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Deputies and Alternate Deputies to General Convention Anglican Covenant discussion group for Clergy Day, 2010;

Honduras missions
Four clergy persons and four lay persons, to be elected as Nominated by: The Rev. Keith Turbeville
Deputies, and four clergy persons and four lay persons to
be elected as Alternate Deputies. All nominees must be The Rev. Bur Dobbins: Trinity, Victoria
confirmed communicants in good standing. Retiring incum- Qualifications: As priests we are called
bents Robert Browning, Drew Cauthorn, Marthe Curry, Su- upon to take our “share in the councils of
san Hardaway, Kelley Kimble, Karen Lee, Richard Mosty, the Church.” Although this remains a dif-
John Warren and the Revs. John Badders, Milton Black, ficult time for our Diocese, The Episcopal
Nancy Coon, Ripp Hardaway, Don Lee, Ram Lopez, David Church, and the Anglican Communion,
Read are eligible. it is our responsibility as leaders in the
Church to remain in conversation and
Description of duties: As voting representatives of the dio- have our voices heard.
cese attend General Convention in the summer of 2012. Local Church Activities: Rector of Trinity, Victoria; Ves-
try, Junior Warden, stewardship chairman, council delegate,
Clergy and other church activities prior to seminary
Diocesan Activities: Elected to Executive Board of the
The Rev. Bill Allport: St. Helena’s, diocese and University of the South trustee, appointed to
Boerne the Ecclesiastical Trial Court of the diocese
Qualifications: New perspective, deep Nominated by: Vestry
ties to Diocese of WTX, passion for teach-
ings of Christ, innovative and creative The Rev. Paul A. Frey:
thinker, theologian Christ Church, Laredo
Local Church Activities: Rector of St. Qualifications: A love for The Episcopal
Helena’s Church with its many graces, strengths,
Diocesan Activities: Formerly on Bishop’s Advisory Com- and flaws. An awareness that the political
mittee in Diocese of Hawaii process is part of the way we shape our life
Nominated by: The Rev. Matthew Wise together, and a desire to do so charitably.
Local Church Activities: Paul Frey has
The Rev. David P. Chalk: St. Francis by been Rector of Christ Church, Laredo, since October 2004.
the Lake, Canyon Lake Paul is active with many parish activities, the Daybreak Ro-
Qualifications: Age, knowledge of di- tary Club, Greater Laredo Disaster Relief Committee, Casa
verse dioceses, familiarity with Diocese of Misericordia Battered Women’s Shelter, the local Habitat
WTX, theological discernment affiliate, and other organizations.
Local Church Activities: Rector of St. Diocesan Activities: In the Diocese of WTX he’s served
Francis by the Lake as a member of the Executive Board of the diocese several
Diocesan Activities: Missions Commission, numerous short times, the Evangelism Committee, and TMI-The Episcopal
term missions, former dean of Western Convocation, Camp School of Texas Board of Trustees. He is a former Dean
Capers chaplain and dean, Examining Chaplains, Trustee of of the Western Convocation in the Diocese of West Texas.
Church Corp, Cursillo Assistant Spiritual Director Paul has served as dean or chaplain at Camp Capers numer-
Nominated by: Nominating Committee ous times, and as chaplain at Mustang Island once.
Nominated by: Nominating Committee
The Rev. Kevin Dellaria: St. Andrew’s,
Seguin The Rev. Ramiro “Ram” Lopez:
Qualifications: Served congregations St. George, San Antonio
spanning three different dioceses of the Qualifications: Ram has been an alternate
province (Northwest Texas, Texas and deputy and deputy to General Convention
West Texas); Committed to the unity and in 2006 and 2009 and brings an under-
strengthening of The Episcopal Church standing of the process by which General
and the Anglican Communion; Rector of a parish active in Convention conducts its business. Was
mission to Central America elected at General Convention 2009 as Province VII clergy
Local Church Activities: Rector of St. Andrew’s representative on the Presiding Bishop’s Nominating Com-
Diocesan Activities: Chair Diocesan Nominating Com- mittee for current triennium.
mittee for Council, 2011; Diocesan Insurance Committee; Local Church Activities: Rector of St. George
Diocesan Activities: Standing Committee (president, The Rev. Keith Turbeville:
2010); elected twice to Executive Board; deputy to Gen- St. Elizabeth’s, Buda
