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Eve’s Times January 2011

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January 2011 Eve’s Times

Building Responsible Communities

Hi Friends!
Propriety of conduct leads to eminence, it should therefore be preserved
more carefully than life – Thirukkural
I would like to commence my words to my friends by congratulating
you all for all your endeavours during the year that rolled by and wish you the very best for this year.
I felt it would be appropriate to start this epistle at the start of the New Year with the words from
Thirukkural. Even before the fourth century AD, one wise man expounded on the various aspects
of life laying down the values to be imbibed during every stage of life as well as the responsibilities
associated with different callings right from ploughing a piece of land to ruling a country.
Thiruvalluvar’s amazing vision and foresight was the first work to focus on ethics in Dravidian
literature. It is remarkable that even today what he says holds true. I do not know how the people
were back then, but he has been able to foresee every possibility and the resultant consequences of
wavering minds and has offered his counsel on how to combat the lure of negativity and forge ahead
in life as humane beings.
Today what is needed is propriety of conduct and this is true for everybody. Over the last year, ‘News
watching’ being my favourite past time, I have been subjected to an overdose of negativity and the
horrendous depths to which human character can plummet. While such pieces of news would trigger
the inherent anger in me, which I have lately been trying to unsuccessfully vanquish, as the days
moved ahead with more and more news of heinous occurrences, my mind got conditioned by the
sudden shocks that the news telecast brought. Now I watch macabre news such as the rape and
arrest of a minor village belle by a fiendish politician or the avarice of the well-to-do to snatch the
safety of homes from hapless widows of war to the global ignominy of journalism diving to the nadir
or the inciting of suspicion over the Comptroller Auditor General of India to the topmost Law keeper
and his family being involved in shady deals and the clamour, deaths and strife for separation from
their brethren in some states with great sadness.
I also realize that now is the time for citizens to come out of their homes and look at the society with
new eyes. Each one of us is a leader and we love our country. There is no doubt about it. If citizens
get down to cleaning up all the trash that is pervading our society, join together as communities
and resort to sprucing up their communities and homes… the leaders will come around. When
citizens become responsible, the negative characters of the political cinema will gradually have to
give up their unscrupulous means and come around. It is in the hands of the educated middle class to
start a movement and take the uneducated masses along with them through community awareness
campaigns. They can educate the people to choose responsible leaders and refrain from voting for
wads of money, packets of biriyani, television, sarees and dhothis and all the innovative little freebies
that the devious minds throw at them. Now is the time to ACT. Because if an entire country of
peoples becomes corrupt, then it will be a Herculean task to come out of the quagmire. We don’t want
our country to drown in a quagmire, do we? On that note, it is goodbye for now!

Swati Amar


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Eve’s Times January 2011


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January 2011 Eve’s Times


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Eve’s Times January 2011

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January 2011 Eve’s Times

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Eve’s Times January 2011

C ometh December, cometh the mad rush of
Margazhi. The year turns round, and before
we know it, the Music Festival is once more upon
Madras. Margazhi in Madras is a magical time.
It is that time of the year when music aficionados
from across the globe drop into Madras to indulge
themselves in the numerous musical treats offered
by veteran virtuosos and aspiring youngsters. it is
that time of the year when students who have given
school and college timetables the royal heave ho
will be involved in preparing precise timetables
for concerts and meticulously planning their
transport and travelling to various Sabhas across
the city. NRIs who land in Madras particularly
for the season’s concerts will set up base in the
New Woodlands Hotel or Savera hotel – two
hotels within walking distance of one of the most
coveted Sabhas in the city- The Music Academy.
The Music Festival is undoubtedly the summit on
which both the recognized expert and the casual
neophyte alike can not only hone their knowledge
of musical appreciation but also quench their
desire for great music.
Very often, one may come across yesteryear’s
Pattis and Mamis complaining about how
youngsters of today have no taste in music. “All
they can listen to is rock and roll” they might
add, disdainfully looking down at Gen next and
wrinkling their noses in disgust. This is where
Malathy R, Secretary of the Music Academy and
M Krishnamurthy of Parthasarathy Swami Sabha

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January 2011 Eve’s Times

further substantiated by the fact that the number
of promising youngsters who are encouraged
by the Music Academy are gradually rising in
number. “We have slots everyday for youngsters
to perform,” adds Malathi. “The juniors and
sub juniors are slotted in the 12-1.30 and 1.30-
2.30 batches. I strongly feel that interest among
youngsters has grown to such heights that
talent can be spotted everywhere. In lieu of
this, we hold competitions every September so
that we can unearth new talent and give them
the encouragement they need and deserve, to
beg to differ. They believe that the profile of most blossom into fine, young musicians. The number
Sabhas during the season is common- a miniature of NRIs who are regulars at the Music Festival
version of Ranganathan Street with people, in Madras have also increased over the years.
especially youngsters incessantly thronging them. “Apart from some of the regular NRIs who fly
down to Madras every December, we also have
Says Malathi “We have innumerable people a lot of new people who are interested in and
coming to the Music Academy during the Margazhi appreciate Carnatic music,” admits Malathi.
Masam concerts. While we have a lot of the older Same is the case with Parthasarathy Swami
generation who never miss a kucheri, the younger Sabha. M Krishnamurthy, the Secretary of the
generation too give the musicians a run for their sabha says that people come to the Sabha from
money. Over the years, people have become more all walks of life. “The sabha’s concerts draw a
intellectually enhanced and thus, it is a more lot of local crowds. As far as the NRI crowd is
intelligent crowd of youngsters we see, who enjoy concerned, we have around 10% of eager NRIs
traditional Carnatic music. As today’s youngsters who turn up unfailingly every season in order to
make it a point to hone themselves to perfection attend the concerts held in the sabha,” concludes
with respect to the nuances of classical singing, Krishnamurthy
a lot more people from the younger generation
are entering the field of Carnatic music.” This is Madhuvanti SK

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Eve’s Times January 2011

Sudha Ragunathan talks to Madhuvanti SK about her Guru, her

schedule for the Marzgazhi season and more....

A loving mother, doting wife,

wonderful friend and top notch
musician of great repute- this sums up
Sudha Ragunathan in a nutshell. After
being trained in classical music by her
mother Choodamani, Sudha blossomed
into a singer of international repute
under the tutelage of her famed guru
Padma Bhushan ML Vasanthakumari.
MLV is very much in the helm of affairs
in Sudha’s musical past, present and
future. Sudha firmly believes that her
guru continues to be with her in soul
and spirit, guiding and blessing her in
her numerous musical endeavours.
Ask Sudha about the relationship
she shared with her guru and she
replies without any hesitation,
“Vasanthakumari was more than a guru
to me. She stole a very special place in my
heart. Though she is no more, I always
feel that she is somewhere around me. I
owe whatever I am to my guru. She was
like a mother to me and instilled many
values in me. She gave me courage
and moulded the personality that I am
today in innumerable ways.” Sudha’s
respect for her guru manifests itself in
the wealth of learning she has inherited
from MLV and is instrumental in Sudha
carving a niche for herself in the field of
Classical music.
Which among today’s reputed Sabhas
does she prefer? “Well, I cannot really
pin down one particular Sabha as my
favourite. Each Sabha has a particular
memory associated with it which makes
it very special to me. Undoubtedly, the
Music Academy is the Mecca of classical
music. I’ve been singing at the Music

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January 2011 Eve’s Times

Academy from the 12 ‘0 clock slot as

a youngster and now amidst many
renowned singers. Another sabha
which is very close to my heart
is the Narada Gana Sabha which
has a special divinity of its own.
Every time I sing in this Sabha, I
feel as though I am singing for God
and not for myself. I associate a
similar feeling of divinity with the
Parthasarathy Swami Sabha. It is
undoubtedly great for a Sabha to
be successful for not a year or two
but for a whopping hundred and ten
years. It speaks volumes about the
sabha,” opines Sudha
Ask Sudha about her most
memorable musical experience
and it is impossible to miss the
excitement in her voice. “There was
one particular concert where I had
the good fortune of singing with
Bala Murali Krishna. It was a very
enriching experience and it brought
back so many memories to me of
my own guru. Bala Murali Krishna
sir is extremely awe inspiring and I
was humbled. This is an experience
that will be etched in my memory
forever,” she says.
Sudha performed around fifteen
concerts throughout this season.
“The concerts are an amazing
experience, exhilarating and joyful.
As one gains maturity in the field,
the audience expects more from you
and one has to chisel themselves
to perfection. Though this thought
can be slightly stressful at times, it
is undoubtedly a very joyous one”
she opines. On asking her what
her plans are for the forthcoming
New Year, Sudha intends to keep it
simple. “I haven’t planned anything
special for the New Year. I just plan
to spend time with my friends and
family and catch up on a movie or
two” she concludes.

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Eve’s Times January 2011

Dual Rhapsody
A mong the rare few who
have achieved outstanding
success in both instrumental
and vocal music, Ranjani and
Gayatri stand tall among their
contemporaries. After more
than a decade as successful
violinists of high calibre, the
sisters’ foray into the world
of vocal music has brought
them instant recognition and
far reaching acclaim. Indeed,
few can forget their devoted
rendition of Rangapuravihara
which oozes with passion.
Says Ranjani, “Gayatri and I
have always been musically
inclined. This, we owe to our
rich musical heritage. Our
initial vocal training was
from our mother Meenakshi
Balasubramaniam and has
stood us in good stead. We
originally started off as
violinists and we owe our
success as violinists to our guru
TS Krishnaswami. As far as
vocal music was concerned, we
have always been singing but
never professionally. Our entry
into vocal music happened due
to our guru PS Narayanaswamy.
His uncanny ability to assess
our ability and talent motivated
and encouraged us to pursue
vocal music with zeal. “Ask them
about the rapport they share
with their guru and she replies
without a second thought, “Our
relationship with our gurus was
less a guru-sishya relationship
and more a friendly exchange
of ideas. For instance, though

F| 10

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January 2011 Eve’s Times

our guru Narayanaswamy had grounded to Gayatri’s vivacity

learnt music from Semmangudi and we share an excellent
through the traditional balance. Though we have
manner of gurukulavasam, been brought up in a very
he would be very open to us if similar musical background,
we presented our singing in a we never fail to celebrate our
different manner.” As for the individuality,” while Gayatri
rapport the sister’s share with nods in accordance. As far
each other, their comment – as their favourite Sabhas are
“We complement each other concerned, the renowned
perfectly. We have always done Music Academy will take all
things together, be it singing, the honours. ” Right from the
learning the violin or practising word go, it is perfection at its
for a concert. Thus, the rapport peak,” the sisters opine. “It
we share is a very natural one goes beyond merely performing
where we understand each music. The Sabha augments
other’s needs perfectly.” the listening experience of the
Says Ranjani, “I am completely audience. Another sabha which

is our favourite is the Parthasarathy Swami Sabha. We feel inspired to give our best because of the
amazing response we get. Unlike many other Sabhas in the city, this Sabha does not have a limit on the
seating capacity of the Rasikas. There have been many occasions when we have had Rasikas sitting
mere inches away from the dais where we would be performing. The apparent boundary between the
performers and Rasikas becomes invisible and nonexistent. We are also fond of performing at the
Choudaiyyah hall in Banagalore,” concludes Ranjani.
Some of their all time favourite musicians include Abhishek Raghuram, Semmangudi
Iyer, S Kalyanaraman, Ramanatha Krishnan, MD Ramanathan, etc. The sisters perfored
in various Sabhas this season which included ten vocal concerts and two violin duets.

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Eve’s Times January 2011

Madhuvanti SK talks to veteran musician Unnikrishnan about balancing his

dual world of Carnatic and film music which he has honed to perfection...

