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High School Band Syllabus

Contact Information
Mr. Tyler Harr
Brimfield Band/Choir Teacher

Website https://brimfieldmusic.weebly.com/
Email tyler.harr@brimfield309.com
Phone (309) 446-3349 Ext.1126

Classroom Goals
Students will explore the world of music using the 4 National Core Arts Standards with a focus
on instrumental ensemble playing
● Create
○ Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work
○ Organize and develop artistic ideas and work
○ Refine and complete artistic work
● Perform
○ Select, analyze, and interpret artistic work for presentation
○ Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation.
○ Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work
● Respond
○ Perceive and analyze artistic work
○ Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work
○ Apply criteria to evaluate artistic work
● Connect
○ Synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to make art
○ Relate artistic ideas and works with societal, cultural, and historical context to
deepen understanding

Classroom Expectations
Band students are expected to be:
● Punctual: Students are expected to be on time, and ready to warm-up with the
● Respectful: Students will show respect for their peers, their instrument, their classroom
materials, and to themselves everyday they are in class.
● Engaged: Students are expected to be involved in participating in the success of the
● Prepared: Students should have your instrument, extra reeds, valve oil, sticks, music,
stand and chair ready to go for rehearsal.
Classroom Discipline
If students are disruptive to the class; excessive talking, playing when they are not supposed to,
or anything else that disrupts the rehearsal process will follow the following steps:
● Step 1: Verbal Warning
● Step 2: Students will lose points on their daily 5 points
● Step 3: If students lose all 5 points they will be removed from class and contact will be
made home.

Grading Breakdown
● Rehearsal Points: Students will receive a 5 point grade for being punctual, respectful,
engaged, and prepared. Students will lose points if they are late, on their phone, unkind
to their classmates or materials, or do not have their materials for the day.

● Reflection Points: Throughout the semester students will reflect on their own progress,
the progress of the ensemble as well as listen to music and share their opinions in
writing. Students will be expected to write in full sentences and use their best writing

● Performance Points: As of right now there will be no live performances in the

2020-2021 school year.

● Written Points: Students will complete worksheets/assignments in music theory, rhythm

notation, and other projects throughout the semester. These assignments will
accompany the music literature that is being worked on in class.

● Final Exam: Students will complete a final exam covering the material learned
throughout the semester. This will be 20% of the grade.

Grading Scale
The student grading scale is as follows:
● 93-100 A
● 85-92 B
● 77-84 C
● 70-76 D
● 0-69 F
Remote Learning
Students that are learning remotely all semester will follow this section. Also, if all learning is
moved to remote this will be the plan for all students.
● Students will practice and complete assignments at home with the help of practice and
teaching videos made by Mr. Harr.
● Mr. Harr will be available for questions, clarifications, and virtual lessons between
1:50-3:20 everyday.
● Students will use Google Classroom to submit video/audio assignments that show their
progress each week. There is a specific google classroom for this class.
● Check out Mr. Harr’s Virtual Classroom that will serve as a hub of information to help you
find out what is assigned to them each week.
● Students will be required to bring their instrument and materials at home when they are
remote learning.

Mr. Harr’s Virtual Classroom

This year Mr. Harr will be using Google Classroom and Google Slides to post teaching videos
and our goals for each week. This will be necessary for students learning remotely, but will also
be a useful tool for students that desire instruction outside of what they are learning in class.
Here is the link to the Virtual Classroom: