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If General In Chief Simón Bolívar, once said referring to the United States of America that they were
“a Nation… very large, very hostile and capable of everything” it was because he did not know
about contemporary Cuba. If the South American Liberator were alive among us today, I am sure
he would deem Fidel Castro’s government (now in the hands of his brother and successor in the
“line to the Cuban throne” Raúl,) “the most hostile and capable of everything against
Venezuela” in all of the history of the Republic; and without a trace of doubt he would have taken
up arms against the Cuban terrorist state long ago to neutralize its menace.

Because of the mistakes and deficiencies of Democratic State ‘experiments’ that we had in the past,
Venezuelan citizens were not taught history as they should had been, nor were they taught who
were the true enemies of their Homeland and Venezuelan Nation. The common People of Venezuela
those the communists call “the popular mass” were so skillfully manipulated in their ignorance and
poverty that today they contemplate somewhat stunned how a group of foreigners and traitors in
Venezuela who control the power have taught children in school about foreign figures and
personalities such as Karl Heinrich Marx, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, Tiro Fijo, Fidel Castro and other
murderers of the same ilk who have nothing to do with Venezuelan history and achievements as a
nation. Quite the opposite, they have been and always will be enemies of the Venezuelan
Democratic State, enemies of the Homeland, and therefore enemies of all Venezuelans. These
people have been progressively imposing the figure of Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro as a “Father” to
those who consider themselves “patriotic”. “Our Father Fidel” is often the way he is called by the
individual occupying right now the Presidency of the Republic, Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías, who
grovels before the decrepit old man and his bloody, terrorist dictatorship, surrendering piece by
piece our homeland in exchange for his protection to be perpetuated in power.

Because of the years of democratic testing, citizens were not taught the true meaning of Fidel
Castro’s Cuba to Venezuela, and to the world at large, Venezuelans today -especially “the popular
mass”- do not know the dimension and the number of attacks that Cuba systematically and
methodically have been thrown against Venezuela since 1959. The majority of citizens are not
aware of the magnitude that Cuban subversion and terrorism have had and still have when so
implanted as a form of government [“guerrilla administration”] by the bloodthirsty Fidel Castro and
his band of murderers. He, unpunished before the world and the international justice, has extended
and promoted irregular Communist war and urban terrorism all over the Earth’s surface, sending
armed groups, hiring praetorian guards or mercenaries to protect true gorillas, helping them to
obtain power in their own nations, and promoting the drug-trafficking guerrilla with donations of
weapons and ammunitions to all kinds of criminal organizations and to all sort of radical elements
with the objective to topple democratic governments respectful of the International Law. Such
respectful government was Venezuela government, even with all its defects and perversions, before
the arrival of Hugo Chávez to power. Never has a small country lacking resources had the
aggressiveness and the influence like Cuba in the last decades, proportionally speaking; not Hitler’s
Gestapo, not the North American CIA, not the soviet Communist regime’s KGB, not her majesty’s
Scotland Yard, not Israeli MOSSAD, nor intelligence agencies of current Communist dictatorships
such as China, nor in Belorussia with Aleksandr Lukashenko, Kim Jong Il in North Korea, nor
religious and fundamentalists dictatorships like Muamar Khadafi’s in Libya, nor in Iran, etc., have
had such huge and systemic reach, neither have they accumulated the criminal capacity, the
terrorist experience, the tactic operational ramification, the resources, the infrastructure and all
criminal and terrorist organizations alliances worldwide, as the Cuban terrorist regime has had
and disposed of to exploit the weaknesses of nations known today as the “third world”, to
manipulate the misery of common people at its convenience, or to erupt hatred and violence among
brothers in all continents, acting with total impunity before the worldwide stupidity.