E verything about Unnikrishnan

is outstanding. From an
incredible musical kick off to
to my guru S Ramanathan,” he
adds. “I am also grateful to a
I have been able balance both
reasonably well,” he concludes.
lot of great musicians who have
a superfast evolution as one of played a pivotal role in inspiring
South India’s top singers, he
me to give my best every time I
touches the lives of millions
across the globe. He is one of the
few musicians to have box office Ask him about what he thinks
hits continuously for a decade.
about his views on Carnatic
Thus, it is not surprising that this
renowned Classical singer has also
and film music and he replies
had a lot of success with his recent unhesitatingly, “Classical
box office numbers, be it Sudum music is very traditional. It
Nilavu from Thambi or Vaarayo has set rules and patterns
Vaarayo from Aadhavan. to follow. A lot of creativity
goes into it, especially during
Despite Cricket being his a stage performance. The
first love, it hardly came as a artiste in question is required
surprise when Unni who came to make improvisations in an
from a background of music impromptu manner. In film
lovers went on to become one music however, it is different.
of the most sought after singers The song is composed by a film
of classical music.” My first director and it does not take too
concert was at Palghat. It was long to record unlike a classical
in the 1990s. By then, I had song which may need hours
a lot of concert opportunities of sadakam. I am happy that
coming my way,” says Unni. It
was in 1994 that he received
his first film offer. “It was for
Ennavalae which was from
the movie Kaadalan. It is an
experience which will forever
remain etched in my memory.
This is mainly because it was
my first step into the world of
film music which also won me
A National Award” reminisces
It is to his credit that he can
be acknowledged as one of
the classical musicians who
played an instrumental role
in successfully bridging the
gap between classical and film
music. “I owe a lot of my success


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January 2011 Eve’s Times

B orn into a family which

boasts of a rich musical
heritage, music runs
uninterrupted in Nithyashree’s
veins. It comes naturally to
her. With DK Pattammal as
her paternal Grandmother
and Palghat Mani Iyer, the
mridangam maestro as her
maternal Grandfather, it was of
no surprise when Nithyasree’s
maiden performance was titled
‘best concert of the series’ Ask
Nithya about her first musical
performance on stage and she
replies without missing a beat -
“My first Carnatic performance
was for the Youth Association
for Carnatic Music (YACM) and
was held on August 10, 1987. I
was both nervous and excited
as many prominent musicians
like KV Narayanaswamy, my
grandmother DK Pattammal,
and DK Jayaraman were
present. It was undeniably a
very enriching experience for
What plans did she execute for
her Rasikas this season? “A lot
of concerts in the same city can
be challenging, especially when
the Rasikas are a well versed
lot. However, this does not
deter me. I tried a few ragam
thalam pallavis which I haven’t
performed for a long time. I do
not believe in repeating songs
in my concerts. I did my best
to ensure that the Rasikas got
their due.”

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january Eves Times.indd 13 19/01/11 9:49 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

I t is not unknown to people that

Nithyasree is one of the few classical
musicians who also dabbles in film
music. Ask her about how she entered the
arena of film music and the excitement
is palpable in her voice. “My foray into
Tamil playback singing came when
A.R. Rahman called me to Panchathan
Recording Inn, in Chennai for a voice
test. He had happened to listen to one of
my Carnatic CDs and wanted to try my
voice for one of the movies he had been
composing music for. I was taken aback
when I got a call from him. It took me
awhile to come to terms with the fact that
one of the greatest music directors in the
world wanted to try me out for one of his
songs. My meeting with him resulted
in me singing my very first film song-
Kannodu Kanbadellam from Jeans.”
Ask Nithya about how she manages to
balance both Classical and film music
and she says that the transition from
singing classical music to film music
was both easy and difficult. “Carnatic
music helped me bring about a lot of
improvisations which many songs
required. However, the type of singing
needed for films differs vastly from
Carnatic, especially with respect to voice
modulation. As I am rooted in Carnatic
music, the chances of certain aspects of
the same cropping up in film songs is
there which presents slight difficulties.
Now however, I am able to balance
both reasonably well. My Carnatic
background helps me in grasping the
nuances of a song better in case it is
in need of embellishments. I find it
impossible to sing both film music and
Carnatic in a full fledged manner. As my
roots are in Carnatic, I would prefer to
limit the latter. As melody as a genre is
preferred less in comparison to koothu
and other genres, very few movie songs
tempt me,” she says. “I am very thankful
to AR Rahman sir as he gave me the
liberty to bring in improvisations in his
compositions,” she concludes .

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January 2011 Eve’s Times

M ahathi, award-winning
Tamil playback singer
singing predominantly in Tamil
a public performance.
Though she has been learning
is an accomplished Carnatic music from a very young age,
singer who is well versed she considered a career in music
with the numerous classical only after her Tenth standard.
technicalities. She picks up her Ask her about how she got
notes from the whistle of a train involved with film music and
or the swirl of a fan – sounds she admits that it was very
which vary vastly in pitches. unexpected. “It all happened
However, this does not confuse during my Eleventh standard
or deter Mahathi. For her, it is vacation. My dream throughout
music, simple and beautiful. childhood was to meet Ilayaraja
Born to Thiruvaiyar P Sekar sir. Somehow, I was fortunate
and Vasanthi Sekar, a couple enough to meet him . After
steeped in the nuances of seeing my portfolio, he asked
Carnatic music, Mahathi’s me to sing for him. I never
knack for identifying ragas bargained for what happened
at an early stage did not next because, the next thing
go unnoticed by them. She I knew was being asked by
remembers the first public Ilayaraja sir to sing for one
performance she attended. “It of his compositions -”Enna
was during the music festival Maranthalum” from the movie
after a two hour long concert
in Chennai in 1988. I was three Kaadhal Jaathi. That was how
I am asked to record a song,
years old,” reminisces Mahathi. I entered the field of film music.
my voice will definitely sound
“I was attending a concert My father felt that as I had sung
strained. On such occasions, I
where Mandolin Shrinivas for Raja sir, my chances in the
have been asked to take a break
was playing Madhyamavati as Industry were pretty good.
and come back a day or two later
part of one of the items. Every Thus, we shifted to Chennai in
to record the song. This is one
time my mother questioned 2002. ”
aspect which stresses me out to
me about the raga of the songs As a person who dabbles in an extent. But apart from that,
played, I would answer her Carnatic and film songs, how I am extremely euphoric about
promptly. This caught the does she balance the two with the fact that I have successfully
attention of the President of the seeming ease? Pat comes the been managing both Carnatic
association who had organised reply, “It may seem easy, but it and film music.” Mahathi’s
the concert. He asked my is not. It is difficult for a person background in Carnatic music
mother to take me on stage and whose roots are in Carnatic to works to her advantage and
I was put to test by Mandolin modulate herr voice effortlessly she nods in agreement. “As
Shrinivas himself. I answered to suit film songs. However, I I have a strong foothold in
all the questions put forth to admit that while it is difficult, it Carnatic music, singing film
me without any hesitation. is not impossible. Nonetheless, songs becomes a lot easier,” she
That was my first experience of this requires a lot of effort. If concludes.

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Eve’s Times January 2011

A t the tender age of three

Anil Srinivasan started
to learn Piano, Surprising it
with Sikkil Gurucharan are
indeed unforgettable and the
magic they spread on stage
celebrations when Anil and I
collaborated as Alumni in a
musical play. If that event had
may sound but looking at the is a result of the fondness not occurred we may not have
way he has mastered the art they share for each other. As formed this new dimension
of music, one can be definite Sikkil Gurucharan says- “It of classical music that has
about the long years of practice was fantastic working with impressed many listeners now.”
and learning that has gone Anil. Concerts with him have In the words of Anil, Sikkil is
into the making of a Maestro always been memorable and one of his favourite performers
like him.” I started imitating well received. I have been along with Chitraveena
my teacher at school and then able to communicate with a Ravikrishnan, Lalgudi
later on I stared working on the different spectrum of audience- Krishnan and Unni Krishnan
Piano. Meena Radhakrishnan westerners and those who have
This season the Music maestro
was my Guru in the beginning. not made an effort to listen to
scheduled his performances at
Later I learnt music under the Carnatic music. He weaves a
various venues which included
guidance of Anna Abraham,” sort of magic into the classical
Bharat Kalachar, Carnatica
reminisces Anil. poems that I sing, which is
and Charsur. The maestro also
emotionally charged.”
A trained artiste in western mesmerized the audience with
classical music and Carnatic, Their collaboration with each a series of performances for
Anil has been popular in both other has been very long and NDTV Hindu. The Margazhi
the fields due to the proficiency Sikkil recollects, “We both Season brought a lot of joy to
he has acquired in both the started working together lovers of Anil’s music.
genres of music. since our days in school.
Komal M Jain
It was the golden jubilee
The performances of Anil along

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january Eves Times.indd 16 19/01/11 9:49 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

“I engaged myself in a lot

of extracurricular activities
and was aware that I had to
concentrate on my academics
as well. I kept myself focused
and that helped me a lot. Apart
from focus the desire to do my
best every time in every field.
A multitalented personality
with varying interests
and a part of two completely
This drive keeps me going,”
says Sri Chitra. She has been
different worlds of modeling into modeling as a child artist
and Carnatic music, Sri Chitra, and has walked the ramp for a
is a youngster of today with lot of events.
high aspirations and multiple Her achievements could not
talents. “Many people wonder have been possible without the
about how I manage to be in support of her parents and she
modeling and Carnatic music does not fail to add that her
as well. I am modern and parents are the greatest pillars
contemporary when it comes of strength. “They have always
to modeling and completely encouraged me and supported
traditional when it comes to me in everything I do,” she
singing Carnatic. I do not mix signs off.
both. I would like to define
myself as a contemporary Komal M Jain
person, deeply rooted in
tradition,” says Sri Chitra
Her training in Carnatic music
began at an early age of three
and she started performing
at the age of twelve. Sri Chitra
recollects memories of her
first performance, “I was
really nervous during my
first performance which was
a temple in Nanganallur. I
hardly remember what I sang
that day but the experience is
still fresh. I was not very much
used to stage performances
at that time. However today
after completing around 75
music concerts I feel a lot more
confident than before. ”
In the midst of modeling and
music, academics did not take
a back seat for this young
lady who topped her school.

17 |G

january Eves Times.indd 17 19/01/11 9:49 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

A jam packed performance on episodes from Shivapuranam

schedule and an equally and Kandapuranam. I also
frenzied college schedule leaves have two solo performances
Janane with very little time. scheduled for January.”
Ask her how she manages to What kind of a rapport does
balance college and dance and she share with her Guru and she
pat comes the reply, “It may answers without missing a beat
seem hard at the beginning but – “Anita Aunty is very close to
it is definitely not impossible. me. I have spent most days after
Dancing is my passion and school and college in class with
I know that I cannot let that her. My association with aunty
affect my education. A little goes far beyond the realms of a
bit of self reiteration on these student – teacher relationship.

“B haratnatyam has been She is a friend, philosopher

my passion for ages and confidante, all rolled into
now,” says Janane S and one. My experiences with her in
there’s no denying it. Her class are something that I will
close friends will vouch for it. cherish everlastingly. Janane
Janane’s regular performances has no qualms in admitting
in renowned Sabhas across the that she would choose to be a
city and the rave reviews she professional dancer rather than
gets bear ample testimony to it. an engineer if the opportunity
comes her way. “Engineering is
She’s tired after a hard day
at college, yet at the mention grounds makes the balancing
of Bharatnatyam, her face act a lot easier. Another aspect
lights up and it is hard to miss which makes my life a lot easier
the sparkle in her eyes. “My are my close friends. I can
association with dance is a depend on my closest friends
relatively long one. Initially, I to be there for me . They have
never intended to learn dance always stood by me through
professionally,” reminisces thick and thin and encouraged
Janane. “As a kid, I used to me at every step,” she smiles.
dance for various functions Janane leaves no stone
held in my apartment. This unturned as she ensures a treat
did not go unnoticed and for dance enthusiasts across
before I knew it, my uncle the city. She will be playing the something that I love. However,
Raghavachari suggested that role of Dakshayini in her Guru it can never take the place of
I start learning dance on a Anita Guha’s production titled dance. Engineering for me, is
formal basis. Consequently, Mahadevam Mahasenam Bhaje merely an educational backing.
my father’s friend got me in which will be staged at various It is dance that I would choose
touch with Anita Guha and venues including Bharat as my profession if given the
towards the beginning of my Kalachar, Sri Krishna Gana opportunity as it is my passion.”
sixth standard, I was enrolled Sabha, Mylapore Fine Arts
into Anita aunty’s dance school, Here’s wishing this talented
and more. Says Janane, “It is a dancer the very best in her
Bharatanjali.” Nritya Natakam which is based forthcoming endeavours.

