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the auditor 132 - 1977

Volume 14, February 1977, Published Monthly for the Church of Scientology of California, The American Saint Hill Organization, 27-23 West Temple Street, Los Angeles, California 90026, (213) 380-0711


Ethics in Auditing
by L. Ron Hubbard
The main difficulty is not clearing people. We everybody. And the technology which you're Now this data is very important to you for
can do that. That's a fait accompli*. We have using now is very embracive. Yo*u don't have this reason. You're going out and you're going
the technology with which to do this. 2500 exceptions to these things. But you can derail to get into a central organization or into a
years after the fact of somebody dreaming it yourself by having a lucky break. I know a co-audit or something of the sort and you're
could happen on this planet, 10,000 years after couple of auditors around who have had lucky going to have everything up against your chest
somebody hinted it might occur, why, we can breaks and have been regretting them ever since, and your world is going to be only your
doit. because they keep waiting for it to happen to immediate zone of influence, and you're going
them again, and of course it doesn't happen to have some tendency to say "That is happen-
And not because we regard our navels medi- again. ing in the next block and is none of my business."
tatively, or think right thoughts, or "realize that And that I don't approve of.
it's all thought after all", or not think bad Broad, general technology then, is a desirable
thoughts about things, or read the book held in thing. But it can get hacked up to where it I can't possibly handle everything that goes
a proper position on the knee, or tie the cat particularly fits just a few or fits a very few wrong in Port Darwin, everything that goes
properly to the bedpost. Without all that line of cases, or something of that sort, and broken wrong in Mexico City, everything that goes
lie, we can clear people. And that is a triumph of down, then, from its broad, general application, wrong in Tierra del Fuego and Paris and Rome
great magnitude because it takes it out of the it ceases to be effective. So it becomes unethical and a few other points. It's just not possible.
sphere of a gift "because you are so holy" or to audit somebody unstandardly, because it So who's going to handle, when something
something you deserve "because you have ceases to be effective. goes wrong?
believed right." That, of course, is the most So broad technology of necessity must be
fantastic trap of all: that your freedom depends "Somebody didn't act" is the inscription on
preserved as it is, released and safeguarded.
upon your absolute slavery. 1984, here we come. the tombstone of more graves than you can
There is some responsibility for the know-how. count. Somebody didn't act, that's all. Some-
The only inclination we have in the direction And because there's a responsibility for the thing didn't happen, a ball gets dropped, and
of discipline is getting it done. A certain amount know-how, you do get some responsibility, an area of confusion occurs.
of safeguard must exist in the vicinity of any then, for the communication lines of the know-
how. And the communication lines of A communication system or an administra-
such technology. tion system is simply something which is already
We have a responsibility to make it very very Scientology are simply that—communication planned to handle traffic so that nothing be-
clear to people that clearing is the subject of lines of the know-how. In that way, using these comes an emergency. But if somebody doesn't
very expert auditing, and is not a casual piece communication lines, you keep broad tech- act along those lines, or if somebody doesn't use
of nonsense that simply can occur any place nology from taking place. his noggin* along those lines somewhere, the
on any crossroads. next thing you know you've got confusion going
In the absence of these communication lines, at a mad rate all over the place. Confusion is
The ethics of the situation, then, simply you would either have to let it go, just let it go
involves the effectiveness. The ethics of auditing occuring madly.
to pieces, or wait until some far distant date
is the effectiveness of auditing. In other words, when you can finally put it back together again, Now who is this somebody who should have
he who can audit can audit, and he who hath you hope. acted in the first place?
not been trained had better keep his paws off.
And that's ethics. Any time you get ethics Actually, the way we're operating right now Let's see how fundamental this combination
matched up totally with effectiveness, you've is that when something goes wrong anyplace of events can become.
got. a win on your hands. in the world on the subject of technology, and
*Fait Accompli: an accomplished fact.
we hear about it, why, we do something about
What we stand for is effective auditing. The *Noggin: head
it within 48 hours or 60 hours. And we can put
fight has been to get a technology which covered things back to rights before they can fall apart. continued on page 2

L. Ron Hubbard's unceasing research has brought about the only technology Man has ever had that works 100% of the time to increase awareness and ability. Now you can learn this priceless tech at the
American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO).
Millions to Use Ron's Tech
All across the U.S. on December 11, L. Ron Hubbard's new
special holiday events.
In Los Angeles, 2200 Scientologists gathered at the
Convention Center to see jazz pianist Chick Corea unveil Ron's
new book! Chick told of the impact of Scientology books on his
life as he emphasized the importance of the latest book from
Ron. As he drew back the veil, the hall resounded with hundreds
of exploding red and green balloons and a cheer from the crowd.
Along with Gayle Moran (formerly with the Mahavishnu
Jazz Orchestra), Chick gave the party a special performance of
his theta music.
Millions of people will be using the tech of this new book out
in society to help each other, stressed Ron's personal representa-
tive, Mike Smith, in a message brought directly from Ron for the
occasion. Religion, he pointed out, is Man's first sense of com-
munity, and The Volunteer Minister's Handbook is a way for
people to activate their sense of compassion.

Chic Corea gave a special performance in honor of the release of L. Ron Hubbard's new VOLUNTEER MINISTER'S

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Vital Statistics Focus on Success
At the Flag Land Base, Florida
LYNN BALDWIN and DAVID RISI were married on December
17, 1976 by the Rev. Mike Smith.
At Montreal, Canada
November 21, 1976 by the Rev. Pierre Robillard. The wins haven't stopped coming since I finished Expanded
At San Francisco, California Dianetics, Power and Power Plus at ASHO. Every day one or
LYDIA TORRES and ROBERT WHEELER were married on more new aspects present themselves.
December 5, 1976 by the Rev. Eric Barnes. I've gone back to work in the computer field which I've been
out of for eight years, at a way above average salary.
At Fairbanks, Alaska I re-instated my pilot's license and am taking aerobatic lessons
MARY L. MAHAN and GARY R. MORTON (Grade IV, Class after spending several years being afraid to fly even with another
IV) were married on October 24, 1976 by the Rev. Don pilot.
Johnstad. My awareness of what is happening and why makes it plea-
At Las Vegas, Nevada surable to handle any situation.
BONNIE CLARK and DANIEL WEST were married on October But the best I saved for last - my husband and I are putting
together a real second dynamic. We have a long way to go but
10, 1976. the gains we've had in opening communication have us both
At Dallas Texas delighted.
TAMMY McLEROY and RICK AZNARAN were married on Keep that tech rolling!
December 26, 1976 by the Rev. Dean Stokes, Class VIII. Elena Rutter, Atlanta, Georgia
At Vancouver, Canada Telecommunications Specialist
BEVERLY ANNE OLSON (Grade VA. HDC) and RICHARD Power Processing was the most powerful auditing I've ever
BRUCE PARK (Grade IV, HDC) were married on December
17. 1976 by the Rev. Jasana Crowie. Class VIII. had. The whole world began sparkling for me.
When I returned home I took a job managing a company and
At Milwaukee, Wisconsin supervising between 5 and 10 men. It's easy to do. But the
LINDA M. WOJCIECHOWSKI and RAYMOND HEGERTY success is me. So many times I have just intended for something Joan Todhunter is moving up the Bridge since she came to Los
to happen or for one of my men to do something and it gets Angeles!
were married on December 17, 1976 by Rev. Janet M. Rysgaard.
done with very little comm lag. Things don't break down when
At San Diego, California I'm around. There's a lot fewer hassles.
JAIME BEARDSLEY and JOHN WARNES were married on I've felt like I've been growing and growing and growing - FULLY SCIENTOLOGY ATMOSPHERE
January 2, 1977 by the Rev. Jeffery Porter. ever since I started with Power. I've been a student at ASHO Day the last two months. I'm
At Solvang, California George Furman, Roofing Superintendent happy to say my intention to move up both sides of the Bridge
at once is being carried out!
CHRISTINE NORSTRAND and DAVID KIRKLAND were Indiana During these busy months, staying at the Manor has allowed
married on November 7, 1976 by Rev. Arden T. Jensen. MOVING UP THE BRIDGE me to use my time to study and align my life on all dynamics.
BIRTHS I loved my stay at ASHO. I've come from a Life Repair I really love the people here.
Release to OT I and from a green Class IV to a very good and The other day I looked at my life and my environment
At Carville, California experienced Class VI.
To DEBORAH and JONATHAN COLLIN,a daughter, AFFINITY and realized here I am, truly independent for the first time,
I feel very causative and responsible and able. Thank you living in a safe place with lots of friends who care about me,
RACHEL born on November 24, 1976, weighing 8 lbs. to the team at ASHO for getting me there. learning things I need to know, and going free at last!
At Montreal, Canada Myrna Jacobs, Class VI Joan Todhunter
STEWART, born on December 6, 1976, weighing 9 lbs., 8 oz. I've just completed my Power Processing, Class VI, and
At Kokomo, Indiana my Class VI Internship - wow! I feel fully prepared to go out
To KATHY and TODD MAYS (both OT III), a son, MATTHEW into the field and get and keep Scientology working. That
THOMAS, born on November 1, 1976. requires a high responsibility level and I am ready! As a matter
ENGAGEMENT of fact, I can't wait.
John Grant, Class VI
COLLEEN KENNARD (Deputy Executive Director Celebrity
Executive Director, Celebrity Centre, San Francisco) wish to I had really beautiful wins on my Power Processing and I
announce their engagement to be married. feel fantastic. I never felt so strong, so calm, in my life. I'd
like to thank most of all Ron for making this level available
DEATH and second I want to thank my auditor and the tech staff at
ASHO who made it incredibly safe to be here and moved me
At Newport Beach, California very quickly to Power Release.
ELLEN RIGGS, Grade IV Release, after a courageous struggle I feel ready to handle anything - I feel terrifically stable as
following a severe cerebral hemorrhage, dropped the body on ME. On to Clear!
January 5, 1977. Funeral services were performed the next day Rhoda Case
by Rev. John Woodruff, Class VI. Ellen will be missed by her
family and her many warm friends in Scientology. In particular, TOTAL HANDLING BY ASHO CLASS VIII
The Auditor Journal wishes to acknowledge her great assistance I had the privilege of having an ASHO trained Class VIII on
over the years and extends postulates for success in all her future the other side of the meter shield. And I'm here to tell you I
adventures. have never felt so totally handled, or felt so completely uncon-
cerned with how, when or where we were going or if it would
work out OK. It almost seems redundant to mention that she
unsnarled the mess that was my case, in short order, and left
me feeling like an A-to-B pc before the end of the first intensive.
Lisa Becker
// it isn Y announced I appreciate all the consideration and help I've received here
at ASHO where the best knowledge and techniques are taught
in The Auditor and applied of anywhere on the planet. You make it a
it didn 't happen thoroughly enjoyable process which meets my measure of a
truly successful and ethical operation. This has been one of the
SEND IT IN AND MAKE IT A FACT most enjoyable experiences of my life.

