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Metallic Ores and Industrial Minerals of the Philippines

Minerals Characteristics Locality Uses

Quartz Occurs as major component of -San Vicente, Dumaran, Primarily used in the manufacture of glass
plutonic igneous, sedimentary, Roxas and Rizal Palawan
and metamorphic rocks, as -Lubang Island, Other uses:
veins, sand deposits, and Occidental Mindoro 1. Gemstone
siliceous clay -Tagkawayan, Quezon 2. Abrasive material for sand blasting and
-Siruma Peninsula, scouring cleansers
Camarines Sur 3. foundry work as grinding media and grit
for sanding and sawing
4. petroleum industry
5. flux in the smelting of metals and in the
manufacture of rubber, paint, and putty
6. filter media and roofing granules
7. filters, frequency controls and timers
8. component of cellular phones, watches,
clocks, game consoles, television sets,
computers, navigational instrument and
other similar products
9. lenses and windows in lasers for optical
grade quartz variety

Nickel Found as sulfide and laterite Garnierite are found in: Garnierite Uses:
Minerals deposits commonly associated -as gemstone
with dunite, pyroxenite, and -Sta. Cruz and Candelaria, -an important nickel ore.
gabbroic rocks. Zambales
-Jaro, Leyte Nickel Uses:
Garnierite is a green nickel ore -Nonoc Island, Surigao -is a component of many industrial and
found in pockets and veins in City consumer products
weathered and serpentinized -Taganaan (Hinatuan -stainless steel
ultramafic rocks. Island), Surigao del Norte -kitchen and laboratory sinks
-Bataraza (Rio Tuba), -magnets
Nickel is also found in Palawan -batteries
association with green -electric guitar strings
chromium, aluminum, lead, -microphone capsule
cobalt, silver and gold. -plating material

Metallic Ores and Industrial Minerals of the Philippines

Mica Mica is a common rock- Quezon Province Muscovite Uses:

forming mineral. -electrical insulator in high temperature
power cables in aluminum plants
Muscovite, a white mica, is -blast furnace
found in abundance in granitic -defense systems
pegmatite. -boiler and flat iron

Mica Uses:
-diaphragms for oxygen breathing
-marker dials for navigation compasses
-optical filters
-stove and kerosene-heater windows
-circuit breakers

Manganese Associated with submarine -Coron, Palawan Manganese Uses:

Minerals volcanic rocks, chert, and tuffs -Siquijor Island -hardening alloy for steel
-Jiabong, Samar -construction and transportation industries
-Ibajay, Aklan
-San Joaquin, Iloilo Steel Uses:
-Tawi-tawi, Jolo -fabrication of machines
-Mogpog, Marinduque -manufacture of ferroalloys
-Calatrava and -dry cell batteries
Kabankalan, Negros -disinfectants
Occidental -glass decolorizer
-Borongan, Samar -paints
-Guindulman and Anda,
Bohol Manganese sulfate Uses:
-chemical intermediate
-micronutrient in animal feeds and plant

Manganese metals Uses:

-important ingredient in coloring bricks and
-alloys in copper and aluminum
-chemical oxidizer and catalyst

Metallic Ores and Industrial Minerals of the Philippines

Iron Occurs as irregular bodies of -Mogpog, Marinduque Iron ore mixed with carbon = steel
magnetite in contact -Agoo, La Union
metasomatic deposits, as -Central Cordillera -an important component of metallurgical
magnetite sand, laterites, and -Southern Sierra Madre products
as banded iron in bogs and -Eastern Bicol -magnets
springs. -Samar -high frequency cores
-Diwata Range, Agusan -car parts as a catalyst
Magnetite is one of the most del Sur -manufacture of medicines
common ores of iron in the -Abra de Ilog and -tracer element in biochemical and
Philippines Mamburao, Occidental metallurgical research
Mindoro -paints
-Puerto Galera San -printing inks
Teodoro -plastics
-Baco, Oriental Mindoro -cosmetics
-Busuanga Peninsula -artist colors
-Malangas and Sibuguey, -laundry blue
Zamboanga del Sur -paper dyes
-Daguma Range, South -fertilizers
Cotabato -baked enamel finishes for cars and
-industrial finishes
-pigment in polishing compounds

Gypsum A common rock-forming that -Lobo and Mabini, Gypsum Uses:

occurs in different varieties Batangas
such as selenite (crystalline -Toledo City, Cebu -used as retarder in Portland cement
gypsum), alabaster (massive -Buenavista, Marinduque -soil conditioner for agricultural lands
gypsum), and satin spar -Sanchez Mira, Cagayan -making plaster of Paris
(fibrous gypsum) and Ambaguio, Nueva
Vizcaya Alabaster Uses:
-Oas, Albay -ornamental stone
-Batalan, Camarines Sur
-Bulalacao and San Jose,
Occidental Mindoro
-Tayasan, Negros Oriental
Gold Observed to be more localized Four Gold Districts:
along specific segments of the -Baguio -jewelries
Philippines Fault Zone and is -Mankayan -good semiconductor for electronics and
considered to be genetically -Camarines Norte electrical appliances
linked to island-arc activity -Masbate -thread and used in embroidery
-in photography as toners and increase
Gold Province: color stability
-Eastern Mindanao -restorative dentistry
-reflective layer on some high-end compact