F| 18

january Eves Times.indd 18 19/01/11 9:49 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

I am a working woman. I
happened to meet my close
college friend recently, who has
been transferred to Chennai
her with him and only him!
from Delhi. She has a son. She
He needs urgent professional
sent me a mail asking me to
help. As for your friend, I would
see her. When I met her, I was
suggest that she may give a try
in for a shock. She has lost a
to treat him. It is a Herculean
lot of weight and looks ghastly.
task to take such people for
On asking the reason she says
treatment, as they would keep
that her husband is highly
denying the problem. She
suspicious of her and does
can meet a psychiatrist first
not allow her to go out of the
Eve’s Times is happy to an- to seek advice. Your friend is
house. She is an educated girl.
nounce that family therapist exhausted. She is almost on
He fights with her if she talks and Parent-Teacher Educa- the verge of breaking down.
to the neighbours or the milk/ tor Brinda Jayaraman will
The doctor will deal with her
paper vendors. He does not answer any query you want to
depression too. Let her take one
allow her to talk to her parents, ask relating to interpersonal
interactions. Send in your step at a time-to get rid of her
go to their house or attend any
questions to askbrinda@ depression and gain strength
family function. However, he is
evestimesonline.com or to first and then approach her
very much attached to his son.
editorevestimes@gmail.com husband’s problem. Would
My friend is depressed and she
anyone think of abandoning
wants to leave her husband. (It her/him. To me it seems that
someone if s/he is sick? If she
was an arranged marriage). I her husband is suffering from
understands his plight, she
don’t know what advice to give this insecurity-that his wife is
would empathize with him, try
her. I strongly feel that she more affectionate to others! The
to set him right and not think of
should leave her husband, seek negative behaviour of suspicion
separation at this point.
employment and take care of and control is only to retain
her son.

Quitting the marriage is easier

said than done! Let us discuss
about her husband’s behaviour.
Possessive behaviour stems
out of insecurity. People get
married to gratify their inner
need to belong to somebody.
In couple relationship, if for
one of them, this need is not
fulfilled, the grievance that
‘I am not important to my
spouse.’ or ‘My spouse is not
very close to me.’ would bug

19 |G

january Eves Times.indd 19 19/01/11 9:49 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

For the adventuresome, here are two different

varieties of Pongal you can try out this season
and pamper the taste buds of your family. And
the icing on the cake is they are healthy too!
Don’t forget to do a work out after eating these
Sago Surprise
Sago - 1 cup Ghee - 1 tbsp
Milk - 2 cups Cashew Nuts few
Condensed Milk - 1 tin Kismis few
Fresh Cream ( optional) 1/4 cup Cardamom Powder - 1/4 tsp
Green Gram Dal - 1/4cup, Saffron a pinch
roasted and cooked Water 3 cups

Fry sago lightly in ghee. Place a pan over the stove and heat water. When it starts to boil add sago and
lightly fried in ghee. Cook until sago turns transparent and soft. Remove from fire and drain excess water.
Roast green gram and cook till soft. Mix cooked sago with milk, cooked green gram dal and condensed
milk. When pongal consistency is obtained, add fresh cream and saffron rubbed in a tablespoon of warm
milk till you reach the consistency again. Garnish with fried cashewnuts, kismis and cardamom.

Mango Magic

Raw Rice 1 cup
Thickened Milk 1 1/2 cups
Fresh Mango pulp 11/2 cups
Ghee - 2 tblsp
Sugar 1 cup
Almonds slivered few
Kismis few
Cardamom Powder 1 tsp
Saffron - few,
soaked in warm milk
Fresh Cream ( optional) 2 tblsp

Wash rice, add milk, mango pulp and pressure cook. Once the first whistle comes, keep fire in sim
and cook for 15 minutes or till the rice becomes soft. Remove from cooker and place contents in a pan.
Mix sugar with water and heat till it reaches soft ball consistency. Add cooked rice and stir gently
until moisture evaporates. Add fresh cream and soaked saffron. Keep under low flame for a few more
minutes. Garnish with fried kismis and roasted, slivered almonds.

F| 20

january Eves Times.indd 20 19/01/11 9:49 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

O nce I used spoilt milk to

make paneer and made
koftas with it. While the dish
curds for the process. new utensil uses pressure to
cook idiyapam. It is new to the
market and is manufactured by

tasted fine, I developed severe y husband is over weight. a Coimbatore company and is
stomach upset and infection Could you please suggest called sevai magik
after eating the dish. Is it some break fast food/dinner
harmful to use spoilt milk? Can to reduce his weight. He goes
we convert it to curd and make for walking and does exercises
buttermilk from spoilt milk? regularly every day.

Sundari Ramanathan, Vellore Malathi Nagarajan, Chennai

Milk when spoiled should be To maintain a good diet it is
tasted immediately and better ideal never to skip breakfast
not to try it if it is sour or but to reduce weight a little
bitter. Otherwise using spoilt less intake of rich fibre content
milk is fine when treated with food proves mandatory. A cup
vinegar or citric acid. of orange juice without sugar
is good for absorption of iron

S ometimes, now-a-days,
when I set curds, it comes
out in a viscous, batter like
content in the body. 30 to 40
grams of any fruit serves well
to maintain a healthy diet,
consistency which does not forming the correct balance
taste good. I buy Aavin milk. between carbohydrate intake
Aavin authorities say that I am and loss. The use of kokum in
not setting the curds properly. food decreases fat content and Mallika Badrinath
But I don’t believe this. I have at the same time enriches the
The name “Mallika Badrinath”
been setting curds for several protein content.
is familiar to most homemakers
years! What do you think is
I n your cookery programme in a in South India. Till 1988 ,
the reason? When I use fresh
TV channel you demonstrated she too was a homemaker ;
curds bought from Aavin, it
the making of idiyappam using a now she is an internationally
sets properly and for a week the new kind of utensil with which we acknowledged culinary expert,
curd is ok but then after that can make the dish easily. Could with an eager audience latching
again it sets badly. you please give us details of the on to every word she has to say
dish? What is it called? What
about food and cooking in her
Gowri Sundaresan, Chennai should be the consistency of the
television shows. Her books
batter to make good idiyappam?
This problem may occur due Can we make it on the same day are sold like hot cakes across
to the bacteria which sets in we grind the batter? the world. She is a symbol of
the milk or due to the bacteria women achievers of India. Hers
which thrives in our vessels. It Ritu Sanyal. Chennai is a success story that has been
is better to boil vessels in the an inspiration to many women.
hot water steam before using To make good idiyappam it is
them to set curd. Also use fresh necessary to soak the rice in
hot water before grinding. This

21 |G

january Eves Times.indd 21 19/01/11 9:49 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

F| 22

january Eves Times.indd 22 19/01/11 9:49 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

Mascara is undoubtedly a must,

as it enhances the volume
and length of the eyelashes.
For those lovely lips, always
make sure they are lined well.
Crimson red and dark maroon
may be the trend of the season
but do not try them unless they
suit your attire and complexion.
There can’t be a worse fashion
faux pas than mismatched lip
colour. If you want to play it
safe, the nude shades of pink
gloss or mauve shades will add
that natural yet classy look.
Your cheeks can do without the
blush, but if you do intend to
apply use a very mild shade.
It is the party season in the city and looking
Make up is all about perfect strokes . There is no
their best is definitely what everyone desires.
harm in the trial and error formula. However, if you
Whether it is a glitzy disco party or a beach
figure out that you aren’t good enough, it is best to
party, the right make over can do wonders
keep it minimal with kohled eyes and glossy lips.
to your look. We give you tips on how to look
Go ahead and look your best!
your glamorous best. It does not matter what
complexion you have, a clear and uniform Inputs from Marina K, Beautician, La Femme
shade is definitely a must for all. As for little parlour
scars here and there, a good concealer can take Komal M Jain
care of it. Do not hesitate to invest in a branded
concealer and foundation if you are not in
possession of one. It is advisable to ensure that
the shade matches your complexion.
Avoid using loads of foundation as it may
result in looking like patchwork done on your
skin. A mild application of foundation and
compact will do the trick for the perfect base.
The next step is to highlight your features.
Dark kohled eyes are never out of fashion and
if you are blessed with beautifully shaped
eyes, the kohl and eye liner can do wonders
for your look. However, before you apply eye
make, it is prudent to apply eye-shadow. If
you aren’t very good with its application go for
light nude shades, the flaws in application will
not be visible. For all those who are not aware,
nude look is still in.

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january Eves Times.indd 23 19/01/11 9:49 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

Adyar Ph: 2440 5341 Anna Nagar Ph: 2628 4363/2626 0151 Abirami Ph: 2661 2033 Cathedral Road
Ph: 2811 0345/2811 0343 Central Railway Station Ph: 2535 7166 ECR, Thiruvanmiyur Ph : 2448 5080
ECR, Uthandi Ph: 2453 1717/2453 1818 Egmore Ph: 28510077/88 Kilpauk Ph: 2644 4212 Mugappair
Ph: 2625 1749/ 2625 1149 Porur Ph: 2476 3447 R.K.Salai Ph: 2811 2660 Saidapet Ph: 2220 0850 T
Nagar Ph: 28153928 Triplicane Ph: 28419911/ 2841 9922 Tambaram Ph: 2226 4450/ 2226 4460

F| 24

january Eves Times.indd 24 19/01/11 9:49 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

No man is worth a woman’s tears;

the only one who is, will never make her cry
25 |G

january Eves Times.indd 25 19/01/11 9:49 AM

Eve’s Times October, 2010

New Year Feedback

Hi pals!
I’, sure the New Year must have unraveled itself colleges. First and foremost, I would introduce
on a happy note for all of you out there! the system of open-book examinations! (I can’t
wait to see your gleeful faces as you read this!)
I, on the other hand, had a quiet and serene Secondly, I would pass a law that teachers
New Year’s eve... as promised! Much as people should be friends and not TEACHERS... to foster
would refuse to believe, I decided to spend the warm guru-sishya relationships. Thirdly, and
momentous day with the two most enlightened the most dangerous of all…. I would introduce
people on earth…. My parents, of course! (I feedback forms that the students should deliver
didn’t make them feel that they need to equip to the institutions’ board about the teachers, as
themselves with a little knowledge about the it happens in all other countries. Just imagine,
ways of the world today!) what a pleasurable experience it would be...
if these things happen… looks like it’s next
It did make a lot of difference to me, and I am
to impossible in our country… but well… it
not embarrassed to disclose that within the
is just a dream… a pleasant one at that… and
bosoms of these two individuals who have the
dreaming about a just and fair school or college
best intentions for me, lie young hearts yearning
is no sin… where merit and talent are recognized,
to interact with me on an equal footing! So I just
interactions are not based on looks, caste, status
did that… the three of us went ahead and had the
and various extraneous considerations and
weirdest food in the latest coffee pub in the city
where the students are empowered enough to
and I was most surprised to see that they enjoyed
pen their opinions and views to enhance their
their time with me. Of course, we did miss Big Sis
learning experience and bring about meaningful
a lot… I DID… madly! Her enchanting laughter
interactions with their teachers.. who in turn will
still rang in my ears... most of all I missed teasing
try to perfect themselves and their knowledge
her … I had the vicarious satisfaction of doing
based on our feedback!
that during out New Year chat!
Until next month,
Got down to serious thinking about what steps
I would take if I were empowered enough to Namrata
make changes in our great city. I am sure, all of
you would agree with me if I begin with schools/ Editor, Teen Mag

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january Eves Times.indd 26 19/01/11 9:49 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

C elebs of Namma
Chennai talk
to Madhuvanti
SK and Komal M
Jain about their plans
for New Year 2011 and

New Beginnings
So how did you spend the dawn of the New Year ?
I planned a private party with my close friends. I had
a lot of fun and spent quality time with them.
Do you believe in New Year resolutions? Have you
made any?
I do not believe in New Year resolutions. I believe
that New Year resolutions are made only to be
promptly broken.
Name one New Year ritual you follow without fail?
The one ritual that I follow every New Year is to make
sure that I do not go out on shoots and keep myself
free for the day so that I can spend time with friends
and family.
Which is the most memorable new year till date and
My most memorable New Year is undoubtedly New
Year, two years ago. I spent time with my friends in
Las Vegas and had a whale of a time.
If you were granted one New Year wish what would
it be?
I can’t think of anything at the moment.
27 |G

january Eves Times.indd 27 19/01/11 9:49 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

New Beginnings
As the New Year dawns everyday, what is usually
your endeavour?
Every New Year at 12 0,clock, I make it a point to
record a new song.
What resolution did you make this New Year?
I don’t believe in the concept of New Year
resolutions. However, I try to give up any vice and
take a turn for the better.
Which New Year celebration remains fresh in your
memory and why?
New Year 2010 was very memorable because, I
partied with my friend on his birthday and was thus
able to spend quality time with a lot of my friends.
Any New Year wish you would like to be fulfilled?
There is no such wish I can think of, at the moment.