Personal Notices
ATTENTION PRINCF.TONIANS! If you are now or have been
a student or alumnus of Princeton Univ. or resident of Princeton,
N.J., contact Doug Nagy, Princeton '70, ASHO, 2723 W.
Temple. L.A., CA 90026, 213-380-0710 IMMEDIATELY. Your
help needed on urgent project.
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People). UPS AND DOWNS, a practical application of L. Ron
Hubbard's data, explains why people roller-coaster. Dozens of
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662-6835, 1844 N. Berendo, LA, CA 90027.
HANDMADE all leather E-Meter cases, $40. Send check/money
order to Cherie Mason, 1919 Bonnie Brae, Los Angeles, Ca.
Up-stat space. All meals wkly/mnthly rates. 1919 Beachwood,
Hollywood 90028. 463-6079. A Home Away from Home with
authorized by Ron in the West U.S. specializing in Vitamin E
and original GUK formula. We carry enteric coated (see HCOB
2S Oct 71) vitamins. Now available magnesium carbonate
powder and calcium gluconate powder for Cal-mag formula
Price lists on request. 746 S. Alvarado, Room 2, L.A., Ca.
90057. 484-8327. We ship FREE anywhere in Contl U.S.
You can have personal notices in this column at the rate
of $5 for three lines or a fraction thereof. (Approximately
'30 words). Professional and center ads are not printed.
Only personal arrangements and advices, items for sale
or rent, etc. are accepted. Send us the exact wording you
want clearly printed or typed with the cash. Check or
money order. Send to Editor of the Auditor, New
American Saint Hill.
Issue 132 - page 11.
Ethics in A u d i t i n g Continued from front page

Whenever you have an extraordinary is George Schnickwick?" You'll find out

solution demanded of you in supervising he's a person who went halfway through
or auditing, it will only be because the a course but dropped out in the middle
ordinary solution was never in action in of the second week because he "knew
the first place. You have the unusual more than the instructor."
demanded of you because the usual has So your indicated action is to do this
not been followed. second thing, and straighten out that
You've got a pc, suddenly appearing zone. Otherwise that zone is going to
on your doorstep at 3 A.M., shaking and multiply more pes on your doorstep and
sweating. Well, where did this pc come you're not going to be able to breathe,
from? How come? What's the enturbula- ever. The way I'm giving it to you, some
tion in this person's immediate area? day you can look forward to being able
It's up to you to do something about it, to breathe.
that's for sure. You've got to do some- Just take enough time to call up and
thing about it. You can't just recriminate say at least "What are you going to do
and make everybody guilty for not having about George Schnickwick right now -
taken the usual steps. not next week, but right now?" That's
But let me call to your attention that actually about all you have to do. And
you actually have two actions you're that way perhaps we can keep calm
being asked for. Please let me teach you reigning.
this one thing. There's the pc on your You've got a problem here of keeping
doorstep at 3 A.M. You naturally take the plate level on. the table and keeping
hold of the pc, put him on a meter and the soup in the plate, not all over the
talk to him. You get this pc calmed, room. And if you always take this second
picked up or straightened out in auditing step, we can manage it, and if you don't
one way or the other. I know you'll always take the second step, you'll have
handle that much of it, you always have. areas of confusion.
But please, can I point out to you, That is the ethics of auditing. You
there's another step you must always have to keep auditing good and you
take. Find out who dropped the ball that have to keep it getting done. That's the
brought that pc into that condition and only thing that's really effective. And
straighten that area out. Always take that you have to take the steps necessary to
second action. I know it takes a few make auditing effective and keep it
minutes longer. I know you feel hard from being messed up. And we've got
driven. I know that there are two pes our job done.
upstairs and one in the basement that are We have the technology and we're
waiting for your time. I know there are on our way, and even you will be Clear
three telephone calls coming through very shortly.
the switchboard for you personally and
nobody else can handle them. I know all
But the point is simply this: You've
got to find time between those two pes.
You've found out that this person who
appeared on your doorstep was audited
last month by George Schnickwick. Well, From Saint Hill Special Briefing Cours
between your phone calls and so forth, Tape 6209C25, "Current Trends"
do something. Telephone and ask, "Who

Gold Certificate Case Supervisors

to be trained at ASHO
Ron has announced a new level may only be overruled or per-
of technical recognition, DEAN OF sonally disciplined by the Guardian
TECHNOLOGY, which is to be Office or a member of the Interna-
awarded with a gold certificate to tional Board after due hearings and
qualified Senior Case Supervisors. formal ethics.
Requirements are completed at Deans of Technology, superla-
ASHO, the world's largest Sciento- tively trained at ASHO, the Home
logy training org. of Standard Tech, will be trusted
A Dean of Technology is a fully by Ron to fully do their part in
(per Ron's policy letter of 24 keeping Scientology working. This
October 1976, issue III) trained new level of technical achievement
Senior Case Supervisor up to the and responsibility marks the dawn
class of his org, who has also done of a new era in Standard Tech.
the Saint Hill Special Briefing For more information concern-
Course, Class VIII Course, has a ing the gold certificate rank of
case level to the class of his org, Dean of Technology and how you
and has a uniform record of case can attain it, just write or call the
supervision, all as verified by Flag. Registrar at ASHO.
His post and duties are those of
a Senior Case Supervisor but
extend to all the field of his area
(including missions). He has the
power to suspend certificates, order
retraining or retreading or intern-
ship or re-internship for all auditors
of his area of whatever class and
The Monthly Journal of Scientology
Edition for the Americas
DONATION NOTICE Volume 14, Issue 132
February, 1977
Donation figures listed are as of February, FOUNDER: L. Ron Hubbard
1977. Note that all donations are increased at Editor: Diane Colletto
the rate of S% monthly at midnight on the last Assistant Editor: Leticia Smith
day of each month. Contributing Photographer: Eric Reiner
For current donation, multiply by 1.0S for Copyright (c) 1961, 1962, 1973, 1975,
each month passed. Fractions are rounded up. 1976, 1977, by L. Ron Hubbard. All
Where the donation for any item or service rights reserved. Published monthly by
is made in full in any month but not taken the Church of Scientology of California,
until some later time, it will be delivered for Publications Organization, 2723 West
the donation already made. Temple Street, Los Angeles, California
Full donations sent by mail, if postmarked 90026. 213/380-0710.
prior to midnight of the last day of the month, A non-profit organization. Sciento-
will be accepted at that month's rates. logy is an applied religious philosophy.
Mail orders postmarked prior to midnight Scientology® and Dianetics® are regis-
of the last day of the month will be accepted tered names.
at that month's rates. 2nd Class postage paid at Los Angeles,
Usual discounts apply on the full price for California.
that month.
Through verbal tech just located, it has been found
by L. Ron Hubbard 2. That every pc who has ever had high or low TA
that some Auditors have been ordered to disregard all trouble has had F/Ns disregarded and ARC Break F/Ns
F/Ns that were above 3.0 or below 2.0 on the meter. falsely indicated.
Auditors have also called F/Ns which were ARC 3. That a briefing and drilling of all Internes and
Break needles, thus falsely indicating to the pc. Auditors must occur on this HCOB.
These two actions disregarding actual F/Ns because 4. That a brief program of clean up of disregarded
the TA was not between 2.0 and 3.0 and calling "F/Ns" F/Ns and falsely called ARC Break F/Ns be done on
that were actually ARC Break needles - have upset every pc.
many preclears. 5. That every such pc be considered as having False
The outnesses here are: A. not considering pc TA troubles and these must be C/Sed for and corrected.
indicators as senior and B. not noting pc indicators when 6. That all Auditors and Internes be drilled on all
calling an F/N and C. ignoring and giving junior HCOBs relating to pc indicators.
importance to the technology covered in False TAs. 7. Find and handle the False TA in totality.
(See list of references at end of this HCOB or the
Subject Index of the HCOB Volumes.) !. HCOB 24 Oct 71 FALSE TA
Auditors have even been led to falsify worksheets 2. H C O B 15 Feb 72 FALSE TA A D D I T I O N 2
(giving TA as in range when it actually was not when 3. H C O B 12 Nov 71 R FALSE TA A D D I T I O N
4. H C O B 1 8 Feb 72 F A L S E TA A D D I T I O N 3 Issue I
calling an F/N) because they might "get in trouble" for 5. HCOB 29 Feb 7 2 R FALSE TA C H E C K L I S T
calling an F/N in the wrong range, such as 1.8 or 3.2. 6. H C O B 23 Nov 7 3 R DRY AND WET H A N D S M A K E
The CORRECT procedure for out of range F/Ns is: F A L S E TA
1. Look at the pc's indicators. TA
2. Call the F/N regardless of its range. PC I N D I C A T O R S HCOBs
3. Mark down the ACTUAL TA position. 1. H C O B 29 Jul 64 G O O D I N D I C A T O R S AT LOWER
4. Handle the False TA at the earliest opportunity 2. HCOB 28 Dec 63 INDICATORS PART ONE, GOOD
when it will not intrude into the current cycle on INDICATORS
which the pc is being audited. (You don't interrupt a 3. HCOB 23 May 71 R R E C O G N I T I O N OF R I G H T N E S S
Quad R3R, for instance to handle False TA; you 4 . HCOB 2 2 Sep 7 1 THE THREE GOLDEN RULES OF
complete it and then, when directed by the C/S, you T H E C/S H A N D L I N G A U D I T O R S
handle the False TA.) 5. HCOB 21 Oct 68 FLOATING NEEDLE
5. On any pc you suspect has had his F/Ns disregarded
because of False TA, you C/S for and get run a repair you always note where it F/Ned so the C/S can C/S for
and rehab of this error. False TA handling.
E-Meter cans can monitor or change TA position Where an ARC Break needle (which looks like an
when the palms are too dry or too wet or when the cans F/N) is observed, whether it is in range or out of range FOUNDER
are too big or too small or when the wrong hand cream (2.0 to 3.0 or below 2.0 or above 3.0) you LOOK at
is used. The E-Meter does not read on hand moisture the pc and establish the pc's indicators before falsely A R C B R E A K N E E D L E : A "floating n e e d l e " occurring abov<
alone as was long believed by people in electronics. But calling an F/N. A pc who is about to cry is NOT an 3.0 or below 2.0 on a calibrated Mark V E-Meter with the pc or
TA depends upon resistance to electrical current in the F/Ning pc and if you indicate an F/N to that pc you t w o cans. An ARC Break needle can occur b e t w e e n 2.0 and 3.(
where bad indicators are apparent.
palms, leads, and meter as well as its main resistance will further the ARC Break and suppress the emotional BLOWEY: F r o m Verb " t o b l o w " , u n a u t h o r i z e d d e p a r t u r e froir
which happens to be mental masses or lack of them. charge that is about to come off. an area, usually caused by misunderstood data or overts.
To simply tell some Interne "Always disregard an REPAIR F/N: Floating needle.
O V E R R U N : Gone on t o o long or h a p p e n e d t o o often.
F/N not in correct range" is to set him up for loses and Where the above matters have not been fully under- Q U A D R 3 R : Same as Quad Dianetics, Dianetic items run foui
set the pc up for crashes. The correct information is that stood and errors have occured on pes, it must be flows.
an F/N which isn't in range is accompanied by pc assumed that: R E H A B : Rehabilitate.
indicators that indicate whether it is an F/N or not. T A : The t o n e arm or its m o t i o n .
1. Auditors have falsified their worksheets as to TA Reference: Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary b)
AND indicates you better get the False TA handled fast position and thus built up withholds and made them- L. Ron H u b b a r d .
as soon as it won't interrupt the current cycle. AND selves blowey.

