and most religious leaders cannot tell the difference between
Shamanism, witchcraft, demon possession, and the actual working of the Holy Spirit in this century.
Man is the measure of death.
Death is the measure of a man (Heb. 2:14).
The universal testimony of “man” (any race, any age, any color, any sex, on any continent) is that
he cannot survive on this planet without murder, arson, rape, killing, lying, swearing, stealing,
embezzling, coveting, persecuting, terrorizing, torturing, and cheating. The fact that not every
individual man participates in all of these things (or even 90 percent of them) means nothing, for all
thirteen of them go on in high places and low places, continually (all year round) in every nation on
earth: and they have been “current” since 4000 B.C. There is nothing on the near or far horizon, in
any realm of man’s religious or intellectual endeavors, that would even suggest that ANY of them
will go “out of style” in the next 500 years.
The Bible shows how they will end, when they will end, and where they will end (see Chap. 4).
Your “faith” or opinion is IMMATERIAL.
Since the Bible is history, and no “New-Ager” knows anything about history, none of them are fit
to even comment on man’s “progress” (above).
“History,” for all New-Agers, is a pagan fantasy erected on the hallucination that since Darwin’s
Religion was infallible and “scientific” that things have to get better as time proceeds. Darwin’s
Fairytale is to be applied to everything; that would include international relations, art, music, religion,
living standards, and spiritual understanding. That is, the Rolling Stones and the Beattles have to be
improvements over Bach and Mozart; Picasso and Van Gogh have to be improvements over
Gainsborough and Fran Hals. Witchcraft and Satanism have to be improvements over Biblical
Christianity. African morals and sex perversion have to be improvements over the Ten
Commandments. There is no way out but “up”—upward and forward! Excelsior! (See Music and
Musicians, 1997).
“The only thing men learn from history is that men never learn from history.”
In the greatest and most accurate, historical account of “man’s” history, “man” is pictured as a
weak, sinful, wicked, stupid, bungling FOOL who, apart from his Maker and his Maker’s
“Revelation” (the Book), is just as hopelessly lost, confused, wretched, miserable (Rev. 3:17), and
dangerous as an armed fugitive from the law, hiding in an alligator-infested swamp in the middle of
These are the pious leaders of the USSA, the USSR, the ECC, and the UN.
In the Book, every dispensation ends in total collapse. There is always a temporary revival
(renewal or fresh start) where God Himself intervenes in history (see Gen. 3:21, 6–8, 11:8, 12:1, 40–
41; Exod. 2–3, 12, 13, 20; Josh. 1–4, 9; Judg. (Barak, Ehud, Gideon, Jephthah, Samson, et al.); 1
Sam. 7:10; 2 Sam. 24:16–20; 1 Kings 18; 2 Kings 19; Neh. 1–2; Luke 1–2, 24; Acts 1–2, 9, etc.), but
as soon as man starts afresh, he heads straight down like a toboggan.
The anti-Darwinian, anti-UN, anti-progress Power of Negative Thinking declares, in history, that
the law that governs “man” is the Second Law of Thermodynamics: ENTROPY (the dissipation of
energy with randomness and degeneration following) is the historical truth of man’s history. The
Bible is primarily a history book.
That is why it is hated and rejected.
If it was just a religious “primer” for someone’s religious FAITH it could be tolerated. It is not. It
is a history, documenting man’s “progress” through 6,000 years. Its judgment is that “man” is a
colossal FLOP.
You are against the Book because it is against you. The only argument against the Bible is a bad
life. The Book knows all about you and tells it. The Koran doesn’t. Neither does the Book of Mormon
or the Analects of Confucius or the Bhagavad Gita or the Kama Sutra.
Religions are a dime a dozen; historical truth is something else.
No Understanding of
The Term “Liberty”
The most abused words in the English language, according to how man’s “history” actually came
out, are “Peace,” “Unity,” “Equality,” and “Liberty.” Other euphemisms used as an alibi to murder
several thousand people are “Ethnic Cleansing,” “Gun Control Laws,” “Final Solution,” “Freedom,”
and “Civil Rights.” The crimes committed under these banners would fill a World Almanac written in
small print. At least that is what HISTORY shows.
In our work on The Damnation of a Nation (1996), we showed how the word “Peace” was simply
a tragic joke that professional politicians use to get votes. In the Book, no “peace” can come to any
nation till it attends to three things: 1. Personal and national PURITY (James 3:17) 2. Moral and
ethical righteousness (Heb. 7:2) and 3. Gives glory to the God and Father of Jesus Christ (Luke 2:14).
Since not ONE of these items is going to be taken up (or mentioned) by the USSA, USSR, ECC, or
UN, in the next 5,000 years, the idea of “peace” stands out as nothing but a ghastly joke on suckers
who are willing to give up their houses, lands, families, and even sell their souls, to get it.
When “peace” comes it doesn’t come to the UN, anyway, or the USSR or the USSA or Red
China or the ECC or the “Common Market” (see Chap. 4).
Now, the term “liberty” (which is used in “Liberation” and “Women’s Lib” and “Gay
Liberation,” etc.) is a doublespeak “buzz word” like “peace,” “unity,” “equality,” etc. It has two
meanings: 1. To be free from sin so one can serve God (2 Cor. 3:17; Gal. 5:1, 13; 1 Cor. 6:20; John
8:36). 2. To be free from fear of being punished (arrested, fined, imprisoned, etc.) so you can do as
you damn well please without paying for it.
The second definition was the one used in the French Revolution, by the Rock bands in America
(1960–1990), by the Haight Asbury faggots, by all rebellious wives, lesbians, black muggers and
rapists in America, all Humanists and Atheists, the Civil Rights “activists,” all drug and liquor
dealers, and all pornographers.
The “land of the free” is what impresses a modern American sports audience in an arena (rink,
bowl, diamond, court, etc.), not “THE HOME OF THE BRAVE.” America is a chicken, not a bald
eagle. Any Oriental knows this without being told. We would no more think of checking out Red
China for “secret, deadly weapons” or “women’s rights” than we would think of invading Turkey.
Our “meat” is ragheads and camel jockeys that don’t have any Air Forces.
