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Sumit Gaddh

1800 Douglas Ave West Palm Beach, Florida DOB; 12/25/1976


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Film and Television

Title; ‘A Good Year’ Director; Ridley Scott Starring; Russell Crow Character; Austin. Investment banker who is professional friend to ‘Max’ (Russel Crow) who works for a rival European bank. We meet at the Criterion in London for social meeting over drinks. Austin can put on a professional face for Max but deep down envy and hate is riddled within him for Max is far more successful. Release Date; Spring 2006

Title; ‘Eastenders’ BBC 1 Character; One of Mo’s boys. Goes to the beauty salon to flirt with Minty’s girlfriend to make him jealous and appreciate what hes got but while hes there he gets a make over. Release Date; Autumn 2007

Title; ‘Road to Nowhere’ Short Film 2008 Director; Peter Bartlett Part; Stephen (lead male) We come into Stephen’s life when he is on the verge of tipping over the edge. A long sufferer of alcoholism he stands on the edge of returning to the dark days of drink and drugs for salvation. We follow him on the journey that will take him to the end of his will, his hope and perhaps his life. Released for Summer British Film Festivals

Title; ‘Ed id Dead’ Short Film 2008 Bulldog Productions Director; Adam Hutchings Part; Evil Ed (lead male) The character of Ed is suddenly thrust into a world of kidnapping and enterigation. Where dark secret’s and unknown powers want secrets to be kept hidden and information to stay hidden. My character steps into the place of our goody two shoes hero to see how good he really is. Released for Summer British Film Festivals

Title Alternative Medicine BBC Science Series Producer; Neil Fergosun Head of Photography; Tim Cragg Televised Date; November – December 2005 BBC 1 and 2 Part; Leading male face for series including nude for all anatomical and muscular shooting. Character consisted of bringing life to what is perceived to be a very stiff subject working in improvised states experimenting with different professionals from each field. Role demanded full nudity, blue screen work and improvisation in front of camera.

Title; Dick and Dom in da Bungalow BBC 2 Aired; Live every Saturday and Sunday mornings Assistant Floor Director; Lucy, Julia, Rob.

Characters; A selection of characters from childhood fantasy hero’s of footballers, pirates, sailors to crazy and insane characters such as , good will, muck a mucks, bungalow head, reindeers. Highly demanding work, working in front of live cameras, on you toes team work with highly developed improvisational skills

in a professional environment. Consistent call ups because of professionalism and quality through out my


Title; For Love or Money Short Film 2006 Bournemouth University Director; Jenny Williams Part; Edward, Supporting Male, Georgian period drama based around the emotional battle between servant and his master and the choice between marriage for love or a marriage for money and the love that tears two men apart for each other. Released for Summer British Film Festivals

Title; Awakening Short Film Brindle Productions Directed and Written by Evan Brindle Producer; Adam Woulds Character; Alex Lorenzo (Lead role) Character Profile; Set in modern day Watford, Alex Lorenzo is a man whose grip on reality has gradually vacated over many years of sleep related disorders and numerous verities of medication. Since the age of nine years Alex’s ability to dream has been replaced with over powering and disturbing nightmares.

Title; Couch Commando Sony Enterprises Lt. (commercial) Maverick Productions Aired; February 2006 Product; Sony Playstation Director; Alex Norris Producer; Eva Blesky Character; Commando (lead role), leader of a crack team of men that struggle through thick jungle to engage the enemy, all set in the safety of ones couch where I play real life through a playstation and head set. Intense and heavy with a massive slice of comedy.

Title; Unbelievable Stories Nippon Television Celt 21 ltd Executive Director; Natsuyo Searle English Producer and Translator; Christian Searle Japanese TV Aired August 2005 Story of Dutch Priest who dies for his faith in a bizarre and weird way Part; Priest (lead role)


A Taste Explosion-Wrigley's

2008, Commercial Futuristic Fruit Reveler Director; Unknown, information Coming

Usage; North America for 1 Year

Old el Paso

2007, Commercial Mr Jalapeneo (Lead) Quite Storm Director; Trevor Robinson Usage; UK for 1 Year (Ended)

Sun Slik 2007, Commercial, Good Looking Boyfriend, Film Republic Director; Martin Aamund Usage; Europe not including UK for 1 Year (Ended)

Couch Commando Playstaion 2005, Commercial Commando Sony Enterprises Director; Alex Norris Usage; Computer game trailers (Ended)

Pantene Ice Freshness 2005, Commercial Barman, Pantene, Director; Ricky Villabona


Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar Directed by; Deborah Warner Assistant Director’s; Douglas Rintoul Lead Roles; Raulph Fiennes, John Shrapnel, Fiona Shaw and Anton Lesser Barbican Theatre from February – May 2005 Part; Roman Citizen, Plebeian and Soldier, working dynamically along side Ralph Fiennes and Anton Lesser in this classic epic tale set in 21 st Century society. Parts entailed group and individual work. Rehearsing heavily in mass stage celebration, violence and chaos while dealing with the delicacy of individual anger and confusion when working alongside Brutus and Anthony.

Panphobia Universal Citizens Theatre Venture; April-2008 Director; Rob Watts and Kate Mcgregor Stratford Circus Devised Physical Theatre blended with Absurd Theatre Part; Mr Willis, forseen as the bad evil wolf of the building but actually mistaken is a kind troubled soul who is only lonely and has a good heart

Apocolypse Wow Universal Citizens Theatre Venture; July – August 2007 Director; Ray Downing Stratford Circus Devised Physical Theatre blended with Absurd Theatre Parts; Customer in Cheese shop, Tribal Leader, A Child

Exit the King August 2007 Director; Toby Clarke The Tabbard Theatre in Turham Green Absurdist Theatre Part; The Doctor

When the king is loosing his mind the doctor tries to step in and over throw him with clever manipulation of the mind all while trying to steel his queen to boot.

