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Time Frames D1, H4, H1, M30, M15

 Beginners should stick to the higher timeframes H4 or D1 to avoid noise and

instinctual trading!
 This is a False break out Trading system
 It will trade both with and against the Trend. The custom price action pattern
trades both with and against the trend
 You will get opposing signals to the trend and that is what this system is
designed to do i.e to collect pips from smaller movements. It is designed to
trade false break outs on a variety of time frames i.e Daily charts to 5 minutes
 This system works best in the Ranging market
 This system is designed to be a consistent pip collector and not designed to
collect big moves so short 1:1 reward risk trades give more opportunities


 Horizontal levels are important (SUPPORT / RESISTANCE)

 Ideal situation is a market that is in consolidation with an upper Resistance and Lower Support.

 Best identified as 3 touches or more just like in your trend lines where you identified the trend with
2 cycles or 3 touches. Think of this cyclicity as side-ways instead of a Trend.
o If the previous bar low breaks the previous fractal low and closes above it, we get a buy
signal. Showing us a rejection of sellers with buyers entering the market.
o The basis of the strategy is that while the market can have a large break out there are
smaller break outs that system is designed to capture
o Entry = 1 pip above the previous bar with stop loss below the previous bar low with 1:1 R:R
o Expiry time = 1 bar
o Because the signal is invalid if the Price breaks out on the down side
o We are not looking for big moves so 1:1 R:R works the best


o If the previous bar high breaks the previous Fractal high and closes below it, we get a Sell
signal. Showing us a rejection of buyers with sellers entering the market.
o Entry = 1 pip below the previous bar low with a stop loss above the previous bar high with
a 1:1 R:R ratio
o We are not looking for big moves so 1:1 R:R works the best
o Expiry time – 1 bar
o Signal is invalid if the price breaks out to the upside

 Check Higher Time frames first whenever trading a lower time frame i.e when trading H4 check the
Daily chart
When Trading H1 check H4 and also check the trend direction in D1
Higher Time frame will always give a much cleaner picture!

 Trade Double bottom or Double Top (as they are stronger Reversal Patterns)


 Can be traded as a reversal strategy from Double bottom or Double top

 If the market is Trending heavily then ideally stick to other trending market strategies i.e 180 Phase
Changer and Trend Wave

 Be careful with high impact news especially with the time frames below H4. As a rule of thumb
don’t trade 1 hour before or 1 hour after the news as the market consolidates the emotional
buyers and sellers and the tight stop loss in a shorter time frame is more likely to be filled and
result in a losing trade

 This is a 1 bar pattern and you need to put an expiry date for 1 bar yourself.

 How to set an Expiry Date and time is taught in the course on your ‘Pending order’. You cannot set
an expiry on a @ market order because you get taken into the market instantly!

Let us get started!