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Comparing President Trump with Vice President Joe Biden

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The person elected as the United States president in the coming November 2020 election

will have a challenging and unique task in the management of the national economic recovery. It

is due to the global pandemic, which mostly is leading to high rate of unemployment caused by

the great epidemic. According to the IMF, the economic output will drop by 5.9% in the current

year after 2.3% GDP rise in 2019. However, we expect that after the containment measures of

the virus get uplifted, the economy shall abruptly rebound. This research paper will compare

President Trump agendas with the Former Vice President Joe Biden, who will be both running

for the presidential seat. The person with the highest solid plan for Americans will win. 

Keywords: pandemic, unemployment, economy 


The crisis undergoing through American cities is allowing voters to make timely

comparisons happening in the leadership styles of the two presidential candidates, Trump and

Joe Biden. However, it is very instructive through President Trump and Joe Biden responses to

the civil unrest through revealing their priorities, ideas and behaviors about the government

itself. Trump called for the military as Biden called for a change in social lives (Tulis, 2020).

Nonetheless, we still have a long way to go before November third when the general election

will be held, and voters will determine who will cover the Oval Office in the upcoming four

years. The field has generally narrowed to two major parties. One is the Former Vice President

Joe Biden and is presumed as the Democratic candidate. On the other hand, President Donald

Trump gets presumed, a Republican candidate (Rood, 2018). On touching on their bios, Joe

Biden is running basing on the legacy of the eight years he served alongside President Obama

and is willing to push on issues like health care and the crisis of climate. Besides being Vice

president, Biden headed Delaware for 36 Years in the U.S. Senate. His famous quote epitome

is Its time to get up and get off our backs plus remember who the hell we are. Donald Trump, on

the other hand, has been the President of America since 2017 and is also a reality T.V. star. His

quote is Americans head America; we reject globalism ideology and embark on patriotism

doctrine (Tulis, 2020). Broadly, in the paper, we discuss issues of gun control, immigration and

healthcare as far as the presidential candidates get concerned. 

Trump on Immigration

Generally, immigration is a significant issue in America. Currently, under Trump,

migrants have moved to the south side of the U.S. at very high levels not seen in decades. It is

based on statistics from USA-Facts. Many families are arriving as immigrants, and it is

overwhelming the very system built for adults only, plus most of the migrants are demanding

asylum which is backing up the already backlogged system. There are masses of overcrowded

situations pictures in which reports by government watchdogs indicates poor care in detention

areas and drew interests to the public at the start of the year. Principally, from a survey by Gallup

which got performed demonstrates that about a quarter of the U.S. adults saying immigration is

the major problem facing the country (Gilson, 2014). 

However, President Donald Trump has gone to the extent of his extraordinary power in

the presidency to limit immigration, tools that the past admins were scared to use. The President

mentioned a very called Muslim ban which restricted immigration of Muslim nations to America.

Similarly, Trump put across a zero-tolerance policy in 2018 that restricted crossing illegally on

the southern border. 

Currently, President Trump perspective on immigration has not softened, and he still

views them as invaders that come to take American jobs. The survey indicates that even after

reelection in November, he will not step away from his standpoint towards immigration. Trump

thinks that he does not require to shift his position on immigration, and is confident of the steps

he took since they confidently worked out for him. Nonetheless, Trump has always wanted to get

seen as a person who can solve long-term situations. The ban by President Trump on immigrants

makes sense at this pandemic moment. According to CNN, Trump has always majored on his

two-goal: protect the safety and health of Americans plus safeguard the economy of the country

(Pierce & Selee, 2018). 

Biden on Immigration

According to NBC News, Former Vice President Joe Biden offered two new policy plans

on immigration if he gets elected President come November third 2020. The first was that he

would build on the work they did with the former President Barack Obama in helping to curb

migration from Central America. The following policy is proposing new methods to undo the

policies put across by President Trump. 

