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Differentiating your real-time

processing design

Tony Cheng / Eldon Ding / Xiaolong Zheng

Texas Instruments
DSP & ARM continue growth
Together we have a large opportunity as the ARM and
DSP markets will continue to grow in 2010 and beyond

• DSPS Leadership position for 30 + years

• Largest investor in ARM technology for 17 years
Market Opportunity - $5B


$2B $3B

TI Confidential – Under NDA

Target market segments

Audio Video Industrial

Security Communications Medical

TI Embedded Processors
TI Embedded Processors
Microcontrollers (MCUs) ARM®-Based Processors Digital Signal Processors (DSPs)

16-bit ultra- 32-bit 32-bit ARM ARM Ultra

DSP Multi-core
low power real-time Cortex™-M3 Cortex-A8 Low power

C2000™ Sitara™ C6000™

Delfino™ Stellaris® DaVinci™ C6000™ C5000™
MSP430™ ARM® Cortex™-M3
ARM® Cortex™-A8
& ARM9 video processors
Piccolo™ OMAP™ 24.000
Up to 40MHz to Up to 300MHz to 300MHz to >1Ghz MMACS Up to 300 MHz
25 MHz 300 MHz 100 MHz >1GHz +Accelerator +Accelerator
Flash Flash, RAM Flash Cache, Cache Cache Up to 320KB RAM
1 KB to 256 KB 16 KB to 512 KB 8 KB to 256 KB RAM, ROM RAM, ROM RAM, ROM Up to 128KB ROM
Measurement, Motor Control, Connectivity, Security, Industrial computing, Floating/Fixed Point Telecom test & meas, Audio, Voice
Sensing, General Digital Power, Motion Control, HMI, POS & portable Video, Audio, Voice, media gateways,
Purpose Lighting, Ren. Enrgy Industrial Automation data terminals Security, Conferencing base stations Medical, Biometrics
$0.25 to $9.00 $1.50 to $20.00 $1.00 to $8.00 $5.00 to $20.00 $5.00 to $200.00 $40 to $200.00 $3.00 to $10.00

Software & Dev. Tools

MPUs – Microprocessors
ARM microprocessors
TI ARM investment and innovation
1st single-chip
digital baseband - DaVinci™ TMS570 Stellaris
multi-core Floating-
Introduced DaVinci™ Two ARM Stellaris® Stellaris® ARM9 TI
processors for Cortex-R4 DustDevil SoC Acquires
Licenses Fury
first digital video cores Class Class OMAP™ Luminary
– ARM9-based SoCs for TI Micro
ARM automotive OMAP-L138
core Licenses
*TI first licensee for Cortex-A9
ARM Cortex™- A8

1993 1995 2002 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

1st multi-core Tempest
applications Class

processor, Stellaris® TI
ARM9-based Sandstorm announces
1st ARM Class 1st R4F-based 31 new
OMAP™ Cortex-A8 floating-point,
Newest DaVinci dual-core auto ARM-based
OMAP1510 based silicon products
solution for MCU
flexible, and
OMAP3 TMS570F introduces
HD video
MCU Sitara™

TI has shipped over 5 billion ARM-based products and continues to invest

in a large portfolio of scalable platforms from $1 to >1GHz
* TI licensed in July 2003, but publicly announced Oct 2005.
Sitara™ Cortex-A8 and ARM9
processors are ideal for:
Applications such as Design requirements

• HVAC and building controls

• Network connectivity (Ethernet, Wi-Fi®)
• Network appliances • Multiple connectivity and interface
options (CAN, USB, SDIO, LCD I/F, I2C,
• Industrial automation SATA, PWM)
• Point-of-service machines • System cost constraints needing high
system integration
• Test and measurement
• Scalability (broad portfolio of product
options with code compatible roadmap)
• Medical instrumentation
• Operating system compatibility (Linux,
• Educational consoles Windows® Embedded CE, and Others)

