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Qualification Title: Professional Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

Unit Title: Leadership

Learning Outcome 4: Developing Leaders

4.1: Evaluate Leadership and Fellowship

4.2: Understand Ethical Leadership

4.3. Discuss Leadership Management

Assignment for Leadership. Sample Questions:

Question : 1 Discuss about the follow Scenarios.

Scenario 1: In this, either John would be relaxed enough seeing to the supervisor
being busy and monitoring his work properly; or he would not feel agitated to
continue with the organization as there is no coaching and guidance provided
If this scenario is properly examined, only barrier is the communication flow. If John
provides the feedback in a healthy note to Harry, lot of such issues can be resolved
in no time. This will augment the performance of company.
Scenario 2: In this, Harry would be so furious that he would gradually become an
autocratic leader who is always at commanding position rather than being a
democratic leader who believes in teamwork.
With the analysis of this scenario, if a wrong intervention is done, this may lead to
Harry becoming an autocratic leader and commanding John which will make him
dissatisfied towards the work. This will make him dissatisfied towards the work. This
will make him more irresponsible towards the work.
Question : 2 2-1: What is the difference between Management and Leadership? What leadership
style work best for you and your organization?
2-2: Explain and discuss the basic leadership style.
2-3: Characteristics of a good leader and a good follower.
2-4: Importance of leadership
2-5: What is Ethical Leadership? Explain the characteristics of Ethical Leaders and
how to develop an ethical leader?
2-5: Explain about the management skills for a good leader.
Question : 3 Do you agree with the statement that managers and leaders are different?
Question : 4 By referring to the barriers to effective communication, from your experience as a
Team Leader, identify the most common causes of communication break-downs
between yourself and your manager and other colleagues. Propose solutions to
these identified communication break-downs.
Question : 5 Identify the best practice criteria for an effective a productive team meeting. Define
your roles and responsibilities as the chairperson in facilitating these positive
Question : 6 How to build credibility? Explain the characteristics of Low/High EQ Leaders. Discuss
about the fundamentals of conflict management.
Question : 7 Explain and discuss about the five (5) competencies of EQ.
1. Self-awareness
2. Self-Regulation/ Management
3. Attitude/Motivation/Passion
4. Empathy
5. Social Skills
Question : 8 As a Team Leader, describe how you can enhance your interpersonal competencies
by concentrating on the following skills
 Relationship-building
 Emotional Intelligence