F| 28

january Eves Times.indd 28 19/01/11 9:49 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

No, I do not believe in New Year resolutions.

New If at all I decided to make one such resolution,

it would be to concentrate on work, establish a

Beginnings better name and do better films.

Is there a New Year ritual that you

Priyamani, Actress Not really, except that my family always

makes it a point to be together on December

W hat plans do you have in store 31s. It is something which my father insists on
for the forthcoming New Year?
Your most memorable New Year till
I will either be shooting in Hyderabad or date and why?
spending time with my family in Bangalore. Not able to think of anything at the moment.
What do you think of New Year If you were granted one New Year wish
resolutions? Do you believe in them? what would it be?
If yes, what is your resolution for New I would ask for my friends and family to be
Year 2011? successful in whatever their field of work is.

29 |G

january Eves Times.indd 29 19/01/11 9:49 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

BENNY BENNY         I do not believe in New most of my best hits had

Year resolutions. released. It brought in a lot
DAYAL, SINGER of happiness and my career
What is it that you try to do took a turn for the better.
How was the dawn of 2011 every New Year? This was instrumental in
for you? The only ritual I follow helping me carve a niche for
  One of my shows was is spending time with my myself in the industry. 
scheduled for the New parents as their wedding If you were granted one
Year’s eve. Once I was done anniversary falls on New New Year wish what would
with the show I spent time Year’s Eve. it be?
with my parents as their Your most memorable new
anniversary falls on 31st  of year till date and why? I wish I could spend the
December.  New Year in South Africa.
My most memorable New According to me, it is one of
Do you believe in making Year till date surely has to the most beautiful locations
resolutions? be in 2008. That was when in the world.  

F| 30

january Eves Times.indd 30 19/01/11 9:49 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

Is there a New Year ritual that you

New Beginnings follow?
Yes, I do follow a New Year ritual. We
Aishwarya Dhanush usher in the New Year by going to my
What plans do you have in store for mother’s house for pooja at midnight after
the forthcoming New Year? which we party into the wee hours of dawn.
I haven’t really planned anything for the Your most memorable New Year till
New Year which also happens to be my date and why?
birthday. This is mainly owing to the fact My most memorable New Year till date is
that my husband Dhanush is shooting in the one I celebrated just after my wedding.
Karaikudi. Maybe once he’s back, we may It was special to me for two reasons- it was
plan something. the first New Year I spent with Dhanush
What do you think of New Year after our marriage and the second reason
resolutions? Do you believe in them? being that Dhanush presented me my first
If yes, what is your resolution for car.
New Year 2011? If you were granted one New Year
I firmly believe that New Year resolutions wish what would it be?
have to be made only if people intend to Well, if such a thing were to happen, I
work on them. I do believe in New Year would wish for my life to be the way it is
resolutions. My resolution for 2011 is to today forever. I wouldn’t want to change
work out more regularly and work towards anything.
a healthier lifestyle.

31 |G

january Eves Times.indd 31 19/01/11 9:49 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

Sripada, Singer
What Plans Do You
Have In Store For The
Forthcoming New Year?
I’m looking forward to taking my
company Blue Elephant to newer and
greater heights.
What do you think of New Year
resolutions? Do you believe in them?
If yes, what is your resolution for
New Year 2011?
Well, I really do not believe in
New Year resolution of any sort.
Is there a New Year ritual that
you follow?
Again, not really. Like New Year
resolutions, I do not follow any kind of
New Year ritual.
Your most memorable new year till
date and why?
Well, thus far, I have been through
a lot of good New Years. However,
none of them are what I can term
If you were granted one New Year
wish what would it be?
Well, if there was such a wish granted
to me, I would love to be a part of an
amazing album.

F| 32

january Eves Times.indd 32 19/01/11 9:49 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

I t is a known and accepted

fact that New Year and
resolutions go hand in hand. So
and I burst out laughing.
Hence, this resolution.’

this 2011, let’s get to know what

resolutions were made. If the
immediate question arises as to
whether these resolutions were
made to keep or break- well,
wait until the end of the year for
another survey!
Priya, my close friend who stays
in T Nagar, is a staunch follower
of beliefs and customs. To her,
New Year is Pongal on which
day she made her resolution, ‘I
want to keep down my angry
outbursts’. ‘This sounds like
an impulsive resolution and
not a planned one,’ I teased resolution with vehemence.
her. She laughed and replied, Next, when I asked my childhood Knowing her, I asked without
‘Yes, my husband’s words led friend Geeta, who is a freelance batting her eyelid, ‘Define
me to make this impulsive writer, about her resolution, early!’ To which came a reply
resolution’. Intrigued, I begged she said, ‘Resolution? I’ve been that was more subdued than
her to elaborate. She explained, so busy that I could not think of vehement, ‘Hmm, 6.30, or max,
‘After all the rituals of the even what resolution to make’. between 7.30 to 8’.
festival, we are supposed to After a beat, she quipped, ‘My
Next I asked my friend Chitra,
seek the blessings of our elders, resolution should be to make a
who is a mother of two, about
including husbands, obviously. resolution!’ Writers do seem to
her resolution. ‘I guess it must
Every year when I do that have a way with words, I mused.
be to see that my children keep
my delighted husband seizes
Tasnim who is a DGM in a their resolutions.’ ‘Spoken like
this opportunity to quote his
real estate company said, ‘I a true mom!’ I protested, ‘You
favorite dialogues from the
have resolved to go home early should think of your role as
Ramayana or Mahabharatha
every evening to spend more a mother, try to think more
and says either, ‘Ayushman
time with my family’. Bogged as an individual, having your
bhava’ or ‘Sumangali bhava’.
down by erratic timings and own thoughts.’ She cut into
This year as I touched his
late hours, she told me her my excited lecture and said,
feet, wondering what dialogue
‘Well, I have resolved that I will
he would come up with this
consciously make an effort not
time, he shocked me by saying
to use plastic, be it plastic bags,
‘Shantha Swaroopini bhava’. At
mugs or plates. I don’t want to
first I saw red, then it struck
use paper too much too as it will
me that this was exactly the
add to garbage.’ ‘Bravo, a noble
reaction he expected from me
resolution indeed’, I cheered
and so that particular ‘blessing’

33 |G

january Eves Times.indd 33 19/01/11 9:49 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

Finally, I got through to my that falls her way. Later, when from ice creams. Got to watch
friend Vamsi who I had been she does remember to check those calories you know.
trying to reach the entire day on her phone, which is usually Especially when I always tend to
her mobile. She has this insane at the end of the day, she sees weigh the taste of those yummy,
habit of keeping her mobile in a big list of calls that she’s nutty, soft , smooth, delicious
a certain place and blissfully missed the whole day. So she flavors on one side and those
forgetting about its existence, ends up returning the calls. beastly calories and guilt on the
she then goes about tending to When she returned mine, I other. But when I really think
the umpteen numbers of tasks promptly suggested to her again, I find that the scales tilt
what her resolution more towards the former side.
ought to be. ‘Vamsi, So what I finally should do is,
from this year you take this one month at a time.
should stop making Or maybe I should do alternate
yourself mobile and months. So to all of you who
your mobile stationary have been worrying about
and not vice- versa!’ those resolutions, I suggest,
to which she agreed even if you can’t make, keep or
sheepishly being the break your resolution, what you
good friend that she is. can do is keep them flexible. So
Gelatos, here I come!
As for me, I have
resolved to stay away -Kanchana.Rao
F| 34

january Eves Times.indd 34 19/01/11 9:49 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

N ew Year’s begun with gusto

; the fresh spirit is still
in the air and so are people’s
endless wishes for the New Year.
Madhuvanti S K and Korma
M Jain talk to Chennai-ites to
see what their aspirations and would be given a billion dollars. world hunger.”
desires are as the New Year has Money apart, I’d also like a
unfolded …. sniper rifle because it’d cool to PREETHI GANDHI, Student
be in possession of one. As far and resident, Kilpauk
Standard student, St. John’s as education’s concerned, I’d “I wish that I’d get a lakh of
Senior Secondary School love to be part of a system where rupees from my father so that
students are not graded on I can go out of my way and
“My wishes are crazy. I their inclination and capacity to splurge to my heart’s content.
would love to land myself mug but by the amount of fun I’d spend most of the money on
an opportunity to study in they have and innovation they clothes, cosmetics and shoes as
the esteemed Massachusetts can bring into their necessary, one can never have too many of
Institute of Technology, albeit monotonously boring these.”
obviously with little or education.”
preferably, no slogging. I’d also GOPAL JOSHI, Engineering
like it if I had a windfall and RANJANA S, Twelfth Standard student, Vel’s Institute of
student, St. John’s Senior Technology
Secondary School
“I want to carve a niche for
“Well, my wish has more to myself in the field of Robotics.
do with material possessions. I wish to replace human
A new cell phone to begin being working in hazardous
with, a laptop, an unlimited environment with robots. I
supply of skittles and coke, all also wish to work on ensuring
the animation I can think of, that limbless people can
a chip that can be put in my survive withthe assistance of
brain so that I can download mechanical limbs. It would
stuff directly into it. On a also be wonderful if we could
more serious note, I also wish substitute robots for humans
for world peace and an end to for military purposes.”

35 |G

january Eves Times.indd 35 19/01/11 9:49 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011


Long back, a person who Employee: Boss, now i have got Someone has rightly said, “A fool
sacrificed his sleep, forgot his married..! Please increase my can ask more questions that a wise
family, salary..! man
Forgot his food, forgot laughter BOSS: Factory is not responsible cannot answer” No Wonder why
were called “Saints” for accidents occuring outside the so many of us speechless when
company..! lecturers ask question..!
But now they are called... “IT

Philosophy of life

At the beginning of married life,

An interesting line written at the every girl treats her husband as Girl: Do you have Cards with
back of a Biker’s T Shirt: GOD; sentimental Love quotes?
“If you are able to see this, please Later on somehow the alphabets Shopkeeper: Oh sure..@! How about
tell me that my girlfriend has fallen got reversed..! this card, it says “To the only boy I
off” ever loved.!”
Girl: That’s good, Give me 12 of

Most Relationships fail not because What is a Fear?

of the absence of love.. Fear is the Deep, Wrenching
Love is always present... feeling in your stomach when pages
It’s just that, one loves too much, of your book After reading the form filled by an
And the other loves too many, Still smell new and just few hours applicant.. The employer said: “ WE
left for your exams..! do have an
opening for you..!
Applicant: What is it?
Interviewer: It’s called the “door..!”

A Banner cum Sign Board In front

of an IT company..
Drive Slowly, Dont kill our
Employee........ Leave them to us

Contributed by Jayaraman

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january Eves Times.indd 36 19/01/11 9:49 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

foundation of this case?

It made of concrete.

I don’t think you understand.

Does either of you have a

A Polish man moved to

the USA and married an
American girl.
real grudge?

No, we have carport,

and not need one.
Although his English was far
from perfect, they got along I mean what are your
very well. relations like?

One day he rushed into a All my relations still in

lawyer’s office and asked him if Poland
he could arrange a divorce for
him. Is there any infidelity in
your marriage?
The lawyer said that getting a
divorce would depend on the
circumstances, and asked him
the following questions:
We have hi-fidelity stereo and
good DVD player.

Does your wife beat you up?

Care Care
Yesterday I was having some
Have you any grounds? work done at the car dealer. A
No, I always up before her. woman came in and asked for a
seven-hundred- ten.
Yes, an acre and half and nice
little home. Is your wife a nagger? We all looked at each other, and
the mechanic asked, “What is a
No, I mean what is the No, she white. seven-hundred- ten?”

Why do you want this divorce? She replied, “You know, the
little piece in the middle of the
She going to kill me. engine. I lost it and need a new
one. It had always been there.”
What makes you think that? The mechanic gave the woman
a piece of paper and a pen and
I got proof. asked her to draw what the
piece looked like. She drew a
What kind of proof? circle and in the middle of it
wrote 710 !!
She going to poison me.
He then took her over to another
car which had the hood up and
She buy a bottle at drugstore
asked, “Is there a 710 on this
and put on shelf in bathroom. car?”
I can read English pretty good,
and it say: She pointed and said, “Of
course, it’s right there.”
‘Polish Remover’
So what was it?
Contributed by Shanta
Shivakumar OIL!