• Industrial low power PCs • Application software portability (code

compatible roadmap)
• … many others • Advanced graphical user interfaces
(graphics acceleration)
Sitara™ Cortex-A8 and ARM9
Available Now In Development

ARM9 ARM Cortex™-A8 ARM Cortex-A8

AM1705 (1Q10) OMAP3503 AM3703 (2Q10)

AM1707 (1Q10) OMAP3515 AM3715 (2Q10)
AM1806 (1Q10) AM3505 AM38x Next (2011)
AM1808 (1Q10) AM3517 AM33x Next (2011)

Low Power ARM9 with Cortex-A8 with system Advanced Cortex-A8 with high
flexible peripherals integration performance & integration
• Power efficient (down to 7mW • Up to 1440 DMIPS • Up to 2000 DMIPS
standby, 182mW active) • Integrated interfaces to display, USB, • Power efficient (down to 10mW
• Cost efficient 10/100 Ethernet, SD card, Wi-Fi®, standby, 1W active)
• Flexible industrial I/O PRU (CAN, CAN, and many others • Enhanced graphics/UI
UART) • Integrated graphics for rich user • Enhanced integrated peripherals,
• Integrated peripherals, 10/100 interface functions 1Gb Ethernet, PCIe
Ethernet, USB, SATA, and more • Security

Support for Linux & Windows® Embedded CE

C6000™ DSP platform
C6000 target markets
Audio Industrial Medical

• 32-bit to 64-bit precision • Industrial Connectivity • Programmable DSPs up to

floating-Point for wide dynamic Interfaces (Ethernet, CAN) 1GHz for high quality imaging
range and high quality audio
• Low heat dissipation core • Excels at portable imaging
• Low power (<7mW standby) (no fan or heat sink) and diagnostics equipment
consumption for portability
• 3D Graphics acceleration
• Real-time connectivity
• Integrated peripherals for and building advanced GUI
interfaces for wired and
Wireless Communications such wireless communication
as Bluetooth • 64-bit (double-precision)
• Extended temperature
floating point DSPs for
• Free Speech and Audio Codecs (-40 up to 125 degrees C)
provided in Software Dev Kits increased accuracy

Offering Long Product Lifecycles with Focus on Reliability and Quality

C6000 target markets
Video Surveillance Communications

• Single chip solution for end-to- • Simultaneous processing for • High performance DSP + ARM
end video processing multi-channel and multi-stream cores for fast response times
• Multi-format video codecs HD video • Real-time connectivity
support for H.264, MPEG2/4,
VC1 • Integrated display engine for interfaces for wired and
resizing and rotation wireless communication
• Integrated video accelerators • 3D Graphics Accelerator for
reduces system complexity • Video analytics support (face
detection, motion sensing, etc.) building advanced user
• Multiple resolution support up interfaces
to 1080p60 • Reference designs including
• Support for Linux and
• Free Codecs Software and HW & Application SW
Windows® Embedded CE
multimedia frameworks

Offering Long Product Lifecycles with Focus on Reliability and Quality

C6000 processors available today
C6000 Processors
DSP DSP + ARM Video Processors

C6L138/OMAP-L138 DM6467/T
C6L137/OMAP-L137 OMAP35xx

C642x DM644x
C672x DM3xx
C671x DM643x

DSP with focus on DSP with integrated Davinci

Intensive host processor Video & Imaging
Signal Processing Processors
• Ideal for Communications • Ideal for Video, Imaging and
• Ideal for Industrial, Audio and
and Audio Processing Vision applications
• C67x floating & fixed point in a Communications Apps
• Same low power floating & • High performance multi-format
single core; C674x lowest power
floating point core with less than fixed point C674x DSP with video up to 1080p
7mW standby/300mW active ARM core (<500mW Active) • Integrated Display Engine for
• C64xx high performance fixed • ARM Controller supports image resizing and rotation
point core with up to 9600 MMAC popular Operating Systems
at 1.2GHz

C6000 processors in development
C6000 Processors
DSP DSP + ARM Video Processors

•C678x Family (4Q10) • C6A816x (3Q10) • DM368 (2Q10)

• DM365 pin/SW compatible
• Scalable DSP devices in • 1GHz C674x • ENET
performance and power using • 1GHz CortexTM-A8 • 1080p30 encode
C674x floating and fixed point • PCIe / ENET/ SATA • DM6446 810MHz (2Q10)
core • C6A814x (1H11) • 810MHz C64x+ / ARM9

• Starting at 600MHz scaling to • 600MHz C674x • 720p decode
1GHz for high performance • 720MHz Cortex-A8
• DM3730 (2Q10)
• PCIe/ ENET/CAN • OMAP35xx SW compatible
•C6x Next (2011)
• Ethernet Switch • C64x+ / 1GHz Cortex-A8
• 2x performance improvement • 3D Graphics Accelerator
for floating-point multiplies • C6A8 Next (2H11) • 720p decode
• Doubles MAC perf/cycle • C6x Next DSP / Cortex-A8 • DM81xx (2011)
• 1mW/MHz (Target) • 1GHz C674x / Cortex-A8
• 3D Graphics Accelerator
• 1080p60 video

Multicore DSP
Multicore DSPs for performance driven applications
Multimedia Automated Test /
Industrial remote
Mission Critical Infrastructure Measurement

• End Equipments: Radar, • End Equipments: Video • End Equipments: Industrial test,
Aerospace, Satellite, Public Safety, Transcode/ Transrate, IPTV head- Wireless, Networking, Imaging
Location Services, e911 end, MCU, Media Server and Medical testers
• Wireless Standards: LTE, WiMAX, • All Formats: CIF, QCIF, D1, • Applications and Software Lib: 2G,
WCDMA, 3G, GSM, 2G 720pHD, 1080pHD 3G, 4G Wireless libs; Video,
• C6x DSP Lib: FFT/iFFT, DFT, • Full Video Codec suite: H.264, Audio, Speech codecs,
filtering, signal processing H.263, MPEG2/4, SVC, JPEG,… Networking stacks, Medical lib
• Multicore Software: Networking • Full Speech & Audio Codec suite: • Multicore Software: Networking
stacks, Development AMR-NB/WB, G.72x, AAC,… stacks, Development
software/tools, Linux support software/tools, Linux support
• Demos: Video Transcode, …
• HW Cards: AMC, PCIe, 3rd party
• HW Cards: AMC, PCIe, 3rd party • Solutions: From 3rd parties for
cards cards
Transcode, MCU, Media Server
Multicore DSP portfolio
High Performance DSP Key Attributes
• High Performance Fixed, Floating pt: Up to 256GMAC, 128 GFLOP per DSP
• Power-Performance Leadership: Lowest Power for Performance in industry
• Extended Temp Support: -40 to 105C operation
• Long Product Lifecycle: 10+ yrs, Reliability, Stability leadership
• Single Scalable Platform: Family of DSP from 1-to-8 cores
• Multi OS Support: Linux, BIOS, OSE
• Easy Development Environment: Multicore Platform Software, CCStudio
• Application Software Libraries: Wireless, Video, Speech, Medical, Imaging
• 3rd Party Solutions Hardware Cards, IP, Complete Soft. Solutions

Multicore DSP
Fixed-pt multicore DSP available today
C6474: 3 C64x+ up to 1.2GHz (3.6GHz)
C6472: 6 C64x+ up to 700MHz (4.2GHz)

Voice solution DSP available today

TNETV3020: 6 C64x+ up to 700MHz (4.2GHz)
TNETV3010: 6 C55x up to 300MHz (1.8GHz)
Floating & Fixed-pt multicore DSP (future)
Roadmap: 4Q’2010 availability
2 or 4 or 8 DSP Cores at 1+GHz (8GHz)
Get to market fast with world-class tools
and development platforms
Code Applications
Composer Evaluation Modules Benchmarks
Studio™ IDE &Software Libraries