eral Convention, 2006, 2009; former Trustee, University Qualifications: Keith has served the
of the South; has served on various diocesan committees church over the last ten years in three dio-
including Camps and Conferences committees, Recovery ceses; the Diocese of Virginia; the Diocese
Ministries, World Mission, and Diocesan Council Nominat- of Texas; and the Diocese of West Texas.
ing Committee. Has served as dean and chaplain numerous He has served congregations as their youth
times at Camp Capers and as chaplain to Mustang Island and adult leader, as well as a chaplain for
Family Camp St. James Episcopal School in Leesburg, Virginia. Keith
Nominated by: Vestry has a passion to see youth learn and grow in a Christian en-
vironment. Currently Keith has two children at TMI. Keith
The Rev. Scott Penrod: Trinity, Pharr is fully committed to the vision and importance of the unity
Qualifications: I have served as a leader between the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church
of a variety of Diocese of WTX ministries and their future relationship together.
for 20+ years. Local Church Activities: Vicar of St. Elizabeth’s, Buda
Local Church Activities: Rector of Trini- Diocesan Activities: Member of Mustang Island Program
ty, Pharr; Rio Grande Valley Good Samar- Committee, Dean at Camp Capers: Senior High mid-winter,
itan Community Services Advisory Board; January 2011, Senior High Summer Camp 2010; Junior
Pharr Community Outreach Project Executive Board High Mid-Winter January 2010; Chaplain: Mustang Island
Diocesan Activities: Past: Youth Commission Chairman; Family Camp, 2009
Spiritual Director Happening: Evangelism Dept.; Compen- Nominated by: The Rev. Kevin Dellaria
sation Committee: Lay rector for Cursillo. Current: Mem-
ber Mustang Island Program Committee; Member Advisory The Rev. Stockton Williams:
Board of Rio Grande Valley Good Samaritan Community St. Peter’s, Kerrville
Services Qualifications: Love for Christ and His
Nominated by: Kim Dozier Church: The Episcopal Church and the
Anglican Communion
The Rev. David G. Read: St. Luke’s Local Church Activities: Rector of St.
Church and School, San Antonio Peter’s; Chaplain, Hill Country Chapter
Qualifications: Experience as a Deputy/ of Order of St. Luke’s; Past president of
Alternate at four previous General Con- Christian Assistance Ministries of Kerrville; Past President
ventions, a desire to see our diocese navi- Kerrville Ministerial Alliance; Laity Lodge Retreat Leader
gate through the days ahead with everyone for St. Martin’s, Houston; St. Paul’s, Waco; and others.
on board Spiritual Director for Cursillos, Happenings, Kairos, and
Local Church Activities: Rector of St. Luke’s, San Antonio Men’s Emmaus. Mexico mission trips
Diocesan Activities: Current: Standing Committee; Trustee Diocesan Activities: Diocesan Spiritual Director for Hap-
of Church Corp; Diocesan Development; Diocesan Secre- pening – 2004 to current; National Happening Board-2006
tary; Camp Capers Chaplain. Previously: Executive Board; to current; Cursillo Secretariat, 2005 – 2009; Dean North-
Convocation Dean; Chair of Camps and Conferences ern Convocation – 2003 – 2006; Chaplain at summer camps
Nominated by: The Rev. John Badders and Dean at Mid-Winters at Camp Capers; Nominating
Committee (past); Lay Ministry Committee of Commission
The Rev. Patrick R. Soule: on Ministry (past); Evangelism Committee; Committee on
St. Andrew’s, Corpus Christi Bishop’s Address, 2009
Qualifications: Passion for being in- Nominated by: Vestry
volved in the life of the wider Church
Local Church Activities: Vicar of St. The Rev. Matthew Wise: Reconciliation,
Andrew’s, Corpus Christi San Antonio
Diocesan Activities: Assistant Spiritual Qualifications: Younger generation of
Director, Cursillo #248; Spiritual Director, clergy, passion for Diocese of WTX and
Cursillo #255 for missional movement, love of National
Nominated by: Bishop’s Committee Church and its history
Local Church Activities: Assistant Rec-
tor of Reconciliation
Diocesan Activities: Reconciliation Commission, Musician
DWTX conferences, Camp Capers Dean and Chaplain, of Uganda and their artistry efforts, currently leading two
Liturgy and Music Commission, Executive Board Bible studies
Nominated by: The Rev. Robert Woody Diocesan Activities: Nominated as deputy for last General
Convention but had to go to Uganda instead
Lay Nominated by: Martha Moore

