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Taurus Horoscope For August 2020

APR 20 - MAY 20



Dear Reader:

I will make my note to you short, as I am having such trouble seeing the screen. The words
appear broken to me, but fortunately, I type so much that my ngers know the where the
keys are.

I have a very serious eye condition that is genetic. I have been seeing my world-famous
retina specialist for 11 years and getting the treatment I need. Things have been going
gradually downhill, and now I am in real trouble. I have a dream team of doctors here in
New York City who know of each other and who are working together to try to help me
save whatever sight I have left. My Aunt Faye, now 102 years old, has it too, and she went
blind, but there are new medicines that were not available to her when this started. It is a
disorder all over my family tree—my doctor calls it a genetic overload. Extreme results

from this disorder aren’t supposed to hit until you are about 85, but for me, I was rst
diagnosed at 35. My surgeon has an idea he feels will help me. I am praying to Saint Lucy,
the patron saint of eyesight every day. Saint Lucy has helped me quite a bit in the past.



Mars has settled into your twelfth house of secrets, and you may be working
on a con dential project that is not quite ready to be shared with others. You
seem to have adjusted well to being alone in quarantine, happily
concentrating on what you are doing without interference or of ce chatter to
distract you. If you are working at home, you have likely had time to think
about what you’d like to change and what you’d like to create in the future.

The start of the month has a troublesome full moon, August 3, in Aquarius, 12
degrees, that might affect your career or reputation. A full moon can deliver
its news within four days of its appearance, so keep your guard up. Uranus
(the planet of sudden changes) rules Aquarius, making his role in this full
moon especially strong, and Uranus will exactly square (challenge) the Sun
and full moon.

This August 3 full moon could set off a chain of events. It might in uence your
expectations and plans for your career, and it may also affect your family or
home life in terms of where or how you will live. For example, your landlord
may raise your rent, or you might want to move to be closer to your mother
and father (perhaps to keep an eye on them as they get older). You could also
be thinking about your job and whether you’d prefer to move to a new
company, work in a different city to nd greater opportunity, or make a
complete career change to an entirely new line of work.

You may get a chance to do publicity in the rst week of August, but I need to
say that if you are doing a press interview, be careful. Mercury will oppose
Pluto, and when Pluto is under dif cult aspects, this powerful planet can
create an unfair situation—if you have a publicist, make sure this person is on
the phone with you, too. Some reporters are not transparent and will ask the
same question over and over to trick you into saying something that will
embarrass you later or that they can edit out of context. Remember that
nothing is off the record when speaking to a reporter, no matter what
assurances you are given. It will be easy to like this person, and when your
trust level goes up, you will become vulnerable. I worry that this full moon
might make you upset if a story you assumed would be positive turns out to
be unfair to you.

While Uranus seems to be ready to act up, Mars will be 100% supportive of
you at the full moon of August 3, sending lovely energetic vibrations your way.
This means Mars can work to counter some of Uranus’ antics, which may be
considerable. Mars will support the full moon and Sun, suggesting that your
actions to remedy any situation that comes up should work out well. Mars
rules your twelfth house of secret activities, so it looks like you shouldn’t talk
much about your plans and actions—keep them private for now.

All along, on the sidelines, Neptune will be in sweet angle to Jupiter, the giver
of gifts and luck, so a friend may be very helpful to you this month. It’s a good
time to think about who you know who would be uniquely positioned to give
you advice or make an introduction.

Two of my favorite days of the

month for you will be August 28
and 29 when Mercury will contact
Jupiter, the giver of gifts and
luck.… These two days are
glamorous days—and happy in
every way. ”
A little deeper into the month, from August 10 to 12, avoid important actions.
August 10 has Mercury in hard angle to Uranus, and again, your career and
reputation are on the line. You may not be thinking things through thoroughly
enough, and as a result, you may be inadvertently hurting your future success.
By all means, keep politics and business strictly separate.
You need to be cautious on August 13, too. Mars in Aries will clash with Pluto
in Capricorn to exact degree, so if you meet with a VIP, you are likely to
discover your efforts will be ignored or turned down.

Stay away from both days (August 10 and 13), but take a look at a truly
excellent day, August 16, a Sunday, to take decisive action. Mars in Aries and
the Sun in Leo, both re signs friendly to each other, suggest this can be a
superb day, especially for home and family matters. Browse a new apartment
or house, sell or buy property or furniture, or interview a new roommate or a
contractor. Anything home-related will shine. Alternatively, this same area of
the chart rules mother or father—or someone you think of as a parent—so you
might want to do something special for that person.

