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The Anti-Fashion Show,
run by the Women’s
Issues Network, takes an
environmental approach,
using second-hand and
used clothes. See the full
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No problems with binge drinking since 1906 -7 -7


Binge drinking a problem, say doctors

Despite it being a “normal
thing” at universities, doctors say
binge drinking is a much bigger
problem than we realize
Kaleigh Rogers Jennifer Ashenden, assistant
NEWS EDITOR director of residences at Western,
explained they are fully aware of the
You might want to think twice before trend with students binge drinking.
doing that kegstand this weekend, “Drinking in university is a cul-
based on a recommendation in Mon- tural thing, it’s North American,” she
day’s Canadian Medical Association noted. “There’s a certain element of
Journal. understanding that students are
The panel of doctors claimed in going to experiment and that’s why
an editorial that binge drinking is we try to be proactive and we try to
more of a problem than we often take an educational approach and I Corey Stanford GAZETTE
realize, causing disease and strain on think we’re seeing pretty good results SHOT ON LOCATION AT THE GAZETTE OFFICE. A new editorial from a panel of doctors takes aim at lax sentiments over the
the medical system. from that.” dangers of binge drinking.
The panel defined binge drinking She cited education as key to
as five drinks or more in a single sit- helping students realize the dangers happen, we understand that youth mess,” Zuniga explained, “There “Alcohol poisoning’s a huge, huge
ting for men, and four or more drinks of binge drinking, how to avoid it, are going to drink. But it’s trying to were at least 20 other students, and risk and I don’t think a lot of people
in one sitting for women. The editori- and what to do if things get out of do it in a safer way and being a little that was just for that week that they understand that and it can be life-
al noted almost nine per cent of Cana- hand. Melissa Rennison, a registered smarter about it.” actually got caught. There’s so many threatening. You can drink too
dians reported binge drinking in the nurse with the Middlesex-London One of the strategies in place at more that don’t get caught and much, end up passing out, puking,
past five years. Most of the respon- Health Unit, agreed education is the residences on campus is alcohol there’s so much that nobody even and choking on your own vomit. [...]
dents were men aged 15 to 24 — high best strategy to reduce binge drink- awareness seminars, which stu- knows about. I would say it’s defi- It can be life or death.”
school and university-aged students. ing among students. dents may be required to go to if nitely an issue.” McDonnell agreed while drinking
Bryn McDonnell, a fourth-year “That’s a very ‘normal thing’ for they are caught drinking to excess Rennison stressed it’s more than can be a part of the university expe-
business and English student, was- kids to be going out and having in residence. just getting in trouble with residence rience, it’s a problem when it gets out
n’t surprised by the statistics. more than five drinks in a single sit- Victoria Zuniga, a second-year managers, though. Binge drinking of hand.
“You can rule out the first two or ting and thinking nothing of it,” Ren- sociology student, recalled attending can cause serious short-term and “I know that I’ve fallen into the
three weeks of every semester to nison explained. one of these seminars last year when long-term health effects, including trap sometimes, but it’s not good to
being devoted to people going out “Education’s a huge thing her roommate was put on probation. alcohol poisoning, injuries, or unpro- try to get completely intoxicated. It’s
and having a good time,” he said. because we understand it’s going to “She lost control and it was a big tected sex. just not worth it at the end of the day.”

Londoners puzzled over improving air quality

New readings show air pollution in London is on the decline
Alex Carmona ing readings from 40 stations across tion of pollutants [in London] since there is a bit of concern, we’re seeing
GAZETTE STAFF Ontario. The stations were designed around 2001.” a good decrease and are within the
to measure emissions of common This trend is not exclusive to standards.”
London’s air pollution level is on the pollutants, such as carbon monox- London, either. “Many other com- The stable decrease in London’s
decline. The cause of the city’s clean- ide and ground-level ozone. These munities in southern Ontario are air pollutant levels comes despite If you have a cold, wet
er air, however, remains elusive. kinds of pollutants typically occur as experiencing decreases as well,” the fact that pollution levels can
The two major contenders are a result of consumer, vehicle and Jamie Skimming, manager for Lon- change depending on factors out-
summer, you’re not
the economic turndown, which has industrial activity. don’s newest air quality initiative side of our control. going to get the same
resulted in a decrease in industrial “Generally speaking, air quality in Moving Forward Locally, said. “Air quality is quite weather amount of air pollution
activity across the country, and the London is on the mend,” Iqbal Kalsi, According to Kalsi, London’s air dependant,” James Voogt, associate
city’s green movement. manager of environmental health at quality is currently within Canadian professor of geography at Western, episodes even for the
The Ministry of Environment the Middlesex-London Health Unit, environmental standards in almost noted. “For example, if you have a same emissions.
released the information about Lon- said. “Looking at the data, there has every respect. “In most areas, other — James Voogt
don’s increased air quality after tak- a been a decrease in the concentra- than ground-level ozone, where >> see NO SINGLE pg.3 Associate professor of geography at Western
2• thegazette • Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Caught on camera

Courtesy of Jeff Armour

THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT ROOFTOP PATIO. Renovations are continuing to the former gyms in the University Community
Centre as a skylight is installed on the roof.

Events Calendar

Wednesday, Jan.19 The founder and chair of Free The pants are encouraged to bring gro-
Driving Out of Bankruptcy: Manage- Children and We to Me is speaking ceries for the food bank.
ment Lessons from 50 years at GM about how one person can make a
Thursday, Jan. 27
world of difference. Tickets are $10
Where: Ivey Rm 3B04 for Western students and $20 for CAISA Fashion Show Champagne
Time: 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. non-students. All proceeds go to Me Party
John F. Smith, a recently-retired spe- to We. Tickets are available at InfoS- Where: Club Rouge (Piccadilly St.)
cial adviser to GM’s CEO, shares ource and the King’s Proshop. Every $10 wristband will support the
insights from his critical role in
Friday, Jan. 21 Children’s Health Foundation. The
restructuring GM following bank-
event is part of the annual fashion
ruptcy, leading to the turnarounds Spotlight on Western Heads East show by the Canadian Asian Interna-
at Cadillac and Allison Transmission.
Where: The Great Hall tional Students Association. The
Margaret Atwood at Western Time: 12:30 to 2 p.m. fashion show will take place on
Learn about Western Heads East, its March 19 at Centennial Hall. More
Where: Ivey Rm 3B04
mission and hear about experiences information at caisafashion-
Time: 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.
of past members. Probiotic yogurt
Famous author Margaret Atwood
samples provided. Free admission.
speaks on campus. The event is Saturday, Jan. 29
made possible by the University Stu- Wednesday, Jan. 26 Slow Dance Night
dents’ Council and Arts & Humani- Lexus of London and YPG reveal the
ties. Tickets can be purchased at Where: Brennan’s Beer & Bistro (347
2011 Lexus IS350 Clarence St.)
InfoSource and are $15 for Western
students and $25 including tax for Where: Moxie’s Classic Grill Time: 8:30 p.m.
non-students. Time: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. London’s self-proclaimed “first ever
To benefit the London Food Bank slow dance night,” the event invites
Thursday, Jan. 20 and prostate cancer research, the wallflowers and veteran dancers
Craig Kielburger at King’s Young Professionals Group and alike to a night featuring only slow
Where: King’s University College – Lexus of London demonstrate the songs. Admission is $8 at the door.
Labatt Hall new Lexus IS 350. Wine tasting and More information at brennansbeer-
Time: 6:30 p.m. hors d’oeuvres provided. Partici-

News Briefs

Georgopolous er, if the courses are privately oper- The issue should be why can’t we get
proposes privatizing ated, whether it rains or not, the a cheaper version.”
golf courses companies must still pay taxes. — Cheryl Stone
The City of London has been look- “The City should work hard and
ing to increase its income to avoid a get this done, because the public can Western docs
tax increase. But one London realtor still golf there; the ownership of the ranked number one
has an odd recommendation. golf course is just going to someone Last year’s graduating class from
For the City to fully maximize its else, but the City is still maintaining Western’s Schulich School of Medi-
income, George Georgopoulos, a the land, so everybody is happy.” cine and Dentistry was the top
realtor for ReMax Advantage Inter- — Jason Sinukoff ranked school in the Medical Coun-
national Realty Ltd., recommended cil of Canada Qualifying Examina-
they sell three publicly owned golf Intersection chirp tion. This exam is mandatory for
courses to private operators. carries $12K price tag medical students and must be passed
The three golf courses in ques- Several of London’s intersections to become a practicing doctor.
tion are River Road, Thames Valley may stay quiet if Dale Henderson, “To be ranked number one is
and the Fanshawe golf course. Ward 9 councillor, gets his way. quite unusual,” Maggie Rebel,
“When the city owns the courses, London currently has plans to Schulich’s associate dean of under-
they don’t pay any taxes. Instead, install new crosswalk traffic light graduate medicine, said.
they can get private golf operators buttons at 400 crosswalks over the Although Schulich students con-
in there that know what they’re next 20 years. The buttons are used tinuously perform well in this exam-
doing, and the city is going to gain to request a light for pedestrians and ination, ranking above the Canadian
income from tax revenue 12 months emit a beeping noise for pedestrians mean for the last four years, it has
out of a year, as opposed to getting it who are visually impaired. been over a decade since the school
five months out of a year,” Geor- “The price tag is the thing that took the top spot.
gopoulos said. concerns me,” Henderson explained, “Not since 1997 has Schulich been
He also mentioned this will adding the installation costs per ranked number one,” Rebel said.
decrease the number of services tax- intersection are $12,000. He noted This performance has been par-
payers pay for. the cost would be $50,000 this year. tially attributed to a “significant
Once a private operator owns the He felt the current technology curriculum realignment” put in
golf courses they not only have to was unnecessarily expensive, as it place six years ago to ensure top
pay real estate tax, which can be as required wires to be buried under- performance from the medical stu-
much as $200,000 to $300,000 per ground. He wanted to see the city dents. “We’ve spent a lot of time on
year, but a percentage of their rev- look into options that wouldn’t need quality assurance processes to pro-
enue as well. the wires buried. mote a rich, educational environ-
According to Georgopoulos, with He also felt the intersections cre- ment,” she said.
the amount of rain London has seen, ated an unnecessary amount of This ranking serves as a mark of
people didn’t golf very often last noise. pride for Schulich and, according to
year. If people don’t golf, he said, “Some of these [noises] are going Rebel, “an external validation that
there’s no income coming into the all the time,” he said. “I have no we are doing a good job.”
city from these properties. Howev- problem with starting the project. — Cameron Smith
thegazette • Wednesday, January 19, 2011 •3
London > Pollution
Campus Rec opens doors to varsity teams
No single Approval for varsity use depends on how it affects students
source to
Cheryl Stone
praise for NEWS EDITOR