Get the data you need

to keep Scientology working As a bonus to auditors on their way to Clear, you
TAKE RON'S SAINT get 50% professional discount on both Power Processing
and the Solo Course upon graduation as a Class VI.
HILL SPECIAL Class V, the original Saint Hill Special Briefing
BRIEFING COURSE Course, takes you from 1948 to 1966; Class VI, Ron's
Senior Briefing Course, takes you the rest of the way
from 1966 to the present.
Class Vis keep Scientology working - because they
understand what that means as only a Class VI can. Excellent, personal supervision makes the hours seem
The Briefing Courses (Class V and VI) are a vital to fly by. Within months you will be a Class VI Auditor,
part of the auditor's route to Clear and O.T. It is here a Hubbard Senior Scientologist!
Ron briefs you fully on the road to Clear - the road
for you, the road for all Mankind. Prerequisites: Hubbard Standard Dianetics Course,
Student Hat Course, Method One Word Clearing; and
Hearing Ron's magnificent Briefing Course tapes EITHER Class IV OR Clear. Student Hat Course is
is an experience no Scientologist should miss. Here you FREE with the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course at
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Send to: Registrar, Church of Scientology of California,
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can't get anywhere else. ASHO or call 213-380-0710.
That's why Briefing Course training makes you a
Hubbard Senior Scientologist. It is where Ron gives
you the full briefing on trends to come and gives you
your role as a trained Scientologist.
This course is the greatest adventure of a lifetime -
the adventure of Scientology itself!
,THE A UDJTOR - The Monthly Journal of Scientology - Scientology is an applied religious philosophy - Issue 132 - page 3
On hearing about ASHO's standardness PROVISIONAL CERTIFICATE
and high quality on internships I thought it
would be murderous to actually do an intern- EXPIRY
ship. Surprise! It's not murderous. The space
is very fast flow and safe. I'm enjoying the Any person w h o has obtained a
drills no end. Without a doubt I have become certificate without having done a
a better auditor and I'm still pushing to increase full interneship and demonstrated
my skills. I'm really enjoying the people here his competence is subject to certi-
at ASHO and everyone is a big help. There's ficate cancellation if the certificate
no problem getting a twin or checkouts.
is not validated at the end of one
George deGaro year.
Expanded Dianetics Intern
Therefore, all former - and pre-
sent and future - students who
TRAJNED SUPERVISION have not done a full and properly
The Dianetic Internship was exactly what I conducted interneship after a
needed as an auditor - my TRs finally are the period of one year from the date
way I feel they should be, I'm comfortable in of course completion shall have
session and I can get my product out. My Flag- their certificates cancelled for the
trained Supervisor has made it a really good class not interned.
Cathy Brown. Class VI All past provisional certificates
which have not been validated by
an interneship and which are one
TO THE OLDTIMER year old from the date of course
To the many old time auditors out there I completion are hereby cancelled.
want to tell you that the Internship, along with Such students should be notified
the excellent Case Supervision and Cramming and should be enrolled on the
you get at ASHO, is the needed action for fully interneships for the class.
successful application of Scientology tech.
If a properly conducted interne-
Supervision is excellent and helped me
improve my auditor presence and TRs. ship is satisfactorily completed, the
Ruth Knudsen, Class VI certificate may be reissued.
FOUNDER ASHO Day's Internship Supervisor, a fully qualified PROFESSOR (and Flag-trained Class VII
CONFUSIONS BLOWING OFF October 2 5 , 1976 Auditor), helps Intern CATHY BROWN, improve her twin's TRs.
The Intern Supervisor is really incredible
and in spite of a couple of years of auditing
in the field under a couple of excellent Case that I had uncertainty on, but' with the NO SLOWS
Supervisors, I have learned a lot. REALLY A CERTAINTY emphasis on TRs, drills and misunderstood The Intern Supervisor here is so spot on,
LOT! Confusions I've never been able to get I thought when I finished the Briefing word tech these have been blowing off very 100% Standard, that not so much as a particle
handled before have been cleared up and now Course that I really knew how to audit at a rapidly. of dust stands between you and becoming a
I feel like a Class VI, a superb auditor, which Class VI level - and I did. But there is a The internship bridges that gap from being permanent auditor. No stops, no slows, just
I couldn't have said before. difference between a certificate and a per- a student learning about auditing to actually Very, Very Good Indicators!
Barry Cosme, Class VI manent certificate. I've spotted as many out- being, doing and having the hat of an auditor, Rick Norberg
points and pluspoints in my auditing in a and that is what Ron wants.
month as I have for the last few years. An Max Harvey,
It's true what you hear about Expanded internship is very intensive and you see results STANDARD TECH
Dianetics - preclears change right before your fast! I didn't know that I could learn so much
eyes! On this internship I gave the best, most For anyone auditing in the field or new SUPERVISOR CARES Standard Tech and be handled so standardly
mindblowing session ever - and I say that graduates off courses, the internship gives you My most recent win on the internship was anywhere short of Flag. I had a lot of little
with no doubt. What I got out of it as an the added certainty that makes for successful when our Flag-trained Supervisor worked over bugs I didn't even know about, but the C/Ses
auditor was definitely equal in magnitude to auditing. my TRs. She gave me a little program that I and Cramming Officer and Supervisor found
the preclear's gains. Rosemary Didear, Class VI worked on with my twin and we knocked out them, exposed them to the light of day and
I'd really like to thank my supervisor for circuits and moods that had been present a helped me erase them. Now I feel I can handle
her intention to keep Scientology working. I BEING CLOSER TO SOURCE long time. any preclear flublessly and can remove the
know now I can get anybody through any- I have been on the ASHO Internship for a The internship is great and is doing what basis of insanity itself as an Expanded Dianetic
thing. week, having come here with very little it is supposed to - making me a professional Auditor.
Cindy Woodruff, Class VI auditing for the last three years. There were auditor. George Seidler, Class VIII
Expanded Dianetics Internship quite a few things about the subject of auditing Kurt Feshbach, Class VI Expanded Dianetics Internship

An ASHO Internship is.essential to
polish your skills to fully professional
level. Any uncertainties or questions
you may have are answered right from
source materials!
You will audit all kinds of preclears
on all kinds of actions until you are
flubless to your level of training.
When you graduate from ASHO,
you KNOW you can audit any pc
standardly — because you've proven
you can, to yourself and to the very
highly trained ASHO tech staff.
Every certificate must be validated
by internship within a year. Don't
L. Ron Hubbard's
delay — hurry to ASHO and avoid the TECHNICAL BULLETINS,
Your supervisor during the day is
the key to technical certainty
a Flag-trained Class VII PROFESSOR.
Imagine having ALL Ron's technical are the key to technical certainty. A
Donations for Dianetic Internship". bulletins, fully indexed, from the very vital reference for A N \ Scientologist.
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Not just HCOBs, but PABs, early
donation. Dianetic Auditor Bulletins, journals Temple, Los Angeles, CA 9 0 0 2 6 .
Doing an internship at ASHO is the of Scientology, magazine articles, and
surest way to close the door on any more. 1800 pages of this material
possibility of incorrect application of hasn't been available for 20 years!
the tech. Turn straight to source for the
answer whenever y o u have a tech ORDER HERE
Do your part to keep Scientology question, whenever y o u want to know Yes, please send me my full 10-volume set
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and advance donation to registrar, Set includes special series volume Name
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ASHO, 2723 W. Temple, Los Angeles, Clearing, Cramming, Expanded Diane-
tics, Integrity, and more. Volume X City State Zip
CA 90026. contains Ron's indispensible C/S Series Mail to: Dept. 132, Church of Scientology
and a master subject index for the of California, Publications Organization,
2723 W. Temple, Los Angeles, CA 90026.
whole set.


ASHO, the largest training org in the CLASS VI
world, offers the training route for you Staff who care about you as a person
as an auditor and C/S from Class "V non- The people here at ASHO have become
stop through Class IX and HSST, the very important people in my life.
Class VIII C/S Course. The Class VI Supervisor is totally willing
Seventy Class VIIIs have graduated to be there and to do what is necessary to
from ASHO in the last 22 months. And get you through, to help you as an individual.
The Class V Course cracked my case, as a
Ron's Class VIII Course at ASHO is still preclear and as an auditor. But the wins were
turning out graduates in the original not comparable to the wins I've had on the VI
tradition of 100% Standard Tech. Course.
Here are some of the gains in store On Class VI I noticed suddenly my
for you when YOU come to ASHO. attention wasn't on myself as an auditor or on
my auditing, my attention was on the preclear
CLASS V - was he making gains, was this the right
Getting Data from Ron not available elsewhere action for him, was he winning? When my
When I came on the Briefing Course I knew attention shifted my preclears started doing
my tech, but it was interlaced with uncer- really well. I really knew at that point that I
tainties bred by misunderstood words, wrong was ready to graduate.
cramming whys, verbal tech and missing data. Lois Robin
Being on the Saint Hill Special Briefing
Course I've seen how the tech evolved from the CLASS VII
very basics of auditing and that these very Power Processes
basics are as true today as they were when Ron The Class VII theory is the best I have ever
first said them. I know these basics now and seen. I got my Power all over again by reading
have certainty on them. the materials and doing the clay demontrations.
I don t need someone else to tell me what I've become totally stable as a being by
Ron said about auditing anymore - I know. understanding the Power materials and seeing
Chris Martelli how they affect people. I know with certainty
how not to make the mistakes that start a
Each page a Thrill person down the long dwindling spiral. This
This course takes up all the questions I data is on the VII Course.
didn't know I had about Scientology. Part Byron Gillikson
One, 1948-1958, was a lot of reading and CLASS VIII
demonstrating but 1 could have taken twice Knowing what you are learning is exactly
as much and still been ready for more. I had standard ASHO, the world's largest training org, is the home of upper level training for Auditors and Case
to restrain myself from previewing ahead. Supervisors.
Turning each page was a thrill as I saw what This is the best course I have taken in
new marvel was revealed. Scientology. I know what Standard Tech is and
can apply it and have as a native aspect to have believe. Just effortless! "Rough" cases and myself and others. It actually makes the game
John Lichtensteiger others apply it. easier, more fun, and more predictable.
all. And that IS Class VIII.
All Needed Materials for Complete Under- The supervision has been standard and fun. Thank you Ron, and all the people of Pat Deluz
standing of Tech ALL auditors who have not taken this course ASHO, for such a perfect piece of straight
should do so - for your sake and your pre- TRUTH.
What I have gotten out of the Saint Hill clear's sake.
Special Briefing Course so far is certainty and Randy Wise CLASS IX
knowingness of the technology, the mind, Olivia Korringa
Top Level Training Available
the spirit and auditing. Effortless Auditing Duplicating Standard Tech The IX Course has enabled me to fit in all
Level V is an incredible adventure into Since completing the Class VIII Course The roughest and most rewarding course the missing pieces I had in my understanding
the technical materials of Dianetics and Scien- about 3 months ago I've been out in the field I've taken! I had to shift quite a few rocks, of Scientology.
tology, starting with the first books and auditing and what an amazing world of landslides and various road signs I had put I had a big win finding out that I could
running on up to 1966. difference! up, such as "shortcut" "detour" - and I finally respect myself as an auditor, for real.
I have learned so much data that was The Class VIII Course is an EXPERIENCE finally got the road clear. I am finding out that every word I read in
lacking in my life and auditing, it's hard to - it soaks into your beingness, so that it could Standard Tech is very simple and it takes tech applies to me - and I can apply it all.
imagine how I got along as a Class IV at all! never get lost. It permanently changed my a certain level of self-control, discipline, Class IX has given me a level of under-
The Briefing Course is really an excellent auditing and my understanding of tech. responsibility and certainty of basics to get standing of tech and of being that I have been
opportunity to get answered all those I have been able to deliver those "wins and there. reaching for since I got into Scientology.
unanswered questions you may have had. gains beyond your wildest dreams" with an It is now my duty and responsibility, and It is the exact next step for any Class VIII.
Inge McKee ease and smoothness almost impossible to pleasure, to get and keep Standard Tech in on
Daly Dana

Get it straight
with Ron's
Don't let misunderstood words or terms tangle
you up or slow you down - have your own
Big, easy to read type. ALL Scientology and
Dianetics tech terms defined from Source
$18.23. For HASI members, $16.41.
Close the door on any possibility of incorrect
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with Ron 'i TECH DICTION AR Y.
Order from Dept. 132, Church of Scientology
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W. Temple, Los Angeles, CA 90026.

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THE AUDITOR - The Monthly Journal of Scientology - Scientology is an applied religious philosophy - Issue 132 - page 5.
Billard Champ
Trains to Class IX Top Jazz Award
EDDIE ROBIN, who rocketed to Class VIII LaMONT JOHNSON
world prominence in 3-cushion billiards has just won the first competition
in 1970 as a result of Scientology tech, is
now training up to Class IX at ASHO for the most important recognition
himself. in jazz - the Duke Ellington Award!
In 1962, he had gotten to the point The award (also known as the
where he had as much data on billiards Jazz Heritage Foundation Scholar-
as just about anyone, but still wasn't ship) is given to a single professional
playing as well as the best. "I was forced
to the conclusion that I was lacking in jazz musician who through his
ability," he relates, "and I knew I couldn't compositions and music best
do anything about that so I gave up exemplifies the tradition established
playing." by The Duke.
Eight years later, Eddie found out
that with Scientology you can increase A distinguished panel of active,
ability. Revitalized, he immediately well-known jazz musicians judged
started playing again and entered com- LaMont's SYMPHONY NUMBER
petition. TWO IN BLUES the winner after
His first game of the world tourna- reviewing the works of more than
ment in 1970 found him with very little
practice. "The cue felt like it had bark on 200 screened jazz composers!
it!" he recalls. "But after 3 minutes of On February 14, 1977, the
reach and withdraw I felt like I had been Award will be presented at the
playing for months." That game was Los Angeles Triforium with special
against the world champ, and in a
startling upset victory, Eddie beat him. proclamation from the City Council
To this day he is the only American and Mayor Bradley.
who ever has. In 1968, LaMont, then a pro-
Eddie's ability continued to increase mising musician just breaking into
while receiving processing in 1972, and the New York music scene, began
he didn't lose a single game on his way
to becoming U.S. National Champion intensive Scientology training. Two
that year. years later he re-emerged into the
But his level of ability seemed to stop musical spotlight as a Class VIII
increasing at the point he discontinued and started doing soundtracks,
his processing and training. He faltered arranging, recording. His film scores
at the Mexico City- International tourna-
ment and missed coming out number Eddie Robin, having just w o n the m o s t excitins&ame of the 1 9 7 2 World Professional International 3-Oishion Billiards Tournament, scoring an unbelievable have since won eight top awards in
one by one point. 6 points in the last 55 seconds of play before 2000 spectators and a television audience throughout Central America. Conductor Maestro Dr. Louis Palange congratulates composer Class VIII LaMont Johnson (left), after performance of LaMont's national festivals.
Scientologist Val Garcia, his road partner, is on the right. Eddie is now at ASHO, training all day to become a Class IX Auditor. award-winning Symphony in Blues.
So he decided to re-enforce what had An active field auditor in addition*
been successful so far in his career and to his pursuit of musical excellence,
came to ASHO for auditing up to Grade
VA and to train up to Class IX. When LaMont is currently moving several
finished, he plans to go after the world
ARC S T R A I G H T W I R E : Sally Baker, lvana
Burc, T o m A b r a m s . D I A N E T I C S C A S E COM
TWIN CITIES Frank Paulsworth, Ron Ely, Mark Merri-
w e a t h e r , Larry T o m p k i n s , Phil Byers, Suzanne
J a c o b y , Wendy Miller, Gene Passer, Helen ST LOUIS Tougas. G R A D E 0 : Jerry Kroger. G R A D E IV: preclears up the Bridge.
H o c h m a n , T o n y J a m e s . L E V E L I: Ted Benz. Dick Kotoski.
championship again - this time as a P L E T I O N : Ralph E r r o , Robert Moldvay, Tim GRADUATES Brattol, Michael O ' R o u r k e . L E V E L II: George L E V E L II: Pam DiVinney, Wendy Miller, GRADUATES His latest album is entitled NINE
Soggs, Otis Staley, Terry McConnell. G R A D E I: H A S : Ron Carrubba, Jeanie Carrubba, Dan Ward, Taya Busik, Joe Spencer. L E V E L III: H A S : Sarah Baker, Brenda Kinkeade, Roger
highly trained OT! Eddie is well on his Brian Grimes, Barbara Oaks, G R A D E II: Bassinger, Deb Pascuzzi, Terry T h o m a s , Dan J o h n Whitford, Leaonard Siegel, Darryl Merri-
Nina Wells, Bruce C a n p i o n . L E V E L III: Roger
-which is his next training level in
way - he is now on the Saint Hill Special Pase. LEVEL IV: Eva Blake, Valerie B o o t h , T e g t m e y e r , Debbie O b e r m e y e r , Diane Nilges,
Vanna Bonta, Carol Cappello, Linda T r o u t m a n . Wahlstrom, Carol Sjogren, Bonita Dousi, Bill w e a t h e r , Lynn Irons, S u z a n n e B r a t t o n , J o h n
Briefing Course and recently became G R A D E III: Carol Gallo. G R A D E IV: Paula Batson, Steve Brisley, David Chose, Mamie G o d b e y , Jimmie Spheeris, Naomi Hakler,
J o h n Brannigan, J u d y Huelsman, A r t h u r Gary,
Doris Hart. C L A S S IV I N T E R N S H I P : David
Briane Curtis, Sue Babbe, Ellyn Mae Curtis,
Beth Handel, Randy Stoffel, Mike Pailer,
Clear 5799. Weber, Dolly B. Gieseman, Parke Watson. Dinkins, Matt Beaumont, John Nielson, Ed Canlisto, George Ward, Kathy Richardson, Kline. J o n a t h o n G. J a c k s o n , Chloe N e w t o n , Kathy DETROIT
EXPANDED D I A N E T I C S CASE COMPLE- Richard R a m m , Sharon Nelson, Jan O y l o e , Rebel V i c t o r y , Paul Dolan. L E V E L IV: Charles
"I'm fa/ more stable than I ever was Grace Tangjerd, Darlene Larson, Mark F r e t h e i m , Vennel, J u d i t h Alpert, Bonnie Troescher. RELEASES C o p e l a n d , Richard Mason, Merridee K. Glenn. GRADUATES
T I O N : Paula Weber, Steve Harvey. » Charles Joiner. Paul A. T a n n e r , Louise Lamp-
before," he says. "It would really take Dave Riley, Bruce Reimer, Carol Sjogren, T o n y Craig Farley, Eric Malm. C L A S S IV INTERN- L I F E R E P A I R : Carola Riechman, Randy D o a n ,
r e c h t . Bill Collins, Sally H o u s t o u n , Deborah
H A S : Will Austin, Rowland Annis, Curt Wit- MIAMI
Mueckl, Doug A n t o n s o n , Jeanne Musgrove, SHIP: Karen Becker, Joan Fiducia, Theresa Cheryl Kasan, Ann H u n t e r , Russell Lockmiller field, Tony S e a m a n , Eric Mack, Dave S t o b b e ,
a lot to shake me up now and that DRUG RUNDOWN: Bruch C o n n e r . ARC D u n c a n , Gary Pippenberg, T o m Harris, Olaster Dimitri Gibson, Ron Broadwell. S T U D E N T GRADUATES
LOS ANGELES Doug Parent, Jenny Schuler. H Q S : Joe Garcia, Meridith M o n t a g u e . Tory Bezazian, Rollins, Michael Green, Gerry T u b b s , Rocky HAS: Marti Sharron, Debbie Dovo, Demi
stability will be tremendous help when S c h u m a c h e r . HSDC: Brenda Epperly, Jean Sally M a h o n e y . S T R A I G H T W I R E : J o h n Brannigan. G R A D E H A T : Jeff Neher. HSDC: V i t t o r i o Brizzi,
I return to the tournament circuit. GRADUATES 0: Gisila Parris. G R A D E I: Linda Tepper, Jane Burnes, Leonard C o n n e r , T h o m a s Sullivan, Andrea N o o m i e . H P D C : Ron Ginsler, Joe Boitel, Charles Rusnock, Roxanne Gasalberti,
J o h n s o n . DIANETIC I N T E R N S H I P : Dillard Bruce H e i m a n n , Cleve Segalla, Kathy Burnes, Don Bias, Charles Osadabay, Armando Pulley,
"And in addition to studying the H A S : H e c t o r Ogilvie, Michael M a n n i n o , Ed E u b a n k , Maxim Hurwicz, Mat Sells, J o h n RELEASES Galligan, Pearl Kunen, Warren Brenner. Ballman, Kevin Wilson. L E V E L I: Herbie Kern.
S t o n e , David Beebe, Max Larson, Inez Bohall, G R A D E III: Jerry I n d u r s k y . G R A D E IV: Terry D u a n e , Linda Pape, Sharon Spencer, L E V E L III: Evelyn P o t t s .
Peggy Deem, Donnie Selburg. Leonie Neufville,
Hendrickson, Jackson Tiffany, Jill Ketter, LIFE REPAIR: Sandy Aubrin, Josephine Howard Kravitz, Carlos M. Sanjuro, Barbara
Briefing Course data to apply to people Jay Elder, Tony Jase, Alonzo H o w a r d , Jr , LEVEL 0: Gayl Staver. C L A S S IV I N T E R N - Delgado, Frances Rich, Celty Heldt, Shelly Terry Zotola, Bill Brayton. E X P A N D E D Kitty Riley, Jean Cassidy, Ron? Bales, Simon
and auditing, I also look at how it can be Lester Dunst, Ron Stoll, Chris Grew, Nancy DIANETICS: Mario Farwell. Yu, Bridget Doran. H Q S : Christine S y m s a c k , Alvarez, Jerry Jordan, Perry Howard, Gustavo
SHIP: Jan McCauley, V.P. Nordaker. Bauer, Bryon Wilson, Carolyn Saulson, Bob Deborah A. Bowler. S T U D E N T HAT: Diane L I F E R E P A I R : J u d y Bolduc, Angie Richter, Velasco, Lou Castillo, Paul Stoll, Rita Maria
applied to sports. It's amazing. I changed H a r d y , Peter Park, Garth Edgar, Dave Echey- Wurster, Peggy D. Ferris, Beverly S h o n t h a , Keith Glasspoole, Dave S t o b b e , Debbie Brizzi,
o y e n , J o A n n L u t o n , Lupe Sanlellan, Terry RELEASES Nilges, S h a r o n Spencer, H S D C : Bill A n d r e w s ,
Mason S m i t h . D R U G R U N D O W N : Kathy
del Valle, Maria Malpica, Phil Green, Mary
my whole playing style from just one L I F E R E P A I R : Avis Kotoski, Martha W e s t r u m , Merv Jaber, A n t h o n y Wargacki, Irma M o n r o y , Jane Allen, Gail Mullin. D I A N E T I C INTERN- Lakey, Tara Velasco, Mary Feria, Karen Sher,
paragraph of one of Ron's books!"
Bishop, A r t h u r Rogers, Vicki Decker, Butch
Sayoyer, Loek H o p s t a k e n , Daniel Behr, Charles Everett H e d m a n , Steve P a q u e t t e , Tim Wakley, Larry Miller, Melanie, Naomj Heckler, Rogelio SAN FRANCISCO SHIP: Bill H e r r o n , Dave M a t t h e w s , Gail Mullin, Gorgon, David Mills. ARC S T R A I G H T W I R E :
Laurence C r o l e t t o . D I A N E T I C S CASE COM-
Marena Quesada, Luis Oco, Thomas Moore,
T o m Harings. ARC S T R A I G H T W I R E : Mike Fernandez, Lois Porche, Terry Miles. ARC GRADUATES Jack Fine. L E V E L 0: Larry Miller, L E V E L I: Jon Brasili, Hal Trebes, Don Steward, Ana
Considerable press followed Eddie's Harrington, Sylvia Steward, Doug Narigon, Staples, Mike Gallagher. DIANETIC CASE S T R A I G H T W I R E : Willie B. Wilson, George H A S : Mary Young, Fred Jardin, Marlene Jack Fine, Zack Widup. L E V E L II: Kathy PLETION: Mason S m i t h , Vince L u t s k u s , Ortiz, Olga Rioz, Elio Navarro, John Hock,
spectacular rise to world recognition in Sean Francis, Verly H i g h t o w e r , Mark Insalaco, C O M P L E T I O N : Roger Kniefel. G R A D E 0: Vigil, Marty Kassowitz, Mile Wilson, Janice Chris Currell, Debbie Brizzi, J o h n Frencher, Lynn Karle, Anthony Casca, Dr. Donald Lipp,
Bywng Se Lee, Joe Sales, Lucia Julian, Cheri H o p p e , Catherine Giorgetti, Francis Waldrop, Weigand. L E V E L IV: S c o t t Weigand, Kate
Vernon Livingston, Jerry Kroger. G R A D E I: Novath, Art J o h n s o n , Ed Gonsoulin, Lynn Mel Herrara, Doug Mossing, Don Simons. Jim Francisi, Gary Kandel, Jorge Hornandez,
billiards, and he intends to fully utilize Mason, Ed McCarrick, Jerry King, Henry Crosby. D R U G RUNDOWN: Jack Shanfeld,
Faith M o n t g o m e r y , Ron Gravatt, Lucy S e r r a n o , C u d a . Libby Eagleton.
G R A D E IV: Bill Nagengast, Maryann Fachting,
Dick Kotoski. Mike L u e b b e u s , J o h n Shirley, Kurt A k a m i n e , Dianna Avaya, Chuck Weaver, Greg Pardo,
his dissemination opportunities in the Maxwell, Wade Wilson, Bryan Katz, Margaret Wendy V o r m , Sharon Mosher, Andy Hall, RELEASES Jan Sadlier. Suhor, Angie Steward. Karen Bliferit, Claudia
Kulma, Ed Aguilar, Kathi H a y d e , J o y c e Mike, Marcus LeGall, Roger L. Gonsalves, Ogara L I F E R E P A I R : Bev Rusick. Joe McLaughlin,
future as well. Once he has achieved his Willie B. Wilson, Kelly Yaegerman, Steve A d a m s , Mike D i a m o n d , S t o b b e Kikuchi.
Dan Porter. S T U D E N T H A T : Bruce Lindekugal, J o h n s t o n e , Mary Sullivan, John Gilgar, J e a n n e Bill C o o k , Frank Parrot, C i n d y MacSwan, Jan
own goal, he plans to help others become Robert O n g b y , Barbara Krause, Fred Golan, Solvejg Nesveg, Donna Merow, Elizabeth Bohn, R a m o n a Teliczan, Mike Styck, Doug
champions in their fields using Bill Lauritzen, Mollie Eppinosa, Rebecca Dugan. CELEBRITY CENTER Dyer, Rex McConaghy, Ed Consoulin, Starr
Kassowitz, Kenneth Castillo, T o m Vogel,
Gilhousen, Renee Francis, Ken Fitzgerald, Branch, George Handel. A R C S T R A I G H T
GRADUATES Ed Waldin, Joel F'urst, Lou Medina, Ruth
Scientology tech. HSDC: Ned Parker, Marilyn Trudell, Martha Doug Fiandaca, Claire Hildebrandt, Jack Medina, Cheryl Arceo, Debbie Giovacchini,
WIRE: J o e Jindela. D R U G R U N D O W N : Mike
Jude Gaugher, Elizabeth Maifeld. DIANETIC H A S : Fred Stites, Bob Wurster, Steve LaCrosse, R e p e p , T o m V o r m , Jim N e w m a n . D I A N E T I C Faille, Maurice Edelstein. G R A D E 0: Wally
I N T E R N S H I P : Frizzel Clegy, Andy Ford, Pat T o m Tally, Paul Butler, Darryl Williams, Jack Hart, Joey Patterson, Bruce N o b l e , Steve Weigand, J o h n Zurbriggen. G R A D E III: Donna
CASE C O M P L E T I O N : Ken Dodge, Starr Papp, James Kelly, J o h n (Jay) T h o r p e , Michael
O'Brien. M I N I S T E R ' S C O U R S E : Wendy Coolie, Kenneth S e q u i n e , Dale W a t a n a b e , Pat Hoffman, Kassowitz, Ilona S h i p p o n y , Marty Kassowitz, Edison. G R A D E IV: H. Wally Weigand, Peggy
Therresa Harris. L E V E L 0: Lorrie Zoppi, Judy Grag Churchill, Nicky Trembly, Henry Alkema, Christie Cecil, A d a m Bersin, Art de Gleghorn, Steve Edison.
Rex McConaghy, Arnold Tarling, George Vigil, la Cruz, Geoffry Williams, Bradley G. Fletcher,
Damloff, Bo Ongley. LEVEL I: Louis C o m m i n g s , Larry Madison, Vicki Hagger, Roy Phil Wembley, Ed Gonsoulin, Mike Berry,
Casselman, Jim S h a n n o n . L E V E L II: Carol L. Casselman, Ricardo Hoegg, Carlos Hoegg, Jeffrey S. Sanders, Audrey Gallagher. H Q S :
J u d y Burrows, B o b Barton, David L o n e y , Bernard A n d e r s o n , Lynn D u k e , Bob MacKay,
Goll. L E V E L IV: R o m o n a G u e r r o r o , T h o m a s - Kari Brayman, Maya Madison, Rick Fennell, Barbara Freuler, Ken Rose, Linda Daniels,
^MM^ RESULTS FROM lav Pocedic, Loren Troescher, Mary S t a n y k , Joseph " T i p p i " Zeole, Braha Bar-Niv, Bill Louis Pearl, Tim Mark, Audrey Price. HSDC:
G R A D E 0: Larry T o m p k i n s , Charles V e n n e l ,
< Margie Sablick. Brown, Dixie Sibole, Dave Koos, Brian Budin, Nuri Vinyallonga, Lucy Baker, Angie Woller
Ann Lenarcic, Karen Palmer, Ron Larson, VANCOUVER
Adam Bersin, Decee Ray, J o h n Wickersham,
£ f | l ^ SCIENTOLOGY RELEASES J o h n N o r d s t r u m , Laura H i p p e , Barry Cailer, sheim, Nancy Beatty, David Hadfield, Monetta Janine Powers, Linda Child, Kip B r o t t , Larry GRADUATES
Chris Miller, Brigette LaBreque, Ann C u m m i n s , Wilson, Paul Dolan. G R A D E I: Bob N o r m a n , H A S : Dave Rogers, Lise D r o u i n , Nancy Fergu-
L I F E R E P A I R : Pete Hess, Vicki Decker, McDonald, Bruce Ploetz, Joan Lane, Bill
CHURCHES Phoebe Carlow, Brian Bates, Melodie Delnero.
Jim Cummins, Steve Robertson,
Delamon, Jennifer Marnio, Eddie* S u m m e r s ,
Bobby Connie Latch, Michael Schimmel, David Crawford, Tom Saecker. M I N I S T E R S C O U R S E : s o n , Dave Yule, Dale W a r k e . Alan C o b b e t t ,
DRUG R U N D O W N : S c o t t Young. D I A N E T I C S : Holmes, Joan Purcell, Lucille Hagen, Mike Cindy Feshbach, Linda Child, Jack Maher, Jindra Repa, Joel Bushfield, George Wong, Art
James DeCrescento, Bernard R. Mann, Tim Wilson. G R A D E II: Tom Ashworth, Katie Medeiros. H Q S : Ross B u c k n e r . S T U D E N T
Rita Van Patten. G R A D E 0: Helen Rousseau, Hayes, Bob M a y t o w s , Dan H o u s t o n , Lisa Martha Leach, Larry McDonald. D I A N E T I C
Marron, David La Croix, David Holmes. I N T E R N S H I P : Cindy Feshbach, Gary Nelson, HAT: Sandra Baikie, Bill Baikie, Brian
Jim Schwartz. G R A D E I: Rebecca Dugan, Weston, Erica Elliott, Edwinn C. May, Linda Thurston. MINISTERS C O U R S E : Richard
Richard Levin. G R A D E II: Cindy Gershen- G R A D E III: Kathy Moore, Teresa Garcia Norm Allessendrini, Anna T o u r t i l l o t t , Sheri
Miller, M o n e t t a Qilson, Melanie, Kathy Bate- Villareal, Bob Mithoff, Donna Karas, Linda Zogheb. DIANETIC INTERNSHIP: Carol
h o r n . G R A D E IV: Elain Goers. m a n , Fred Heller, David S u c h u k , Connie S c o t t , Carolyn A d a m s , Patty Perin. L E V E L 0 : Mason, Bill Baikie, Chris J o n e s , Dave Rolfe.
FOUNDING CHURCH Daniels. G R A D E IV: Carl Gonsoulins, Pug A n d r e w McCluskey, Kathy Fitts, Bob J o h n s o n ,
S u c h u c k , Dennis Reed, Susan Reed, Barb Baker, Randy E a t o n , Kaoo Jarrett, Charles D I A N E T I C C/S C O U R S E : Chris Marquis.
Hroza, D o n n a Lengel, Dean Goodhill, Louise S c o t t Mazzarella, Delroy M u r p h v , Yvonne L E V E L 0: All Datardina. L E V E L I: Carol
WASHINGTON, DC. LAS VEGAS Pollack, Jay G. Mackey, Ellen Suits, Donna
V e n n e l , T o n y Echavarria, Megan Shields, Steve Morgan. L E V E L 1: Arnell Schwarz. L E V E L II: Webster. L E V E L II: Louvain Chalmars, LEVEL
GRADUATES S o l o m a n , Jay Kubena, Bob Loney, J o h n Denny Reyling, Dan Harding, Dora Wertz,
GRADUATES Espinosa, Ron Arciaga, Marc Mersenheims. T h o m a s , Naomi Heckler, Robert Neilson. Suzanne Schneider, Adam Bersin, Gerry
III: De Lys De Coursey, Harland Giesbrecht,
H A S : David Tinkler, Walter Sensey, Brian H Q S : Carol S h a r b a c h , Larry Goulet. S T U D E N T Robert Pellerin, Dana Beirman, Wanda Mites, LEVEL IV: Curtis N o r m a n . CLASS IV
Mason, Betty Aronian, Juan Diaz, Arthur E X P A N D E D D I A N E T I C S : Shirley Navarre, Chastain. L E V E L III: Michael Scandling, Dora
H A T : Donna Fosie, Joe Carufe, A n d r e w Boone, Lois Porche. H Q S : Al Z e p p , Jack Shanfeld, Sonya Ferguson, Kaoo J a r r e t t , L. D. Sledge. I N T E R N S H I P : Mel Halan, Caroline L e t k e m a n .
Ruffin, Nancy Aronian, Jeff D e h a r t , Carlson Rick Stoll, Roy C o m s t o c k , D e b o r a h Collin, Robert Lloyd, Sandy Kent, Carlos Urbina, Fortin Wertz. Patty Perin. J u a n Prentice.
S i m m o n s , Bob G o o d s p e e d . Judy Gross, Calvin Paul Garrity. HSDC: Mike O'Brian, Chuck Leslie Goldberg, Bill Long, Lenny Jones, Dave L E V E L I V : Sandy Gazlay, Jim Burghorn. RELEASES
Gross, Shelia Wright, Rosa Margarito, Myrtle Michael, T o n y C o n n , A n t h o n y Wargacki, CLASS IV I N T E R N S H I P : Annie Dillard, L I F E R E P A I R : Idonna S p a n n e r , Mike Aberegg,
Martins, Lavinda Platt, Adrienne Rueff, Doug Diane Jarrold. D R U G R U N D O W N : Robert
Valencia, Reynaldo Aquirre, Jim Kachurek. R o o t , H o w a r d Jackson. D I A N E T I C I N T E R N - Evelyn McF'ee, Kathy Bateman, Richard Margaret Gatchell, Mark Chaffin, Nancy J o n e s ,
Allan F'itzpatrick, Jean Davis, Joseph Julie R o s e m a n , Ken Jenkins, Susan Hagestad. G o r d o n , J u n e McLeod. ARC S T R A I G H T W I R E :
SHIP: Peggy Day Martins, Robert Parker, Reich, Kevin Malone. S T U D E N T H A T : Shirley J u n e McLeod, Pete Meyer, Alison McKay,
Washington, Keith Hough, O.T. P l u m b , Francis Monty Dixon. M I N I S T E R ' S C O U R S E : Mike Navarre, Gary G o o d m a n , Lorraine Hara, Mike
Duffy, Mary Ann W o o d s . Ann Beal. H Q S : E a s t m a n . L E V E L 0: Peggy Martins, Lorna Hughes, Dave J o h n s o n , T o m m y Stewert, Tony NEW YORK DIANETIC CASE C O M P L E T I O N : Bev Hart,
Jackie S m i t h , Susan Toner. S T U D E N T H A T : David Rolfe. G R A D E 0: Mel Hanlan, Donna
Carson. L E V E L II: Richard Peterson, Bob S y m o n s , R. H. Applegate, Sara Wright. HSDC: GRADUATES Beauregard. GRADE I: Linda Patterson.
J o h n Graham S m i t h , Gary Porter, Paula Mc-
Clananhan, Oscar S o l i b a k k e , Thadd Corn-
O'Neil. LEVEL IV: Lee Landers, Drew Finley. Alma Vizcarra, David Zimian, Jeanne Wraus- H A S : Mike Malara, Linda Mole, Mike Bell, J o e BUFFALO
RELEASES m a n n , Irma M o n r o y , Susan S t u a r t , George S o u t h a r d , Chris Krias, Laurie S w a n t e s o n , Marie GRADUATES
stock, Linda Campbell, Philip Shimmel. HSDC: L I F E R E P A I R : Guy P o t t e r , Cindy V i n c e n t , Vigil, Randy Ingraham, Suzanne Williamson, Savaja, Marian F^spinet, Art Hildalgo, Sunday
Linda Fink, Mike Christianson, Arnie Steinberg, Margarita Flynn, Ricki McGee, Dick Peterson, Iglio, Gail R a b i n o w s k i , Vinny Heinz, Carmine H A S : Sarah S m i t h , Steve Mongenel, Dawn
Brenda Gardner. D R U G R U N D O W N : Sue
Anne Pitterle, Margana E r w i n , Kal Lyons, Singer, Brenda Weissman. ARC S T R A I G H T - Carmen Danna, J o h n Printz, Patti M c E n e a n y , Forester, Ray Del Pino, Hilda Perez, T o m Hilbert, Gene O s k a m p . L E V E L IV: Fred
Jim Lester. HPDC: Jerry Preiss, David Womble. WIRE: Liz Marren. D I A N E T I C S : Mary Jane Brandon C r o u c h , Christina Cuellar, Kathy Van Weaver, Alice Torres, Josephine E m m a n u e l , Sprickman. TWIN CITIES
M I N I S T E R S C O U R S E : J a m e s Lester. L E V E L E l m o . G R A D E I: Martha Robinson. G R A D E Lypps, Steve Y a n o w , Geoff Pick, Paula Verrie S m i d t , T h o m a s Molineaux, Rick Apple- RELEASES GRADUATES
0: T o m Dry, Diane Debs, Nancy Soggs, Anne II: Meryl Woodruff. G R A D E III: Diane Digre. LeFres, Laurie Yondall, Froedel Bagley, Randi gate, T o n y J o n e s , T o m Dean, M. MacCormick. HAS: Doug Parent, Jeff Rossman, Lucy
Pitterle, Ed Chartier. L E V E L 1: Kitty Meredith, DIANETIC CASE COMPLETION: Kathy
G R A D E IV: Dottie Null, Julia Baumer. Randy Potter, Stan Harris, Mindie S t e i n m a n . Steve Mussman, Debbie S m i t h , Gus T a u p p e , Adamski. D R U G RUNDOWN: J o y c e Bowen. J o h n s o n , Glenn Gerard, T o n y Mueckl, Darlene
Barbara Josselyn. LEVEL II: Mallory Pasco, Carol Stone, Susan Guthbertson, Lenny Byrdie Green, Dayle Fredericks, Rejoice Larson, Grace Tangjerd, Jerry Schuler, David
Lascelle Sherril, Mike Oakes. L E V E L III: Eric Macaluso. HPDC: Dan P l u m m e r , Jon Olson, M o h a m m a d , Suzzanne M a r y o t t , Pat O ' R o u r k e , Roehler, Gary Parater, Cherie Erlandson, Sally
Nilson, L E V E L IV: Craig H o o k s , Jim Lester,
MONTREAL Harry Sanger, Shareen McElveen, Christy Sharon Mason, Clarence R o b e r s o n , Selwyn EVANSTON. ILLINOIS Bishop, Paul Brandel, Marty Seeley. HSDC: Al
Mike Greer, Wayne Fuller, Andy Kitt, Connie Corson. M I N I S T E R S C O U R S E : J o h n Kerrigan, G r a n t . H Q S : Will T h o m p s o n , Margaret Issaeff,
C a m b r o n , David Reitz. Gale D o l s c h e n k o , GRADUATES GRADUATES Schnieder, Lowell Richardson. STUDENT
Greg Potter, Mindie S t e i n m a n , Peter B e d m a n , Julie Strauss, Roy T h o m p s o n , Pam Keeler, H A S : Sue J a n e z k o , Sheila Macker, J o h n K e m p , H A T : Jack Lee, Jeff Rossman, R u t h Viafara,
Carmen Christy. EXPANDED DIANETICS H A S : Claire Bilodeau, Louise Daigneault, T o m Paul O'Neill, Shirley Sanders, Jeanne Wrassman, Sheila Orick, Yuhio Shabata. S T U D E N T H A T : Jerry Kroger, Kathy Kotoski. L E V E L I: Gayle
C O U R S E : Wayne Pullen. HSDC I N T E R N S H I P : Macaulay, E y t a n O r n s t e i n , J a c q u e s Noel, Guy Kevin Barret, Teresa Davis, Al Davis, Sean
T'Shura Beasley, Lorraine Hara, Marsha Bob F r e u n d , Steve Wike, Steve Mussman, Jeff Culleeney, Eileen Culleeney. H Q S : Gary Need- Cichocki, Jerry Kroger, Gayl Staver, Bob Held.