The Perfect Stranger August 2006 Director; James Christianson HaHa Bar and Restaurant Bath Part; The Stranger (Lead Male) The Stranger is there to give hope, comfort and answer all the questions we all want to know about religion and to help his wonderer threw to difficult time.

Universal Citizens Theatre; Venture July – August 2005 Director; Ray Downing Tour Manager; Kathy Schicker North African Tour of Tunisia and East London, Stratford Circus Devised Physical Theatre blended with Absurd Theatre Parts; Dave the Explorer, Poet, Traveller, Horse Rider. Parts entailed singing, dancing, physical and dynamic work, improvisation, devising.

Jimmy Central St Martins Written and Directed by Austin Spangler-Downing Byam Shaw Theatre North London May – June 2005 Part; Jimmy (Lead role) Performance Art; Telling the story of Jimmy’s internal thoughts through video, image, projection, installation and staging. Part focuses around Jimmy’s life in the mundane and every day in a simplistic and subtle style. Performance envelopes the audience in site, sound and mind.

FUCF Part of the Conflictions festival Theatre Venture January – March 2005 Director, Ray Downing Venue, Stratford Circus Parts; Hamlets Brother, Poet, Rude boy, Sperm, a piece of shit. Physical Theatre mixed up with Absurd theatre binding the ideas of movement, energy, ensemble and in your face modern genre.

It’s Criminal Theatre Venture July – August 2004 Director; Ray Downing Toured with the NAYT Summer Festival of theatre in East London Parts, Hamlet, Big Brother, Police Officer, Old Women, Worrier

Alternative Christmas Nativity Written and Directed by Alex Dunwoody Venue, Byam Shaw Theatre North London June – July 2003 Part; Lead Male Joseph Telling the story of Joseph and Mary in a post apocalyptic north London on the verge of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Voice Work

2008, Recording Poet, Howl, Alan Ginsberg Edward Rapley and Austin Spangler

2008, Recording Mr Wilson and Various Others Panphobia, Universal Citizans

Kate Mcgregor, Rob Watts

2007, Narrator, Boy with Three Lungs, Orbit Monkeys, Johnny Horne

2007, Voice Over, Adjustamatic 5000 HUEY’S DAY OUT Touch of Genius Productions, Jeremy Barchus

2007, Voice Over, Wild Boar Body Spray HUEY’S DAY OUT Touch of Genius Productions, Jeremy Barchus

2007, Voice Over, Pizza Delivery HUEY’S DAY OUT, Touch of Genius Productions, Jeremy Barchus

2007, Narrator Australian, Kanga-Moo, Orbit Monkeys, Johnny Horne

2006, Voice Over, Narrator, Alcohol Advertisement, Horne Productions, Jonny Horne

2006, Voice Over BI-POLAR POLAR BEAR THE BI-POLAR PARTY BEAR, Horne Productions, Jonny Horne

2006, Voice Over Various Roles/Lead Role, Big World Sound, Doug Paterson

2006, Voice Elk, The Opening Credit Elk Horne Productions, Jonny Horne

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Central St Martins College of Art and Design 2002-2205

- Specialising in Performance and Writing, graduating with BA Honours.

- Studying and practising through scripted work, devising installation installed pieces, practising in environment based projects where audience is placed within the piece and not put out side it.

- Self study training included the arts and disciplines of characters and play writes such as Chekhov, Stanislavski, Lucky (from ‘Godot’), Alan Ginsburg, Becket, Brecht, Shakespeare, the infamous ‘news reader’ and psychological characters of the ‘Jekyll and Hyde’

Central School for Speech and Drama 2003-2004

- Completing intensive training in advanced voice and speech

- Techniques acquired in warm up, Alexander, pace, rhythm, control, breathing for use in stage and film.

- Poetry, monologue and choral techniques honed and refined with techniques in story through text interpreted in body and voice.

Reigate College for Acting 2001-2002

- Foundation degree studying technique, genres, styles. Improvisation, roll play, devised theatre, physical theatre, absurd, stage fighting and intensive training.

- Completed with highest award with Distinction

Godalming College 1998-2001

- Drama A’ Level. Studying the works of Chekhov, Beckett, Berkoff, Breckt, Arto, Shakespeare while at the same time working in cast productions and on individual pieces, works include ‘Waiting for Godot’ and ‘Caucasian Chalk Circle’. Passed with A.

- Dance A’ Level. Training in modern, contemporary movements with looks into Ladan notation. Exploring dance such as support work, pairing, choreography and extensive studies into anatomy. Passed with ‘B’

As a youth performed with the NAYT, with connections sponsored by BT in production of ‘Dog House’ as the lead male of ‘Danny’ (eldest brother brutally abused by his father in extreme poverty in south Ireland struggling to keep his family together)

Voice; Deep clean voice with unique twang, RP Native, Southern British, Cockney, East Coast American, Central American, Dutch, Russian, Old Women, Old Man.

Sports; Highly skilled in; Skiing, Swimming, Rock and Mountain Climbing, Cycling. Other activities include; Football, Rugby, Yoga, Licensed Scuba Diver, Running, Surfing, Bungee Jumping, Golf, Frisbee, Cricket.

Full and Clean Driving Licence

Measurements; Short Brown Hair (wavy/straight), Green Brown eyes, athletic build 5’11, size 10 shoes, 33 waist, 31 inside leg, 39 chest, 15 neck, 11.5 stone