Cuban intelligence agencies and secret “organizations“ master the cover actions to falsify
documents, train extremist agents, implement espionage networks in many world’s countries,
gradually penetrate GOVERNMENTS or ARMIES (Venezuela’s case) with the objective of
dismantling them to consolidate its domain; control resources and/or acquire (steal) secrets and
process information quickly; plan and execute fulminating terrorist attacks on any location in the
world; recruit, indoctrinate and train combatants to execute guerilla operations; plan, organize and
develop misinformation campaigns; execute coups d’état; develop tentacles and weave networks
for and towards drug trafficking and technology transference making viable dirty money [washed
money] and illegal commerce. Cuba has successfully set up espionage operations and/or
subversions in almost all Latin American and African countries. United States, Canada and Europe
(including Scandinavia) have not escape from Cuban spies. Cuba has been militarily involved in all
African Liberation political movements as well as in all Latin American revolutions that have
emerged since 1960 which has supported with combatants (guerrillas and/or terrorists,) and also
with money, materials and equipments. Since Fidel Castro and his revolution assumed power in
1959, the Island of Cuba had been foot stepped by thousands of people from different continents
and from the most criminal ideological affiliations; among them, thousands of Latino Americans
such as some Venezuelans that have received and still do receive political ideological indoctrination
(brain wash) along with training in subversion and terrorism. In several documents, now of public
domain, it is calculated that there are over 12 international terrorist training camps in Cuba since

Cubans led to power the Angolan MPLA movement. They provided support by functioning as
instructors in the Khadafi terrorist camps, and have rendered their services as bodyguards, creating
‘rings of security’, for tyrants and dictators, like the Equatorial Guinea bloody ex dictator Francisco
Macías Nguema, and, without going too far, the one we have in Venezuela, Hugo Rafael Chavéz Frias.
According to author Juan F. Benemelis:

“The acts of sabotage in Beirut and Kuwait; the terrorism in European airports
and flights; the assassination for political reasons of Italian [minister] Aldo
Moro, Lebanese president Bashir Gemayel, Egyptian head of state Anwar el-
Sadat, and the First Ministers of India; the failed attempt against Juan Pablo II,
all of them are part of the violent agenda unleashed from La Habana to
[sustain] Fidel Castro Cuban Revolution…”

Furthermore, the current Cuban government is the only one in the whole American continent that
during the last 50 years have carry on the most bloody, cold and unpunished programmed genocide
of its own people by progressively exterminating almost all his political opponents through succinct
individual executions (Execution Squad) whereby many people have been murdered and many
others incarcerated an entire life, for “crimes” -aberrant from the legal and Universal Human Rights
point of view- such as to think differently from the “commandant” and to express opinions against

When Fidel Castro assumed power in Cuba in 1959, immediately put his eyes on Venezuela: a
country inhabited by good and simple people, the majority ignorant, full of natural resources of all
kinds; and “Oil”, especially that “Oil”. He understood right away that controlling Venezuela would
be vital for the continuation in time of his Marxist model and its international spreading. There it
was the money that he would need; therefore he turned Venezuela into his most important military
target. Author Juan F. Benemelis in his work “Fidel Castro Secret Wars”, chapter 3, paragraphs
“The New Simón Bolívar”, “The Clandestine Fight”, and “The Defeat” tell us the following:

“The New Simón Bolívar”: Venezuela protruded as a country with social instability;
its history was marked by over fifty revolutions and coups d’état. This broad South
American geographical stripe, paradise of sun and flowers, floated in a sea of oil, and
had immense deposits of iron. ‘The black gold’ [oil] was mostly processed in the
paradisiacal islands of Curacao and Aruba, where the biggest refinery of the
occidental world were located. When Fidel assumed office in Cuba, Venezuelan
unions, just like in Panama, became subordinated [enrollees] to the older Cuban
communist party, always following its orientation. The hand of Blas Roca, the
Cuban Marxist hierarch, had resolved the old Venezuelan communist
factionalism by selecting a “troika” consisting of Juan Bautista Fuenmayor,
Gustavo Machado y Pedro Ortega. Castro’s victory shook the land of Bolivar. The
communist social democratic youth, bored by the empty slogans and speeches of his
politicians, soon embraced the ‘Castrismo.’ Among the most outstanding from
their beginnings were the ex commissioned Officer Douglas Bravo, Eloy Torres
and Petkoff; being the last one very prominent in the conflict against General
Marcos Pérez Jimenez’s dictatorship. Castro’s visit to Caracas in 1959 provoked a
schism in the nation and happened at the highest moment of charismatic peak of the
Venezuelan strongman by then, of open leftist tendency, Wolfgang Larrazabal.
Democratic reformist groups were headed by Rómulo Betancourt, an astute
politician of reflective consciousness. They found themselves cornered in front of a
new wave of Castro’s style total revolution. However, the Venezuelan People chose
the ballot boxes, and an electoral triumph of Betancourt, with a program pointing to
the middle class, was a backhand for Castro who knew that Betancourt would not be
a forceful ally in his anti-U.S.A. campaign. Regardless of this, Castro did not yield and
continued his efforts to cement a political axis with Venezuela against the U.S. which
Betancourt rejected along with a request of $300 million to buy oil; “Caracas’ man
dusted the Cuban off by arguing that his collaborators were talking with bankers in
New York to obtain a short term credit of $200 million because the national treasure
was worn-out and embezzled.” After Castro’s failed turné [tour] in Caracas,
Betancourt denied visas for an official mission promoted by the Cuban leader,
headed by Che Guevara and Raúl Castro. Yet, two rebuffs in a row do not make
Castro give up his purposes and in May 1960 he proposes again an alliance
chartering Cuba’s President of that time, Osvaldo Dorticós with the command to
trade sugar for oil and crystallize a political join to isolate the U.S. from the OAS.
Dark clouds loom over the humid Venezuelan tropic. With Dórticos committee’s
backhand ends the honeymoon originated in La Habana, which go ahead and funds
with all its strengths the pro-castristas groups, opponents to Betancourt that
prowled around Orinoco’s ground. Castro counted at that time with two
bastions in Venezuela, the Venezuelan Communist Party (PCV) under Castro’s
commands and the Juvenile Activists Mafia, gathered in the leftist
Revolutionary Movement (MIR)…