Joan Cook Carabin: St. Paul’s, Steve H. Denney: St. Thomas,

San Antonio San Antonio
Qualifications: Committed church mem- Qualifications: Strong leader, experienced
ber, clergy spouse, community organizer, in organizational effectiveness, knowl-
skilled in vision implementation edgeable of church history/scriptures,
Local Church Activities: St. Paul’s: member of Episcopal Church since 1962
Newcomers Committee 2010; Christ Local Church Activities: Past Senior
Church: Outreach Committee 1996-2004, Warden, Community of Hope Pastoral
Habitat Task Force, Lay Eucharistic Minister; St. Mark’s: Care Administrator, Lay Eucharistic Visitor, member/past
Outreach Committee 1992-1995; Grace Church: Lay chair Missionary Committee, missionary (short-term) Rus-
Eucharistic Minister, Christian Education; St. Matthias, sia, graduate of EFM
St. Timothy: Lay Eucharistic Minister, reader, Christian Diocesan Activities: Member of Missions Committee
Education, outreach Nominated by: Vestry and the Rev. Chuck Woehler
Diocesan Activities: Department of Christian Social Rela-
tions 1983-87, DCSR Coordinator 1994-96; member Pro- Elizabeth Evans: St. Paul’s,
vincial Planning Committee for Justice, Peace, and Worship San Antonio
1996; chair of Race Relations Committee 1984-87; chair Qualifications: Organization, vision,
Small Gifts for Habitat solidly Anglican in thought, polity and
Nominated by: The Rev. Doug Earle perspective, has a great interest in the min-
istry of clergy and laity and the diaconate
Drew Cauthorn: St. Mark’s, Local Church Activities: Vestry, Lay
San Antonio Eucharistic Ministry, chair of Christian Formation Com-
Qualifications: Legal training mittee, webmaster for parish, plus numerous other various
Local Church Activities: Senior Warden, responsibilities and talents
Vestry, stewardship chair Diocesan Activities: Department of Christian Education,
Diocesan Activities: Chancellor, De- Task Force on Diaconate
velopment Committee, alternate to 2009 Nominated by: The Rev. Doug Earle
General Convention, Faith Alive coordinator
Nominated by: Nominating Committee Donnelle Gooch: St. Mark’s,
San Marcos
Elizabeth Cauthorn: St. Mark’s, Qualifications: Has been an alternate and
San Antonio seated at General Convention from the
Qualifications: Theological training Diocese of Oklahoma and Kansas; has
Local Church Activities: Chair of book- worked with national church with volun-
store at St. Mark’s teers
Diocesan Activities: Past alternate to Local Church Activities: Past Vestry
General Convention, committee member to diocesan educa- member, past senior warden, delegate to council numer-
tion annual event ous times, LEM, on many boards at church (mission, adult
Nominated by: Nominating Committee educations, worship)
Diocesan Activities: Mission trips to Honduras
Marthe Curry: Christ Church, Nominated by: The Rev. Ned Bowersox
San Antonio
Qualifications: Her breadth of knowl- Carrie Guerra: St. John’s, McAllen
edge, experience in the diocesan life and Qualifications: She is a bright woman,
the Episcopal Church, and her winsome who has a heart for God, loves the church
personality and is delighted in the exercise of her
Local Church Activities: Missions Com- ministries.
mittee for two years, working with women Local Church Activities: Christian edu-
cation, Lay Eucharistic Minister, council delegate, church small but very active parish.
school chapel leader, children’s church coordinator, local Diocesan Activities: Executive Board (Finance Commit-
and other mission activities tee) , Assistant Chancellor, Trustee of the Church Corp,
Diocesan Activities: Trainer for Safeguarding God’s Chil- deputy to General Convention, Nominating Committee
dren, Happening board member, teacher at Camp Capers, Nominated by: The Rev. Mike Marsh
other diocesan youth events
Nominated by: The Rev. Ray Cole Rawley McCoy: St. Francis, Victoria
Qualifications: has the desire and capac-
Mike Horridge: St. Thomas, ity to bring a thoughtful, open-minded,
San Antonio measured, and prayerful approach to bear
Qualifications: Mike has considerable in dealing with the contentious issues
knowledge of the Episcopal Church at the within our church
national, diocesan, and parish levels. Since Local Church Activities: Vestry, Se-
he has served effectively as Senior Warden nior Warden, Junior Warden, Eucharistic
and member of the Executive Board sev- Minister, lector, Finance Committee, Stewardship chair-
eral times, he would provide assistance to our bishops and man, men’s club president, choir member, Trinity Episco-
representation to the Diocese of WTX at the 2012 General pal School board member and president of the board, St.
Convention. Francis Capital Campaign Committee
Local Church Activities: St. Thomas Vestry, two terms Diocesan Activities: Commission on Church Buildings
as Senior Warden; chair of Greeter Ministry; member of (2001-present), Nominating Committee (2010)
choir; co-chair for Faith Alive programs; chair for steward- Nominated by: The Rev. Faith Bledsoe
ship, co-chair of Capital Funds Drive; Vestry representative
to St. Thomas School; council delegate 15 years; member Ronald G. Morrison: St. John’s,
of rector and music director search committees; chair of New Braunfels
Lay Compensation-Policy/Procedures Committee; chair of Qualifications: Ron has provided out-
Long-Term Visioning Task Force; co-chair of adult retreat standing leadership in guiding a commu-
programs; member of men’s Bible study program and vol- nity of people who are working through
unteer for Habitat for Humanity our issues as a church.
Diocesan Activities: elected member of the Board of Local Church Activities: Bishop’s War-
Directors of Morningside Ministries for six years, past den, Bishop’s Committee, lay reader, men’s ministry
member of Executive Board, appointed Executive Board Diocesan Activities: Delegate to council, Bishop’s Golf
representative to Finance Committee and Camps and Tournament
Conferences Ministries, chair of Mission and Ministry Nominated by: The Rev. Ripp Hardaway
Task Force, stewardship consultant, member of Clergy-Lay
Compensation Committee, appointed member of Finance Richard C. Mosty: St. Peter’s, Kerrville
and Stewardship Committees, member of the diocesan Qualifications: I have over 30 years ex-
Faith Alive Committee and participant in numerous Faith perience in diocesan activities in multiple
Alive programs in the last 22 years, and founder and cur- roles and am deeply committed to the
rent co-chair of “The Bishop’s Golf Classic” fundraiser for strength of the diocesan family.
children’s scholarships to camps and youth activities Local Church Activities: Former Vestry
Nominated by: Vestry Senior Warden, search committees (chair
once), chair of building committees, Cur-
Kelley Kimble: St. Philip’s, Uvalde sillo, numerous teams and rector, chancellor
Qualifications: After Kelley’s service as a Diocesan Activities: Former Standing Committee, Execu-
deputy to the General Convention in 2009, tive Board (2), General Convention 2006, 2009; chair of
she was appointed to the Program, Budget, Diocesan Task Force on Mission and Ministry 2003-05,
and Finance Committee for 2012. She will Constitution and Canons, Bishop’s Address Ecclesiastical
only be eligible to serve the diocese in Trial Court
this capacity if reelected as a deputy for Nominated by: Nominating Committee
General Convention in 2012.
Local Church Activities: Kelley has served St. Philip’s
as a two-term Senior Warden, co-chair of the Stewardship
Committee, Vestry, lay reader, treasurer, Altar Guild, Sun-
day school teacher, and all those other unnamed needs of a
John Upper: St. Andrew’s, Seguin
Qualifications: John shows leader-
ship abilities and determination and has
significant management experience. He is
actively involved in church matters and
would be a great representative for the
Local Church Activities: Senior War-
den (2010), Vestry, fellowship chairman,
usher, council delegate
Nominated by: The Rev. Kevin Dellaria

