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Gregorio T.

Lluch Memorial Hospital

SWOT Analysis

 Availability of expertise nursing staff (more

than five years)
 Availability of job description for all nursing
 Periodically evaluation for nurses staffs.
 Health care provider's development
(physicians, nurses, multidisciplinary team).
 Different program development through
STRENGTH continues education department and training
 Good work innovations and creativity work
 Affiliation of nursing schools, medicine
students and other health vocations.
 Firm monitoring of employee’s Daily Time

 Lack of resources support (time, money, and

support) for development.
 Too much of trial and error toward problem
 Insufficient rewards and recognition for
nurse's staff.
 Lack of conducted statistical studies about the
hospital health indicators.
WEAKNESS  Insufficient accountability regarding medical
 Unavailable of ideal standards that required
protecting patient's confidentiality and privacy
such as exceeded the ideal number of
patients' bed in a given room.
 Poor Record keeping

OPPORTUNITIE  Strong relationships and form of collaboration

with other governmental hospitals and health
S departments.
 Location of hospital serves large population,
more available connections, and resources.
 Easy of the public transportation to the
 Opportunity to Create training program and
courses in health by collaboration with the
health faculties that trainee their students in
the hospital.
 Conducted statistical studies about the
hospital health indicators (e.g. Morbidity and
Mortality Conference)
 Seminars and latest updates for the regular
 Continuing Education of the NSO personnel

 Lack of technology advancement and updated

 Insufficient of central funding resources.
 Lack of external fund resources for
development of nurses and other hospital
THREATS  High nurse salaries in other countries.
 Lack of information technology system.
 Lack of Internet resources (i.e., search
engines, online journals)
 Fast turn – over of nurses