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Consult Jesus Counterplan

Plan- Before doing the affirmative team plan, JESUS MUST BE CONSULTED.
Later speeches will clarify, and perms must come in writing for fairness.

A. This is a non-topical counterplan- we act through Jesus, not the federal


B. Net Benefits: The counterplan avoids Fism, Politics, and a lot of other
things, because the action comes from a higher power, not the Federal

C. If You Want Eternal Life You Must Consult Jesus

Svensson, 2002 (Allan, Christian) “Parapsychology and spiritism.” P.


None other than Jesus can save us from the coming wrath.If you want the
eternal life that God has promised you must consult Jesus. He is the only
mediator between God and us.

D. Solvency

1. God Cares And Knows Of Your Problems



20:1-30.” P. http://www.sermons4u2.org/new_page_43.htm

If we are not careful we will develop the attitude of the disciples when they
were caught in a storm. Master, don't you even care that we are all about to
perish. ( Mark 4:38 ) You must understand that God does know about and
cares about your problem. 1 Peter 5:7 Tells us that we can cast all of our
cares on Him because He cares for us. Jehoshaphat knew and understood this
truth. Therefore he could talk to God about his problem.
2. God can solve all of your problems if you just ask

David Jeremiah, no date, accessed 2006, “No Problem!”

Maybe you’ve felt “lost in space” at times. You’re drifting along, caught in the
malaise of a problem, without a clue as to how to get “home.” You feel
completely helpless to solve the problem you’re facing, and you don’t know
anyone who can. You know God can solve problems; but in your darkest
moments, you wonder if He is even working on it. Days go by—dark, cold,
silent days, drifting through space—and it seems as if even God is stumped
by the situation you’re in.

3. When God Solves Your Problems, Its Solved



20:1-30.” P. http://www.sermons4u2.org/new_page_43.htm

When God solves your problem it's solved. There is no need for you to
continue to struggle with it any longer. He will give you peace concerning
your problem. I want you to notice that God did not remove the problem, God
conquered the problem, God defeated the problem. That is the way it is with
salvation. You don't save Yourselves, God saves you as you trust in the
finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. When you get saved God doesn't
remove the sinful nature that you have, He conquers it. He forgives and
cleanses you and I of our sin. All we do is sing praises to Him for the
wonderful work He has done on our behalf.

and heres the A2:

Affirmative Answers 2: Consult Jesus CP

1.) God Is Fake And The Bible Is False.

www.ethicalatheist.com, 2002. “Science, Truth And The Church.”

p. http://www.ethicalatheist.com/docs/...nd_science.html
Among atheists, the schizophrenic nature of the religious mind is among the
most frustrating and baffling aspects of religion. How can believers continue
to have faith in an explanation that has been proven time and time again to
be false!?!? Why do human beings not reject organizations that continue to
tell them lies!? These are dangerous human beings and more dangerous
groups. They have committed horrendous atrocities throughout history in the
name of their God. They have done this whenever they have attained a
certain level of popularity or authority within their country either via the
church or government. Be afraid of these groups and never let down your
guard of the separation between Church and State. Scientific truths have
continually shown the Bible to be a book of lies. Is it any wonder that Adam
was forbidden to eat from the

"tree of knowledge"?!

2.) Turn – Terrorists continue to attack America and other countries because
of what they believe in. They don’t think they are doing anything wrong, they
think that god wants them to follow out his orders.

3.) Who do we consult? Many religions have more than one god and you can
not accept Christianity as the ONLY religion.

4.) There is NO brightline, I could be god, are we going to consult me?