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january Eves Times.indd 37 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

Madhuvanti SK and Komal M Jain talk

to designers in the city about how to
look hep for the season. Read on….

Anaka Narayanan, Brass Tacks

What outfit do you think will stand out at New

Year party?
“I think something that is adventurous and
comfortable will stand
out in the crowd. The slouchy look is the in thing
this season. Slim
fit trousers with a top which adds volume or vice
versa. Silhouette
dresses as opposed to the traditional hourglass
models are preferred
as they are deemed trendier.
What is the ideal trend and colour of the season?
Indigo colour palette, shades of grey and black
are ideal for the season.
What is a No-no for a New Year’s Eve party?
Jean and top is a definite no-no.
What suggestions do you have with respect to
accessorizing New Year outfits?
I feel that something which compliments the
outfit and is not
cumbersome to lug around will be apt. Carrying
bulky bags is not
advisable either.

F| 38

january Eves Times.indd 38 19/01/11 9:50 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times


What outfit do you think will

stand out at New Year party?

I am of the opinion that

something comfortable will
stand out as it will also the
suit the person wearing it. An
with the right amount of colour
will add grace to the final look.

What is the ideal trend and

colour of the season?

There is no ideal colour as such

for this season. However,
aubergine and crimson will be
pretty much perfect.

What is a No-no for a New Year’s

Eve party?
It would be advisable for people
to avoid black.

What suggestions do you have

with respect to accessorizing New
Year outfits?
Something which complements
the colour of the dress, tonal
and accessories which are sleek
and simple will be a hit with the

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january Eves Times.indd 39 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

You (th) The common man is not able to get

what he wants because he is bound
Are the by the manacles of a corrupt system.
Master of What is your take on that?
the Game It is high time that the common man stopped
playing the role of a victim. Self pity must stop.
STOP Somehow or the other there is a widespread
PLAYING impression about the honest common man
getting completely fettered and abused by the
THE ROLE system. The common mans has the power within
OF A VICTIM himself. Common people collectively have a
On the occasion great amount of power. They must harness that
of Republic Day, power and stop lamenting that they are victims
Eve’s Times posed Karti Chidambaram a few of the system.
questions about the state of affairs in our country What about corruption, which makes
today. The queries elicited a torrent of responses
it difficult for the common people to
from him.
attain what they want?
Are we truly free? Corruption is a different problem. As there is a
We are as free as free can be. ‘Free’ is a relative taker, there is also a giver. Every problem is a two-
term. I am a believer of individual liberty. But way street. While we must condemn people who
individual liberty is always contextual. What are abusing their positions, if people collectively
is free which is accepted in a certain context is refuse to entertain any modes of corruption, it
not necessarily accepted in another context. can be contained. I am not saying that this is the
Freedom for the sake of freedom at the cost of only solution but there is also a duty amongst us
discipline or order is not necessarily freedom. I to do that. But because of the environment we
don’t think we can have an absolute definition of live in and we all want to get things done we are
freedom. Freedom is always relative; relative in more than happy to cut corners when it suits our
the context of the environment in which we are needs.
operating. A free country should also ensure that the basic
necessities of people are met. The fact that the
Can we say that if we are watching a cricket
power lies in the hands of a few people combined
match then all the spectators have the freedom
with corruption makes life difficult for people
to rush into the cricket ground because we are a
who are denied not only the right to live with
free country and stand around the pitch? Or we
dignity but also are not able to achieve what
are watching a tennis match and we keep yelling
they want and can.
when the point is being played? Because we are a
free country and we have freedom of speech can You are talking about economic disparity, which
you speak in your mobile phone when a movie is cannot be done away with overnight unless we
being shown or when you are in a concert hall have great economic progress. But I don’t think
watching a play or theatre? There will always be that in India today power is concentrated in a
curbs to individual freedom. few people. Economic, social and political power
is diffused. There are many political parties.
But what those curbs are and how much the Economic disparity is there in every country.
curbs will be exercised depends on the context. The disparity is glaring in our country because in
Of course we are a free country; let us not have a totalitarian regimes such as China, the disparity
debate about that. How much freedom we have, is hidden where as in our country it is not hidden.
where we have and what we have always depends Disparities are there even in the most advanced
on the situation. countries including the United States.

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january Eves Times.indd 40 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Ja n aarry 22011
nu 00111 Eve’
e’s T

Health and Fitness Clinic

W AIT! What I meant was bare
That was close to getting me behind
designed sports shoes available
in the market today with heel
cushioning, ankle support , fore
bars. Did I sound ambiguous? I foot flexibility etc etc etc…..We
better watch my words! definitely need them no doubt
but… not always.
As I put my feet up, flipping
through the pages of a Bare your feet once in a while.
magazine, I caught a glimpse of If we over protect them they
my feet. Enjoying the whiff of are likely to get too sensitive
cool breeze under my toes, my and delicate that emerging
unexpected situations will of the soles of the feet and its
thoughts ran towards my pen
catch us ‘red footed’ or broken ability to stay steady, firm and
and from there onto the paper.
footed. What if we had to run comfortable.
Just as we have a day to fast and out of the building suddenly? It Let’s concentrate on pampering
cleanse our system, why not could be a burglar, a tremor, or our feet with massages, aroma
a bare feet day too? If you are a BOMB! Do we stop and wear therapies and foot reflexologies
thinking of the black clad pious our shoes and socks? As we run more, than on facials and hair
people who go without sandals out charged with adrenalin all does, for what is visible stands
or shoes for 40 days, so am I. thoughts of ankle heel and arch on what is barely visible- your
Most of the religious practices support are trampled over. The feet. Over protection kills our
have a health note- here it is a only thing that matters is our immunity. We are already
‘foot note’. Imagine the feel of dear lives. cleansing the water we drink
the chill wet stone floor while
Walk on sand, be it hot or cold and the air we breathe now we
walking around the sanctum
- temperature exposure too is are overly cushioning our feet!
of our temples especially in the
vital. Tread on smooth pebbles Just bare them and face the
early hours- so very calming to
or spiked stones, never mind, consequences, believe me they
our mind and senses. Walking
call it natural reflexology or will only do you good. Did I hear
on grass beaded with dew
acupressure or acupuncture. tape worms and leptospirosis?
drops is a wonderful therapy
Walk on slippery floor- carefully Guys! common sense to be
for cracked heels. With all our
please I stand no guarantee bared too.
reflexes and nerve endings
situated in our soles, we never to your fall! Slippery floor
know which part of the body gets challenges your balance and the
stimulated. Being stimulated muscles that lie on the sides of
and awoken out of lethargy is the lower leg are activated and
what is more important here. as I always said balance comes
from a strong centre – so here
The words of an international is the secret to a flat tummy.
master trainer rings in my
ears. Why not replace one Baring our feet is necessary to
group aerobic session with a get a proper grip and to get a
functional work out bare feet? better feel of the floor we stand
on. We are all the time defying
Those who follow rules to the
gravity and unless we know CHEERS MY DEARS!
T would raise eyebrows but Vijaya Chamundeswari
isn’t that a sensible idea and an our ground we will not have a
steady footing. Pilates, Yoga, Fitness Consultant
added variety and spice too? Certified by
Ironically the next hour was a Taichi, Kalari to name a few, all
go bare footed. The entire work The American Council on Exercise (ACE)
talk by an expert on the various Reebok, Integral Yoga Institute (IYI)
benefits of the scientifically out begins from being aware
Pilates Institute of America (PIA)

4 1 |G

january Eves Times.indd 41 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

Director , TANSAC. “Women and

THE DREADED DETERRENT people in the age group between
19-25yrs form the targeted
TO A HAPPY LIFE  group of the disease,” he adds.
Komal M Jain looks at the AIDS scenario One cannot overlook the
today and the renaissance in the attitude of transition which the society
people towards it….. has gone through in terms

AIDS , for a long time has been taboo of expressing sexuality

in the Indian society; not only for .Whether it is the gay pride
the dreadfulness of the disease but also due to march or the frequent
its channels of infection and its vast captivation advertisements of condoms
among the population. Though the situation on television, the present
seems to have improved, parts of the society are state of our society has
still in the clutches of this alarming disease. The evolved greatly in a relatively
means by which AIDS is contracted is similar short span of time. “People
to many other diseases. However the social have become more open
stigma attached to this disease sets the disease minded and discussions
apart from others. The myths about its ways of relating to sexuality have
spreading have also been one of the major causes reached the living rooms of
of it being a socially sensitive issue. The scenario the common man. Thus, it
has definitely changed a lot over the years and has become easier to discuss
in the words of S Sunderaman, International the prevention of this sexually
Advisor for Global HIV/ AIDS program- “Today transmitted disease, the permissibility level of
the term AIDS is understood nationally and this the society has gone up ,” says S Sunderaman.
precisely explains the amount of change the The efforts taken towards curbing the spread
society has undergone. The mindset of people of this disease has been significant in terms of
towards AIDS also has altered over the years”. availability of testing centres for HIV. However,
In recent times we have witnessed an increase in many situations confidentiality remains a
in the number of awareness programs and it is problem. The requirement of well-educated
heartening to know that the efforts have worked; counselors with respect to AIDS continues to be
but not in a very significant way. “ The number of the need of the hour. “Today you can find a HIV
people diagnosed with AIDS has decreased up to testing centre within two hours of travel and
2 percent in the past 5 years. However one of the availability of these facilities help in many ways,”
major achievements is that we have been able to says S Sunderaman. Though a part of the society
reach out to the core groups consisting of female still remains ignorant towards this issue, others
sex workers, truck drivers and homosexuals and waste their efforts by conducting futile awareness
have spread awareness to such majorly affected campaigns for the already literate group. It is a
parts of the society,” says C Raja Durai, Assistant blessing that there are some organizations that
have made it a point to target the groups that run
the risk of contracting the diseases.
Though white T-shirts and red ribbons on
1st December may portray solidarity among the
masses towards the disease, it does not however
serve the purpose as the efforts required to
prevent the spread of AIDS is not an easy task.
Fighting AIDS in India may seem a Herculean
task considering the high population. However,
what looks like a setback could undoubtedly do
wonders if channelized into useful manpower.

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january Eves Times.indd 42 19/01/11 9:50 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times


T here are several fallacies
prevailing about
AIDS which do not seem to
positive individuals
have AIDS, as HIV
can remain in a latent
abate despite continuous mass state for many years.
campaigns by the government.
MYTH: When a
Every year, we make it a point
person is being treated
to reiterate the need for a clear
with antiretroviral
understanding by the citizens
therapies for HIV, they
who should in turn launch into
can’t transmit it.
awareness campaigns in their
communities. Unless citizens REALITY: Not true.
participate in the national war The drug therapies
against HIV/AIDS, it is difficult only keep the strength
equipment with them. HIV is
to do away the scourge that of the disease at bay—they do
results in a huge loss of man not stop the disease from being not spread through day-to-day
power to the nation and impacts transmitted. contact, touching, kissing or
millions of people , especially sharing utensils. In addition,
MYTH: Once a person is HIV
those who are economically positive, they can’t contract being on HIV treatment makes
weak. So what are the myths another STD. people with HIV far less likely
prevailing and what are the to pass it on.
facts? REALITY: Not true. Not only
does being HIV positive makes MYTH: There are no symptoms
MYTH: HIV is the same as a person more likely to contract
another STD, it’s more likely to
REALITY: This is false. HIV be passed on to another person REALITY: It’s true that
is an abbreviation for Human (HIV). some people don’t show any
Immunodeficiency Virus, MYTH: People with HIV can’t symptoms of HIV infection until
and AIDS (Acquired Immune work. after many years of living with
Deficiency Syndrome) is
REALITY Treatments today the virus. But the majority of
the collection of symptoms,
diseases, and infections mean most people with HIV people with HIV (over 70%) do
associated with an acquired who are working say it doesn’t show some symptoms soon after
deficiency of the immune affect their working lives. In infection. Symptoms usually
system. While HIV is the a recent NAT survey 70% of develop about 10 days after
underlying respondents had taken no HIV- infection. This is often called
cause of related sick days in the last 12
months. There are currently primary HIV infection illness.
not all only a very small number of jobs Such symptoms disappear after
HIV- that people with HIV cannot two to three weeks and then a
do (e.g. being a surgeon). person can seem healthy for
MYTH: It’s very easy for me a number of years. The most
to catch HIV from someone common symptoms of primary
who is infected. HIV infection are fever, rash
REALITY: You will only and severe sore throat all
become infected by occurring together. This triad
someone living with HIV of symptoms is unusual in
if you have sex without normally healthy people and
a condom or share a should indicate the need for an
needle or injecting
HIV test.