Metallic Ores and Industrial Minerals of the Philippines

Feldspar The most common rock- -Cabangan, Sta. Cruz and

forming mineral on earth. It is San Felipe, Zambales -ceramic, pottery, and glass industries
a major component of igneous -T’boli (Mt. Parker), South -glaze in dinnerware, enamel ware,
rocks (like diorite, quartz Cotabato bathroom, and building tiles
diorite, trondhjemite, pumice, -Sta. Fe, Nueva Ecija -as a flux that lowers the melting
and pegmatite dikes) and of -Atimonan, Quezon temperature of other materials
sedimentary rocks (arkosic -Lubang Island (Looc), -component in soaps, abrasives, bond for
sandstone) Occidental Mindoro abrasive wheels, cements, concretes,
-Pinamalayan, Oriental insulating materials, fertilizers, poultry grit,
Mindoro tarred roofing materials
-Pagudpud and Pasuquin, -sizing or filler material in textiles and
Ilocos Norte paper
-Porac, Pampanga
-Gabaldon, Nueva Ecija
-San Miguel, Bulacan
-Puerto Galera, Oriental
-Sar and Ajuy, Iloilo
-Iligan City (Ragongon),
Lanao del Norte
-San Ildefonso, Bulacan
-Paracale and Mambulao,
Camarines Norte
-Infanta, Pangasinan
-Tagkawayan, Quezon
-Quezon, Palawan

Metallic Ores and Industrial Minerals of the Philippines

Copper Occurs mostly as disseminated -Mankayan, Tubay (Sto. -in all electrical wirings in building
Minerals stratified or lenticular deposits Nino) and Itogon construction
or fillings in veins/ cracks in (Antamok), Benguet -power generation
basalt/ andesite and diorite- -Lobo, Batangas -production of industrial machinery
granodiorite rocks -Toledo City (Lutopan), -in all electronic products and appliances
Cebu -heating and cooling systems
-Botolan and Cabangan, -telecommunication devices and gadgets
Zambales -essential component of motors of
-Mogpog (Ino and Pili) vehicles, radiators, connectors, brakes,
and Sta. Cruz (Tapian), bearings of cars and trucks
Marinduque -alloy casting
-San Mariano, Isabela -electroplated protective coatings
-Dupax, Nueva Vizcaya -undercoats for nickel, chromium, zinc
-Rapu-rapu Island, Albay -used in manufacture of cooking pans and
-Barlo, Pangasinan utensils
-Polillo Island, Quezon
-Jose Panganiban (Larap),
Camarines Norte
-Sipalay, Negros
-Hinabangan, Samar
-Talibon, Samar
-Pasil (Batong Buhay),
-Maco (Masara),
Compostela Valley

Chromite A source of chromium, is often -Masinloc and Sta. Cruz, -used in the production of stainless steel to
found as podiform or Zambales induce hardness, toughness, and chemical
disseminated deposits -Llorente, Eastern Samar resistance
associated with ultramafic -Puerto Princesa and
rocks such as harzburgite and Narra, Palawan Chromite forms alloy with Fe and Ni:
dunite of ophiolite complexes. -Paluan, Sablayan and -used in making heating units such as
Lubang Island, Occidental ovens other appliances
Chromite also occurs as Mindoro
residual deposits. -Loretto, Dinagat Chromium-bearing chemicals:
-Homonhon Island, -used in the tanning process of leather
Eastern Samar
-San Mariano and
Palanan, Isabela
-Impasug-ong, Bukidnon

Metallic Ores and Industrial Minerals of the Philippines

Calcite It is a common constituent of -Mindoro, Palawan -in construction industry as cement raw
sedimentary rocks, especially -Agusan del Norte material
in limestone and marble -Catanduanes -in steel and glass industries as an acid
formations. It occurs as vein -Rizal neutralizer
minerals and sometimes as -Pollilo -in pharmaceutical industry as an
secondary minerals in rocks -Caramoan Peninsula ingredient of antacid tablets
-Cebu -in animal industry as feed additive
-Bohol -in mining industry as absorbent of harmful
-Negros gasses emitted by fossil fuels and as
-Leyte reducer of coal dust in the air
-Samar -component of paints, as cleaning and
whitening agent and as abrasive in

Sulfur Can be found as pure native Sulfur Deposits: -manufacture of sulfur dioxide for the
element and/or in sulfide and -Camiguin Island paper industry
sulfate minerals. -Bacon, Sorsogon -sulfuric acid
-Tiwi, Albay -manufacture of fertilizers, animal feeds,
In the Philippines, pyrite is one -Biliran Island cement, adhesives, slat blocks, explosives,
of the sources of sulfur. glass, fumigants, matches, inorganic
Pyrite Deposits: chemicals, natural rubber and steel
Pyrite is rarely mined for its -Hinabangan (Bagacay), -in sugar and petroleum refining and soil
content because the Samar amelioration
associated sulfur -Mankayan and Tuba, -in pharmaceutical industry
contaminates the iron and Benguet -essential ingredient in skin treatment
renders it brittle and useless -Dupax, Nueva Ecija ointments, bar soaps, lotions and creams
for most applications. -Jose Panganiban, -treatment of dandruff, acnes, scabies,
Camarines Norte seborrheic dermatitis, warts and other
Sulfur is usually associated -Sibalom, Antique common skin lesions
with volcanic areas and hot -Toledo City, Cebu
springs. It also exists in salt
domes and in evaporites.