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Question 1

List 3 sources of information you can use in your workplace to obtain information on customer profile
and food preferences:
Source of information



Question 2
What are the service style(s) and cuisine(s) used in your workplace? List all that apply and list menu
examples which are used for each service style or type of cuisine used:
Cuisine Service Style Menu examples
Question 3
Complete the following yield tests, calculating the Net yield per Kg and the net portion cost for each
commodity based on the net cost per Kg and the portion size per kg provided.
Commodity $ / kg s Net Yield/ kg Net cost/kg Portions /kg Net Portion Cost/ $
Beans 2.95 16% 3.51 0.100
Broccoli 4.85 24% 6.38 0.100
Carrots 1.40 16% 1.67 0.100
Cauliflower 5.75 22% 7.37 0.100
Kohlrabi 4.28 32% 6.29 0.100
Spinach 10.60 18% 12.93 0.100
Onions 2.45 14% 2.85 0.050
Sirloin 16.80 26% 22.70 0.280
Loin of Pork 14.80 14% 17.21 0.250
Leg of
8.90 27% 12.19
Lamb 0.250

Question 4
How would the profit margins and menu type differ in a fine dining establishment compared to a bistro
or pub?
What would be cost factors you would need to consider for each of these operations?
Bistro , Pub Fine dining establishment
Menu type and Margins Menu type and Margins

Cost Factors Cost Factors

Question 5
Go to the Sydney markets website www.sydneymarkets.com.au and provide an overview of the fruit
and vegetables in season relevant to the month you are undertaking this assessment. Select 3 seasonal
recipes from the recipe section on that site which could be used for a seasonal 3-course menu:

Fruit and Vegetables in Season

Question 6
Go to the Australia Tourism website http://www.australia.com/en/things-to-do/food-and-wine/the-
best-halal-restaurants-in-australia.html, select 3 restaurants from 2 different states (then click in each
on “view more information”) and create 3 different ethnic menus from the different dishes offered by
restaurants which provide a link.
Restaurant 1 Restaurant 2 Restaurant 3
Menu 1 Menu 2 Menu 3

Question 7
Go to the following 2 websites and identify 6 different trends for food and beverages in Australia for

Question 8
Customer characteristics vary according to a wide range of factors. Give general examples of how each
of the following characteristics will impact on your planning of menus and menu styles in an

Customer Characteristic Impact on menu planning and menu style

age range

buying power


income level

social and cultural background

Question 9
Design a customer questionnaire which you can use to evaluate the following types of menus for your
practical assessment.
The questions need to be clear and objective. The questions must be rated from e.g. 1-5 (1 is poor/5 is
excellent). Allow a space at the end to permit customers to comment.
Remember, the aim of your questions is to obtain valid feedback and to enable you to make
improvements to your menus.
 à la carte
 buffet
 cyclical
 degustation
 ethnic
 set
 table d’hôte
 seasonal

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