T. L. Rosenkranz. E X P A N D E D D I A N E T I C S Mercier, Michael St. L a u r e n t , Bertrand Laniel, F r i e d m a n , Mike Baybak, Susan S t u a r t , Randy Chee, David Evans, Ron Pratt, Louis S m i t h . L E V E L II: Linda B u r k h a r t . Jill Ketter. CLASS
I N T E R N S H I P : Kersten Richter. HSDC C/S Rolland D'Allaire, Rejeanne N o r m a n d i n , Kirsti h a m , Keit Renner, David Canfield, Aydin
Ingraham, Fritz Carberry, Merry Rosenfield. Debbie I n d u r s k y , Bev Ginsberg, Joe C a s t o r o , A y h a n , Trudy Boylan, Bob D o b r o , George IV C/S C O U R S E : V. P. N o r d a k e r . DIANETIC
C O U R S E : Debbie Master, Anne Pitterle, Kal Shaepo, Bernadette Tanti, Kate Haggis, DIANETIC INTERNSHIP: Fernando Campos, Julie Strauss, Jerry Laufman, Neil Copeland, I N T E R N S H I P : Lois Boler, Bruce Bromley,
L y o n s . L E V E L IV C/S C O U R S E : Craig S m i t h . Gabrielle Poulin. H Q S : Tapio Klemola, Fabien Jason R o l a n d , Teresa F e r n a n d e z , Luis Iloberra, Janet Sage, Robin L u k e , B J Davis. HSDC: Modrich. S T U D E N T H A T : Debbie Wallace.
HSDC: Jean C o t e , J u d y Royal, DeElva S h a r p . Chris Jensen, Bill Bezek, Jackson Tiffany,
HSDC C/S I N T E R N S H I P : D o n n a Meredith. Gagne, Beros Dhanji. S T U D E N T H A T : Mario Marilyn Confer, H o w a r d Grossboelin, Tag Ron Pratt, Jerry Laufman, Dennis A n d e r s o n , Kathy Kotoski. 0-IV I N T E R N S H I P : V.P.
RELEASES Lane, H S D C : Gaby Bilodeau, Marie France Fanning, Sharon Mosher, George Beasley, Doug Mike L u n b e r t , Justine Molineaux, Pat Collela, L E V E L I: Mary Jo Faraci. L E V E L IV: Dan
N o r d a k e r , L o t t i e Seidler.
V a c h o n . L E V E L 0: Jean L e t a r t e . Williams, George T. Ward, Jr., Anton J a m e s . Peggy Winslow, Mary O'Meara, Peter Nadir, Simonds. RELEASES
L I F E R E P A I R : Guy Castle, Naomi Efftis,
Emil J e t t m a r , Bob Divenuti, Heide Weaver, RELEASES L E V E L 0: Ken Rose, Chris Gualtieri, Luis C y n t h i a H o r t o n , Paul Ballner, Herb Williams, RELEASES
Ibarra, T o m Saecker, Jason R o l a n d , J e a n n e R o b e r t O r t s c h e i d , J o h n Fogarty. HPDC: Sal L I F E R E P A I R : Jesse Wells, N o r m a M o o n e y , DRUG RUNDOWN: Bill Deckler. ARC
O.T. P l u m b . D R U G RUNDOWN: Anne Hoh- A R C S T R A I G H T W I R E : Pierre Theriault. DIA- S T R A I G H T W I R E : Michael Gallagher, Everett
wiesner, Scott Furbish, Sonja Perry, Terry Dyer, Christie Toole, T o m G o l d b a c h , Mana Denaro. DIANETIC I N T E R N S H I P : Bobby Steve E d d i n g t o n . G R A D E 0: Pete Guiliani.
NETIC CASE C O M P L E T I O N : Jim Brisco, G R A D E 1: Steve Somers. G R A D E IV: Frank Hedman. DIANETIC CASE COMPLETION:
McConnell, Steve Harvey, Linda Allmaras. Kader T o u m i . T a t u o , Cole,en Titus, Phillip Byers. L E V E L I: Kreseako. L E V E L 0: Lee Guevara, T o m
Born, Pat M o o n e y . Roger Kniefel, Ann Lee, Kerry Fuller, Linda
Stops Blow For Engineer After
HAS: Rich Harvey, Barbara Grams, John
Enders, Margie Wipf, Jackie Canfield, Jan
Harris, Jay Steely, Nancy Malm, Liz Vallez,
Fred Holtby, Larry Dennison, Larry Todd,
Richard Valero, Matt Konar, Cecilia Jimenez,
Now there are
Power Processing At ASHO
Thermos, Vida Everett, Jon Gissendanner, Joe
Rogers, Frank Gencarelli, Maggie Fickett, Matt
McNamara, Geraldine Lo Galbo, Courtland
George Konstantinides, Paul Wabnig, Margaret
Luttrell, Manny Chacon, Mike Creagan, Robert
Gluck, Karen Kleiner, Sue McMillan, Marty
5853 Clears
Townes Jr., Al Fox, Williams Jones, Sue Young. Sherman, Linda Spitz, Doug Holtby, Ken Clear 5813 SUE SNOW, ASHO
HQS: Lise Peters. STUDENT HAT: Bill Keister. Browning, Marna McCormick, Terry Deacon,
HSDC: Jane Pierce, Bean Allen, Ernie Roberts. Clear 5814 LES SWANSON, ASHO
HEINZ ZEPERNICK of Creskill, New completely sure of myself and ready Carol Isago, Rick Wipf, Sue Brooks, Jessie
MINISTERS COURSE: Joyce Griswold. Del Castillo, Loren Rhodes, Karen Comegys, San Francisco
Jersey, went home after his Power Pro- to go out and start doing things." RELEASES Gene Chill, Brad Wells, Dean Piller, Dorothea Clear 5815 JUNETONGUISH,
cessing and blew all stops on the progress And that is exactly what he did. He LIFE REPAIR: Bill Keister. DRUG RUN- Segal, Sinar Parman, Hat Wells. STUDENT Orange County
of himself and his wife the rest of the gave up his job and went into business DOWN: Rich Mangan. ARC STRAIGHTWIRE: HAT: Marty Sherman, Robert Gluck. HSDC: Clear 5816 SON JOHN KRAMER,
way up the Bridge! Gail Mello. DIANETIC CASE COMPLETION: Fred Holtby, Larry Dennison, Sue Cuthbertson,
for himself as an engineering consultant. Llse Peters. GRADE 0: Ken Muise, Randy Carol Mackay, Brandy Roe, Susie Shugart, Ardmore
An engineer who had picked up His income increased markedly and he Humphries. GRADE IV: Ernie Roberts, Sandi Chris Shugart, Arlene Farber, Louise Glass, Clear 5817 RANDALL K. PLASCH,
Dianetics at a bookstand, Heinz left has been flooded with work offers. Weiner. EXPANDED DIANETICS: Pam Celata. Julie Benito, Nancy Malm, Dave Wexler. Pasadena
ASHO after Power with this to say: Now that he's in charge of his own RELEASES Clear 5818 LARRY L. CHAPMAN,
"I found who I am and what I want to time, all stops are off his moving up MILWAUKEE, WIS. LIFE REPAIR: Steve G o o d n o , Nancy Malm,
Los Angeles
do in life. This gives me so much cer- the Bridge. Within a few months he had GRADUATES Tom Edwards, Marlene Kern, Paul Wabnig,
HAS: Richard Moy Chin, Marie Johnson, Margaret Luttrell, Larry Todd, Susan Shugart, Clear 5819 BENNETT K. WEBER,
tainty, inner happiness and new returned to Los Angeles and is now Mary Keiller. Francis Magness. Bob Stander, Linda Spitz, New York
possibilities to do things in life that it Clear! Heinz also plans to do the Saint David Wexler, Pat Wells, Jack Richards, Steve Clear 5820 RALPH POLLOCK,
is hard to describe in mere words. My Hill Special Briefing Course. CELEBRITY CENTRE, Reicheck, Matt Konar, Laura Malm, Karen
Comegys, Margie Wipf, Michael Creagan, Marty Las Vegas
world has completely changed, I am LAS VEGAS Sherman, Juta Gonzales, Sinor Parman, Kassie Clear 5821 SHARRON DUN FORD,
GRADUATES Krenzelas, Leora Merritt. DRUG RUNDOWN: ASHO
HAS: Linda Munden, Carl Alfano, Robert Leo Benegas, Carol MacKay, Sue Cambique,
Eric Malm, Bonni Halbeck, Dan Plummer, Pat Clear 5822 GARY T. DELEO, Portland
Broedlow, Chester C. Oliver, Kathryn Van
ASHO Preclear Succeeds Sickle, Deloris Westfall.
HQS: Norma Boyles.
Randy Haffner. Derrick, Eric Malm, Bonni Halbeck, Nancy
Malm. GRADE 0: Cathy Coon, Jack Mortimer,
• Mexico
Clear 5824 RALPH E. HUEY, Erie
with Study Tech RELEASES
GRADE II: Brendan Roberts.
Bonni Halbeck. GRADE IV: Gretchen Andre,
Jack Mortimer. EXPANDED DIANETICS: Ted Clear 5825 CURT WILSON, Berkeley
Mechanical design engineer Larry Bales has PALO ALTO Coon, Sonya Ferguson. Clear 5826 GREGORY F. MILLER,
taken on a new professional skill - becoming ASHO
a Dianetic Auditor! GRADUATES
Upon returning home to New York HAS: Jim Sease, Evie Mader, Debbie Larton, Clear 5827 AL SEIDEL, Austin
Brad Steven, Georgene Guerin, Barney Milner, Clear 5828 TOM MASON. Los Angeles
after Expanded Dianetic auditing at Bob Frost, Larry Iaquinta, Larry Templeton,
ASHO, SUZY SAJNENKOFF landed a Carvill Veech, Becky Hall. HQS: Iris Riley, Clear 5829 LOUISE ROSS.
job as a computer programming instructor, Sandy Juris. STUDENT HAT: Robert Sperry. San Francisco
and she is now considered one of the best RELEASES Clear 5830 LORRIE GLADSTONE,
in the school. LIFE REPAIR: Heidi Kromat, Steve Sanborn. Detroit
DRUG RUNDOWN: Ellen Nolan, Jim Stein, Clear 5831 HARRY E. LUCAS,
What was most unusual about that is Jane Rogers. ARC STRAIGHTWIRE: Myrna
that at the start she knew almost nothing Hand. DIANETIC CASE COMPLETION: Lura Los Angeles
about the subject! A friend had asked her Harlow, Christopher Perkinson. G R A D E 0: Clear 5832 WILLIAM L. TUTMAN,