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january Eves Times.indd 43 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

F| 44

january Eves Times.indd 44 19/01/11 9:50 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

Madhuvanti SK and Swarna Chander

look into the events that unfold as a part
of the Global Green Business Summit
organised by SCWEC....
The Global Green Business Summit
was conducted by SCWEC as part of
their mission to encourage women
entrepreneurs among the SAARC nations
to achieve excellence in their endeavours,
attain financial independence and
contribute to their nation’s economy. This
programme saw veteran speakers like
Sharon Apparao of Apparao Art Gallery,
Chinmayee Sripada and many more, voice
their views on women entrepreneurs
and the myriad opportunities available
to them in the twenty first century. The
programme commenced with Indra Dutt,
the chairperson of SCWEC welcoming
the delegates and speakers. Let us see
what the speakers and delegates had to
say about the event...
Ms. Rajyalakshmi Rao was the
Chairman of the Plenary Session.
Ms. Rajyalakshmi Rao is not only known
for advocacy of gender issues and education
of the poor and the needy, but she has also
been totally involved with protection of
consumer rights. She was on the National
to comprehend consumerism in the true sense
Consumer Protection Council constituted by
of the term. I am extremely happy about the
Government of India. She is the only person
in the country who had worked in a district Consumer Protection Act coming into force and
forum, in a State Commission and now in think it is important for all consumers, especially
the National Commission for Redressal of women in particular to be well informed about
Consumer Grievances. their rights. In this regard, I have penned a book
on Consumerism titled ‘Consumer is King’. I
“I have been a part of the corporate
have also ensured its translation into vernacular
sector for quite a while now. I became
languages for the benefit of people who are not
involved with public life by means of
at ease with the Queen’s language. Unlike the
advocacy of gender issues, educating
olden days where women spent their time in the
the poor and education with respect
confines of their kitchen, they are now achieving
to consumer rights etc. I also deal with
dizzying heights of success in their ventures.
housing, infrastructure and various
However, it is important for women to stay
environmental issues. I am firmly of the
grounded to their success and balance their lives
opinion that it is imperative for women to
be well and truly aware of their consumer accordingly. “
rights not just in theory but in practice as
well. It is the need of the hour for people

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january Eves Times.indd 45 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

Expert Committee to study the demand for

a New Disability Law, under the Ministry of
Social Justice & Empowerment, Government
of India. Ms. Jayshree was away on a mission.
The Director of Ability Foundation, Dr. Janaki
Pilliai made make a remarkable presentation
about Inclusive Entrepreneurship. Her message
was loud and clear. The industry can absorb the
huge population of the differently abled not
under their Corporate Social Responsibility
umbrella, but under their HR initiative. The
capacity of the differently abled to contribute
to the economic kitty of our nation has not
been tapped properly. There is a huge treasure
trove that can help the nation move forward if
Inclusive Entrepreneurship becomes a reality.
She called upon entrepreneurs to include
differently abled persons in their enterprises
and unfold their ability to be productive for
mutual benefits.

“People with disabilities have been sidelined

since time immemorial. Despite awareness on
how it is important to give equal importance
and employment opportunities to people with
disabilities, it is sadly advice which is preached
about but rarely practised. We, the people
of Ability Foundation have been working
towards the inclusion of the disabled in various
spheres of life for over a decade and a half
now. I believe that a person who is disabled
is at a disadvantage. However, if the disabled
person in question is a woman, she is doubly
disadvantaged. Women have been marginalised
JANAKI PILLAI, and accorded a secondary status in society for a
very long time. When it happens to be a woman
ABILITY FOUNDATION who is disabled, it gets worse. It is important
for people to sensitise themselves to the idea of
Smt. Jayashree Ravindran, Founder and hiring disabled people. The disabled have the
Managing Trustee of Ability Foundation, right to get their due without being subject to
Chennai has played a major role in pity or charity. It is essential to remember that
drawing the attention of our country disabled people are capable of doing jobs as
to the imperative need for an inclusive efficiently as the next person. If an entrepreneur
society. Over the years, her efforts have is open minded and does not hesitate to hire a
paid off and the government is seriously disabled person as a part of their organisation
looking at introducing laws and benefits keeping in mind the skill and qualification
for citizens with difficulties. Ms. Jayshree of the person, he/she may have a lot to gain.
has been appointed as a Member of the Employment of the disabled must come under
HR initiative and not under CSR.”

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january Eves Times.indd 46 19/01/11 9:50 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

“In the days of yore, art was not deemed as serious as it is

considered in today’s age and time. However, art did have
a certain amount of importance attached to it centuries
ago. This can be exemplified by the instances of wars being
fought over beautiful cities and the captors imprisoning
talented artisans. I firmly believe that the focus of art is a
form of expression. Art is primarily about communication
and is not meant for mere possession by individuals. “

industry. She spoke

about the beginnings
of her enterprise, The
Blue Elephant, the initial
challenges and how it
has evolved into a niche
enterprise as Translation
company that offers
all services related to
translation, transliteration,
corporate training and
much more.
“I have always
been fortunate in life with
respect to music. After
having had a background
in music, I was recognised
for my talent by none
other than AR Rahaman
sir, one of the greatest
CHINMAYEE music directors in the
world. I am also extremely
SRIPADA, SINGER passionate about learning
SHARON APPARAO, OWNER, AND FOUNDER various languages and this
resulted in my taking up an
APPARAO ART GALLERY AND CEO OF BLUE intensive course in German
at the renowned Max
n the corporate melee, not many ELEPHANT
I have time or leisure for the beautiful
things of life. But some people convert Ms. Chinmayi Sripada
Muller Bhavan. I have now
started Blue Elephant, a
delivered her address translation company where
beautiful things to successful enterprises
on women in niche we hire native speakers of
and also end up promoting art. Meet
industry. While we know foreign languages to ensure
Sharon Apparao, who is one of those
of Ms. Chinmayi as a authentic translation
few women achievers honoured for her
singer, anchor person, services to our clients. Our
talent and passion for her promotion of
voice and entertainment clientele is fast growing
contemporary Indian art. She runs the
professional, not many and one of our major clients
Apparao Art Gallery. She spoke on Art
are aware that she is a include AR Rahaman’s KM
as an Enterprise. She outlined about the
successful entrepreneur Conservatory”
various possibilities for lucrative careers
in the field of art. in a contemporary niche

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january Eves Times.indd 47 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

empowers people. I am proud help from the World Food

of the fact that Bhutan provides Organisation. It was a grand
education for all without any success. By 1995 a request
discrimination. Globalization is was sent to the government to
a powerful weapon which will make this programme a state
help bring nations together and policy which would facilitate
help us relieve ourselves from wider coverage. I firmly
the fetters of discrimination. I believe that rural poverty in
learnt from the Global Green particular, is a major constraint
Summit that happiness does to the economy’s development.
not come from isolation but Approximately, 60 to 65 % of
from sharing. I would like to women in India are engaged in
make a special mention of Gross agricultural activities. Most of
National Happiness (GNH). them do not have the authority
Concepts of Gross Domestic to decide issues of trivial nature
Product, Gross National Product and have to depend on the men
exist. However, such economic in their households. In order to
indicators measure only the get rid of this subservience, I
financial component. The GNH
strongly feel that women should
has four pillars namely economic
be empowered politically and
empowerment, good governance,
economically. In my opinion, girl
conservation of environment
and culture and tradition. I am child enrolment is very crucial to
proud of Bhutan for coming up eradicate gender discrimination.
with a concept which caters to Infrastructure has been given
the emotional needs of people importance which is why around
as, without happiness, financial 200 toilets and innumerable
benefits pale into insignificance.” medical centres have been built
for the benefit of the people
C.K. GARIALI of Dharmapuri. The district
has also been provided with
Dr. C K Gariyali IAS (Retd.) computers by our team. The
has immensely contributed to Self help movement has brought
DANCHAE DAM , the growth of the Social Sector
in Tamil Nadu and influenced
about drastic changes in people’s
attitude. For instance, women
DELEGATE FROM BHUTAN the social policies in India. Her are willing to send their girl
core area of interest is women’s children to good schools. They
“I was a part
of the
I take pride in saying that this
empowerment and converting
women’s self-help movement into
are finally beginning to recognise
the importance of education and
helped in giving employment to a tool for eradicating poverty. how it can provide them a better
many people. At present, I have She envisions a mal-nutrition future.”
started the Bhutan Association of free Tamil Nadu. She served as
Women Entrepreneurs. I believe Principal Secretary, Government
in giving my hundred percent to of Tamil Nadu, Chairperson
whatever I do. This is the driving & Managing Director of
force which will ultimately help Tamil Nadu Corporation of
us attain success. I realize that Women; Secretary, Municipal
it is imperative to accord female Administration, Government
children, the respect due to them. of Tamil Nadu and as District
In Bhutan, we follow this as it is a Collector, Chennai.
matriarchal society. Gender bias “I was the collector of Madras
is common everywhere and I feel in 1981.The self help movement
that this setback which the world was initiated at that point in
is suffering from can be wiped time. By 1989, the Anti-Poverty
out only through empowering programme was implemented
the girl child. Knowledge in Dharmapuri district with

F| 48

january Eves Times.indd 48 19/01/11 9:50 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

Eve Envisions + Eve’s Times Story Club Raman cast a glance about himself,
encountering other men with

similar horrified countenances,
reminding him of the proverbial
sacrificial goats. Men of different
Eve’s Times requests readers to sizes, shapes and age groups like
join our story club and send in wilted flowers in an aging bouquet
stories to be published. Selected were waiting patiently. Even
entries will win surprise gifts. We senior citizens were not spared.
bring to you a humor story , with They had no choice but to do the
the fragrance of Tamil culture. baby-sitting.
Read on…. The smart retailer had built a

M ylapore Raman was in a playpen for children who were

jubilant mood. His pant stop. They alighted only to be running helter-skelter. Food
pocket was heavy with wads surrounded by a stifling crowd . stalls were enticing the children
of bonus money. Life seemed While Raman was wondering how like bees to a honey pot. The little
very rosy and Mylapore looked to deal with the claustrophobia brains perked up on realizing their
picturesque as he stepped down being swallowed by the human
from the bus. wave and worried how they would
enter the saree store his wife was
His smart wife gave him a warm pointing way ahead, the crowd
reception with a hot cup of coffee automatically jostled them toward
and jelabis. She instantly requested the shop.
him for new sarees and a table fan
for the festive season. Her request Raman was scared stiff that he
was granted immediately. The would lose his precious scions
scenario had changed because of in the unruly crowd and held on
the New Year bonus. them to them as he would his dear
life. He was astonished to see the father’s predicament and started
His wife Rukku said that the entire metamorphosis that had suddenly working zealously. They knew they
family should go for shopping overtaken his better half and could get away with whatever they
together. Normally Raman the woman who sired him. The wanted and gorged themselves
dreaded accompanying his wife two women behaved like bosom with the choicest goodies such
for shopping but this time, without friends, which was a rare sight as ice-creams, chips burgers and
a second thought he nodded his indeed. Their normal behavioural other exotic fast foods on display.
head. Poor fellow, he did not know pattern was comparable to that
what was in store for him. of a cat and a dog, with ceaseless Raman spotted an old man with a
disputes with intermittent baby on his lap. The baby started
There was a huge crowd thronging crying. Raman was disturbed by
the shopping bazaars. Naïve that respites. However, ‘the common
noble goal’ had united the women, this. He went to the old man and
he was, Raman at first thought offered to help him. The senior
there was a political meeting. He albeit briefly.
citizen was so relived that he
was shocked when the auto drove His old mother had cataract immediately thrust the baby in
through the milling crowds, like a and could not walk properly She Raman’s arms and disappeared
spear piercing the air through the was however in a radiant mood from sight. Raman was left
battle field. He felt that the auto and walked like an army Major. holding the wriggling infant
driver should be given an award She was holding her daughter-in- that now looked at his face and
for driving through such crowds. law’s hand and they look liked the hollered loudly. Raman paced up
Finally, the destination arrived, best of friends. Oh, Raman could and down trying to placate the
or so it seemed from the distance. not comprehend the ways of the now uncontrollable little devil
His wife gave a satisfactory grunt women! After wading through that had seemed like an angel in
and ordered the auto driver to the crowds in the scorching sun the beginning. After a half hour
for what seemed to be an eternity, of antics, the child went to sleep,
the ladies proclaimed loudly possibly tired due to its tantrums.
they had reached the coveted Raman started searching
destination. Raman was left in frantically for the old man but
the foyer to take charge of the kids could not see him anywhere. He
and the two ladies disappeared got scared.
What was he going to do with

