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Republic of the Philippines

Balian, Pangil, Laguna

4th Monthly Examination in TLE – ICT Grade 9

Match the following items. Write only the letter of the correct answer on the
______________1. It is a mark-up language used in creating Web pages.
______________2. HTML tag that defines the document type.
______________3. It has a start and end tags.
______________4. Everything between the start and end tag.
______________5. HTML tag that defines a video or movie content
______________6. They are stand-alone type of tags that don`t require end tags.
______________7. It provides additional information to tags.
______________8. HTML tags that provide a section that links to other pages.
______________9. End tags have these.
______________10. They are the basic building blocks of HTML.
Write the correct opening and closing tags on the different commands below.
11. Hyperlink ______________________________________________________
12. Important text __________________________________________________
13. Marked or highlighted text ________________________________________
14. Possible line break _______________________________________________
15. Definition list ___________________________________________________
16. Section ________________________________________________________
17. Body __________________________________________________________
18. Article _________________________________________________________
19. Underline ______________________________________________________
20. Head __________________________________________________________
Write the attribute name of the <head> and <body> tags described.
Attribute Name Functions
21. Indicates the color of the text in the Web page.
22. Indicates the horizontal alignment of heading.
23. Indicates the color of the visited hyperlinks in the web page.
24. Indicates the background image of the Web page.
25. Indicates the text that appears when the mouse hoves over the heading.
26. Indicates the background color of the Web page.
Write TRUE if the statement is correct and False if not.
_____27. An HTML document is written in a Visual Basic format.
_____28. HTML tags help to translate to the Web browser what you want to happen to your Web page.
_____29. An empty tag should have an opening and closing tags.
_____30.Navigation element allows you to link important groups.
_____31. The header element may represent as footer, article, section or aside.
_____32. The section element represents a generic section of a document, usually with a heading.
_____33. An attribute should have a value.
_____34. You can view your HTML document in any web browser.
_____35. When you place a header element, there should always be a footer element.
_____36. Each tag has different tasks.
_____37. Container tags have the start and end tags.
_____38. An HTML file must have .txt extension name.
_____39. You can use the <div> element to wrap a container around a segment of content in order for you
to apply styling with CSS or effort with JavaScript.
_____40. An empty tag is stand-alone type of tag that does not require end tags.
Write the output of the following codes. (10 points)
<title>IT Learning</title>
<p align=center>Creative Design
<br>Web Design
<br>Animation and Multimedia
<br>Visual Basic and Access</p>
<p><small>&copy; Copyright 2018</small></p>