Application specific

Allows designers of Libraries that allow

all experience levels designers to quickly
to move quickly develop solutions
through application
• Speech, Audio Codecs
• Video Codecs
• Design • C6455 EVM • LTE, WiMAX Library
• Code and build • C6457 EVM • Medical Library
• Debug • C6472 EVM • Networking Stacks
• Analyze • C6474 EVM • Imaging Library
• Tune • 3rd Party Cards • DSP Library
Profile of customers using High Performance DSP

Customer Profile
• 10+ embedded developers with experience in DSP, ARM, PowerPC, X86 or FPGA
• Have system knowledge or experience in one of the following areas
• Radio, Video, Imaging, Audio, Speech, Medical, any compute intensive applications
• Looking to develop solutions differentiated with features or performance metrics
• typically not a commodity solution developer
• Willing to invest in developing a software solution on TI DSP
• not looking for a complete (black box) solution or commodity SoC from TI
• Open to working with 3rd parties for software development/ integration or customization
• Can leverage TI tools, platform, multicore and application software libraries

Examples of typical high performance DSP customers can be found here:

MMI Customer
Key Contact: Sandeep Kumar (
C5000™ low power platform
C5000 DSPs are ideal for
Audio andnetworks,
Voice Fingerprint
and e-metering Portable Medical
(A/V) Biometrics

USB Key Stethoscope
Access Pulse
Voice/audio Wireless Control Oximeter
recorders Mic
• Energy Efficient • 16-bit authentication Diagnostic ECG
A/V DSP processing algorithms
• 16-bit <100MHz DSP
<150MHz • Large on-chip memory processing
• Extensive A/V SW of upto 320KB
available for free • Real time diagnostics
• RTC sleep mode
• Large on-chip (<10uW) • Power down modes
memory • LDO and USB2.0 • Low standby power
• Extensive scalable Integration (<150uW)
product portfolio

High Energy Efficiency made possible with Industry’s Lowest Power DSP
TI C5000 low power portfolio
Available Now In Development

Extensive Portfolio New Products Future Products


C5510 C5515
C5509 C5514 C55_NEXT
C5416 C5505
C5410 C5504
Extensive Portfolio Industry’s Lowest Extend Low Power
(32 devices) Power DSP Leadership to Higher
Performance Levels
• Largest installed user base • Lowest Active (0.15mW/MHz)
and Standby (<0.15mW) • Performance upto 150MHz
• Lowest standby power DSP Power DSP
• Performance upto 300MHz • Performance upto 120MHz • Simpler package
• Energy efficient audio, voice • FFT HWA
• 320KB on-chip memory
and communications processing
• Extensive Integration
• Starting at $2.99 ƒ LCD interface
ƒ Analog Integration (3 LDOs)
ƒ USB2.0 with PHY

2009 2011
Comprehensive ecosystem
SW Development Kit (SDK)
Board Support Package and Foundational Libraries
Video, Imaging, Audio and
Pre-integrated Foundational
Speech Codec's
library and DSP Interface
Image processing, Math, DSP and
Demo Applications
Video processing libraries
App Framework Plug-in
2D Graphics acceleration Libraries
3D Graphics Acceleration
Application Processor
Frameworks DSP Interface
GStreamer DSP BIOS Link
MS Direct Show Codec Engine
MS Silverlight DMAI
Adobe Flash
Other OS Specific
Frameworks TI Integrated Dev Environment
3P Tools Code Composer Studio IDE (Code Editor, Compiler,
Code Sorcery Tools – Linux Profiler, Debugger, Simulator)
Visual Studio – MS eXpress DSP Data Visualization Tool
And other Commercial OS Specific
Thank You!