49 |G

january Eves Times.indd 49 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

life. After what seemed an eternity, the two women

who were the pivots around which his life revolved,
made an appearance with huge packets in their hands.
They managed to hire an auto and Raman ended up
sitting between the two women. His children were
compressed into whatever space was available like
sardines in a can. Raman had to balance astutely
between the two excited women and his children had
to duck whenever their auto came in the vicinity of a
traffic police.
the brat? He could not even imagine Rukku’s Raman’s wife now wanted to purchase a table fan.
reaction when she set he eyes on her husband So the next stop was one of a home appliance. The
holding a raucous infant. He knew stories auto driver hiked up his fare, taking advantage of the
of unwed mothers who left their babies in situation. Frustrated by the unsavoury experience at
huge crowds, railway stations, garbage bins the saree shop and now the impending misery at the
etc; but in Kaliyuga, were there unwed senior appliances store, a little spark was enough to incite
citizens too? the slumbering fire in Raman’s bosom. He took out
his frustrations on the auto driver, who was aghast. He
“Thank you, young man; I went to the café to could not understand Raman; after all he had asked for
recoup my energy as I have been a meager amount of ten rupees ‘over the meter’ and
waiting here for the past two hours with a wondered why this madman erupted like an active
howling child,” came a tremulous voice from volcano. Behind Raman’s vicious behaviour was the
behind, that sounded like manna from heaven. fact that the unfortunate man could not afford to clash
The gracious senior citizen then took charge with his wife but could now do so with an outsider.
of the sleeping child. “Oh my god! Does it The consequences of a brawl with his wife would be
take two hours to select a saree?’ Raman was an expensive proposition whereas confronting the
flabbergasted! auto driver was an easier task. The auto driver took
off in a huff showering expletives generously.
Children were resorting to all kinds of trapeze
acts that the hapless men could not control. His wife was in an upbeat mood. She purchased a fan
Sudden enlightenment dawned on them about from the appliances store which was comparatively
the most difficult task their wives have been less crowded (people were thronging the garment and
handling for years. This fact made them all jewelry stores in the city). The appliances store drew
the more bitter. They sat with downcast faces, a lot and announced his wife’s name as the winner of
waiting for a turn of fate. Some of them were a New Year gift voucher. She could buy a saree with
so bored they started sleeping in the to-do. the gift voucher. Rukku cast a triumphant look at her
husband. She announced she would now like to use
Raman went in search of his wife and mother the gift voucher, which warranted a visit to another
with his kids. Wading through the crowd prominent saree shop in the city!
with the kids was a Herculean task. Alas! He
found them in a counter, haranguing with the Now, Mylapore Raman fell within the normal IQ range
sales man in the first row. and his delirious brain could conjure up horrifying
images of his recent experiences in the saree shop.
Women thronged the salesman like gopikas Well, he was a fool, but not to such an extent that
around Krishna. He was showing them he would invite an encore! He was proud of himself
sarees of all colors, designs and patterns with when he heard his voice aloud,” I have an important
enormous patience. Raman’s head reeled audit work left undone and I may have to go to office
and he was totally confused when he saw the tomorrow.” Mylapore Rukku would not know that
tsunami of sarees. But the women did not this piece of task was scheduled for the next month.
seem satisfied. He was convinced he would Despite the fact that he had three days of holidays for
never understand women on this side of the Pongal, he made up his mind to escape to the office
earth! the next day. A blissful day in the serene ambience of
his office room with the AC on and a few magazines,
The affable duo saw a number of sarees and a hot cuppa coffee and an inviting table top where
declared none of them good. When he heard he could rest his tired head and snore to his heart’s
their loud proclamations, Raman got terrified content. Any day better than a visit to a saree shop!
and thought the salesman may strike the
women of his house, so he ran away from By Rajni Rajesh.
there. The clock was ticking and time lapsed
unfettered by womankind’s strange ways of

F| 50

january Eves Times.indd 50 19/01/11 9:50 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

you attractive benefits through a single investment.

The advantage of putting your eggs in the ELSS
basket is that you get income tax benefit under section
80-C . Your investment offers you good chances of
tax free dividends and capital appreciation. Moreover
while the lock-in period for ELSS is three years, it is
five to six years with other tax saving schemes like
NSC, Bank FDs etc. ELSS has the minimum lock-in
period among all tax saving schemes.

So if you are sure you can block the money for three
years, you can invest in ELSS, where the returns
are more than normal equity funds. Some of the
schemes include Birla Sun Life Tax Relief, Canara
Robeco Tax Saver, Fidelity Tax Advantage, Franklin
India Taxshield, HDFC Long Term Advantage, ICICI
Prudential Taxplan, Magnum Taxgain, Reliance Tax
saver, Sundaram BNP Paribas Taxsaver, HDFC
Taxsaver etc.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks.

Make it a point to read the offer document carefully
or seek the help of a finance professional before you
invest. Best of ELSS

Start Smart
S oaring prices, galloping inflation,
reducing interest rates … amidst the
difficult financial scenario, our efforts to sve
up some money continues. The time is right
for taking smart decisions. It needs a little
bit of research in the net and a chat with a
financial expert. Among the various options
available for investments, Equity Linked
Savings Schemes are good , if you can take
calculated risks and also put by some money
for some time without having to take it out.

Equity Linked Savings Schemes or ELSS offer

51 |G

january Eves Times.indd 51 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

News Buzz

Memorable 90 Years star who also stood for unity and

was above caste and religion. M.R. Kumar is the new
Poet and lyricist Vaali, who Zonal Manager of LIC,
had interacted closely with Southern Zone
Gemini Ganesan, said he was
the one who introduced Kamal
Haasan to Mr. Balachander .
K. Balachander recalled how
delightful it was to have worked
with Gemini Ganesan who
completely trusted the director
and gave his best.

T he Kaadhal Mannan’ of
yesteryears emerged
again to capture the hearts of
Poet Vairamuthu spoke about
his close interactions with
Gemini Ganesan and how he M.R. Kumar has taken over
film lovers when his family , came across as a gentleman. charge as Zonal Manager
friends and admirers gathered “He was one of the few actors (in-charge) of Life Insurance
to commemorate his ninetieth in those days who entered Corporation of India, Southern
birthday at Kamarajar the film industry backed by Zonal Office, Chennai on 1
Arangam on 21 November. a degree from a prestigious December 2010.
college,” said Vairamuthu.
The handsome romantic was Sri. Kumar has joined LIC in
given a fitting tribute as a The Chief Minister released the year 1983 as a 12th Batch
biography film on him was a CD containing biographical Direct Recruit Officer. He has
released during the function. film of Gemini Ganesan and worked in different Zones of
Gemini Ganesan had received a book. Gemini Ganesan’s the Corporation. Among his
the Kalaimamani award from daughter Kamala Selvaraj assignments are Marketing
the state government and the welcomed and proposed a vote Manager, Bangalore Divisions I
Padmashree from the Centre, of thanks. Songs from Gemini & II; Senior Divisional Manager
and a stamp was released Ganesan’s movies were sung in-charge of Ahmedabad and
in his honor after his death. by SP Balasubramaniam, Vani Ernakulam Divisions; Regional
Jayaram and Kovai Murali. Manager (Marketing), Eastern
Lauding the efforts taken Zonal Office, Kolkata and
by Dr. Kamala Selvaraj to Regional Manager (Personnel &
commemorate her father’s Industrial Relations), Southern
birthday with a grand event, Zonal Office, Chennai. Prior to
Tamil Nadu chief minister taking charge as Zonal Manager
Mr. Karunanidhi reminisced (in-charge), LIC, Southern
his relationship with the great Zonal Office, Chennai he was
actor and spoke about his early Regional Manager (Marketing),
life. His interactions with LIC, Southern Zonal Office,
Gemini Ganesan enabled him Chennai.
to understand the reformist
behind the façade of the film

F| 52

january Eves Times.indd 52 19/01/11 9:50 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

Here’s how you grow space is a pre requisite for

this, you’ll be surprised to
coriander, lemon grass,
oregano, thyme, green
succulent veggies in know that many vegetables
can be grown in pots. This is
chillies etc need pots sized
around 8-10 inches.
the comfort of your definitely a reason for those
Once you are done with
home.. . living in apartments to
cheer up. The vegetables can
initial step of purchasing

I s the soaring price of the right kind of pots it’s

be grown in your balcony.
vegetables messing up time to get the right kind
All you need to do is to
your monthly budget? In of soil. A suitable mixture
ensure adequate sunlight.
that case, setting up a of loamy garden soil and
Vegetables like tomatoes
kitchen garden is what sand with sufficient organic
and brinjals can be easily
you need to do. A kitchen manure and compost will
grown in pots within the
garden is not only a way form the right mixture
approximate capacity of 20
to curb the expenses but for growing helpful green
litres. On the other hand,
also a way to healthy living friends. Sowing seeds is not
capsicums, radish and
for, nothing can beat the a good option for container
spring onions can be grown
benefits of organically grown gardening, getting saplings
in pots with capacity of 4 -8
vegetables. If you think from a nursery will make the
litres. The herbs like mint,

53 |G

january Eves Times.indd 53 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

job quicker and safer. It is imperative to be

careful while transferring saplings to pots, as
the roots at the sapling stage are very tender
and will be damaged easily if not taken care

Watering of plants need special care; flooding

the pots or keeping them dry will destroy crops
and constant moisture has to be maintained
for their healthy growth. To keep plants pest
free, avoid watering the leaves as moist leaves
tend to attract diseases. If the plants seem
to be been affected by disease, always opt
for microbial pesticides rather than choosing
chemical pesticides. The vegetables may take
around 55-80 days to ripen but seeing the
vegetables grow and tasting the fresh self
-grown vegetables will be worth the effort.
Green herbs like mint will take lesser time to

Growing vegetables is easy and one doesn’t

necessarily have to be a botanist to do so.
All you need is little patience and little care
towards the greens.

Komal M Jain

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january Eves Times.indd 54 19/01/11 9:50 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

their lives the way they want.

Cosmic Prophesy Your dynamism and maturity
will fetch applause in your
What do your stars foretell for workplace. There will be scope

for foreign jaunts, purchase of
2011? Inquisitive? Read on… house or vehicle. Career will
prosper. Many young persons

S tudents will be confident

and successfully accomplish
what they have set out to do
will settle down in happy
matrimony. You will receive
good news and spend for good

Aquarius with vision and clarity. They

will excel in examinations. They
will get admission in the course
things in life. Memorable
occasions and benefits are
indicated this year. New
Y our predisposition to work
hard will bear fruit this
year. Students will tend to
they desire . Young persons will
receive opportunities befitting
business opportunities are
in the offing for some. Some
their skills and talent. There may settle down away from
slacken a little despite the their homes. Married couples
will be progress in their careers
opportunities to excel . There will establish new ties . New
and they will win accolades.
will be temptations and investments will be profitable.
Success will be within the
distractions but if they are Lots of good events will be
reach of those who are flexible.
able to overcome these, they organized in your family. You
Efforts for marriage will bring
can see success. You will do will be able to accomplish
for good results. This is the
well in quantitative subjects. long pending tasks with great
time for long lost relatives to
Pay more attention to language success. There will be an
unite. Money due to you will
subjects. Young persons will be increase in wealth, or purchase
come back to you with ease.
successful in their careers if of a house, vehicle, expensive
Children will do well in studies
they adopt a planned approach clothes and jewelry. Auspicious
and good health will prevail
and overcome a tendency evens such as marriage will
at home. Business persons will
to be laidback and forgetful. take place. All the efforts and
see success in their ventures.
Married couples will see good investments you have put in
Travel and partnership will
fortune in the form of marriage your business so far will come
be beneficial. Investments
in the family purchase of land, back to you in leaps and bounds
can be made boldly. This is a
house, expensive garments and through various means. Time
good time for those involved in
jewelry before 7 May. Travel is right for foreign jaunts.
agriculture, legal and medical
will bring forth good results. Differences of opinion as well
fields. After 7 May all chances
Differences with your spouse as financial difficulties will be
of your dreams coming true are
will be resolved and there resolved to your satisfactions.
bright. The health of your aged
will be harmony in the family. Those in the business of agency
parents will improve.
Beware of stomach ailments. and commission will see good
Married women may inherit progress. Persons in garment
wealth and riches. The first half or jewelry business will reap
of this year will be beneficial rich profits. Those desirous of
for those in business. Those getting married will get wedded
in public life , art and sports to a good partner, young
will see success. Reduce your married couples can expect a
investment and enhance your
hard work to see success in
business. Those in the legal
2011 is the year when you
can fulfill all that
you have wanted to. Students
new inclusion in their family
bringing forth happiness.
Children will study well . all the
field and teaching will also difficulties and encumbrances
will excel in studies and be
see good fortune and success. you have encountered so far
lauded by everyone. They will
Stock market and lottery will be resolved. Be cautious
get past their exams in flying
may benefit some. Around when you sign documents
colours and will progress in
September health problems are and don’t stand guarantee for
any field of their choice. Young
predicted. But you will be able anyone. There might be sudden
persons can now organize
to overcome those.