Moreover, the plans were brought in after his extended campaigns to Hispanic societies

and launching Todos Con Biden.  The campaign was to overcome those activists against his role

alongside Obama-era plan of deportation of three million undocumented immigrants. In his first

100 days in rule, he will undo all the heartless, cruel and horrific policies enacted by Trump-like

the policy of separating children and parents at border points. Additionally, he would end

profitable centers of detention in those border points (Gilson, 2014). 

Furthermore, Biden plans on erasing the immigration policies on the asylum schedule,

humanitarian surge at border points that will bring to a halt President Trump Muslim ban and

appraise a Protected Status which will be temporary for those fleeing from a violent nation. He

will end the Trump national emergency that redirected money on creating the border wall. Biden

promises to end the DACA program that would boost the chances and protect dreamers or the

adults that moved to the United States from other countries, as young children. Biden will also

search for their legal parents and reunite them.   

After the 100 days, the administration headed by Biden would spend the very first year

on tackling four pillars: reinforce communities, legislative immigration reorganization, securing

the borders plan, plus focus on immigration causes in Central America. He plans to curb Central

America immigration through meeting with the Northern Triangle; Honduras, El Salvador and

Guatemala. It would get done through the provision of economic resources for making their

judicial systems reliable.  

Trump on Gun Control

In a Morning Consult Poll (2018) conducted in Suburban, over fifty-nine percent of

people reported a tepid backing for more tightened gun laws. Most of the Republican women

showed their sustenance for more gun control. Basically, from the poll, even for most voters who

approved the job done by President Trump commented that they desire more gun laws. However,

the political breezes might not favor Trump in his current electoral method, but control of guns is

one of the significant issues burdening voters as they near the 2020 elections. As gun control has

been the important crime cause, it has also been a motivating power for supporters of gun-rights

crews like Mom Demand Action. 

Speciously, Trump has generally shown support for implementing more restrictions on

guns. Like in February 2018, there were mass shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla. In

which, Trump held a background check but later backed down due to oppositions from fellow

Republicans and the NRA (National Rifle Association). Nonetheless, despite demands by voters

for him to do something on guns, President Trump has persisted in being a cypher and mentioned

that the U.S. has a powerful background check  and majored on addressing the mental illness

situation for those using guns. 

Biden on Gun Control

Joe Biden understands that gun violence is a public health pandemic. Nationally, in the

U.S., almost 40,000 human beings die due to firearm harm; others get wounded. However, some

of the injuries result from mass shootings which make news headlines most of the times. Other

deaths are due to acts of gun violence which might not get to national headlines although they

create a massive loss to communities and families left behind (Rood, 2018). 

Principally, Biden has taken twice on NRA on the national stage and won, which has kept

over 3 million guns away from shaky hands. In general Vice President Biden, understands the

designs of minimizing gun violence by the application of executive action. However, we plan to

end gun violence plus honor the Second Amendment, and might be limited. 

When Biden gets elected President of the U.S. come November 2020, he will first hold

manufacturers of guns accountable on the mass killings which have been occurring. Back in

2005, he voted against the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, when he was senator,

but manufacturers of rifles lobbied it and secured its passage in the congress. Biden will major

on removing protection on firearms makers. Another thing Biden will perform is getting all war

weapons off the streets. The existing threats will then get under the National Firearms Act, which

will ensure that before owning a firearm, it gets checked plus registered with Alcohol, Tobacco,

Firearms and Explosives (ATF). However, from requirements, they rarely get applied in crimes.

Biden will still buy the weapons and magazines already in the society. It will offer the people

owning weapons two options, register the evidence with NFA or sell to the government.

Biden will ensure guns do not fall on shaky hand through the closing of loopholes which

will prohibit illegal gun purchases. Biden will still close the online purchase of ammunition and

firearms. If a person purchases a gun by the use of the given procedure, he must responsibly and

safely use the weapon. Adults who own weapons must keep them off minors and hold them

accountable if the minor uses it. Through Biden legislation, guns must be safely stored at home.

Survivors of firearm encounter will be taken care of through trained health care officers and

ensure that they do not die of trauma and other conditions. However, following the above rules,

violence levels will reduce in President Biden era. 