Robin R. Walker: St. Andrew’s, Seguin

Qualifications: Mrs. Walker is a dedicated
servant, willing to serve God and Jesus
Christ through her church. She has a good
understanding of church business and is-
sues. During her 15 years in the diocese she
has served as a delegate to seven councils
representing three churches and has served
as an officer on the Vestry of each church.
Local Church Activities: Vestry: Christ Church, Laredo;
Church of the Redeemer, Eagle Pass; St. Andrew’s, Seguin;
Senior Warden; Vestry clerk; stewardship liaison, steward-
ship chairman; lay reader; Eucharistic minister; Sunday
school teacher; Vacation Bible School leader; Altar Guild;
search committee; audit committee; Order of St. Luke;
council delegate seven years; election of the bishop council
Diocesan Activities: Bishop’s Disaster Response Commit-
tee, Camp Capers art director
Nominated by: The Rev. Kevin Dellaria

John S. Warren: Church of the Good

Shepherd, Corpus Christi
Local Church Activities: Vestry member,
Senior Warden, parish chancellor, board
member and chancellor for St. James Epis-
copal School, parish Cursillo representa-
tive, member and chairman parish mission
society, board member and chairman
Board of Trustees – Cliff Maus Village
Trust, parish endowment board member, parish 150th com-
munity outreach co-chair, council delegate
Diocesan Activities: Cursillo Secretariat, team member and
rector, council balloting and vendor committees co-chair,
Nominating Committee and Bishop’s Charge Committee,
Executive Board, Trustee of Church Corporation, alternate
delegate to General Convention 2006 and 2009
Nominated by: Vestry