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FA C T SHEET : file-aid for db2

Take charge of your DB2 data

Compuware File-AID for DB2 is a DB2 data Quickly browse and edit DB2 data

management and testing tool that helps IT File-AID for DB2 makes browsing and editing table data as simple as
working with data under ISPF. Developers can edit an entire table or build
organizations meet the challenges of working selection criteria that can be saved and reused to:
with data in a DB2 environment.
• select specific columns
With File-AID for DB2, developers can create, populate, customize,
• determine the order in which columns are displayed
refresh and, where appropriate, authorize DB2 objects. In short, File-AID
for DB2 creates an effective DB2 environment—without coding SQL. • specify the sort order of the data in each column

Its ISPF-like format is designed to follow the logical workflow of building a • select rows based on WHERE clauses
test data environment, making it familiar to the developer.
• select data using pre-existing SQL statements.
File-AID for DB2 gets into the test cycle faster, letting developers validate
File-AID for DB2 always maintains the integrity of your database. Changes
and explain program SQL before beginning the compile and bind process.
are logged to the System Management Facility or to a user-defined audit
Compuware’s product integration enables developers to use hot keys trail according to your site’s requirements.
from Compuware Abend-AID to quickly diagnose and resolve DB2
data problems.

The File-AID for DB2 Edit function

lets developers view data in either
row or table mode.
FA C T SHEET : f i l e - a i d f o r d b 2

Edit multiple tables simultaneously

Benefits of File-AID for DB2
Edit or browse multiple unrelated or related tables in a single session.
• Higher-quality testing
With Related EDIT and BROWSE, developers can toggle from table to
table with a simple command or dynamically change from a multiple- • Reduced DB2 learning curve
table display to a full-screen view of one table. Synchronized scrolling • Immediate reduction in test time
of data is provided for all related dependent tables. Dynamically create
• Self-sufficiency for developers
application relationships during EDIT or BROWSE sessions.
• Fewer compiles and binds

Cut and paste where you want • Optimized SQL code

Copy rows of table data into the same or different tables during a File-AID • Quick resolution to production problems
for DB2 session with the CUT and PASTE commands. All “cut” rows
are copied into another table where column type, length and nullability
match—even on another DB2 subsystem and/or between locations. It’s
also possible to paste the cut rows into a data set, in delimited format,
for use outside of File-AID for DB2.

Create and populate tables efficiently

The CREATE/DROP/ALTER DB2 OBJECTS function creates a table using

ISPF-like screens instead of coding DDL statements. By modeling the
table after one created by a DBA, developers can quickly set up their own
test tables. With File-AID for DB2, tables are populated by:

• copying data from an existing table

• cutting and pasting data
• entering data using Rapid Data Generation techniques.

Related EDIT and BROWSE

functions enable synchronized
scrolling among related objects.

The GRAPHIC command displays a graph of the tables

related to the table you are currently browsing or editing.
The graph displays referential integrity and application
relationships as well as parent and dependent tables for
any table involved in the relationship.


FA C T SHEET : file-aid for db2

Protect sensitive data Explain SQL statements

Compuware offers powerful integration between its File-AID/RDX, Explain a single statement or a set of statements grouped by DBRM,
File-AID/Data Solutions, File-AID for IMS, File-AID for DB2 and plan, collection or package—online or in batch. Rules-based EXPLAIN
File-AID/EX products to help companies address data privacy analysis is displayed in plain language, combined with object attributes
requirements in the test environment. Our unique solution spans both and catalog statistics. The text provides conditions, consequences and
zSeries mainframe and distributed platforms, and uses consistent data recommendations relating to the performance of the SQL statement.
disguise techniques across all environments. Additionally, any SQL that can be executed dynamically can execute in
File-AID for DB2 batch.

Object List Utility enhanced for additional

DB2 features Analyze predicates logically

File-AID for DB2 supports new features incorporated into recent DB2 The Predicate Analysis function uses rules-based logic to analyze SQL.
releases. These include: Distinct Type, Stored Procedures, Triggers, Predicates are analyzed to determine if they are indexable, stage 1 or
Identity Column, ROWID and User Defined Functions. In Option 3.4, both. Rules are highlighted according to their severity. Tab to any rule
the Object List Utility provides access to this functionality. and press ENTER to receive detailed recommendation information.

The File-AID for DB2 Object List Utility now provides greater flexibility.


FA C T SHEET : f i l e - a i d f o r d b 2

Gauge impact of column changes Resolve data-related abends faster

The Column Impact Analysis produces a report that identifies the impact When developers must deal with data-related DB2 abends, they want
of column changes on other tables. With this analysis, developers can see quick access to the data that requires investigation. Hence, File-AID for
the extent of changes before activating them. DB2 is integrated with Abend-AID for DB2. As a result of this synergy,
when an abend occurs, developers can jump from the Abend-AID report
directly to the DB2 object where the suspect data resides. When they are
Maintain focus in interactive testing environmentS
finished, a single keystroke returns them to Abend-AID for DB2. That kind
Within Compuware File-AID for DB2, you can maintain focus on your of practical integration saves developers time and their companies money
data and test new logic. The Compuware Xpediter for DB2 interface every day.
customizes DB2 test data to exercise all logic paths in the program while
When fully integrated with other Compuware products, such as File-AID/
the Xpediter/TSO test session remains active. SQL prototyping enters
Related Data XPERT (RDX), DBA-XPERT for DB2 and Xpediter for DB2,
SQL statements during a debugging session, “test driving” the new logic
File-AID for DB2 and Abend-AID for DB2 provide complete functionality
prior to recompile and rebind.
for all DB2 testing requirements.

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