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Fisherman, Musée du Bardo, Tunis, Tunisia (2019)

Picture taken by Jonathan Acuña

Social Media Management Applications

Who are they for?

By Prof. Jonathan Acuña-Solano, M. Ed.

Head of Curriculum Development Senior Language Professor

Academic Department School of English
Centro Cultural Costarricense- Faculty of Social Sciences
Norteamericano Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

Friday, August 7, 2020

Post 358

When it comes to think of the usefulness of social media management

applications, members of online communities or of community networks do not
exactly profit from them. This sort of applications become useless for social media
users because they cannot harness the desire of real engagement with their peers
in real time. If a regular social media user wants to upend the regular order of
how things happen in his life within social media platform, social media
management is a good way to create chaos, especially because these applications
are great tools for companies or public figures.
Social media management applications are for those
people who are really listening to what people are engaged
in and how they can profit from it. The job of a social media
manager in a company or working with a public figure can
use these applications to bring notoriety and presence for
their employers in different media channels at the same
time. Managers then can track likes, retweets, and the like simultaneously; they
can have a wider view of all social media at a glimpse. On the other hand, these
applications also help manage the scheduling of posts at different times for a
broader audience and presence in the media when different time zones are in the

The gods rule from on high! Companies and public

figures today are much more into user-generated content
to permeate their presence in online communities and
even in community networks. With a dashboard where
media presence can be monitored, worked around, and
tracked, a whetstone can be easily and rapidly gotten by
fearless community managers if their companies or public figures need to sharpen
a knife at their places. These applications for social media management are the
watchtowers on the Internet.

To conclude, if any social media user wants to trigger engagement, social

media applications is not for them, unless we are in the presence of an influencer
in pursuit of views and notoriety. In my humble opinion, these applications exist
for cunning and covetous managers who can make their employers profit from
their listening to the media. None of these important companies and public figures
want to find themselves - one day – sorely disappointed because they could not
achieve their desired presence in social media because their social media manager
fell asleep at his working table. The moral: Social media managers cannot cease
plying the Inter-net.