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Are millennials driving the

construction of ‘wellness’-
minded buildings?
And not just in the office anymore
By Barbara Eldredge @barbaraeldredge Jan 31, 2017, 9:42am EST



Millennials care about health—even in their buildings. And this growing cohort of
aspiring homeowners is fueling a new construction trend for “wellness” buildings,
Construction Dive reports. “Wellness” buildings are not only energy-efficient and
environmentally sustainable, but they’re also supposed to improve human health
and quality of life. Everything from natural light to air and water quality to open
office layouts can be considered a part of the movement to make buildings healthier
for the people who live and work in them.

Offices lead the charge, where employers interested in attracting and keeping top
talent will invest in wellness-related amenities like healthy snacks, nap pods, and
better lighting. But experts say that health-conscious construction will soon bleed
over into residential buildings as millennials get used to their healthy office perks
and decide they want them at home, too.

Robert Thorne, CEO and co-founder of The Wellness Habitat Company, imagines a
near-future where advanced home technology will infuse probiotics and
aromatherapy scents into household air, and lighting will automatically adjust to
our circadian rhythms.

But while sustainable building practices can be measured in energy savings or

carbon footprint reduction, the effects of wellness-enhancing features are typically
more subjective and harder to track since they deal with comfort and long-term
physical health. But this statistics challenge isn’t likely to stop developers from
catering to the next generation of homeowners. Do check out the full story here.

Via: Construction Dive



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