air quality Varsity athletes could soon apply to

have their own corner of the West-
ern Student Recreation Centre to
>> continued from pg.1 practice in.
After previously preventing var-
cold, wet summer, you’re not going sity teams from using the WSRC,
to get the same amount of air pollu- Campus Recreation has lifted
tion episodes even for the same restrictions and is allowing official
emissions.” Western teams limited access.
Voogt was hesitant to ascribe Lon- For a year after the facility
don’s cleaner air to any one source in opened, Campus Recreation
particular. “I think it would be tricky blocked varsity access to monitor
to try and separate economic output usage patterns and determine when
from people’s choice of being green, outside groups could have access
seeing as they can be linked.” without affecting students. An
For example, Voogt explained agreement between the University
how a green initiative to reduce con- Students’ Council and Western also
sumer use of electricity would also stated the centre must be used sole-
reduce industrial emissions from the ly for student recreation after 4 p.m.
coal-fire generating stations that and mostly for student use before
produce that electricity. that time.
On the green side of things, Now, with usage patterns known
Skimming highlighted three macro- and interest from varsity teams con-
scopic changes in energy consump- tinuing, an application process is in
tion. He believed that more energy place to give varsity groups access
efficient cars, replacement of coal- to the gym.
fire power plants with cleaner ener- “It’s all on a case-by-case basis,”
gy sources and the promotion of Gareth Cunningham, manager of
summertime electricity conserva- Campus Recreation, explained of the Corey Stanford GAZETTE FILE PHOTO
tion have had a major impact on air application process. 4 A.M. IS ALWAYS THE BEST TIME FOR A SWIM MEET. The Western Student Campus Recreation Centre previously stopped
quality in Ontario. Varsity teams could get use of the varsity athletes from using the space, but is now approving varsity use on a case-by-case basis. Approval depends on how
These eco-friendly initiatives, space by making a request to the it will affect students using the centre, meaning varsity teams will be allowed during less busy hours.
while not proven to be the major reservations department. The Recre-
cause of the current increase in air ation Centre Advisory Committee said they measure how students will which fits with varsity teams inter-
quality, pre-date the current industri- then evaluates the impact on stu- be affected if outside groups are ested in practicing during off hours.
al slowdown as well. “What we’re see- dents and either grants or denies use granted space. Portions of the WSRC are cur-
ing now [in terms of emission reduc- of the space. “They always look to me to see if rently allotted to Western’s varsity
tions] are the fruits of these labours, “We would consult as a commit- this is appropriate for the students,” swim team, provided the space is
some of which go back even to the late tee and it would need a reason for it Tithecott said of the decision-mak- shared with student programming. V E G A N R E STA U R A N T
‘80s and early ‘90s,” Skimming said. to be approved or disapproved,” said ing process. “We really want to make Squash and volleyball tournaments
“People have to remember Susan Grindrod, associate vice- sure students aren’t dispositioned.” have also been approved in the past
 Now open for Sunday Brunch 
Serving home-cooked meals with local,
though, we’re not out the woods yet,” president of housing and ancillary Cunningham noted he would along with the Special Olympics last
organic and fair-trade ingredients
Skimming concluded. “We still need services, and a member of the com- recommend admitting varsity teams July.

continue efforts to get people to mittee. She noted the group only met if they were interested in a time Cunningham explained he has OPEN Tuesday - Sunday
drive less often, conserve energy and when it was necessary. when the WSRC was not busy. He been approached by varsity teams
646 Richmond St. Bike delivery
to invest in cleaner and more effi- Mike Tithecott, president of the also emphasized the entire facility about using the recreation space. 519-850-8688 Licensed
cient new technologies.” USC, also sits on the committee and strives to be used to its full potential,

Education > Learning CORRECTION

A portion of the article “Food waste
Prof studies ‘math dyslexia’ a constant struggle” appearing in
the Jan. 18, 2011 edition of the
Gazette indicated Western threw
Preparation Seminars
Disorder to blame for math anxiety, stress out 243,000 kg of organic waste in
2009. In fact, this organic waste
was diverted to a composting facil- • Complete 30-Hour Seminars
Monica Blaylock continued. less time doing mathematics,” ity in London. The Gazette regrets
the error. • Convenient Weekend Schedule
NEWS EDITOR Since 2007, Ansari has been Namukasa said.
working with graduate student “There is a math poster that says, • Proven Test-Taking Strategies
Students who dreaded their math Stephanie Bugden to examine how ‘Mathematics multiplies your • Experienced Course Instructors
homework may find an explanation young students perform in mathe- chances.’ Unfortunately for many • Comprehensive Study Materials
in research by a Western professor. It matics. whose math anxiety is not altered
might have been math dyslexia. Starting with first and second before the end of elementary school, • Simulated Practice Exams
Daniel Ansari, a psychology pro- grade students, Bugden gave behav- this multiplication might be by an • Limited Class Size
fessor, is studying the condition ioural tests to examine their com- amount less than one — a fraction, Solution to puzzle on page 11 • Free Repeat Policy
known as developmental dyscalcu- parison and math skills. A year later, negative number or decimal,” she
• Personal Tutoring Available
lia. The neurological disorder is like she gave the test to the same chil- said.
dyslexia with numbers, making it dren again along with brain imaging. “Many students that fear mathe- • Thousands of Satisfied Students
difficult to process numerical values In the spring she’ll invite them back matics usually do not take mathe-
and acquire basic math skills. for another round of tests and an matics courses before Grade 10 and OXFORD SEMINARS
The disorder affects five per cent MRI scan to examine changes over you can see how that means a
of the population and can hinder the time. reduction in choices at colleges and 1-800-269-6719
development of fundamental math Ansari noted his research intends universities.” 416-924-3240
skills in children. According to to help diagnose children with Ansari also pointed out dyscal-
Ansari, unattended cases of dyscal- dyscalculia early on, in order to culia and math-related disorders are
culia can drive students away from properly teach them fundamental given far less attention than dyslex-
math-related subjects and potential-
ly limit their future careers and edu-
math skills.
The development of basic math
ia and other reading disorders and
further research in this field will sig- Heart of Richmond Row
cation options. skills can have long-term effects on nificantly improve the ability for • 9 sylists
“A consequence of being bad at a child’s personal growth, according future youth to excel in math. • colour specialists
math is you develop math anxiety,” to math specialist Immaculate “We know so much more about • Salon
Ansari said. Namukasa from the faculty of edu- reading than math and the existence • Colour Hilites
“People learn to avoid math
because math leads to negative
experiences – it leads to the experi-
cation at Western.
“Many students who are weak at
a subject would need much encour-
of a disorder called dyscalculia is
unknown to many people. That’s a
reflection of how little awareness
• Unique Upscale
• Hair Extensions

ence of failure. They start to avoid agement and support not to shy there is and one of the key goals is • Great Lengths Certified
math and they may exclude yourself away from it. For younger children, to raise awareness, to avoid this
from certain career paths that especially where they get messages notion that people who are bad at
involve math because they feel they that mathematics is difficult, and it math aren’t very bright,” Ansari 630 Richmond St.
won’t be able to pass the math com- is OK to be bad at math, they commented. 519-858-2355
ponents of their degree program,” he increasingly lose interest and spend
4• thegazette • Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Opinions Across the board, Western students get this […] Everyone benefits.
— USC president Tom Stevenson,
after giving Western administration $101 million on behalf of students.


