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By Prabhu Prithiviraj F
E mail: broprabu@yahoo.com

There is the power that emanated on the death of Christ. This is the power that brought
deliverances as detailed in Mathews Chapter 28 Vs 50 -54 ««=     









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1) This is the power that brought ë   (or      «««



2) This is the power that brought ÿ     to human bodies 



u) This is the power that brought i
   (  S the centurion ««.# 

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uman beings seek Christ invariably for one or more of the needs-ë     
  The power that was revealed by the death of Christ brought all the deliverances
that any uman being can aspire for.

It is on the cross that Christ took victory as in Colossians Ch 2 Vs 14-15 ðð!& 





               In other words, it was the power in the
death of Christ that triumphed over principalities and powers. When our old man is crucified
with him, it is only at the cross we take victory over principalities and powers. Romans Ch 6
details the manner in which we can inherit the power of death of Christ. By dying to sins, we
enter into the body of Christ. When we are dead to sins, 

 When the experience of death in Christ is complete, we fully inherit the power
associated with the death of Christ.

This power brings out deliverance to our selves first«««. ' (   
)  *   ) * This sin is referred to as a ³person´ in Genesis Ch 4 Vs 7ðððð+
‘   It is obvious that this refers to Satan.

ence we can deduce from the above that ³he that is dead is freed from Satan as well´.

Many times people crave for deliverance from Satanic power. The way for permanent
deliverance from Satanic power, is to be dead with Christ by crucifying the old man with
him, so that the body of sin might be destroyed. We will live but hence forth will not serve
nce we take deliverance from sins, we manifest the power of death of Christ through us. It
is this power that brings up miracles, signs and wonders, and healing. Not only these, it is this
power that can save souls.

If this power is manifested completely in us, then as corollary, we part take in the power of
resurrection also««««« Rom Ch 6 Vs 5«(   


May God bless you all.

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