The Civil Rights Act (1964) was a Communist bill given to destroy every liberty guaranteed by
the Constitution, including the freedom to hire and fire your own employees; the freedom to pass and
flunk students, the freedom to prevent certain people from getting on your property, the freedom to
raise your children as you see fit, the freedom to handle your own property the way you think it
should be handled, and (eventually) the freedom to voice an opinion on someone’s race, sex, or life-
style. It gave Americans about as much “liberty” as Hitler gave the Jews under the Nuremberg laws.
“Liberty for all, etc.” is the catch phrase. The politicians who use it are described in 2 Peter 2:19,
but since not one of the thirteen Senators who pushed through the Civil Rights Bill—and then got all
of their kids out of the public school system in Washington as quickly as they could!—could find 2
Peter 2 without an Index, there is no point in “belaboring” the point.
One nation “under God” implies that the “liberties” which are supposed to be “self evident” (Life,
Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness) were given to man by GOD. This is NOT the position of the
ECC, the UN, the USSA, Red China, the USSR or the Democratic Party in the USSA.
“Inalienable RIGHTS” that have no SOURCE constitute a strange menagerie of mutants. Where
do you get your “rights” from if not from the government (Rom. 13:1–4) you live under? If that
government takes your “rights” from you, who can give them back to you? Revolutionaries? Oh, I
see! Armed combat, right where Cain and his father (1 John 3:12) started in 4000 B.C.
If your government is the source of your “rights,” can it not also take your “rights” from you if it
so wishes? Unless you can overthrow it?
“He who has the AK-47s makes the rules.”
If you have a right to carry a loaded weapon on you at all hours of the day, you are a free citizen;
if you do not have that “right,” then not only are you not a “citizen,” you are a slave of any system
that has GUNS.
What crazy bunch of fools in the UN is okaying certain foreign countries going into other
countries (Somalia, Rwanda, Kuwait, Iraq, and Haiti) to DISARM THOSE COUNTRIES while the
U.S.A., the USSR, and Red China keep THEIR ARMS?
“Me first, you next?”
Who will be the last nation to get “disarmed”? Imagine a herd of kooks like that talking about
“democracy” and “liberty” and “civil rights”!
That is the New-Age concept of “Liberty.” It is not freedom to defend your family or your nation
or your own person. It is not freedom to pray in a schoolroom or preach on the street, or serve God. It
is not even freedom to defend your family and property from foreign control and INVASION. Over
900,000 acres of National Parks in America have been given to the UN in the last eight years. They
are now called “International Biospheres”—not “NATIONAL PARKS.” Over 30,000 foreign troops
are now billeted (room and board paid for) in America. Congress never passed one bill regarding the
importation of one foreign adversary.
“Liberty” in the New-Age means: military occupation by foreign troops, invasion of small
countries that won’t “knuckle” down to International Socialism, censorship of speech at work and
“on the job,” laws against reading the Bible and praying in schools, freedom for sex perverts to teach
sex perversion as a normal “life-style” to children under fourteen years old, the right of a wife to
refuse to have normal relations with her husband (see 1 Cor. 7:1–6), the right of queers, blacks, and
women to sue an employer if he doesn’t give them special privileges not given to males, straights,
and whites, the right to bust up Boy Scout groups, private clubs, military schools, and churches—
using blacks, queers, or women as “battering rams”—and the rights of blacks to kill (O.J. Simpson),
resist arrest (Rodney King), assault and batter “whites” (Los Angeles), curse policemen and law
enforcement officers, and get high school diplomas without being able to read or write on a sixth-
grade level.
Did they get these rights from God or the government?
(See Discrimination: The Key to Sanity, 1976.)
“Human Rights,” to a humanist, means a Police State—this time international (the UN)—set up to
enforce the dictates of that Police State. They take away rights as fast as they dish them out. “Me
first, you next.”
“Liberty is freedom to do right.” “License is freedom to do wrong.” The government Mafias are
all “licensed.” The UN licensed itself. So it is a professional, self-employed killer.
Since not one member of the UN knows anything about “the glorious liberty of the children of
God” (Rom. 8:21) or what it means to be set free from sin by the indwelling Holy Spirit (John 8:36,
14:16), I have no business having fellowship with ANYONE in the UN on any basis, for any reason.
I am on another Interstate. It bypasses “one world do-gooders” who are talking about “making the
world a better place to live in” by ordering people around under the threat of imprisonment or death.
“All kingdom builders are bloody killers.”
A real prisoner in a real jail—that is a “client in a unit” if you are global jackass—told me:
“Brother Pete, I had to get into prison to get out of prison.” Slick Willie, Mother Teresa, Tipper Gore,
and Mahatma Gandhi have no more idea of what that confession means than if they heard it in
Ubangi. I am a slave who was knocked down on the block (1 Cor. 6:20). I now have a master (Eph.
6:9), and I am to serve Him (Col. 4:1), and only obey the “do gooders” as long as they line up with
the Book (Exod. 1; Josh. 2:3–5; Rom. 13:1–4; Acts 4:19).
My Master (Gal. 5:13–17) gives me more “liberty” than ANY government could possibly give
anyone, and His Medicare programs, Social Security benefits, and retirement plans would make
FDR, JFK, Lyndon Johnson, the IRS, Social Security, Slick Willie, and the HRS plans look like
something that was drawn up by the Keystone Cops.
I am not a “New-Ager” because they have no understanding whatsoever of “Freedom” or “Liberty,”
and yet they talk about nothing but those things (and “Peace”) morning, noon, and night, just like
they thought they had good sense. I think when they sing “As He died to make men holy let us die to
make men free,” they actually believe they are getting “religious.” That is the most profane, secular
blasphemies of the Holy Bible ever penned by a sinner who was engaged in promoting ARMED
No Understanding
Of The Future
What “critter” on earth could be more miserable than some blind, stupid fool who commits his
future into the hands of fools as blind as himself, who know no more about what will take place on
earth in the next 1,000 years than a two-year-old Hottentot?
Suppose your Creator suddenly showed up in your bedroom in the middle of the night and handed
you a 1,200-page book, written in your language, and said, “If you want to know what is going to
take place, read this and believe it. Bye bye.”