Trump on Healthcare

Trump and his administration have several challenging issues to take care of in resolving

better healthcare for citizens ahead of the 2020 general election. After reelection as President of

the U.S, Trump promises that Republicans would offer a better plan than Obamacare, which

would cover every American at a lower cost with no cut to Medicaid or Medicare. The President

agrees that the whole Affordable Care Act must get scrapped. 

Based on reports by CNN political sector (Oberlander, 2019), the Republicans are

preparing for a Healthcare Plan possessing lower premium and deductions that Obamacare. It

means that it will be far less costly than the existing Obamacare. Trump continued to announce

that it will be a great kind of plan which will work best for all Americans. However, he says that

Republicans will similarly support other existing platforms. Republican will be known as a party

of Great Healthcare. He added that, before elections commence, Republicans would pass primary

healthcare legislation but promised that the House would ensure health care gets prominently

figured in his era.  

Biden on Healthcare

Vice President Biden stipulates that: over the years, Obamacare has been of great aid to

American people. Over 100 million persons need not get stressed if their insurance company will

deny them coverage or cost them more money on their already existing chronic diseases like

cancer. However, after its pass, the Affordable Care Act has been in a massive attack by

Republicans. Relentlessly, as President, Biden will protect the Act from the massive attacks.

Instead, he would start by offering Americans other choices, reducing the healthcare cost, plus

making the system easier to navigate. Biden believes that all Americans possess the right to good

health care which must also be affordable. 

The first thing Biden is willing to do when he gets elected President is to offer Americans

access to health insurance which must be affordable. Biden is ready to perform this in some

ways. One is giving citizens of America a public health insurance offer like Medicare. It means

that if your insurance company is not offering you better services, then you should have another

great choice (Oberlander, 2019). Then he will boost the tax credits to shorten costs and extend

coverage to more working Americans. Biden is willing to still increase coverage to citizens with

low incomes, which will make sure all Americans gets access to health care independence of

their poverty level. 

The second plan in healthcare that Biden is willing to offer is the provision of peace of

mind of affordable care plus a less complicated health care platform. It means that his

administration will not only provide coverage to uninsured citizens but also create affordable

care and less complicated health provision services for all.

Nonetheless, through his governance, Biden has additional proposals to make healthcare

more affordable. For example, he will stop surprise medical billing that will ensure control of

their care providers during hospitalization. Biden administration will still put an end to runaway

drug prices and the organizations getting profits from that by limiting price rise for drugs. By

these means, President Biden will make sure care is a right for all citizens and not for only the

chosen few (Tulis, 2020). 

Significant Differences Between Trump and Biden

Roughly, President Trump prefers culture wars. He has not always looked as economic

policies as a section of a grand vision. Still, he has continuously viewed them as designs of

delivering specific promises he made to supporters during the campaign. They include trade

wars, tax cuts and deregulations. Currently, Trump is furious since he sees that the coronavirus

pandemic has come to wash away the economy that was the surest path to getting back as

President. Trump is a businessman, and he understands that the economy is his main agenda of

success come elections. 

The political goal for Biden is securing environmental justice plus an equal economic

chance in a clean energy future. He claims that he has been around Washington for a long time

and understands the system. Biden is a proven commodity, which gives him an earlier boost and

appeals to Americans. In his biographical narrative, Biden uses, I am just like you, a vibe which

adds him more points. Besides, from a study by Pew Research company, Biden gets described as

temperament twice more than Trump. Most people describe Biden as caring for the lives of

ordinary citizens compared to President Trump. On the other hand, Trump is more confident and

draws his attention more on the economy than the coronavirus pandemic. 

In conclusion, from primary researches and news, Americans prove to develop more

interest on Joe Biden and would vote for him if elections were held today. However, in current

polls, every party seem to support their own (Oberlander, 2019). Depending on the convincing

power concerning the ways of getting rid of a gun problem, boosting healthcare and coping with

immigration situation, the candidates continue to acquirer votes for upcoming United States

election on third November 2020. 



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