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The following are the major types of art except?

a. Decorative Art 

The following are the minor types of art except?

a. Architecture 

Is concerned with design and decoration of object that is chiefly prized for its utility, rather than
for its purely aesthetic qualities like ceramics, metal ware, furniture, textiles, clothing, and others
b. Decorative Art 

It refers to the art of drawing or painting or print making which focuses on visual communication
and presentation
d. Graphic Art 

Is a type of major arts form whose medium is sound organized in time. Common elements of
music are pitch which governs melody and harmony rhythm, tempo, meter and articulation,
dynamics and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture.
a. Music 

Is the art or science of building specifically the art or practice of designing and building
structures and especially habitable ones.
d. Architecture 
Art develops our capacity for critical thinking and appreciation for cultural heritage as reflected
in different Filipino works of art.

Is a type of minor art refers to any dance, literature, music, theatre, or other art form intended to
be received and appreciated by ordinary people in a literate and technologically advanced society
dominated by urban culture.
b. Popular Art 

Art is not, as the metaphysicians say, the manifestation of some mysterious idea of beauty or
God; it is not, as the aesthetical physiologists say, a game in which man lets off his excess of
stored up energy; it is not the expression of man's emotions by external signs; it is not the
production of pleasing objects.

Art was derived from the Aryan root word "AR" which means to put together, while still another, while
still another origin of the word art came from Latin "ars" which means ability or skill.


Is the applied art dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and
social influences of a specific time
Fashioned Design

Humanities of our time or the humanistic education of our youth must deal with the interface
between social personhood and personal politics so that humanities will make art a condition of
possibility, like a sword and plowshare, a spear and pruning hook. It is an active force as we
pursue our life goals.

Sculpture can be defined as the art or practice of creating three dimensional forms or figures
through carving, modeling, and _______?
Literature comes from the Latin word littera which means?

Includes those visual art that involve the use of materials that can be molded or modulated in
some way often in three dimensions clay, paint and plaster
Plastic Art

It refers to any dance, literature, music, theatre, or other art form intended to be received and
appreciated by ordinary people in a literate and technologically advanced society dominated by
urban culture.
 Popular Art

is the practice of applying paint, pigment, color or other medium to a surface like wall, paper,
canvas wood and glass

Filipino artists who shared in this belief. On the other hand, some have asserted that there is
something about the essence of art that transcends the human occupation with usefulness. Others
have held that there is the tendency to lose sight of art's beauty and wonderment if one analyzes
it too closely. It provides us with the opportunity to examine what it takes and what it means to
be human.
Jose Garcia Villa

Art communicates feelings and emotions expressively and forcefully


The following are the importance of art except?

It makes the surrounding look better and incomplete
Visual art should have a full range of values from dark to light. Without bright highlights and
dark shadows an image will often fell gray or washed out and will be interesting. Darker areas in
predominantly light section will stand out and draw the eye and the same is true for the reverse.

Emphasis- means giving the proper importance to the parts or to the whole. Emphasis is the most
noticeable in the art of advertising. The aim is to call attention to a particular product or object. It
is therefore necessary to emphasize one feature in an advertisement so that it will stand out from
the rest.

In the visual arts, it is achieved by establishing a pleasing relationship between the different
elements. There is unity and harmony if the various parts of a design will give an appearance of
belonging together.

Repetition of angles and curves, shapes, lines and color will give a harmonious effect. If
overdone though, repetition may become monotonous and it may fail to hold the attention and
interest of observers.

Is the comparative relationship of the parts of or composition to each other and to the whole.
Much of classical Greek Parthenon was constructed according to the principle of the golden
section, which states that a small part must relate to a larger part as the lager part relates to the

It can be defined as the art or practice of creating three dimensional forms or figures through
carving, modeling, and casting

The following are the Major Types of Prints except?

A series of units repeated one after another produces rhythmic movement. Rhythmical pattern
help the eye to move easily from one part of the room to another or from one part of a design to

Is a sport and art form that generally refers to movement of the body usually rhythmic and used
as a form of expression, social interaction or presented in a spiritual or performance setting.

Positive space is any object or shape that stands out from the background and registers to the
eyes as something. Negative space is the background or space around objects. Usually its
suggested that you keep approximately equal amounts of positive and negative space to make a
work feel more balanced.

Bold color will catch attention so use them purposefully where you want people to look. Any
color that all alone surrounded by another color will make objects closer to the viewer so use
them to create depth and space cold colors blue purple and some green will cause objects to
recede in the distance

Balance may either be formal or informal


On the basis of medium, the arts are primarily classified as: Visual and __________?
Is the hard substance formed from mineral and earth material. The finish is granular and dull in
appearance. These are normally used for gravestones in cemeteries

Drawing can be done with different kinds of mediums and the most common is ____________
which comes in different degrees of hardness or softness

Too many shapes, lines or colors can distract or confuse viewers. If you want the viewer to
notice or return consistently to one part of the painting simplify the rest of it. Decide what the
focus should be and it your eyes get distracted change it. Another way to simplifying your art is
to get closer to a single object.

Are pigments bound by wax and compressed into painted sticks used for drawing especially
among children in the elementary grade. They adhere better on paper surface.