You read it, but you don’t believe it. Then you read it again and don’t know whether to believe it
or not. Then you lay out The Koran, The Tripitaka, The Babylonian Talmud, The Puranas, The
Shastas, The Bhagavad Gita, The Book of Mormon, the Catholic Catechism, The Secret Doctrine,
Thrice-Greatest Hermes, The Iliad, The Odyssey, Plato’s Republic, Das Kapital, The Origin of the
Species, The Communist Manifesto, Mao’s Red Book, The Oracles of Nostradamus, The Analects of
Confucius, The Masonic Rituals, The Sayings of Buddha, The Rig Veda, The Upanishads, The
Rosicrucian literature and the Harvard “Five Foot” Shelf of Classics, and after reading every page
of those publications you compare them with the 1,200 page Book God gave you. And what do you
suppose strikes your astonished eyeballs?
The 18,000 pages you read didn’t have FIVE PAGES in any of them that gave you any details
about what would take place on this earth even 100 years after the author, or authors, were dead.
Nietzsche could hit a few pages in generalities, and Nostradamus could state a few “almosts” on a
few pages if you made enough “adjustments”; but NAMES were not given clearly, and specifics
always had to be “explained” by an interpreter later.
But my stars! Here is this 1,200 page Book in your lap, and it gives forty-eight details of one
man’s life more than 400 years before He shows up! Most of the details are given 800 to 1,400 years
before He shows up. Then, up pops 500 more details about the same man in the future. What other
book on the shelf dared even to TRY a thing like that? NOT ONE OF THEM. There are 8,000,000-
plus books in the Library of Congress and not ONE of them—not “ONE,” as in ONE—could
reproduce the phenomenon.
Someone can write HISTORY in a HISTORY book before the HISTORY takes place; it certainly
wasn’t Allah’s “one prophet” Muhammad: he couldn’t win, place, or show in a minor league of
Furthermore, this Book challenges everyone of its readers to test the author out on prophesy to
see if He is lying (Isa. 41–48).
Having a little trouble there, are you, “Allah”? Your “prophet” has his mouth shut tighter than a
clam, and his pen isn’t working. A “Fifth Amendment” Mohammedan, is it?
Hey sonny! What about Anatolia, Iraq, Angola, Algiers, Iran, Morocco, Spain, Sicily, Pakistan,
Crete, Cyprus, Turkey, and India? That’s your territory, isn’t it? Tell us a little something, won’t you
Muhammad, you old, sensual, demon-possessed polygamist. Prophesy, kid! You’re “Allah’s
prophet,” are you not? Well then, how come you can’t function in your calling?
Isaiah put out thirty prophesies that were fulfilled later; Jeremiah put out twenty; Daniel put out
seventy; Hosea, Joel, and Amos added twenty more; Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk and Zephaniah added
another thirty; and Zechariah, Haggai, and Malachi added thirty more. That is 200 prophesies from
only thirteen prophets, and I left out Ezekiel: he dished up fifty more. How is it that fourteen Bible
prophets can function in their calling with more than 200 prophesies (that is fifteen prophecies
apiece) and poor old “one prophet,” Muhammad, of “one God, Allah,” can’t give you ONE?
There is not one prophesy in The Koran that was a genuine prophesy that was not taken out of the
Old Testament, completed more than 300 years before Muhammad’s mother was born.
Looking forward from A.D. 600, Muhammad couldn’t place his finger on ONE MAJOR EVENT
in history on seven continents dealing with any nation or any individual. As a “prophet,” he was a
third-rate buffoon.
Poor, ole, blind, ignorant Muhammad couldn’t tell you what would happen to ONE country or
ONE city that was on the earth at the same time he was on earth; not one of them. Muhammad could
not tell any of his leaders what would happen to them after his death (cf. John 16:1–2); he couldn’t
tell you what would happen to Israel at any time in the future (cf. Rom. 11); he couldn’t make one
prophesy about the main theme of both Testaments (the Second Advent: Matt. 24–25; Mark 13; Luke
17, 21; Rev. 5–20; Isa. 2, 11, 26, 65–66; Joel 2; Zech. 10, 12, 14, etc.); and he was never able to give
one of his pupils or followers one promise concerning absolute assurance of eternal life apart from
the filthy rags of their own self righteousness (i.e., “works”—Rom. 4–5).
Allah’s “one prophet” was a blind pagan who would qualify to be the fourth Stooge of the
comedy team (Larry, Moe, and Curly).
When it came to being a PROPHET, he would make a good shoeshine boy.
Isaiah names individuals before they are born (Isa. 45:1). Daniel lays out four consecutive Gentile
kingdoms in order, although he is not a Gentile (Dan. 2). Jeremiah prophesies the end of a city: how
it will end, who will destroy it, when they will do it, and why they will do it. Muhammad doesn’t dare
open his stupid mouth.
Ezekiel lays out a city, the land it is on, and the temple it contains, more than 2,500 years before
any Jew could get into the land to build up either (Ezek. 40–48). Amos prophesies of the conditions
of FARMING that will exist in Palestine more than 500 years after Columbus discovers America
(Amos 9:11–15). Malachi describes the attendants of an event that would take place more than 2,200
years after he wrote (Mal. 4:4–6), and what would happen when they showed up (Mal. 4:1–3).
Muhammad sucked his thumb through a straw; he had lock jaw. Muhammad was a MUTE
PROPHET, and you might add DEAF.
The Bible prophets named the cities that would be destroyed (Isa. 23:1, 15:1, 17:1; Isa. 15; Jer.
6:1, 48:21–24; Ezek. 30:13–14), the dispersion of Israel for 2,500 years (Deut. 28), their regathering
(Isa. 11; Jer. 33), and conversion (Ezek. 37), and who would rule them when they returned to Israel
(Isa. 9; Ezek. 34).
Muhammad went to bed with his fourteen wives and waited for his nine-year-old bride to grow
up so he could go to bed with her.
He couldn’t “prophesy” long enough to keep a cat awake. If all “Allah” has is that prophet,
“Allah” had better abdicate his “deity.”
What the UN (the Moslems, Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, and Humanists know about
the future (that is SO) you could write on the backside of a restaurant menu. How could I fool with
such a crowd? Why I would have to pretend that I didn’t know what was going to happen when I had
fifty pages of writing in front of me (in my own language) that give me 500 details about the next
1,000 years.
The nations are mentioned (Zeph. 3:8), their future is described (Zech. 14:2–3), and their end is
given (Rev. 20:12); the future of the individuals in those nations is given (Matt. 25:31–46; Rev.
22:2), and what will take place with the land of Palestine is given in detail down to LAND
And what does the UN know about these things? Nothing.
What did Muhammad know about these thing? Nothing.
What does the ECC know about these things? Nothing.
What did “Allah” reveal about these things? You guessed it.
What does your Congressman and Senator know about these thing? Nothing. What does CBS,
NBC, ABC, CNN, Time, and Newsweek know about these thing? Nothing. All they know is Popes,
queers, blacks, women, “human rights,” and “summits.”
What did Mother Theresa know about these thing? Nothing.
What does the NEA know about these things? Nothing.
What does the “Justice” Department know about these things? Zero.
What does the ACLU know about these things? Ditto.
They are two million to nine million blind agnostics piled on top of each other, in heaps, all
giving directions on how man should proceed into the future. They have no future but a bottomless
pit and a lake of fire (Rev. 20–22), IF THE HISTORY BOOK IS GIVING AN HISTORICAL
ACCOUNT OF THE FUTURE (Rev. 20:11–14).
The Book specialized in giving historical accounts of the future from the first book Moses penned
(see Gen. 3, 12, 22, 49, etc.) to the last one that John wrote (Rev. 1–22). Jesus Christ said if some
blind guide in the UN or the ECC or the USSA did not believe what Moses wrote (Gen. 1–3)—no
Pope does!—that sucker could not believe what He Himself said while He was on this earth: check
out John 5:46–47 and Deuteronomy 18:15–19.
Who but a rash, reckless, brainless, indiscreet FOOL would take the word of some nut like
Mandela or Hawking or Einstein or the UN Secretary general or the press about the FUTURE when
he had Christ’s words on it (Matt. 22, 24–25; Luke 17, 21; John 13, 17) and a commendation on the
words of Moses in Genesis 1–50? Do you think I am stupid enough to close a 1,200 page Book that
has never erred once in prophesying future HISTORY and start guiding my life by the fanciful
guesses of some blind guides who have been unable (in 6,000 years of recorded history) to write
ONE book that is as historically accurate in predicting the future as the Book I have?
God said, “Let there be light.” It showed up. God said, “Sister, you’re going to bear children in
pain.” She did. God said, “Buddy, you are going to sweat for a living before they bury you.” Nine
billion sinners (4,000 B.C. to A.D. 1990) show that history was being prophesied; there wasn’t any
“faith” involved. “Religion” wasn’t even mentioned. Nor was there any when God said, “A flood is
coming.” It came. He said, “I’m going to drown everyone but one family and their cargo.” He did it.
God said He would bless Abraham. He did. God said the king of the Jews would come from
Judah (Gen. 49:10). He did (Rev. 6:5). God said the King would be born of a virgin in Bethlehem.
He was. God said the King would be called “Immanuel.” He was. God said a Gentile king would
sponsor the rebuilding of Jerusalem (Isa. 45:1). He did. (Hey Nostradamus! You and Jean Dixon
having a little problem there?)
He said Greece would conquer Persia (Dan. 8), and it did. He said the Roman Empire would split
into two divisions (Dan. 2), and it did. Hey deah, Nostra and Jean Dixon! You all havin’ a little
trouble deah, over in de corn’ah, with Allah’s “prophet”?
God said He would bring a remnant back to Palestine, and He did (Ezra and Nehemiah). He said
he would do it TWICE (Isa. 11:11), so He did it again in 1948. Hey! Muhammad, ole son! Seen any
prophets around lately? Don’t look in a mirror, you old, two-bit fakir. You won’t see one there. I’ll
show you one.
Job said the moon had no light of its own (Job 25:5) more than 1,000 years before Galileo was
born, and it didn’t—it reflected light. Nahum said the “chariots” would run on flaming fire and go up
and down (like torches) on the Interstate (Nah. 2:3–4). They do. Jesus said that it could be day and
night at the same time on this earth (Luke 17:30, 34), and so it is. Jesus said that not ONE stone
would stand on another when Titus got through with the temple (A.D. 70), and sure enough! Titus
had to be remove all of them so the soldiers could plow the ground under the temple looking for gold.
(As you were saying, Muhammad, you ole’ philosophical, self-deceived, religious bullshooter?)
The History Book (it is not a religious manual) says that the UN will eventually all get together to
attack Jerusalem (Zech. 14:1–2). So they will. God will use a UN “Assembly” to do this (Zeph. 3:8),
so it was organized. They will enter Jerusalem and run it three and a half years (Rev. 11) under the
son of Perdition (2 Thess. 2), and then the Lord will repeat the celestial phenomena of Joshua 10:12–
13 (see Hab. 3:11) and add some “goodies” (Acts 2:19–20; Joel 2:30). Then He will set HIS King on
HIS “holy hill” (Psa. 2:6), on the “Throne of HIS glory” (Jer. 14:21; Matt. 25:30).
And you were saying what, Muhammad? Oh, I know. You shouldn’t do this and you shouldn’t do
that, and you should do this and you should do that, and if you don’t then you might not “make it” to
Paradise. Yes, you crafty ole’ killer, I know all about you self-righteous murderers who want to
justify the sins of your flesh (murder, polygamy, slavery, and blasphemy). You couldn’t prophesy if
your soul depended upon it. Six hundred years after the New Testament prophets recorded the
material I listed above (also confirmed by the Old Testament prophets) you didn’t dare make one
prophesy about anything they “forgot” to reveal. You couldn’t. You knew less about the future than
the fourth-grade children in our Baptist Sunday Schools. You were no prophet: you were a fakir.
Ditto every ambassador to the UN and every “president,” mayor, governor, “chairman,” sultan,
king, and delegate connected with it, directly or indirectly. Blind guides leading the blind into the
Peter knew where he was going when he died (1 Pet. 1:5, 9). John knew where he was going
when he died (1 John 5:13). Paul knew where he was going when he died (2 Cor. 5; 2 Tim. 1:12;
Phil. 1:21, 23). AND NO ONE IN THE UN KNOWS!
And if they professed to know, and you pinned them down, they would say that they deserved to
go because they earned heaven (Paradise, Nirvana, etc.) by good works. Cain. Cainites. Fruit stand
religion. Adam’s “Fig Leaf Factor.” Liars are born as well as made.
I am not a New-Age Global Citizen because I have access to more knowledge about the future,
more superior revelations, better authorities, and more assurance, reliable promises, and information,
and more HISTORICAL PROOF of them, than any New-Age Global Citizen anywhere on the
Let the kiddies play in their Biosphere Playpens.
Children should be seen—not heard.
They are OF the world and BY the world and FOR the world, so “the world heareth them” (1
John 4:5). Their “religious” convictions (which vary considerably) have no effect on their basic,
communal, ecumenical, cooperative convictions: they can EARN a perfect heaven or produce a
perfect earth by their own efforts. They are one solid “global” community: “MAN IS HIS OWN
GOD.” The fact that they profess to worship some God or profess to be able to attain Samadhi (or
Prajna or Enlightenment or get to the Garden of Allah, or coalesce Yin and Yang or “die in a state of
grace,” etc.) has no affect whatsoever on their self righteousness or their spiritual blindness, or their
total ignorance of life after death (Phil. 1; 2 Cor. 5; Rev. 21–22). They are what we call “Cainites”;
their father was a murderer (1 John 3:12), and their religions are just little “fruit stands” of their own
They keep the world “going” by killing each other.
At least that is what they have done for 6,000 years.
That is what they are doing right now.
Every “Christians” (the word appears for the first time in history in Acts 11:26) is a “pilgrims”
and a “sojourners” (Heb. 11:13) who seeks a city that NO MAN CAN BUILD (Heb. 11:10). Every
“Cainite” is a “fugitive” and a “vagabond” (Gen. 4:14). Having rejected all four passages—90
percent of all twentieth-century Christians rejected all four passages—the modern American
“Christian” is nothing but a tragic clown putting on a religious sideshow, in the flesh, for the world to
The leaders of the “Christians,” today, are so spiritually blind and Scripturally stupid they actually
think that the “oneness” referred to in John 17:21 is an ECUMENICAL ORGANIZATIONAL
ONENESS OF CHURCHES. Every local church (note “churches”) is an independent separated
group (see Rom. 16:16; Acts 15:41, 9:31; Rev. 2–3) with no organizational or “bridge building” ties
with ANY group of local churches.
The only “connected” church (singular) is the Body of Jesus Christ (1 Cor. 12; Eph. 1; Col. 1).
This spiritual unity is marked by a unity of people who never waste FIVE MINUTES trying to air
condition a hog pen (Luke 15). This world was NOT their home, and they were not “at home” in it.
Note those great New Testament truths came from the same chapter that spoke of “being one” (John
17:15–22). The depraved Popes in the Vatican thought it was a reference to all Protestant and Greek
Orthodox churches coming back under the dominion of their Roman Catholic Church State. Illusions
of grandeur: megalomania.
“Me first, you next.”
The UNITY with the “one fold” and “one shepherd” (John 10:16, 17:21) is a unity through it as
“strangers” (Heb. 11:13) since their Creator was a stranger in His own land (Lev. 25:23), and
among His own people (John 1:10–12). They are called “pilgrims” (Heb. 11:13) because they are on
their way to a city (Heb. 12:22, 11:10) “whose builder and maker is God.” No dumpheaps like
Lourdes, Mecca, Brownsville, Rome, Jerusalem, Hebron, the Ganges, Fujiyama, New York, Toronto,
Cova de Ivia, or Mejugorji. No, those are Cainite counterfeit “holy places” erected by SINNERS in
order to make money off suckers: i.e., “fugitives” and “vagabonds.”
Note this same abundant reverence and honor that was heaped on PHYSICAL structures (Acts
6:13; Matt. 23:16–18) by the religious leaders in charge of murdering (Stephen’s words: Acts 7) the
Lord Jesus Christ.
No Understanding
Of Eternal Things
“The things which are NOT seen are eternal” (2 Cor. 4:18) according to the man who SAW
them (2 Cor. 12:1–4). “The things that are NOT seen” (Rom. 1:20) can be “clearly seen” by the
things that can be seen (Rom. 1:20).
According to the author of “man” and “history,” an eternal Spirit, acquainted with the things that
are NOT seen (1 Cor. 2:9–10), can reveal them to a sinner on one condition (2 Cor. 4:18; John
16:13–14), and that condition is connected with a historical figure (a MAN, 1 Tim. 2:5) who showed
up in history as a Man (Rom. 1; John 1:1–14).
Muhammad, Zoroaster, Mary, Buddha, Moses, and the Popes do not win, place, or show. They
are not even on the track.
None of them died for anybody. None of them had any “past” before they were born; none of
them were sinless. None of them could stay alive. None of them could give spiritual life to anyone.
None of them could raise a dead man, woman, or child. Not one of them could prophesy the location,
time, or manner of his (or her) death. Not one of them could tell you any more about the location of
Hell, Paradise, Abraham’s Bosom, or New Jerusalem than Shiva, Vishnu, Shakti, Mahadeva, Agni,
Rudra, Krishna, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Durga, Ganesha, or Kartikeya.
Those last twelve blind stupid fakirs could not speak or record one prophesy in history that took
place, historically, in 100,000 years. They were as prophetically handicapped, and as spiritually dead,
as a hammer on a sand dune.
You can find more historical prophecies written, ahead of time, about historical events that will
take place on the earth in the future, in thirty pages taken from Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and
the Revelation than you can find in 5,000 pages of the Shruti texts (Hinduism: the Vedas, the
Samhitas, the Rig Veda Samhita, the Yajur Veda Salmhita, the Sama-Veda Samhita and the Atharva-
Veda Samhitas, the Aranyakas, and the Upanishads) and the Smriti texts (the Bhagavad Gita, the
Puranas, and the sects that worship the Mother Goddess, the Ramayana, the Dasabodha, and the
Hare-Krishna movement).
When dealing with the unseen, eternal things, Hinduism is as big a farce as Buddhism or
The only bigger clowns are the European and American agnostics, atheists, and humanists.
“Ignorance is bliss.”
I am not a “New-Ager” because all New-Agers are either Catholics, Buddhists, Moslems, Greek
Orthodox, Hindus, Atheists, Protestants, Agnostics, or Humanists. And when it comes to “the things
of God” (1 Cor. 2:13–14), they are just one monstrous ball of ecumenical blindness (John 1:5, 9:39).