55 |G

january Eves Times.indd 55 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

and wasteful expenditure for Forge ahead with confidence

some. Good health will prevail and you will see that this year
in the family. This year is very has been good after all.
good for Arians.

Gemini E xtremely good time for
students who will get
Taurus amazing opportunities to do

S tudents will do well .

They will be good in
S tudents have to put in hard
work to see results. Don’t
lose out on opportunities due
well in their studies or go for
higher studies. They will get
the support of good people.
communication. But do not to your diffidence. Students Young persons will see great
interfere in other’s affairs. will be assailed by a lack of progress in their careers.
Also try to overcome absent confidence and confusion. Any misunderstanding in the
mindedness. Young persons Enlist the support of your workplace will be resolved and
will be suddenly overwhelmed parents and relatives . Young, you will se that this year has
by differences of opinion employed persons have to be brought to you the greatest
with their parents. On the job careful in their workplaces. Try advancement in your career
front, there will be transfers to accept reality and focus on so far. Marriage delayed so
or frequent movements. the present rather than dwell on far will happen for some. You
Love affairs may result in your dreams. It is better to act will see name, fame, success
undesirable consequences on the counsel of experienced and prosperity and live well.
. Marriage will be delayed. elders. Transfer is a possibility Ailments of elders will be
However things will improve for some. Women in the family cured. Business folks will
after 7 May. Peace and harmony may develop health problems vanquish all problems they
will prevail in the family and but they will recover soon. have encountered so far and see
health bills will go down. Those in government service or progress. Their investment will
There may be opportunities holding responsible positions reap rich profits. Travel will be
to celebrate good events in the should be cautious in their work immensely beneficial. Those
family. In the beginning of place. Business men will see engaged in real estate will see
the year, some may develop success through long distance their business earning profits.
misunderstanding with their travels. Middlemen will see Those in garment or jewelry
relatives. Those in business success in their calling. They business will also be successful.
will overcome obstacles and will receive the support and Health will be good, plans will
see progress. With the support help of those in the government be executed successfully. You
of government officials and due service. Investment will fetch will fulfill all your dreams and
to your hard toil, you will see profits. Happiness will prevail earn a good name too. Unity
great success in business. The in the family. Until 7 May you and harmony will prevail in the
first five months are propitious need to be patient. After this family. Those who have been
for investments. Adopt a date, things will progress fast. inimical will be distanced .
careful approach during the Auspicious events that have Problems in inheritance will be
rest of the months. Despite a been postponed or delayed resolved. A good year for those
little struggle, you will attain will be now celebrated with under this sign.
success in your endeavours great fanfare. Purchase of a
with the support of others. If new house , car and expenses
you are careful, you can avoid on auspicious events will bring
skirmishes with your family happiness. Parents will fulfill
members. Try to be flexible their responsibilities with
with your spouse. Women will satisfactions. This will be a
buy expensive garments and memorable year for those born
jewelry. The arrival of a baby under this Zodiac sign.
will bring joy for some couples.

F| 56

january Eves Times.indd 56 19/01/11 9:50 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

Leo Virgo Libra

S tudents will excel in their
studies. You will also be able
to obtain the course of your
S tudents should give up their
laidback approach and get 2011 is a year when you
can execute your
down to study seriously. Try plans successfully. Even as
choice for higher studies. You to introspect, analyse your the year begins students will
will receive the support of your
weaknesses and pay great experience a new energy and
teachers and parents and will
see success . Young persons will attention to your studies. emerge out of their hitherto
be able to accomplish what they During examinations, you may laidback approach toward
have set out to do if they plan be assailed by tension and studies. Combined with your
systematically. The beginning of anger. Young persons will have intellectual sharpness and
the year will bring forth luxury to encounter new problems. with the support of elders, your
and comfort. For some, their Be careful in your workplace. efforts will bring forth success.
mother’s health will be a matter Try to keep control over your Due to a sudden burst of energy,
of concern, but then it will be thoughts and emotions at youngsters will accomplish
resolved. Those who want to workplace. Though you may many things successfully from
seek their calling in foreign
have to struggle, you will see 7.5.2011 onwards. You will earn
countries will be successful.
Good friendship ties will success. For married couples, a good name and promotion
develop. Happy and memorable health issues may be the main at work, maintain good health
events will happen in the focus. Don’t stand guarantee and monetary benefits Travel
family. Marriage, childbirth, for anyone. Try to improve your may cause fatigue. Married
purchase of property, expensive relationships with your family couples will begin the New Year
garments and jewelry will be members. Be careful in money with new hope and optimism.
good possibilities. Business transactions. Those engaged Auspicious occurrences are
will reach great heights this in business should be careful. predicted at home. This is a
year and bring forth rich Don’t trust anyone and get into time for visits by relatives.
profits. New ventures will be
trouble. Watch your words and Long distance travel will be
profitable. Those in speculation
will see great profits. Those your business too. Be cautious beneficial. Those in business
in the business of real estate, when you travel. The health will achieve benefits through
cement etc will amass profits. of elders may be a matter of partnerships. Business persons
Those holding responsible and concern for some . It is better will see a lot of good tidings
high positions will be assailed to renovate your house than due to foreign contacts. So
by misunderstanding with their to invest in a new one. There far you have been assailed by
colleagues or subordinates. will be differences of opinion frustrations. This year will
They will encounter difficulties among the juniors and seniors however bring forth success.
due to the deeds of people in the family. Those in public
close to them. But after 7 May, For Librans the time is right
life will see both ups and downs
Lady Luck will smile on you to start new enterprises and
bringing promotions, increase but you will be able to handle make new friends. You will get
in income, name and fame. You things effectively. to hear good news. Chances
will find that now the world for purchase of a car, house or
will dance to your tunes. If you land are predicted. You will be
adopt a cautious approach, you able to keep your promises and
will see great success this year. accomplish all tasks you have
set out to do. This year is going
to be great for you!

57 |G

january Eves Times.indd 57 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

will do well after this date.

Those in government service
will be lauded and obtain
financial benefits. Persons
in the media, advertising or
Scorpio Sagittarius printing business will se great

T he planets are in good

positions bringing forth
a lot of good tidings this year
S tudents can lay the
foundation for a bright future
by working on their weaknesses
for you. Students will do well and improving their strengths.
in their studies and get the
course they long for. The youth
They will excel in their studies
and move on to higher studies Capricorn
will be highly motivated to in the subject of their choice his year you have to
work hard and see promotions due to enhanced memory and adopt a cautious approach
in their careers. Those on confidence. Young persons in all your endeavours.
will be able to get the transfer Students should try to focus
the look out for jobs will get
they have coveted . They will on their studies with great
good placements. Peace and be lauded in their workplace
harmony will prevail in the concentration. Try to enlist
for their tasks and also receive the support of your teachers.
home front. Try to avail of all adequate compensation for the Hard work will however bring
the opportunities till 7 may hard toil they have put in so forth success. Young persons
because after this date, despite far. Differences with colleagues should exhibit responsible and
the fact that the good trend will will be resolved and there will disciplined behavior in their
continue, the pace will slacken. be harmony in their workplace. workplaces While the transfer
Married couples will be able Travel will beckon good fortune. or promotion or monetary
to complete long pending tasks There is an increase in income. benefits you expected does not
without difficulties. The first Married couples will celebrate seem to be within your reach,
the marriage of their child after 7 May you will realize
half of the year will be very your dreams. Married couples
successfully. Young couples
good for them. Young couples who are looking to settle their
can look forward to the arrival
can look for expansion in the of the stork. Investments in children in matrimony need
family, or the purchase of a house, vehicle and property are to be patient till 7 May. Time
new house or vehicle. Women indicated. Women will spend is not favourable for purchase
will purchase ornaments and money on expensive garments or sale of house, land or other
expensive garments. This and jewelry. The beginning of property. This is a time to
year, your health is going to be be patient. Business persons
the year will be a little tiresome
should adopt a cautious
good. Those in business will for those in business but their approach . Do not place trust on
receive good returns on their efforts will bear fruit. They will unknown persons. Be careful
investments. All differences of obtain benefits from strangers when you travel. Do not reveal
opinion and financial hurdles . New investments will be your trade secrets and business
will disappear. Travel will be greatly beneficial. After 7 May, strategies and plans to anybody.
speculation, stock market, Those in food business will see
beneficial. This is the time
agency and commission related good times. Be careful when you
to launch your new business endeavours will be profitable. sigh important documents. This
venture. Family interactions Couples who have been year you have to be guarded
will improve and good separated due to compulsions and plan carefully. Those in
health will prevail among of their career will be reunited. public life, politics, films and
family members. Women will August and September journalism will see obstacles
experience an enhancement months will bring forth till 7 may. After this date the
in their status, especially after pleasant surprises. Obstacles situation will become favourble.
7 May. Those in government in inheriting wealth will Those in automobile business
service will see progress and will see success in partnerships.
disappear. Those in the iron
Be careful and try to be wise as
new responsibilities. and steel or cement businesses
far as money is concerned.

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january Eves Times.indd 58 19/01/11 9:50 AM

January 2011 Eve’s Times

Never before in the history of
humanity has a woman had
the opportunities that she has
today. When physical strength
determined life, naturally
the masculine dominated but
now technology has leveled
the playing field so whether
you are male or female is
no more the deciding factor
as to how far you can go.
Still, this simple biological
difference which nature has
created has been magnified by
us so much and has seeped into
every aspect of our lives. Women
need to work themselves out of
the cultural baggage that they
have had for thousands of years
which has been established
in such hardcore, straight-
jacketed ways. You don’t have
to be a man or a woman in
every aspect of life; you can
just function as a human being.
The most important thing that
a woman should guard against
is, trying to be like a man.

The reason why the masculine

has been more important
than the feminine till now is
because all these thousands of
years, our core focus has been
survival. Now, for the first
time, humanity is at a point
where we can relax our survival
attitudes and this is when the
feminine naturally becomes
very significant. Unfortunately,
this is not happening with
modern societies. When
the whole world is ruled by
economics, the masculine
will be the most dominant
part of our social structure.

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january Eves Times.indd 59 19/01/11 9:50 AM

Eve’s Times January 2011

There is a way to achieve success without being

fired by ambition. If you are concerned about
everything around you, you will naturally
do your best without holding anything back.
That is a woman’s way and it is the best way
to operate in the world. When you operate
out of personal ambition, you may do a lot of
things but not necessarily towards your own
or anybody’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, we are
moving in that direction and the feminine
is being totally obliterated in many ways.

The feminine will really flourish when we create

a society where our values are more spread out
to all aspects of life like music, art, love and care.
Society and humanity as a whole is not complete
unless the feminine also finds full expression.
Only then will people smile more and be happier
and more loving; Life would be more beautiful.
That is what needs to happen in the world. You
must make this happen in your own lives and
around you in society.
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a yogi, is
a visionary, humanitarian and a
prominent spiritual leader. An author,
poet, and internationally-renowned
speaker, Sadhguru’s wit and piercing
logic provoke and widen our perception
of life.

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January 2011 Eve’s Times

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