The new moon of August 18 in Leo will change and improve much of this
month’s energy. It will appear in your fourth house of home allowing you to
start a new chapter in your living arrangements. Mars will focus on this area
for you, but he will also clash with planets in your ninth house of travel. The
message is clear— nd ways to make your home more inviting and
comfortable, and put off long-distance travel for now. Most scienti c
authorities who study the pandemic frown on travel, and doubly so if you plan
to y to a location where there is a breakout. While you have such a beautiful
opportunity trained on your home (something that only happens once a year),
a new moon opens two weeks of very strong energy that will be in place for
six months or more. However, much hinges on what you do directly after this
new moon.

A long-distance trip is probably not in the cards for you now, but it is possible
for you to take a quick, short trip to a scenic nearby city, seashore, or country
setting. Uranus is in Taurus and will be beautifully oriented toward Venus in
Cancer, the latter based in your third house, so you may take a spontaneous
drive to see your sister, brother, or friend, especially over the coming days,
starting August 18-22.

The last week of August might be your favorite, starting with August 25, when
Mercury in Virgo will be in sync with Mercury’s higher octave, Uranus,
bringing your thinking and ideas to a more sophisticated and original level,
perhaps even into the realm of genius. If you are asked to come up with

creative ideas, you will come up with brilliant ones. You should take full
advantage of this rare day, for you are uniquely positioned to do so. Use this
day before its energy evaporates into the ether, dear Taurus.

An exceptionally poetic day for romance could arrive on August 27, when
Venus in Cancer will be in ideal sync with Neptune in Pisces. This would be
another outstanding day to take a quick, short trip to see a friend or to spend
time with your romantic steady date or partner.

Two of my favorite days of the month for you will be August 28 and 29 when
Mercury will contact Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. You are an earth sign,
and Mercury will be in earth-sign Virgo, and Jupiter will be in earth-sign
Capricorn. What a magni cent day, great for romance, short-distance travel,
signing a contract, debuting an app, sending your manuscript to your
publisher, or nishing your thesis. These two days are superb days to make a
deal, buy something expensive, launch a new product or service, or open the
doors of your new business. It’s a glamorous day—and happy in every way.

The month will close with a full moon in Pisces, September 1. This full moon
(which you will feel as you get close to it at the end of August) will be special—
happy, lyrical, soft, and social. This full moon will light your eleventh house of
friendship, so you may be excited to see a friend, or you may get involved in a
charity, humanitarian activity, political rally, or other group activity. As long as
you practice social distancing and avoid crowds, you will likely stay safe.

The full moon in Pisces on September 1 is a wildly social new moon—it’s the
icing on your cake, sweet as sugar, and will give you a chance to let go from
everyday cares and have fun. You may be with one friend or a small group of
friends. Jupiter, the happiness planet, will beam the moon, so again you may
be away from home, on a short-distance trip.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º,
not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.

Your career is important to you, and on August 3, plus or minus four days, you
will get important closure on a professional matter. You may be nishing up a
big project, getting publicity, or hearing about how you did on a recent series
of interviews. However, Uranus, the planet of unexpected developments, still
in Taurus now and for years to come, will not be in friendly angle to the Sun
and full moon in Aquarius, so you will need to brace for any kind of news.

As a Taurus, you prefer life to be stable and somewhat predictable, but that
isn’t always possible—a career event in early August will show you that being
exible and adaptable is the only solution. You may nd it hard to conform to
a potentially volatile event initially, but when you survey your choices, you
will see it will be the best route to take.

You will have time to address your home atmosphere too, especially in the
weeks that follow the new moon, August 18. If you hope to spruce things up,
move, or instead, help one of your parents or another family member, you will
be able to do so after this new moon. This will be an easier time of the month,
possibly even joyous, for Mars will be very helpful to you. Mars will contact
the Sun and new moon in your home and family quarters.

Mars will be strong and vital in August, but not once he retrogrades from
September 9 to November 13. Work hard to complete as many plans, deals,
and launches as possible in August. During Mars retrograde, getting
approvals and decisions from clients and management will be unusually
dif cult, so you may nd that progress will be frustratingly slow. This is a
condition that will affect every person of every sign, so you won’t be alone.
Pluto and Jupiter, working together, caused the spread of the virus, and when
they meet again this fall, after having been retrograde but returning to
strength in late September through November, we must be prepared for
another wave. Keep your guard up, and keep wearing your mask.

As August comes to a close after a month of serious concerns—career, home,

property, and family—you will sense the approaching Pisces full moon, due
September 1. At that time, you will likely be looking forward to a social event,
even if it’s virtual or you meet outside and remain six feet apart from your
friend. Life will start to take on a lighter tone at this point, and you’ll be
exchanging lots of information with friends.

Not only will a friend touch your heart at this full moon in Pisces, but you will
also have a chance to experience the glow of romance in the days surrounding
September 1. Uranus in Taurus will be active, and this time, the planet of all
things unexpected will work on your behalf, and you may feel the zing of
Cupid’s arrow. Attached? Plan ways to build memories with your sweetheart
or spouse—this full moon in Pisces could be one of your best of the year.