And although Israel, in this age, is just as blind (Rom. 11:7–8, 25), Israel will get her eyes opened
(Acts 9:18; Zech. 10:2) at the end of this age, for the simple reason that they had three-fourths of the
truth in writing before the New Testament was written.
The oracles of the unseen God, who inhabits eternity (Isa. 57:15), were given to the JEW (Rom.
3:2; John 4:22), not the Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Americans, Germans, Irish, Scotchmen, Italians,
Russians, Ubangi, Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Australians, French, Slavs, Spanish, Mexican,
South Sea Islanders, Bantu, Bengalese, Cameroons, Tasmanians, or the Philistines.
While the Jews (Moses, Samuel, David, Solomon, and the prophets) were recording 4,000 years
of man’s history as God saw it—note His emphasis on people and events that no other historians
even noticed (Genesis–Exodus)—the other nations were groping, guessing, sweating it out (Rom.
2:7–10), searching, seeking (Rom. 2:7), and living as Job lived (1800 B.C.): no Scriptures, no Ten
Commandments, no indwelling Holy Spirit, no completed salvation, and no revelation from God
beyond His revelation in the universe and in nature (Psa. 19), with an occasional appearance in a
vision or dream (Gen. 20:3–7) and occasional verbal instructions being given (Gen. 12:1–4) to them.
All of the instructions recorded in the Old Testament deny Oriental anti-Dualism (Yin and Yang),
and all instructions warn the sinner to treat death, sin, pain, suffering, and postmortem JUDGMENT
as realities: not the Oriental’s “Maya” (illusion) or “Karma” (accumulated merit or demerit from
former lives).
In Hinduism and Buddhism, these are “SPIRITUAL” things, for their conception of SPIRIT
excludes a personal Devil (Satan) and a literal burning lake of fire (Rev. 19–20) and instant,
permanent salvation (eternal life). Both religions are so set up that women and children can no more
attain the mental heights demanded to do away with “illusion” (Maya) than they can whistle and
swallow at the same time. The foundation of both religions is an earned state of Nirvana (Prajna,
Buddhahood, etc.) by MENTAL and INTELLECTUAL effort, through a period of years.
In the history books of India and China, there is not to be found one account of even 100 children,
under thirteen years old, getting rid of their Karma or Maya by the prescribed method given to them
by their leaders. Under the teaching of the HISTORY Book (the New Testament given to the Jews—
all the authors of the New Testament were Jews: Peter, James, John, Paul, Matthew, et al.) given to
the Jews (Rom. 3:2), European children, African children, Indian children, Japanese children,
Malayan children, Burmese children, Chinese children, and American children between the ages of
four and thirteen have been saved by the thousands; and they were saved in less than five minutes.
They got rid of “illusion” (unreality) and their “karma” (it was paid for at Calvary) and then SANG
about it the rest of their lives.
Not one of them had to sit cross legged and meditate on ANYTHING.
No one in the Near East or Far East has ever had enough joy in his (or her) religion to SING
about Buddha or Muhammad. Why should they? Buddha and Muhammad didn’t die for anybody.
Death is REAL (Gen. 2:17). It was Satan who said it was not real (Gen. 3:4).
The Bhagavad Gita (The Divine Song, The Song of God, etc.) was written to prove that death was
not real—nor was killing people in combat.
Cain. Cainites. Their father was a KILLER (John 8:44).
So here is this blind, mutant monster called “The United Nations” (a substitute for the United
States) packed and jammed with spiritual blockheads, spiritual dumbbells, spiritual misfits, and
carnal, worldly, fleshy materialists trying to pretend they are SPIRITUAL because they THINK
about unseen things and TALK about unseen things, and claim they know something about them
(Col. 2:18).
Satan knows more about “unseen things” in the “spirit realm” (Eph. 6:10–12; Isa. 24:21) than all
the monks who ever lived in a Buddhist monastery.
No one in the “New World” recognizes its god: Satan is the god of “this world” (see 2 Cor. 4:4;
Luke 4:6); That is, if you have an accurate HISTORY Gen. 3) of this world. That is why “THE
KINGDOM OF GOD” has nothing to do with the UN or the USSA or the ECC or the USSR or Red
China. “The kingdom of God is NOT meat and drink” (Rom. 14:17). The blind guides, who lead
millions into the “ditch” every year, think that food, clothes, and shelter are SPIRITUAL. They are
all materialists.
Every aim of the UN is a worldly, fleshy, materialistic aim: they are engaged in air-conditioning
and refurnishing a hog pen (Luke 15:15–17).
When they speak of “spiritual things” (or “religions” or “faiths”) they are talking about the
subjective opinions of individuals and cultures who have rejected past history, present history, and
future history in favor of PHILOSOPHICAL bullshooting.
History will work out contrary to their “faiths.” Their sincerity means nothing once they have
rejected the facts of HISTORY as God recorded them in His HISTORY Book.
In the Book, the Kingdom of God is NOT the Kingdom of Heaven (see the definitive work
written in 1959, The Sure Word of Prophecy), although thousands of Christians think it is. Heaven is
material. “God is a spirit” (John 4). You can never “bring in the kingdom (“THY KINGDOM
COME”) that Jesus Christ spoke of without a WORLD WAR where more than 200,000,000 UN
troops get slaughtered (Rev. 14, 16, 19; Isa. 63; Joel 2).
Your belief or unbelief in that statement is IMMATERIAL.
Israel’s literal, visible, earthly, Palestinian kingdom (see Isa. 2, 11; Psa. 2, 72; Joel 2; Amos 9;
Zech. 14; Rev. 20) is furnished with ARMED TROOPS called “armies” (Exod. 6:26), and their
leader is a “man of war” (Exod. 15:3) who orders Genocides (1 Sam. 15; Josh 11). That explains
why Muhammad dumped the New Testament and patterned his literal, physical, visible, material
kingdom on ARMED WARFARE. If they don’t “submit” (Islam), you kill ‘em.
Muhammad was a murdering POLYGAMIST.
Muhammad was about as spiritual as Ted Kennedy or “Princess” Di.
Buddha thought that if he renounced fleshy, material things (Paul had Buddha’s number in Col.
2:23) that would prove he was spiritual. It only proved he had self-will, self-control, self-discipline,
and self-denial so that he could worship HIMSELF and pretend it was “Brahma” or “Prajna” or
“Enlightenment,” or you name it; it is all the same gas bag of hot air that self-righteous sinners have
been blowing up since Cain murdered his brother. It goes up in different colored balloons.
Such ignorance of spiritual things disqualifies 99.9 percent of the UN members, delegates,
ambassadors, and “Secretary Generals” from giving anyone advice—including women and children
—about anything in the FUTURE. The future is the total destruction of the environment (according
to the History Book) with the total destruction of ALL the “kingdoms” that the nations profess to be
trying to “bring in” (see The Sure Word of Prophecy, Chap. 9). God’s “plan” for the UN is
annihilation (Isa. 63; Zech. 14; Matt. 25). God’s “plan” for the material world is a bonfire (2 Pet.
I am talking about HISTORY, not RELIGION.
I am talking about FUTURE HISTORY, not someone “FAITH.”
I am talking about HISTORY written by the AUTHOR OF HISTORY.
The New Heavens and New Earth (Rev. 20–21) will be inhabited by sinless people (Rev. 21:3–4,
22:1–5; Isa. 65–66; Matt. 22:30; 1 John 3:1–4; Rom. 8:29), according to the Author who wrote an
account of mankind (and SIN) that stretched through 6,000 years. Does any cockeyed New-Age
KOOK think that those Scriptural references will come to pass because of the work of the present
United Nations? The UN has hosted eighty-five wars since 1945. It is solidly infested with the
international drug traffic, governments bent on Genocides, international Mafia, false religions and
cults, and is lead by the most STUPID, Bible-rejecting pagans (many of them highly educated) the
world has seen since Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle.
They don’t have enough genuine spirituality to put in the left eye of a blind mosquito. Many of
them think you are “spiritual” if you can move objects by thought or project “Ki” so it will knock
someone down or “astrally project” your spirit into other locations and return. Satan can beat any of
THAT “all hollow.” He is a spiritual being (2 Cor. 11; Isa. 14).
Your belief or unbelief in that statement is of no consequence at all.
The History Book says that every man has a Body, a Soul, and a Spirit (1 Thess. 5:23; Gen. 35:8;
1 Cor. 15:44). Not one physician or nuclear scientist in the UN could ever tell you what a “soul” is.
He cannot receive “the things of the spirit” because they are UNSEEN (2 Cor. 4:18). “Blind
leaders of the blind.” The Book says a man’s soul and spirit leave his body at his death (Gen. 35:18,
49–50; Acts 7:59; 2 Cor. 5:1–10; Phil. 1:20–22). If the man’s soul is saved, he goes straight up,
NORTHWARD (Heb. 12:22–24; Psa. 48:2, 76:6–7; Isa. 14:13) into God’s presence—not His
omnipresent universal presence (see Acts 17:28). If the man is “lost” (see Luke 15:6; John 8:21; Rev.
21:8; 2 Thess. 1:8), he goes DOWN, as in “DOWN,” meaning DOWN: gravity will take care of it.
You scientific kooks know what GRAVITY is, don’t you? Below your feet, and the feet of every
man, woman, and child, on seven continents, is a FURNACE. You are living in a building that has a
fire burning in the basement, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, and you are talking about
“conserving” and “saving it”! You cannot even save YOURSELF (Rom. 3:10–20; Titus 3:5; Eph.
2:1–9), but you think you will save something that doesn’t belong to you and you didn’t make and
don’t own, by pretending that a woman made it (“Mother Nature”), right? Do you know what an
“Airhead” is? Look in a mirror.
I will stop here. I have only touched the fringes of eternity in talking about man’s soul and his
destination. “The things which God hath prepared for them that love him” (1 Cor. 2) are
revealed by ONE Spirit to one class of sinners (John 16:13–14; Eph. 2:12–22), and that is what
“religious” people cannot believe and will not tolerate. They will not tolerate the Creator’s
“SELECTIVITY” (Gen. 9:25–27, 12:1–4; Deut. 26:18–19). God must conform to their plans for
unification, but 1 Timothy 2:5; Acts 4:12; and John 14:6 do not fit their designs to bring in a literal,
physical, visible, meat-and-drink kingdom on this earth, without dealing with the Book.
They are all carnal materialists.
This constant confounding of earthly, literal, visible kingdoms with “THY kingdom come” and
“bringing in the kingdom” or “the kingdom of God” is what produced more than eighty wars in
Europe between A.D. 500 and A.D. 1900, and more than ninety since then. “The Battle Hymn of the
Republic” is a theme song that any professional killer in those ages (A.D. 500 to A.D. 1990) could
have used.
All peace makers believe in “maintaining the peace” (“peace keeping”) through blood shed and
threats of armed warfare. All of them were so rabid about it that they altered Luke 2:14 to mean that
God would not send PEACE during their times, except upon men like themselves as individuals, who
fancied they had a “good will” and others did not. The men who altered that verse to match all
modern Roman Catholic Bibles (1582–1998) were professing “Christians”: Bob Jones III, John
Ankerberg, Charles Stanley, A. T. Robertson, John McArthur, et al.
This interpretation gave Kings, nobles, barons, Popes, priests, Cardinals, princes, and vassals
(A.D. 300–1800) the Scriptural right to kill anyone who disagree with them without “contradicting
the Scriptures” (Luke 2:14), as the verse stood in the King James Bible and the Greek Receptus (A.D.
100–A.D. 1611) from which it came.
For a similar fallacious hoax, observe Muhammad telling his own cult that if they died in battle,
while following what he said in his own book (the Koran), they would get an automatic passport to
Paradise. Being a carnal, earthly, sensual, materialist, Muhammad fashioned a “Paradise” after his
own sexual lusts (see the life of JFK or a good matchmeet: habitual fornication, multiple acts of
adultery, and sex parties with professional prostitutes, while being treated for venereal disease). He
made no allowance for women or children—not even Moslem women or children. All of the “saved”
were grown men shacking up with beautiful virgins, and the only “Paradise” for women was they got
to serve as sex outlets in a Harem. That is the Moslem “Scriptures.”