first, varsity
Two years ago, Western opened its new student
recreation centre. It was a landmark event made
possible because of students, who provided the
majority of the funding.
Since students footed so much of the bill, the
gym was mandated to be specifically for student
use, rather than as a training centre for varsity ath-
letes. Hence the name — the Western Student Recre-
Blue Monday? Big whoop Dear Life

ation Centre. Your anonymous letters to life

So far, restrictions prevented varsity teams from break.
On the other hand, we’re at the begin-
using the recreational space. This has naturally Hayes'd and ning of the new year. It may be arbitrary, Dear Life,
caused some tension between athletes who are pin- but the change in mindset shouldn’t be Every time I’m in the basement of
ing for better equipment and students demanding underestimated. We may end up break- UCC, I can’t help but think Hair
unlimited access to what they paid for. ing all of our resolutions later this week, Masters and Travel Cuts should
But the purpose of the gym is clear. It’s student but we can hold our heads high for at change their names to “Travel
Mike Hayes least setting some goals with our own Masters” and “Hair Cuts.”
space, not varsity space, and athletes should only
MANAGING EDITOR betterment in mind.
have access during off hours and when there’s no We’re also less than a month away
reasonable alternative. Dear Life,
from Reading Week — a sunny oasis
Allowing varsity teams to use the space at the So Monday was Blue Monday. Or maybe where we can safely forget how terribly
My friends and I have hit depres-
that’s next Monday. Those who were pol- alone we were on Valentine’s Day. sion. How do we plan to solve this
expense of students undermines the “recreational”
luting my Facebook news feed couldn’t The next month will also mean the problem? Set up a shisha and
purpose of the centre. Considering varsity teams
seem to make up their minds one way or endless entertainment of a University shoot for the moon.
have their own funding and sometimes have access another. Whatever day it is, it’s supposed Students’ Council election period, where
to their own training facilities, it’s unreasonable to to be the most depressing day of the year. students will be able to watch their peers Dear Life,
ask students to step aside while athletes make use Of course, as the Globe & Mail pointed make fools out of themselves in the vain If it weren’t for the beautiful girls
of a gym they paid for. out on Sunday, the “scientific” basis for hope somebody will remember their at this school I would actually con-
Students must now decide how much they’re such claim is a bunch of hooey — Blue name at the ballot box. sider listening to Justin
Monday is an invention of a British trav- There are plenty of reasons to be
willing to compromise. In some cases, varsity teams Beiber...scratch that, I’d never lis-
el company as a way to stimulate busi- down at this time of year. Crappy weath-
don’t have the resources to practice to their optimal ten to Justin Beiber.
ness in an otherwise slow month. The sci- er and virtually perpetual gloom makes
standard. And while the WSRC is often quite busy, entist responsible for the equation the time outside the classroom more
there’s downtime when any inconvenience to stu- explaining why January’s Mondays lead unbearable than it should be. Dear Life,
dents would be slight, justifying varsity access. to depression is also responsible for But we shouldn’t give in to the urge to I really thought that university
explaining why the happiest day of the enshrine Blue Monday as yet another would be a lot more interesting
Campus Recreation is moving forward with a
year falls somewhere in June. Hallmark Holiday. Beyond the fact that than it has turned out to be so far.
sensible compromise to ensure the space can be But aside from a shooting in Tucson, being perpetually happy would grow old I can’t believe that professors still
shared. After a year of denying access to athletes, growing rumbles of a spring election incredibly fast, arbitrarily citing a Mon- have to go over everything on the
the centre has gathered data to gauge peak hours. emanating from the Prime Minister’s day in January as being a depressing day course outline like plagiarism and
If teams wish, they may apply to use designated office and national turmoil in Tunisia, is does a great disservice to those around all that other boring crap I’ve been
areas of the WSRC. there really all that much depressing stuff us who suffer from tangible depression
through a million times before.
happening in our lives these days? on any given day.
This means some students will be inconve- Why is the first class of every
Sure, we’re all back in school. Assign- Let’s face it, folks — the days are get-
nienced — or even denied access to the facility in ments and readings are starting to crop ting longer, we have a week off coming
semester still wasted on useless
some cases. But if varsity teams legitimately need up, even after everyone blew off the first up and there’s a few months between bullshit?
access to some of the unique and high quality facil- weekend of the new year to stand in line now and the next uncomfortable family
ities the WSRC provides, students should not act in at The Ceeps. Those unfortunate enough holiday. Time to let January off the hook
a way that actively harms the teams dedicated to to have an exam scheduled on the last and rescue it from slanderous accusa- Submit your letter online at
possible day are cursing their all too brief tions of being blue and depressing.
representing Western.
But loosening these restrictions must come with
strict standards for the application process. Varsi-
ty teams should exhaust all alternatives before
approaching the WSRC. In return, Campus Recre-
ation needs to gauge student reaction and address
conflicts as they arise — and they should always
remember to err on the side of students.
— The Gazette Editorial Board

Editorials are decided by a majority of the editorial board and Gazette Composing & Gazette Advertising
thegazette are written by a member of the editorial board but are not nec- Ian Greaves, Manager Mark Ritchie
Gloria Dickie
Jesse Tahirali
Volume 104, Issue 59 essarily the expressed opinion of each editorial board member. Maja Anjoli-Bilić Karen Savino Monica Blaylock
All other opinions are strictly those of the author and do not nec- Photography
Cheryl Forster Diana Watson Cheryl Stone
essarily reflect the opinions of the USC, The Gazette, its editors Kaleigh Rogers Corey Stanford
Contact: Nyssa Kuwahara
or staff.
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University Students’ Council. • Please recycle this newspaper • Drew Whitson, Aaron Zaltzman, Deborah Zhu Arden Zwelling Anders Kravis
thegazette • Wednesday, January 19, 2011 •5

Arts&Life saywhat?
“He shot out like a rocket. There aren’t proper words to describe
that feeling. It’s indescribable. It was just, ‘We have a son!’”
>> Elton John, on the birth of his son Zachary

>> Housing > Directory

Here are some helpful

websites to get you started on
your housing search:

Kijiji London

Exclusive Rentals

Zoltri Group

London Property Corp.

Western’s Off Campus

Housing Portal

Western’s Off Campus Advisors

Western’s Housing Mediation
Photo Illustration by Cam Parkes GAZETTE
GET USED TO SEEING THESE EYESORES. It’s never a bad idea to take a walk through the areas you might want to live and write down phone numbers.

Amber Garratt first sight and signing a lease imme- university. are signing a document together,
ARTS & LIFE EDITOR diately isn’t always the smartest “If you are willing to take a 10 because when they sign a joint lease Come volunteer with the
move. Signing a lease is a big com- minute bus ride you will save $100 a they are liable for their roommates’ Arts & Life section!
It’s that time of year again. mitment and once signed, it’s very month. If you are going towards debts,” Matthews says. “If their
“For Rent” signs are beginning to difficult to get out of. White Hills and Kipps Lane, east or roommate doesn’t pay the utilities or Just walk up to
pop up on lawns and “Roommate “Some don’t understand the west of the university, you can save the rent, their landlord can go to the Room 263 of the UCC to
Wanted” flyers are being posted implications of signing a lease. It is some money,” Matthews explains. “A ask about volunteering.
around campus. Looking for a house a legally binding contract and if it is 10-minute bus ride, if you live close >> see HUNTING pg.9
can be overwhelming, especially for broken, the tenant and their guaran- to a bus route such as Dundas, Won-
first-time renters, so here are some tor could be taken to small claims derland or Kipps, will get you to the
tips and tricks for finding your home court if they break this contract,” centre of campus as fast as someone
for next year. says Jason Stern, a director at Exclu- walking from the Richmond gates.”
sive Rentals. Eight-month leases are a good
Don’t rush Take your time when looking for option for students looking to save
As soon as the holidays are over, stu- houses to ensure you love the house a bit of money. Saving four months
dents feel pressure to find housing and can afford the cost of rent before of rent each year can make a world
for the coming school year. But don’t committing yourself to a lease. of difference for some.
jump the gun. “It is rare to find eight month
January and February is almost Budget leases at this time of year. Some stu-
too soon to start looking for hous- Before looking for housing and find- dents purposely wait until the sum-
ing. A lot of houses do not become ing roommates, you should set a mer to find an eight-month lease,”
available until the beginning of budget for yourself. If you start look- Matthews says. “Some students pur-
March. Tenants must give their land- ing outside your budget, you may posely wait until July and August
lord 60 days notice to vacate at the find yourself let down when you fall because they know landlords will be
end of a lease and most people don’t in love with a place you can’t afford. willing to negotiate more then, espe-
give their notice until the end of Feb- “A lot of people rush into finding cially if you are a single person look-
ruary, so it’s worth the wait. a house. We suggest that everyone ing for a place.”
“Don’t panic. London has the sec- step back and do a budget first
ond highest vacancy rate in the before even looking, and do a room- Pick your roommates carefully
province,” explains Glenn Matthews, mate agreement before signing a Moving into a house for the first
housing mediation officer at West- lease,” Matthews says. time can be a hard transition, so
ern. “There is a lot of housing. How- The cost of rent varies on your make sure you and your roommates
ever, housing right next to the uni- location. Houses adjacent to the uni- will be able to live harmoniously.
versity will go in the next two versity are substantially more “We suggest that you make sure
months.” expensive than a house that’s a 10 or you are compatible [with your
Falling in love with a house at 15-minute bus ride away from the roommates], especially when people
6• thegazette • Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Opinion often differs as to the benefits of attending

Make a Career Fair a career fair. For every one person who can tell a
story of landing their dream job thanks to a career

Work for You

fair, there seems to be dozens more stories of how
career fairs don’t yield the desired results.
While there’s no guarantee a career fair will end
up with an employer-employee match made in
heaven, there are steps job seekers can take to
make the most of a career fair.
• GET A HEAD START. Thanks to the Internet, it’s
now easier for job seekers to make themselves
known at career fairs. Pre-registering for a career
fair, as opposed to simply showing up on the day of,
often requires registrants to upload a resume. This
gives prospective employers an opportunity to pre-
screen potential applicants and make a note of who
they want to contact at a career fair.
• BE PREPARED. A career fair should not be consid-
ered a simple meet-and-greet. Job seekers should
prepare for a career fair as if it were a job interview.
Everyone knows the value of making a strong first
impression, and job seekers can do just that by
preparing to answer any questions prospective em-
ployers might ask. While a career fair might seem
less formal than a typical job interview, it should not
be treated as such.
Not Connected? No Problem. • BRING MORE THAN YOURSELF. Today’s job market is
incredibly competitive, and standing out at a
Build career connections now. crowded career fair won’t be easy. That said, job
seekers should bring a portfolio of their best work.
This doesn’t have to be everything, but individuals
should choose a handful of work samples that illus- When attending a career fair, it’s important to
trate their talents and experience. wear appropriate attire that’s acceptable in an of-
• DRESS THE PART. Attire is also important when at- fice environment.
tending a career fair. Just because a career fair is
on a Wednesday afternoon does not mean job seek- their business cards and follow-up with them after
ers should dress like it’s a typical lazy Wednesday the event. Call them that night and leave a voicemail
afternoon around the house. Conservative business thanking them for their time and insight, or e-mail
January 27, 2011, 1–8pm attire should be worn, and remember it’s always them a thoughtful letter expressing similar senti-
preferable to overdress than underdress. ments of gratitude. Also, reiterate interest in the
London Convention Centre • FOLLOW-UP. Companies with a table or booth at a company and any available positions discussed dur-
career fair are going to receive an overwhelming ing the career fair. Before hanging up the phone or
Gain access to London’s business community, get insider amount of resumes, particularly with such high un- sending the e-mail, be sure to promise a follow-up
information on the city’s leading industries, and learn how employment rates. That said, it’s a good idea for job phone call during business hours, and make sure
to pitch your skills and experience to London employers. seekers to do some follow-up with recruiters. Take that phone call is made. METRO NEWS SERVICE
$10.00 ticket includes:
50 Personalized Business Cards
Afternoon of workshops
Keynote Address
S2B Networking
Refreshments Finding Work in a Still
Registration and info online at Struggling Economy
Finding a job is rarely easy. Of- • TAILOR LETTERS TO EACH SPECIFIC
tentimes, job searches can take JOB. Many applicants use the
anywhere from several weeks to same form cover letter when ap-
several months. And as millions plying for jobs. While that’s un-
have learned over the last couple derstandable, letters should still
of years, that process is even be altered a little for each job to
more arduous when the economy which a person applies. Tailor
is struggling. each letter to the specific job, ex-
plaining how individual skills
While there’s no guarantees match the job opening. This won’t
when it comes to looking for a job, require too much alteration or
there are steps men and women time, but it can make an applicant
can take to increase their chances stand out among the masses who
of finding a fulfilling career. simply send the same form letter
out regardless of the position.
Finding a job is not a part-time AND PAST COLLEAGUES. While some
endeavor. While those currently might feel ashamed to be out of a
holding a job can afford to devote job, that should not be the case.
less attention to their search, When looking for work, don’t feel
those without work must treat the ashamed to let friends, family and
search itself as a full-time com- even past colleagues know of your
mitment. That means a daily job search. Many employed peo-
schedule devoted to finding work, ple are only employed today be-
be it searching job banks and cause they networked and it paid
newspaper classified sections or off.
contacting employment place- • DON’T BE CAUGHT OFF GUARD.
ment agencies. Whatever it is, Those without work should not be
there should be effort made every caught off guard should they hear
day to find work. of a job opening in their desired
• DON’T SIT ON LEADS. The job field. Always have resumes ready
market is always competitive, and to be sent out immediately, and
even more so in the current eco- revisit the resume and cover let-
nomic climate. Therefore, any- ter on at least a weekly basis to
time those looking for work get a make sure both are current and
lead on a job opening they should as good as they can possibly be.
follow up on that lead immedi- Job openings don’t last very long
ately. Just make sure not to hurry these days, and the applicant
too much when following up on a who’s ready to jump on a job
lead. Be sure any resumes or opening is the one who’s most
cover letters are still grammati- likely to land the job.
cally correct and error-free. METRO NEWS SERVICE
thegazette • Wednesday, January 19, 2011 •7


rent employees and even new ap- pecially aggravating client. While

Getting a Freelance Career plicants are up to. Social media

should be used to a freelancer’s
advantage, not to his or her detri-
it can be tempting to simply walk
away from such a client, the dam-
age done to a freelancer’s reputa-

Off the Ground ment.

• STAY PATIENT. Even the most
successful freelancers can go long
stretches of time without work-
tion when quitting a particular job
may prove irreversible.
can be more beneficial to free-
Office workers and other pro- However, maintaining a steady in- sion statement to make sure
fessionals with 9-to-5 jobs often come can make that initial diffi- prospective clients get a feel for ing. While that might seem heav- lancers than a good reputation.
dream of leaving the office behind culty easier to survive. who it is they are considering hir- enly to the average professional, it Whenever a project is finished
and pursuing a freelance career • DON’T PUT ALL YOUR EGGS INTO ing. can be grueling to a freelancer. and the client is satisfied, ask
of their choice. While many have THE FREELANCE BASKET. While it’s • DON’T GET OBSESSED WITH RATES. Remember to stay patient be- them how the process went. Ask
succeeded at freelance work in important for prospective free- While all freelancers have an idea cause work rarely comes flooding clients to fill out a quick survey
the past, many more have failed, lancers to devote the time and ef- in mind of what their work is in for freelancers, regardless of that asks them about what they
discovering along the way that fort necessary to make their new worth, beginners should value ex- their experience. liked and disliked about the
perhaps the security and steady venture a success, it’s important perience over financial gain. That patience should also be process. If clients agree, post pos-
paycheck of their office jobs was- to maintain balance as well. Allow Though not all jobs are worth tak- extended to clients. Every suc- itive testimonials on the Web site
n’t so bad after all. for some success first, then grad- ing, beginners must realize that a cessful freelancer no doubt has a to illustrate any successes to fu-
As difficult as it can be to make ually upgrade any old gear or freelancer’s success relies heav- horror story or two about an es- ture clients. METRO NEWS SERVICE
a freelance career successful, build that home office piecemeal. ily on word of mouth and the size
there are ways to make it less like Use the proceeds from successful of their portfolio. Initially, it helps
jumping out of a plane with no freelancing jobs to make these up- to dwell less on the money and
parachute and more like a calcu- grades, just as successful busi- more on the value of gaining that
lated move that’s both fulfilling nesses do when investing profits necessary experience.
and financially successful. back into their business. • MONITOR SOCIAL MEDIA. Recent
• AS THE OLD SAYING GOES, “DON’T • GET ONLINE. Perhaps nothing reports suggested nearly 500 mil-
QUIT YOUR DAY JOB.” Perhaps noth- could be a better friend to a lion people are on Facebook.
ing is more important when mak- prospective freelancer than a While Facebook was once billed
ing the transition to freelance good Web site. Potential clients as a tool to stay connected with
work than keeping a day job. The can visit a Web site with one click family and friends, nowadays
steady paycheck can help free- of the mouse. The Web site should businesses and freelancers use it
lancers maintain financial flexi- look professional, but individuals to connect with prospective con-
bility while providing an income can decide if the tone will be for- sumers and clients. Be careful
source that can help promote a mal or casual and what their par- when posting any personal infor-
new career path. Initially, many ticular Web site will focus on. In- mation online, as more and more
people have difficulty establish- clude any relevant work from the employers are monitoring social
ing themselves as freelancers. past as well as a resume and mis- networking sites to see what cur-

Career Tips from the

Student Success Centre
The Basics: Practice makes perfect and will dressed in this issue? Email suc-
Career Exploration: help you feel a lot more comfort- or career-
Not sure what you want for able and confident before the in- for help. Also
your future career? What you terview. check out the career section of the
might be good at? Make an ap- The Student Success Centre Student Success Centre website for
pointment with a career counsel- also offers in-person mock inter- more information and resources,
lor by calling 519-661-3559. views that are also recorded. A
They can administer career as- certified career counsellor will act
sessments and help you discover as your interviewer and go over
your career path. For online help, the tape afterwards to help you
check out Career Cruising. improve. Book by calling 519-
There’s an assessment tool, infor- 661-3559.
mation about careers, and what
education you need for those ca- The Job Hunt:
reers (and where to get that edu- CareerCentral, https://career-
cation)., has new job and
call 519-661-3559 or login to Ca- opportunities posted daily! Login
reerCentral and click on ‘Re- with your UWO username and
sources’ for the password. password-no need to register-and
start searching for the perfect job.
Resume and Cover Letters Lots of part-time, summer and
Your resume and cover letter is volunteer opportunities are
your calling card for any job ap- posted here as well. Career-
plication, so make sure they are Central is also your source for ca-
up to the mark. The Student Suc- reer event and workshop
cess Centre has drop-in docu- registration and more.
ment help at The Employment
Help and Resource Centre, lo- International Opportunities:
cated in UCC 210. No need for an Interested in stretching your
appointment; just drop by with horizons? Look into an interna-
your documents during open tional opportunity for school,
hours: work or volunteering. Check out
Monday 10:00am - 4:00pm this new resource just for West-
Tuesday 10:00am - 4:00pm ern students, The Big Guide to
Wednesday 12:00pm - 4:00pm Living and Working Overseas,
Thursday 10:00am - 2:00pm
Friday 12:00pm - 3:00pm /uwo. Create an account using
your email address.

