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I ‘am Nathan east and I’m here at guitar center to talk about TC Electronic BG 250 Series Amp

I’ve been using TC Electronic Amp Now for about 7 years and really enjoy. Touring around the
world with this great amp it’s a fantastic company and relied on them now for my tours with
Toto, Eric Clapton, Phill Collins, fourplay and some of my solos shows. I really really love the
amp. So what we have here is the BG 250 112, you see 112 on the speaker there, and this the bg
250 210. Amplifier with the 210 in speaker. And over here we have the bg 250 208 with the 208
in speaker very cool if you like that tight sound which I do a lot and then if you go in for the
nice big fat bottom it’s the bg 250 115 and this amp is really designed for every type of player to
get whatever kind sound of you want. So lets talk about this technology TC came up with called
“toneprints” it’s the coolest thing ever where you take your iphone and go to the appstore
download the toneprints app and then there’s tons of low the toneprints I have a few of my
individual ones in there and you go to search by artist and what I can do is with my iphone
wherever I’m in the world beam that toneprints to the amp or to the pedals it’s very cool, so I’m
gonna demonstrate this is what a sound like dry, now here it is with the toneprint pretty cool eh.
There more than thousand toneprint and over 150 top artist have put their toneprints individually
in there’s I mean so you will never ever run out. Ok so lets take closer look at the BG 250 Series
amplifier they are all very cool with a lot of cool features let’s start over here with the input
passive or active electronic so they have one input here and then we go to a gain speaks for itself
you want more gain here we go. And then we go for here to the tone control with EQ are the
primary one bass, middle, and treble. And if we keep going we have are toneprint now you have
two different toneprint that you can include with your sound so you can have there toneprint Aor
Toneprint B. but that’s just a great feature that have if you have a couple of sound and toneprint
that you wanna recall very easily there’s a master level there I usually try to keep that guy pretty
high your pedal that can control those and one of the coolest thing this amp has is a built-in
tunner for the bass so again if you show up without a tunner you are saved. You have USB 2.0
input that you can also input your toneprint sounds. there is a mute button that comes in handy
again when you are tuning and you just want to have it muted. we have the auxiliary in which
comes in really handy because that when you are learning a tune that you have to play you can
just play it right through the amp out of your phone or computer and if you don’t wanna bother
anybody we have a headphone jack there that you can just plug your headphone in and then we
have pre and post EQ for your balance output XLR cable that can go directly to your PA system
for viewing their studio could be your direct line and it sounds amazing as well and actually what
you hearing today is the direct sound from the amp go straight so if you are doing a gig you can
take a direct out it’ll go to the PA and that’s all they’ll need to get your sound transferred to the
other. Thank’s for joining me today here at guitar center and check it out the TC electronic
BG250 S Amp Line and if you want more information you can go to guitar center.com or go to
anyone your local guitar center and check it out because it’s very cool so until next time peace.