These are the same fools who pretend they are spiritual and understand “the things of the Spirit”
(1 Cor. 2:12). They are nothing but bloody killers from “Saint” Augustine (who approved of killing
anyone who disagreed with his crowd theologically) to Mahatma Gandhi, whose “nonviolent
demonstrations” drove every Christian missionary out of India—he allowed over 100,000 people to
riot (see M. L. King’s work in Detroit and Washington) against each other and their own leaders.
Mahatma Gandhi was so “spiritual” he couldn’t prophesy ONE historical prophecy and he didn’t
even have assurance of his own salvation. Before getting his brains blown out, he confessed that “all
was dark.” When it came to spiritual knowledge, he kicked the bucket just like John Lennon, Hank
Williams, Howard Hughes, Pope Paul VI, Heinrich Himmler, Pope Pius XI, Hermann Goering, Jack
Kennedy, Pope John XXIII, Marilyn Monroe, Mother Theresa, and John Wilkes Booth.
The trouble is defined in the Bible, it is discussed in detail, it is demonstrated more than two
dozen times; and the cure for it is given with the time, location, personnel, leader, and the armies
involved (Rev. 6:15–17, 19:10–16).
Since not ONE leader in the ECC or the UN or the African National Congress or the USSR, or
the USSA or Red China believes ONE WORD of those passages (along with Rev. 11:15–18; Matt.
25:31–42; Isa. 11:1–10; Psa. 2, 72), they will go right on doing what Cainites have been doing since
4000 B.C. They will go right on killing each other to produce a peaceful planet. All “summits” are
simply gathering places for carnal, earthly, materialistic killers who believe in using armed force to
“keep the peace.” No exceptions. History is their own worst witness: eighty-five wars since 1945,
three running right now, with three more world wars coming up.
This is because the only perfect, literal, physical, visible, political KINGDOM that God will ever
allow to “come” on this earth is when His will is done on “EARTH, as it is HEAVEN” (Matt.
6:10). His WILL is stated in the second Psalm. He stated it again in Isaiah 11, and He stated it again
in Isaiah 9 and 2 Samuel 7:12–16. He will furnish the world with its King: it will be the King of His
choice, and no man, nation, or country will have any more “say so” about it than if they didn’t exist
(Isa. 40:17).
God has already chosen the capital for the “United Nations,” and so it is called “THE CITY OF
THE GREAT KING”—not some nut like Slick Willie, John Paul II, Tippor Gore, JFK, Lady Di,
FDR, Nelson Mandela, Gorbachev, Marilyn Albright, et al.
God Almighty has already anointed His own King (Heb. 1:9) and labeled Him “KING OF
KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS”—in History, not just someone’s “religion.”
Not ONE kingdom which the Stuarts, Bourbons, Kennedys, United Nations, League of Nations,
Alexander the Great, the Hapsburgs, the Hollenzollerns, the Romanoffs, the Ming Dynasty, the
Czars, the Communist Party, Saladin, the Popes, Baibars, Hitler, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane,
Charlemagne, Pepin, Otto, Frederick, Napoleon, Bismarck, Queen Victoria, the Plagenats, or the
Tudors set up, could ever stand, even temporarily, without constant bloodshed, arrests,
imprisonments, assassinations, executions, slavery, fraud, embezzlement, blackmail, double crossing,
spying, stealing, and WAR.
God’s witness for this truth is history.
The God of the Book is the God of History.
The Bible is a history book.
No SPIRITUAL KINGDOM comes (the kingdom of God) until THE KING comes. Your belief
or unbelief in that statement is absolutely IMMATERIAL.
I am not a “New Ager” because, out of 4,000,000,000 sinners on this earth, there is not one
political or religious leader who has anymore idea of how to “bring in the kingdom” than Gen.
Rommel, Gen. Patton, Chesty Puller, Roland, Field Marshall Ney, DuGeslein, Marat, Nathan
Bedford Forrest, Audie Murphy, Mohammad, Black Jack Pershing, Saladin, Richard the Lion
Hearted, William the Conquerer, Frederick the Great, Gen. Rundstedt, Gen. Kesselring, Gen. Jodl,
Gen. Manstein. Gen. Hindenburg, or Jeb Stuart.
These religious “do-gooders”—one world, New Age Global Citizens—cannot tolerate the
FACTS of history, as recorded in the History Book, for that history places ONE Man (and one Man
ONLY) in charge of not only the salvation of individual men, women, and children, but also of
setting up a literal, visible kingdom on this earth (Psa. 2, 72, 68, 132, 110; Luke 1:30–34; Matt. 25;
Rev. 20; Isa. 2, 11; Zech. 14).
He will do this, and then, at the end of His “thousand-year Reich,” (Rev. 20:1–6), He will burn
the whole EPA mess to a cinder (2 Pet. 3; Isa. 66).
That isn’t the shocker. The “shocker” is that ANY child with a fourth-grade education can know
that those are historical FACTS, and can read them in a History Book written in the universal
language of the twentieth century.
The History Book was written by the Holy Spirit (2 Tim. 3:16). A child who is spiritual can grasp
historical truths. The Spirit reveals the future. It is not a Spirit that is connected with any religion. It
is the Spirit (Rom. 8:1–3) of a Man who was dead and rose again, so He (John 14:17) is called a
“GHOST”—the HOLY GHOST (John 14:26). The Book says He is given to those who OBEY God
(Acts 5:32), instead of those who try to compete with Him in air-conditioning a hog pen on this earth
and trying to convert it into a “kingdom.”
All kingdom builders are bloody killers (John 8:44).
That is why I am not a New-Age Global Citizen, and never will be.
A child of THE KING (John 1:49; Col. 3:1–13) has no business air-conditioning hog pens,
cohabitating with whores (Ezek. 16:17–49), bringing in a kingdom that isn’t his (Matt. 6:13), or
making a liar out of God (1 John 5:10–13) because he himself is a FOOL (Rom. 1:22)—and a blind
one, at that (Matt. 23:17, 19, 26).
I am an “Old-Age New Jerusalem” citizen (Gal. 4:26; Phil. 3:20; Col. 3:1–3).
The fleshy, egotistical, puffed-up, bloated, self-deceived “do gooders” can stick their “New Age”

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