Preparing for Interviews: Upcoming Events:

Great! You got an interview for Career Week: From Passion to
your dream job! Now you need to Profession is just around the cor-
practice your interview skills. In- ner, January 31st through Febru-
terviewStream is a resource just ary 4th. A variety of career events
for Western Students; create an will be held during this week, in-
account with your email cluding our huge Job Fair on
address here: https://uwo.inter- Thursday, February 3rd at the Interview- Western Student Recreation Cen-
Stream will then ask you tre, 11am-4pm. Meet employers
questions that you can record recruiting for part-time, full-
your answers to via your web- time, summer, and internship
cam. This helps enormously to jobs.
improve your tone, speed and to See a listing of all events at ca-
help eradicate those ‘ums’ and
‘likes’ that might have slipped in. Have a career question not ad-
8• thegazette • Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A&L shorts

Sequel to
The Catcher
in the Rye
Although J.D. Salinger died last Jan-
uary, he still has a tight grip on his
His estate is in the process of
banning the release of an unautho-
rized sequel to his famous novel The
Catcher in the Rye in Canada and the
Swedish author and publisher
Fredrick Colting published his
“sequel” titled 60 Years Later: Coming
Through the Rye under the pen name
John David California.
Colting claims his novel is a par-
ody of J.D. Salinger’s classic, but
Salinger’s lawyers are prosecuting it
as plagiarism. According to them,
Colting is infringing on the copyright
of both the story and Salinger’s anti-
hero Holden Caulfield.
60 Years Later: Coming Through
the Rye is the story of Caulfield, now
known as Mr. C, trekking through
New York City after escaping from
his nursing home. It features the
same first-person narrative style,
controversial writing and even some
Courtesy of Sandra Rojas character tendencies from the orig-
inal Catcher in the Rye.

Best talks her new album and life on the road Two years ago the sequel was
published in the U.K. and Sweden.
Publishers Weekly is reporting a set-
tlement was reached between the
Monica Blaylock “I started playing music at a rather be doing. two parties and Colting will not be
NEWS EDITOR young age. I had a piano in my living “It’s been full of surprises in a permitted to sell his novel in Canada
room and it was never like, ‘Lauren really good way. I’m happy with and the U.S. until the copyright has
Twenty-year-old Toronto-based don’t touch the piano.’ I sang in where I am,” she says. expired on Salinger’s original.
singer-songwriter Lauren Best is hit- choirs as a kid and I’d say my first We’re currently As for university, Best doesn’t Colting is also prohibited from
ting the road, making a London stop solo performance was in front of regret not going back. She notes the using the ban to promote his novel,
next week. 600 people when I was six-years-
travelling by car, it’s a value of things she’s learned on the from dedicating it to Salinger, or to
Best is currently in the middle of old — I’ve always been really into very tight squeeze road and the hands-on experience mention The Catcher in the Rye.
an Ontario-wide tour promoting her performing,” she explains. we’re squished into a she’s gained while building her pro- — Lauren Chan
album, and she’ll be stopping to per- Best’s new album Sticker Collec- fessional career.
form in London on Jan. 20 at Bren- tion is a project that’s been a long Volkswagen Passat “I had all these songs I’d written
nan’s Beer Bistro. time in the making — she started with a piano and a and I resisted making a record
“We’re five dates into the tour. recording it in 2008. At the time she guitar and a drum kit because I was busy with all those
You can’t really describe being on had anticipated the project would things you’re busy with in high
the road to someone who hasn’t take about six months to complete and three people, school. But eventually the time
done it – it’s really awesome and and then assumed she’d go to uni- its squishy.” seemed right and I connected with a
really fun and really exhausting at versity. — Lauren Best studio. If I didn’t record the album
the same time,” she says. “Now it’s three years later and now I’m afraid I never would have,”
“We’re currently travelling by car I’ve just finished,” she laughs. Best says, adding she has written
— it’s a very tight squeeze. We’re When asked about her sound, enough new music to release a sec-
squished into a Volkswagen Passat Best finds it hard to explain. ond album soon.
with a piano and a guitar and a drum “I’ve heard people tell me they Best notes the second album will
kit and three people — it’s squishy,” she think Sticker Collection is very unique be a little less pop sounding than
jokes, listing the cities she performed and fresh sounding,” she says. Sticker Collection and little more
in over the last 48 hours — Hamilton, “There’s also some retro vibes in funky, contemporary and alternative.
St. Catharine’s and Waterloo. terms of the horn sections. I really Sticker Collection is available for
Best, who grew up in Owen love Motown, soul, R&B, and even download on her website at Lau-
Sound, made the move to Toronto jazz and swing — I wanted to draw on Brenan’s Bistro is locat-
after high school to kick her music those influences.” ed at 347 Clarence St. The show starts
career into full swing. And there’s nothing Best would at 9 p.m.

Editor’s Picks > Essentials for your week

On TV On Disc On DVD In Theatres On the Charts

Skins Trent Reznor and Atticus Buried No Strings Attached Britney Spears — “Hold It
Rose - The Social Network Against Me”
A new series kicked off this week In this independent film Ryan Natalie Portman and Ashton
on MTV. Skins, based off a U.K. Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor was Reynolds plays Paul Conroy, an Kutcher star as Emma and Adam Britney Spears released the first
drama of the same name, is filled visibly surprised when he and American contractor in Iraq. He’s in the romantic comedy No single of her seventh album last
with teenage drama, scandal, British musician Atticus Rose won attacked and buried alive in a Strings Attached. The film follows Monday on Ryan Seacrest’s radio
and controversy. Only time will the Golden Globe on Sunday coffin with only a cellphone and the two best friends as they try to show. “Hold It Against Me,” pro-
tell if Skins can compete with night for Best Original Score for lighter to help him get out. The keep their relationship strictly duced by Max Martin and Dr.
popular MTV shows like Jersey the hit film The Social Network. thriller premiered at the Sun- physical. The movie explores the Luke, is a new electronic sound
Shore or Teen Mom. Skins airs The soundtrack is composed of dance Film Festival last year to question, can friends with bene- for Spears’ music. Her album of
Mondays at 10 p.m. on MTV. piano, electric guitar and elec- positive reception. fits actually work? the same name is due to be
tronics — a perfect fit for the released in March.
technology-themed movie.
thegazette • Wednesday, January 19, 2011 •9

Hunting doesn’t
have to be hard
>> continued from pg.5 fourth-year kinesiology student
Johanna Shenstone. “The house that
other roommate and say, ‘Pay for we ended up in [this] year has been
your roommate,’ and force them to amazing. The landlord is great and
chase their roommate down.” the house has no issues.”
The Off-Campus Housing web-
site has a roommate agreement doc- Know the law and legislation
ument they suggest students fill out Both landlords and tenants have a
before moving into a house. The list of legal obligations they should
agreement outlines common issues be aware of before moving into a
roommates encounter such as rent, house.
utilities, house rules, subletting and Despite common misconcep-
room assignments. tions, the noise bylaw in London is
Completing a roommate agree- not after 11 p.m. — it is in effect 24
ment prior to moving into a house hours a day. This is something to
can assist in preventing future take notice of when considering
issues, and can potentially save a whether to have a large number of
friendship. people over.
“Make sure the house is up to
Green Hornet brings new kind
Talk to the current tenants code, even if the landlord tells you it
The best resources for information
on a potential house are the current
is,” Shenstone explains.
In Johanna’s second year, she
of superhero to the screen
tenants. Once you find a house you and her roommates lived in a
like, talk to the current residents to house where one of the bedrooms Katherine Horodnyk Reid, a spoiled rich-kid who inherits are just tools used for covering up
find out information about the land- did not have a window. London fire CONTRIBUTOR a newspaper empire after his father’s the film’s lack of a coherent and
lord, issues with the house and the code states all bedrooms must death. interesting plotline. While many of
cost of utilities. have a window large enough for a After realizing his newspaper, The the scenes are amusing, there are an
“If a landlord says the utilities for person to fit through to be consid- Daily Sentinel, has drastically equal amount that are tedious and
a place are going to cost you $40 per ered livable. The Green Hornet declined in quality reporting, Britt unnecessary.
month, for example, you are going “Being told you can’t live in your Director: Michel Gondry decides to take it upon himself to The film relies heavily on Britt
to want to check with the current house anymore because it isn’t safe Starring: Seth Rogen, Jay Chou and create some controversial news and and Kato’s comedic banter and in
tenants and see if it actually is at the end of term is a little scary Cameron Diaz creates an alter ego for himself — the scenes where both Rogen and Chou
because it almost always gets under- considering most of the houses that Green Hornet. Along with his trusty aren’t present, the film seems to lack
estimated,” Matthews says. “Also ask could be rented were already rented Traditional superheroes wear capes mechanic and coffee brewer Kato energy and plot movement. Chou is
the current tenants about the land- for the next year,” Shenstone says. and tights and fight evil villains. (Jay Chou) and his new secretary particularly memorable, coming
lord’s attentiveness [to] fixing things “There is a new licensing bylaw But in Michel Gondry’s latest film, Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz), Britt close to stealing scenes from Rogen.
and any issues with the house.” in London, so the students should The Green Hornet, so-called hero creates his own news by breaking Fans of the series will be satisfied
ask the owner if they have applied Britt Reid opts for a suit and mask the law to protect the law. with this big-screen adaptation, but
Landlord/Tenant relationships for or received this licence,” Stern and often decides to run away from Throughout the film, Britt and his after watching Michel Gondry’s lat-
Developing a good relationship with explains. “This will ensure the prop- his enemies instead of confronting sidekick Kato avoid police arrest est film viewers will be left wonder-
a landlord is the key to a stress-free erty has been inspected and them. while at the same time attempting to ing if Seth Rogen was the appropri-
school year. Being a good tenant approved by the fire department for The Green Hornet hit theatres last dethrone Benjamin Chudnofsky ate choice to play newspaper heir
ensures you have a house to live in the City of London.” Friday, showing audiences a new, (Christoph Waltz) from his evil reign and masked vigilante Britt Reid.
the following year. Just remember to take your time, lazy and incompetent breed of over Los Angeles. The film does feature some
“Make sure that you get a good know your budget and make sure superhero. The Green Hornet, based The Green Hornet impresses with clever dialogue, but overall the film
feel for the landlord because they you are making the best possible on the radio series from the ‘30s, its special effects, fight scenes and is forgettable. The Green Hornet is
will make a huge difference,” says decision when signing a lease. stars comedian Seth Rogen as Britt witty dialogue, but ultimately these definitely a one-time watch.

