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Single Phase Reference Meter

Single Phase Portable Reference Standard is used to test the accuracy and load of single phase energy meters at
site without interrupting the customer service connections and compute the error in the field.

SPRS - 1102

Clamp on CT

Scan Head
Reference Meter

 Current range up to 60 Amperes  Optical sensor for electro mechanical
 Accuracy class 0.2S/0.5S & electronic meters
 Automatic error computation  RS-232 communication to BCS
 1000 test results storage facility  Calibration LED for Primary calibration
 Powered by measuring circuit

 Clamp on CT with cable  Snap switch for Manual operation
 Cable for ring CT  Communication cable for downloading
 Cable for field & laboratory use  Base computer software
 Scanner with stand  Portable Printer Optional

 Elimination of human error  Voltage clip - type connectors for safety
 Confident test results  Testing without service interruptions
 Portable, compact & easy to use  No external projections, by which the
 Interface to an External printer equipment could be damaged
(optional)  1000 Records storage

ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Technical Specification Environmental Specification

Electrical  Operating
o o
Temperature range : -10 C to 50 C
 Voltage : 240V + 30%  Storage
 Current : 200 mA to 10Amps-ring CT Temperature range
: -25 C to 70 C

500mA to 60A-clamp on CT  Relative humidity : 95% non condensing

 Frequency : 50Hz + 10%  Degree of
 Voltage burden : Less than 10VA Protection : IP 52
 Current burden : Less than 1VA
 Power factor : Zero lag - Unity – Zero lead.

 With ring CT : 0.2S
 With clamp on CT : 0.5S
 IEC 60687
Display  IS 12346
 IS 14697
 Format : 4 lines * 20 characters
 Day light visibility : LCD backlit

Display resolution & Parameters BCS Software

 Voltage : 0.01
 Current : 0.001  User friendly BCS software with various types
 Power factor : 0.001 of reports
 Frequency : 0.001
 Energy : 0.0001
 Error percentage : 0.01%

 Type : Sealed membrane (Tactile)
 Number of keys : Alpha numeric keypad
with separate keys for
alphabets & numbers

 1000 test results along with meter, consumer
information Main Screen

Optical Scanner
 LED pulse for electronic meters
 Rotor mark for electro mechanical meters

 RS-232 port

 Dimension : Not exceeding 250 mm *
100 mm* 60 mm
 Weight : less than 0.5Kg
MUT Report Screen
 Enclosure : High strength molded ABS

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Product developement is continuous process - Specification subject to change

EDITION : 06-10’