to come down to fill in temporarily for a Linda Miller, Dee Rodine, Betsy Harris. Washington, D.C.
GRADE IV: Penelope Wilhite. EXPANDED
Heinz Zepernick from Creskill, New Jersey, teacher who had left suddenly. She began DIANETICS. Grace Ginella. Clear 5833 JOAN P. FIDUCIA,
who has recently gone Clear. applying study tech right away with the Los Angeles
students and the subject and she ended COLUMBUS, OHIO Clear 5834 TOM CHANDLER,
up staying. GRADUATES San Francisco
She has her second class now and HAS: Frederick A. Skinn, Lizbeth Francis, Clear 5835 HELEN BARKER,
student opinion has it that she is the best Andrew Ream, Jim Vance, Jr., Charles Berry, Los Angeles
instructor at the school next to her
Chrisson N. Caffery, Francis C. Russo, Paul M. PHOENIX FORMING ORG Clear 5836 BONNIE AHERN, Berkeley
Rowe, June Rosenberry, Terry Brown, Art GRADUATES
friend who had first asked her to teach. Yoho, Claude Hensley, Wayne G. Warrington. Clear 5837 PAULA WEBER, New York
John Nelson beams over his new sense of HAS: Ed Levy, John Redfield, Don Erickson,
The secret, she says, is L. Ron HQS: Claude Hensley, Gene C. Decheff, Adrienne Craig. S T U D E N T HAT: Mike Patrick, Clear 5838 STEPHEN REEDER, AOLA
Hubbard's study tech - combined with personal worth as a Scientologist Stephen Penn May, Wm. F. Phelps, Cherie Blaize Honka, Pookie Honka. DIANETIC Clear 5839 KENNETH ERWIN,
her wins as a preclear, without which she Downey. INTERNSHIP: Don Erickson. LEVEL 0: Joan Twin Cities
RELEASES Ryan, John Marson. LEVEL I: Richard Brandies. Clear 5840 VERONICA PEREZ,
would ^never have had the courage to give LEVEL II: John Spangler. LEVEL IV: Gary
it a try. LIFE REPAIR: Claude Hensley, Larry Rivero, Ulik, Mischa Rice. San Francisco
MONTEREY LIFE REPAIR: Charles Randels, Kathy St. Louis
GRADUATES Warnke, Richard Brandies. ARC STRAIGHT Clear 5842 JACK R. LEE, Twin Cities
C a h a n . Javier Molina, Lourdes de Cuevas, Tim Richard H a y s , Margie D u n n , Kim Wigder. L. H e m b r e e , Sherry Bender, Andria F r e e d m a n . HAS: Ruth Arnold, Steve Graham, Bob Hailey, WIRE: Allen Britt.
Macaffe, Lisa Meredith, R o b e r t o Alparo, Ron LEVEL 0: Jim Fisher, Doreen Marshall, Jeffrey DRUG RUNDOWN: John Schrom, Bob Sharon Cohen, Nancy Stone, Susan Williams. Clear 5843 ELIZABETH W. SUGG,
Abruzese. H Q S : Maureen Pulley, Peggy Martin, Alt, Greg C a n t i n . L E V E L I: Jan Savoie, Jackie Worley. D I A N E T I C S CASE C O M P L E T I O N : MINISTER'S COURSE: Jolee Burg. Fort Lauderdale
Janice Viner, Perry E. Bond. S T U D E N T H A T : Holland. L E V E L II: Noel King, Louise Herb Kuttner, Diego Gonzalez, Charlene
Ed Gurian, Rick Morris, Ed Burns, John Bechamp, Jamie Udell, Saul B. Lipson. L E V E L Kushner, Linda Hall. G R A D E 0: Ed Naranjo. RELEASES Glenn Dismang, Mike Hughes, Bernadette Clear 5844 GIL WINTER, New York
Witkowski, Jon Silverman, Greg C a n t i n . HSDC: HI: Bill Messenger, Linda Mustico. LEVEL IV: LIFE REPAIR: Vince Tuminello. O'Connell, Cheryl Nazaroff, LeAnn Lundberg, Clear 5845 WILLIAM HOLMES
G R A D E I: Jim Parker. G R A D E IV: Chris
Mike Gosset, Richard Weitock, Richard Hays, Don Pfendler. CLEVELAND Sherri Lundberg. HQS: Carolyn Black.
Suzy Sajnenkoff works with one of her S h a t t u c k , Maurice Soniat, Jim S h a t t u c k .
S T U D E N T HAT: Pat Carrasco, Cecil Proulx, STEVENSON IV,
Carlos R a p p a p o r t , Mike Schmalberger, Margie RELEASES GRADUATES
computer programming students. D u n n . DIANETIC I N T E R N S H I P : Mike Gosset, Bob DeMers, Randy Miller. PRD: Barbara Washington, D.C.
L I F E R E P A I R : Maureen Pulley, Ray Gardner, HAS: Luba Kywa, Sue Virgith. Krause. HSDC: Allan Henderson. Clear 5846 FRED COLLINS,
Jane Pepia, Betty G o t t s c h a l k , Jim Fletcher, Margarita Escurralia, Gladys Rivas, Dr. William RELEASES San Francisco
GRADUATES Walter Johnson, Nancy Suttles. DRUG RUN- Clear 5848 ALFRED BELLEZZA,
HAS: Danny Sloan, Greg A. Layton, John DOWN: Dorothy Johnson, Carolyn Black. Boston
Norman. ARC STRAIGHTWIRE: Gerry Quast, Betty
Knudson, Dorothy Johnson. DIANETICS: Clear 5849 GLENN RODGERS,
RELEASE Rich Sadler, Susan Zabala, Wally Hanks, Diana San Francisco
GRADE I: Peggy Gleghorn. Lucci, Tom Hall. GRADE O: Diana Lucci, Clear 5850 ALVIN D. SCHNELDER,
Melinda Bullerdick. GRADE III: Steve Buller-
MISSION OF THE MEADOWS dick. G R A D E IV: Phyllis Mueller, Pat Mattison, Twin Cities
HAS: Jerry White, Mike Milliard, Chad Dunlap, Phyllis Mueller, Gary Eakin. • Clear 5852 PATRICIA B. WALDON,
Kathy Parkinson, Lorna Stewart, John Ward, Berkeley
Robbie O'Neal, Mark Fussell, Carolyn Custer, WESTWOOD Clear 5853 LINDA R. TROUTMAN,
Joe Ravetto. HQS: Harry Dennett, Rita GRADUATES Washington, D.C.
Dennett, Andrew Boone, Dan Earl. HSDC: HAS: Peggy Ditta, Ken Browning, James
Robert Jaramillo. STUDENT HAT: Linda Johnson, Bob Haag, Kathy Blum, Myron Dove,
Flores. Dorthea Segal, Norman Kata, David Chupurdia,
April Haegle, Arlene Stanfield, Mike Moline,
RELEASES Eric Alshular, Lee Richards, Leora Merritt,
LIFE REPAIR: Harry Dennett, Rita Dennett, Lourdes Farnas, Ken Ziff, Melanie Tissott,
Walter Bonilla, Floyd Tolman. Ricki Blustein, Kassi Frenzelas, Alma Ramos,
VILLA PARK, ILLINOIS Denis Murakami, Jo Ness, Syed Ahamad,
GRADUATES Bob Eckelman, Sonya Kroch. HQS: Guy
HAS: Bernadette Ryan, Julius Winter, L. Lindley, Rich Koch, David Wexler, Roy
Jane Zieg, Allan S e x t o n , Carol Sexton, Clara
A. Dutenhaver, Paul W. Dutenhaver, J. Mark
Dutenhaver, Steve Dutenhaver, Lyall K.
Bowman, Brian Behm, Richard MoyChin.
HQS: Mary Keiller.
LIFE REPAIR: Mary Reinhart.
The expanding Church of Scientology in Miami has moved to these beautiful quarters, HAS: Marty Fowler, Carol Chaffee, Marilyn
three times the size of their previous building. Secrist, Tom Matthews, Shawn Palin, Mary
Martin, Wynn Simon, Marilyn Palin, Devora
MIAMI EXPANDS! Becker, Hilton Atherton. HQS: Russell Linde-
man, Donna Therton, Pat Collins, Bob Collins.
November 14, 1976, the Church of Mile" shopping district. (Now Miami will RELEASES
Scientology in Miami moved to new see some REAL miracles on the Miracle LIFE REPAIR: Marty Fowler, Donna Atherton,
quarters three times the size of their Mile!) Dorothy Clark.
old building! Statistics boomed immedi- Community acceptance has been
ately after the move. excellent. One local business sent a ALBUQUERQUE
Located in Coral Gables, a small city huge floral arrangement to welcome GRADUATES
within the metropolitan Miami area, the HAS: Dan Swallows, Jerry Johnson, Bob
Scientologists to the area. Harny, Patti Baker, Martha Lopez. HQS:
Church is two blocks off the "Miracle Robin Arnold, Oma Thorpe, Steve Wold,
Chip Babb, Wendy McMaster. STUDENT
HAT: Tim Gaiser, Charlie Orr. HSDC: Greg
Dilmore, George Ann Gregory.
Mission News GRADUATES
HSDC: Linda Kantor.
LIFE REPAIR: Chip Babb, Robin Arnold.
KANSAS CITY Rachell. GRADE IV: Mike Murphy.
HAS: David Layne, Ann Willoughby, Phil ARC STRAIGHTWIRE: Lesta Frank. GRADE
Black, Janet Maag, Gil Sneeden, Debbie Sisco, III: Phil Worsham. CHAMPAIGN-URBANA, ILLINOIS
Flo Hall, Don Blickman, Patty J. Hall, Don GRADUATES
Clare, Cheryl Cox, Keith Lowry, Phillip Alley,
KOKOMO, INDIANA HAS: Robert N. Miller, Robert Bernahl,
Alex Carr, John Holthus. HQS: Steve Gilbert, GRADUATES Kouame-Edouard, Robert Kravets, Bruce
Harlan McColley. HSDC: Gilbert Snedden. HAS: Rosie Epp. HQS: Susan Todd. Moechnig, Haruo Takeuchi, Glen Meeks,
RELEASES Geraldine Penninger, Helgi Ruenne, William E.
LIFE REPAIR: Shelley Tingler, Bill Melena. DALLAS Collins, Ira Abrams, David Unger, Juan Andino,
GRADUATE Mary Ellen Anglois, David Childress, Don
HPDC: Darrell Rasmussen. Kopach, Martin Willi, Lee Kearney, Jr., Dale
RACINE, WIS. Shaffer, Steve Shalon. HQS: Ron Hill.
BASIC STUDY MANUAL: Kenneth Allen, GRADUATES Jeffrey Magee, William Dawson, Ronald Hill.
Bruce Pommerville. HAS: Ellen Ford, STUDENT HAT: Faye Mize
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