4 99
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JANUARY regular


Rated 14A
$ 50

Rated PG
7:00 NIGHTLY 121 mins 9:15 NIGHTLY 108 mins

University of Western Ontario, UCC, 2nd floor (McKellar Room) 519-661-3616

FILE PHOTO We Give Student Discounts

How to tell if your food is Still Tasty “WHO’S TAKING YOU TO
fect website to inform you of what
you should and shouldn’t eat.
Users can easily and quickly
you can find the solutions to all your
cooking issues, including age-old
questions like how long can you
browse the shelf life of almost any keep thawed ground beef, and is it
food by typing in the name of a prod- safe to drink bottled water after the
519-673-6804 OR
uct or by browsing through the var- expiry date? 1-800-265-4948
ious categories. The listings are quite For more general articles and tips
Maddie Leznoff specific — for example, different about how to store and prepare
Book On-line Airbus
ARTS & LIFE EDITOR information is provided for apples food, visit the Shelf Talk section to
that are cut up versus whole ones. ensure you’re getting the most value
Have you ever opened your fridge to The website will let users know out of your groceries.
make dinner only to find food that how long food can last when stored StillTasty is a great website for SERVING
looks barely edible? in different locations such as the students — it’s hard enough finding
Sometimes it’s hard to decide pantry, fridge or freezer, and also has the time and money to go out and TORONTO AND
whether to toss or eat that already
opened package of cheese or that
tips on how to store your food for
maximum shelf life.
buy groceries, but at least now it’s
easy to find how to make them last.
slightly bruised apple. That’s where StillTasty also has a handy “Your Visit, or download the
091117 comes in — it’s the per- Questions Answered” page where handy iPhone app.
10 • thegazette • Wednesday, January 19, 2011

“[This is] for all you non-believers who disrespect us […] like we

ain’t the third best defence in the league. All we hear is about
their defence and they can’t stop a nosebleed, ranked 25th in the
league. And we the ones who get disrespected”
>> A very angry New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott after his
team’s Divisional Round victory over the New England Patriots.
Apparently he felt disrespected.

rundown >> The Mustangs women’s hockey team was shut out in both their games this weekend, losing to both Brock and Guelph by a score of 4-0 | The Mustangs
track and field team competed at the Can-Am Track Classic this past weekend > The Women’s team combined for 12 medals, while the men won five > Rookie Caroline
Ehrhardt earned the gold in both the long and triple jump, while fellow rookie Matt Ditson won the gold in the pole vault.

Opponents no
match for Western
Takahashi, Abelev take home gold
Ryan Stern could do well.”
CONTRIBUTOR Along with his gold medal,
Steven was awarded the Outstand-
They may have been competing in ing Wrestler Award in recognition of
their first tournament since late his strong performance.
November, but the Mustang Earning silver for the Mustangs
wrestling squad did not show any in the 61 kg division was Tim Bartja.
rust as they grabbed two gold He was knocked off in the final by
medals and an array of other acco- London-Western Wrestling Club
lades at the Brock Open Wrestling member and future Mustang
Tournament. Richard Balfour, proving the future
“It was a little bit uncertain how is bright for the men’s team.
we would do because we hadn’t “[Richard] will really add to our
competed in a month before, so I lighter weight class. He’s really
just wanted to see how we stood explosively talented,” Takahashi
against the other universities and I said.
think we came out pretty good,” As for the female side of the mat,
Mustangs head coach Ray Taka- a shorthanded Mustangs team
hashi said. brought home a silver and bronze on
Leading the crew were highly- the back of performances by Larissa
touted rookies Steven Takahashi and D’Alleva and Liz Sera, who wrestled
Ilya Abelev, who took home the gold in the 63 kg and 55 kg weight class-
in the 54 kg and 68 kg weight class- es respectively.
es respectively. Western did not send its full com-
Coach Takahashi, who is the plement of athletes with star sopho-
proud father of Steven, oozed with more Brianne Barry heading the list Courtesy of Ray Takahashi
enthusiasm when asked about the of absent names. IN SOME COUNTRIES, THIS IS CONSIDERED FOREPLAY. Liz Sera, a fourth-year veteran star wrestler on the women’s team,
prospects of these two rising stars. “The whole focus is to peak at the took home the bronze medal in the 55 kg category at the Brock Open Wrestling Tournament. She would fall in the semi-
“[Steven] beat some good [Ontario University Athletics cham- final to eventual weight class champion Diana Ford from Brock University.
wrestlers [including] a past Junior pionship] and CIS […] she is on the
Nationals champ and last year’s Junior Nationals team so there is
Canadian Interuniversity Sport summer programming. Sometimes participate in upcoming tourna- Championships and the Western stay healthy, improve our condition-
champ,” he said. you bypass some of the tourna- ments leading to the OUA champi- Open here in London to prepare for ing and work on a few tactical things.
“They both had strong back- ments, so I thought that she didn’t onships. the OUA championships. If we can do that, we are going to
grounds before they came in as they need to go to this tournament,” he Over the course of the next few “That’s what we want to key in on. have a strong squad for OUAs,”
were both national champions in the said. weekends the Mustangs will use the We have to train right through the Takahashi said.
under-18 category, so we knew they Takahashi assured Barry would Guelph Open, the Provincial Junior next couple of weeks and hopefully

Western Wrestling
THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY TO SOLVE THIS BOYS, HUG IT OUT. Rookie Mustang Steven Takahashi takes down his opponent
at the Brock Open Wrestling tournament this past weekend. Takahashi went on to win the gold medal in the 54 kg division
and was also awarded the tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler.

Anders Kravis GAZETTE

thegazette • Wednesday, January 19, 2011 • 11
$8.35 FOR

To place your ad in The Gazette Marketplace, please contact us at 519-661-3579 OR


3 BDRM. #1 student rentals. Newly built red bricks, 4 BEDROOM HOUSES at Oxford & Wharncliffe. 6 BDRM APARTMENTS for rent. Why not live with
right across from campus! Dishwasher, washer/dryer Available May 1, 2010. Clean, spacious and carpeted Westerns most reputable suppliers of off-campus
include. Huge, spacious rooms with massive closets. with skylights, fireplaces, dishwasher, laundry & housing? London Property Corp., offers the newest
Networked for Internet and parking included. These parking. Call Jim Lovell at 519-691-5891. homes in the best student areas. Western students
ones always go fast so call soon. Call John anytime 4 BEDROOM HOUSES with skylights, fireplace, should be concerned with their studiesnot house
#1 APARTMENTS! Why not live with Western’s most at 519-859-5563 or email problems. Let London Property Corp.’s team look 7 BEDROOM MASSIVE house on Kent Street in the
hardwood floors, laundry and parking. Available,
reputable suppliers of off-campus housing? Our 3 BEDROOM ADJACENT Western campus. Live in after all your housing needs. Call Bill anytime 519- heart of downtown available. No basement bed-
May 1 2011. Call Jim at 519-691-5891.
large, open-concept apartments feature laundry, the new red brick ones next year! Super sized room. 670-0327. rooms! All rooms are huge. High ceilings, very bright,
dishwasher, free parking, oversized closets, and full All appliances, very well maintained. Fully networked this house is one of a kind! Call now as it rents out in-
time property management. All of our newly built red 6 BDRM HOUSES on all sides of campus. Most fea-
for Internet, parking. So close to campus. Call Jon credibly quickly every year. John (519) 859-5563 or
brick buildings are located either right next to cam- ture 5 new appliances, spacious rooms and huge
for more information or showing 519-852-7993. email Call anytime.
pus, or in other areas that are popular with UWO stu- closets, open concept kitchen/ living room, free
3 BEDROOM APARTMENTS for rent. Live on Rich- parking and networked for high speed internet. Act 7, 7 BEDROOM red brick apartment styles to
dents. Safe, new, comfortable, and reasonably
mond, near the gates, just south of Masonville or 4 BEDROOM REDBRICK townhomes on Oxford. 10 choose from. Our accommodations were recently
priced, these apartments will give you the finest off fast- these won’t last! For more information call Zach
right downtown. With a variety of options for you, we minute walk to campus, right on bus route to cam- constructed to fit the discerning taste of UWO stu-
campus experience available. Western students at 519-854-0505.
can meet any student’s needs. Most units are newly pus and downtown. Great location. Three floors, two dents. These large, open-concept apartments fea-
should be concerned with their studies- not house 6 BDRM. #1 student rentals. Newly built red bricks in
built and come with all 5 appliances. Call Zach at full washrooms! Huge rooms and closets. All new ap- ture laundry, dishwasher, free parking, oversized
problems. Let London Property Corp.’s team look
519-854-0505 anytime to view. all the best student areas around campus and down-
after all your housing needs. Call Bill anytime 519- pliances including washer/dryer and dishwasher. Call closets, and full time property management. All of
3 BEDROOM HARDWOOD floor apartments at town! Dishwasher, washer/dryer included. Huge,
670-0327. John at (519) 859-5563 or email johnm@london- our newly built red brick buildings are located either
Richmond and Huron. Perfect for Kings students, spacious rooms with massive closets. Networked for
#1 STUDENT HOUSING in London. 2-7 bdrms. with questions or to book a tour. right next to campus, or in other areas that are pop-
and steps to the main gates of UWO. With newly ren- Internet and parking included. These ones always go
Popular Redbrick apartments and townhouses, plus 4&5 BDRM. HOMES and townhomes. Live in the ular with UWO students. Safe, new, comfortable, and
ovated kitchens, and 3 huge bedrooms, these are a fast so call soon. Call John anytime at 519-859-5563
houses in various student locations. Come with 5 awesome red brick ones next year. So close to cam- reasonably priced, these apartments will give you the
must see. Contact Zach at 519-854-0505. or email
appliances, huge rooms and closets and are net- pus. Super sized rooms, all appliances, parking, finest off campus experience available. Call Bill any-
worked for internet. Call now! These rent on a first 3 BEDROOM HOUSE Downtown. This 3 bedroom 6 BEDROOM VICTORIAN house downtown. Newly time 519-670-0327.
prewired for Internet. Many to choose from. Call Jon
come first serve basis. Zach 519-854-0505, house is steps to Richmond Row, free parking and a 519-852-7993. renovated with skylights, glassblock, ceramic tile,
laundry & parking. Available May 1, 2011. Call Jim at AN AMAZING NEWLY built 4 large bedroom luxury backyard. Hardwood floors, and a loft bedroom. This
is one of kind, and will go quickly. Contact Zach for 4, 4 BEDROOM red brick apartment styles to 519-691-5891. apartment. Home-like setting, backing onto park, 2
#1 STUDENT RENTALS. 2-7 Bedroom units in the choose from. Our accommodations were recently bathrooms, ceramic and hardwood floors, high-
a tour at 519-854-0505.
best students areas around campus and downtown. constructed to fit the discerning taste of UWO stu- speed internet, $470-490 /bedroom. Call Wendy
Houses/apartments and townhouses available. All in dents. These large, open-concept apartments fea- 519-667-0047. View at
great shape, and most include dishwasher and ture laundry, dishwasher, free parking, oversized
washer/dryer. Call John at (519) 859-5563 for more GORGEOUS 6 BEDROOM house available at prime
closets, and full-time property management. All of
info or email location, Richmond and Oxford. Don’t miss the
our newly built red brick buildings are located either
6, 7 BDRM houses downtown and near campus. chance to live in the prime location that gives access
1&3 BEDROOMS AT 795 Richmond St., 2&3 bed- right next to campus, or in other areas that are pop-
3 BEDROOM REDBRICK townhomes on Richmond Huge houses with lots of common area and spacious to both downtown and campus. Large bright rooms
rooms at 255 Sydenham St., 3 bedrooms at 375 ular with UWO students. Safe, new, comfortable, and
near Masonville. 10 minute walk to campus, right on bedrooms. Places include new appliances, free park- with huge closets and tons of kitchen/living room
Wharncliffe North. Close to campus, parking, laundry reasonably priced, these apartments will give you the
bus route to campus and downtown. Great location, ing, and full time property management. Great space make this place a must see. Also includes free
on-site. Available May 1st. 519-852-2674. finest off campus experience available. Call Bill any-
near all amenities. All new appliances including prices. Call Zach anytime at 519-854-0505. parking, in suite laundry and dishwasher. Call John at
1,2,3,4,5,6 APARTMENTS, HOMES and town- washer/dryer and dishwasher. Call John at (519) time 519-670-0327. 519-859-5563 or email
homes for rent. The large new red brick buildings ad- 859-5563 or email to 4-6 BDRM HOUSES and town homes for rent. Units
jacent to campus and downtown. Really large book a tour. are modern, clean and close to campus. Get every- 6, 7 BEDROOM ADJACENT to campus and down- RED BRICK STUDENT rentals! We have 2-7 bed-
bedrooms and closets, all appliances, high speed thing you could ask for, with 5 appliances, free park- town. Really spacious, newly constructed homes, all room units in all of the best locations right beside
3 BEDROOM REDBRICK townhomes on Western
networking, well maintained. Many to choose from. ing, spacious bedrooms and common rooms and full appliances, 2 full bathrooms, multi car parking, campus and downtown. All have in suite laundry,
Road. 10 minute walk to campus, right on bus route
All price ranges. Call Jon anytime 519-852-7993. time maintenance. Bedrooms are network for inter- large/equal size bedrooms. Call for more information dishwashers, parking, massive bedrooms, closets
to campus and downtown. Great location, near all
1,2,3,4,5,6 BDRM AVAILABLE May 1st. 2&3 bedroom net. Call Zach anytime at 519-854-0505. or viewing 519-852-7993 any time. and living space included. Call John at 519-859-
amenities. All new appliances including washer/dryer
57 Beaufort St. Clean and newly renovated, hardwood and dishwasher. Call John at (519) 859-5563 or email 5 BDRM APARTMENTS for rent. Why not live with 6,6 BEDROOM RED brick apartment styles to 5563 or email any time for
floors, close to campus. Call 519-852-2674. to book a tour. Western’s most reputable suppliers of off-campus choose from. Our accommodations were recently more info.
3&4 BDRM APARTMENTS and townhomes. These housing? London Property Corp., offers the newest constructed to fit the discerning taste of UWO stu- UPPER-YEAR STUDENTS Newly built luxury 4 bed-
are the awesome red brick ones. Newly built, very homes in the best student areas. Western students dents. These large, open-concept apartments fea- room apartment. Home-like setting, backing onto
spacious, and so close to campus. All appliances, should be concerned with their studiesnot house ture laundry, dishwasher, free parking, oversized park. 2 bathrooms, ceramic and hardwood floors,
very clean and well maintained. For more informa- problems. Let London Property Corp.’s team look closets, and full time property management. All of high-speed internet, 2.3 km to campus. $470-490
tion or showing please call Jon anytime 519-852- after all your housing needs. Call Bill anytime 519- our newly built red brick buildings are located either /bedroom. Call Wendy 519-667-0047. View at
2 BD. APARTMENTS. 519-854-0505. One of the clos- 7993. 670-0327. right next to campus, or in other areas that are pop-
est 2 beds to campus, close walk and steps to 2 Dun- ular with UWO students. Safe, new, comfortable, and
das bus route. Heat and water included. Hardwood 5 BDRM HOUSE: $475+. 287 Steele St., front of West-
floors and free parking. Call Zach 519-854-0505. ern, walk to King’s. Clean, spacious, 2 full bathrooms,
reasonably priced, these apartments will give you the
finest off campus experience available. Call Bill any-
A/C, six appliances, laundry, parking. Available May
2 BEDROOM 229 Riverside Dr. and 2 bedroom 337 time 519-670-0327. STUDENT-2-BUSINESS NOT CONNECTED? No
1, 2011. Appointments: Email
Wharncliffe N. Both available May 1st. Close to cam- Txt/Voice mail: (24hrs) 519-702-2988. problem. London’s top networking event for stu-
pus, parking, laundry on-site, hardwood floors, ceramics, 3, 3 BEDROOM red brick apartment styles to dents, S2B, will connect you to the city’s business
controlled entry. Utilities included. 519-852-2674. choose from. Our accommodations were recently 5 BDRM. #1 student rentals. Newly built red bricks,
community and professionals from its seven leading
constructed to fit the discerning taste of UWO stu- right across from campus! Dishwasher, washer/dryer
2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS close to campus. Lo- include. Huge, spacious rooms with massive clos- industries.
cated in UWO student area. Minutes from bus dents. These large, open-concept apartments fea-
ture laundry, dishwasher, free parking, oversized ets. Networked for Internet and parking included.
routes. Utilities included, a great deal. Call Jon any-
time at 519-852-7993. closets, and full time property management. All of These ones always go fast so call soon. Call John
7 BDRM APARTMENTS for rent. Why not live with
Western’s most reputable suppliers of off-campus
our newly built red brick buildings are located either anytime at 519-859-5563 or email johnm@london-
2 BEDROOM APARTMENTS, the closest 2 bed- housing? London Property Corp., offers the newest TREATED UNFAIRLY? Talk to the Ombudsperson in
right next to campus, or in other areas that are pop-
rooms to UWO. Hardwood floors, loads of space. homes in the best student areas. Western students confidence. This service is free to all Western, Bres-
ular with UWO students. Safe, new, comfortable, and 5 BDRMS. LIVE steps from campus in a 5 bedroom
Great student area, right on Western bus route. Great reasonably priced, these apartments will give you the should be concerned with their studiesnot house cia, King’s and Huron students. Contact Info:
apartment or townhouse. Live in style in a modern
price, and utilities included. Loads of free parking. finest off campus experience available. Call Bill any- problems. Let London Property Corp.’s team look WSS-3100b, 519-661-3573,,
building, all built within the last few years. Huge
These places truly are a steal! Call me (John) at (519) time 519-670-0327. after all your housing needs. Call Bill anytime 519-
kitchens come with tons of cupboards and counter
859-5563 or email 670-0327.
3, 4, 5 bdrms at 217 Sarnia. Live at one of the most space, and centre island eating areas. Spacious
2 BEDROOMS available, $679 plus $50 utility pack- popular student corners in London. Within steps of bedrooms and huge closets. Call Zach anytime at 7 BDRM. #1 student rentals. Newly built red bricks in VOLUNTEERS WANTED
age that includes heat, hydro, and water. Free un- campus, you can’t get closer. All of these units have 519-854-0505 and view one of these units before all the best student areas around campus and down-
covered parking, newer building, onsite manage- ARE YOU IN LOVE? Participants needed for re-
big common rooms and spacious bedrooms. Live in they are gone! town! Dishwasher, washer/dryer included. Huge,
ment, close to Western and bus routes, steps from style with 5 appliances, free parking, free mainte- spacious rooms with massive closets. Networked for search on romantic relationships. Participants will re-
Richmond St. For more information please call nance and full time property management. Call Zach Internet and parking included. These ones always go ceive monetary compensation for their time. For
519.858.2525 or go to anytime at 519-854-0505. fast so call soon. Call John anytime at 519-859-5563 more information, please email: uworelation-
2, 2 BEDROOM apartment styles to choose from. Lo- or email
3,4 AND 5 Bedroom apartments and houses seconds
cated very close to Campus. Hardwood floors, free from front gates on Richmond. Directly on bus route
parking, laundry, and free snow and lawn care. Call to campus and downtown. Most include washer/dry- 5 BEDROOM ADJACENT and very close to cam-
Bill anytime 519-670-0327. er and dishwasher. Call John at (519) 859-5563 or pus, or downtown. These are the awesome red brick
email to book a tour. ones. Really large room sizes, all appliances, net-
3,4 BEDROOM apartments available at Varsity Com- worked for Internet, parking. Call Jon for more infor-
mons, London’s best Student Community. Enjoy mation or showing anytime 519-852-7993.
great amenities such as our cardio center,movie the- 5 BEDROOM HOUSES and apartments right on bus
atre and fun events. From $479 inclusive per room. route to campus and downtown. Great locations.
2,3,4 BEDROOMS available at Varsity Commons, Lon- For more information please call 519.858.2525 or go Huge rooms and closets. Most have all new appli-
don’s best student community for fall 2011. Enjoy great to
amenities such as our cardio center, movie theatre, and
game room. Free uncovered parking, on-site man- 4 BDRM APARTMENTS for rent. Why not live with
ances including washer/dryer and dishwasher. Call
John at (519) 859-5563 or email johnm@london- HOW TO PLAY
agement. For more information please call Western’s most reputable suppliers of off-campus with questions or to book a tour. Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1
housing? London Property Corp., offers the newest 5 BEDROOM HOUSES and townhouses for rent on through 9. Solving time is typically from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your skill and
519.858.2525 or go to
homes in the best student areas. Western students all sides of campus. All places have free parking, free experience. The Gazette publishes Sudoku puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty.
2,3,4 BEDROOMS available at Varsity Commons lo- should be concerned with their studiesnot house
cated at 75 Ann St.just steps from Richmond Row. maintenance and full time property management.
Enjoy great amenities such as our cardio center, 24
problems. Let London Property Corp.’s team look
Units are rented on a first come first serve basis. Call Frosh, Soph, Senior, Grad Student
after all your housing needs. Call Bill anytime 519-
hour laundry facility and game room. On-site man- Zach at 519-854-0505,
agement. For more information please call 5 BEDROOM HOUSES with skylights, fireplace, Today’s difficulty level: GRAD
519.858.2525 or go to hardwood floors, laundry and parking. Available,
May 1 2011. Call Jim at 519-691-5891.
For solution, turn to page 3
3 AND 4 bedroom apartments and townhomes.
These are the awesome red brick ones. Newly built, 5 BEDROOM LARGE home for rent May 1st. GREAT
very spacious, and so close to campus. All appli- DOWNTOWN BLACKFRIARS LOCATION . Large
ances, very clean and well maintained. For more in- 4 BDRM BRAND new Red Brick townhouses, apart- common areas, generous rooms, backyard, front &
formation or showing please call Jon anytime ments and single homes for rent. Most feature 5 back atriums, updated appliances, laundry, free park-
519-852-7993. brand new appliances, huge rooms and closets, ing. $450+ Nick 519.317.3091
3 BD ADJACENT campus Richmond and Huron. In open concept kitchen/ living room, free parking and 5 BEDROOM TOWN Home living at Varsity Mills.
walk up apt. building, 3 large bedrooms. Lots of networked for high speed internet! Located in great
Amenities include: on-site laundry and air condition-
hardwood and a fireplace. New kitchen and comes student areas. Act fast- these won’t last. For more
ing. From $499 per room plus $50 dollar utility pack-
with all appliances. Parking and garage is included. information call Zach at 519-854-0505. zachs@lon-
age. All students. 1 Beaufort St., easy walk to class
$500 incl. heat and water. Call Jon 519-852-7993.
and bus routes, roommate matching services avail-
3 BD MODERN townhouses close to Masonville, 4 BDRM DOWNTOWN, $500+. Brand new. Stain- able. For more information, please call 519.858.2525
Loblaws, and tons of restaurants. Close walk to less steel appliances, laundry, dishwasher, parking, or go to
campus and steps to major bus route. 3 spacious large bedrooms and living room, deck, 640 Talbot St.
Check it out at, call Bruce 519- 5, 5 BEDROOM red brick apartment styles to
bedrooms, with huge closets. Contact Zach to book choose from. Our accommodations were recently
a viewing, tours are free, and units will rent very 643-6014,
constructed to fit the discerning taste of UWO stu-
quickly, 519-854-0505. 4 BDRM TOWNHOUSES near all amenities. These dents. These large, open-concept apartments fea-
3 BDRM APARTMENTS for rent. Why not live with 4 bedroom townhouses are 3 floors and 2 wash- ture laundry, dishwasher, free parking, oversized
Western’s most reputable suppliers of off-campus rooms for 4 people! Bedrooms are spacious, bright
closets, and full time property management. All of
housing? London Property Corp., offers the newest and have huge closets. Free parking and property
our newly built red brick buildings are located either
homes in the best student areas. Western students management. Call Zach anytime at 519-854-0505.
right next to campus, or in other areas that are pop-
should be concerned with their studiesnot house
ular with UWO students. Safe, new, comfortable, and
problems. Let London Property Corp.’s team look 4 BDRM. #1 student rentals. Newly built red bricks, reasonably priced, these apartments will give you the
after all your housing needs. Call Bill anytime 519- right across from campus! Dishwasher, washer/dryer finest off campus experience available. Call Bill any-
670-0327. include. Huge, spacious rooms with massive clos- time 519-670-0327.
ets. Networked for Internet and parking included.
These ones always go fast so call soon. Call John 5, 6 BDRM House Near campus. Newly renovated,
anytime at 519-859-5563 or email johnm@london- new appliances, LARGE rooms! Direct 5 min bus to classes, laundry included. Great neighbourhood,
close amenities, $445/month, great value! Call Pat:
4 BEDROOM ADJACENT to campus. Homes and 519-870-9941.
3 BDRM CLOSE to Masonville, near campus. 7 min. townhomes. Live in the new red brick ones next year!
walk to campus, very large rooms and closets, in- Super sized rooms. All appliances, very well main- 6 AND 7 BDRMS all areas around campus. New and
cludes laundry and dishwasher, parking, on bus
route. Call Jon anytime 519-852-7993.
tained. Fully networked for Internet, parking. So
close to campus. Call Jon for more information or
spacious, with large/equal size bedrooms. Prewired
for high speed Internet, much parking, all appliances
• Sushi • Sashimi • Tempura
Licensed under LLBO
showing 519-852-7993. including washer/dryer, dishwasher. Call Jon anytime
3 BDRM TOWN houses and apartments. These
Discover a
units are just steps from campus at the corner of 4 BEDROOM AMAZING. Newly built large luxury Japanese Restaurant Taste of Japan OPEN 7 DAYS/WEEK
6 AND 7 bedroom adjacent to campus. The awe-
Sarnia and Western road, right next to Perth and
Essex residence. These units all have spacious bed-
apartment. Super central location backing onto park,
2 bathrooms, ceramic and hardwood floors, hi- some red brick homes and townhomes. Really large Authentic LUNCH: 11:30–2:30
rooms and common areas. All come with free park- speed internet, 5 new appliances, parking, 2.3 km to room sizes. All appliances, fully networked for Inter- 519-668-7407 Japanese Cuisine DINNER: MON–SAT 4:30–10:30
ing, maintenance and full-time property campus. $470-490 /bedroom. Call Wendy 519-667- net, parking included. For more info or showing call
B-715 Wellington Rd. S. (at back) SUN. 4:30 PM–9:30
management. Call Zach anytime at 519-854-0505. 0047, view at Jon anytime 519-852-7993.
12 • thegazette • Wednesday, January 19, 2011