…The Clandestine Fight: Cuban initiated a wide scheme of recruitment in

Universities and The Venezuelan Army. The Cuban machine invaded the official and
college institutions with propaganda unleashing a parallel campaign that was
embraced by the youth. The so called traditional left of the Continent (Figueres,
Bosch, Muñoz Marin, Arévalo, Victor Raúl Haya de la Torre, Cárdenas, and etcetera)
was portrayed as an obstacle ‘putting the brakes’ on the unavoidable process of
changes. A recent example [occurred] in Perú, where the young Luis Puente Uceda
cut ties with Haya de la Torre’s party and moved inside the jungles. He did so with a
great explosion of “glory”, with a war cry shouted from La Habana that echoed in
Venezuela; so much in fact that the left wing chose to separate from the government
creating a crisis in Betancourt’s Cabinet. The consolidation of the Habana-Moscow
axis exceedingly worried Betancourt, who was aware that he was considered by
Castro his number one public enemy. After a Raúl Castro’s reception in the URSS, it
was decided to convoke in La Habana a Latin American Juvenile Congress to unify
continental radical forces and to put an end to Caracas’ government. Caracas-La
Habana tensions started off with the expulsion of Cuban agents, the detention of
conspirators, and the confiscation of contraband weapons. Towards the middle of
1960, a strange group traveled to Caracas to receive instruction about clandestine
commando’s action. Among others were Simón Mérida, a MIR leader, actress Astrid
Fisher, and Lebanese Miguel Tanus. In July, a Cuban plot aimed to cause political
problems to the Venezuelan Church is unmasked. Those arrested for the Caracas’
Cathedral assault confessed that Castro’s government was the instigator in these
events. On July 26, 1960 Cuban diplomat Guillermo Leon Antich headed a
manifestation in Caracas. The Cathedral was stoned and the astonished Caracas
authorities verified who the author of these disturbances was: On August 24, they
caught León Antich in fragrant when he was delivering $400,000.00 sent by
Fidel Castro to elements of the opposition to foment a revolt against
Betancourt. None of this was impediment for Castro, who decided to continue with
his bizarre outrages against Betancourt. In November, during a routine’s round
patrol, the Venezuelan police detain two members of the Cuban intelligence,
Francisco Chacón and Natalio Pernas, [caught] in the middle of a subversive action
inside of the country. In December, alarm spreads in Betancourt’s
administration when the vigilant attention of Venezuelan security discover a
huge load of weapons coming from Cuba, introduced through several spots
along the coastal prairies and near an abandoned airfield. The consolidation of
Cuba’s bond with communist cells and Venezuelan radicals were strengthened
through its powerful Embassy in Caracas, nurtured by special agents that
manipulated student chapels, supported newspapers, and served as a link to the
Communist party MIR and the brand-new guerillas. On January 11, 1961 in the
middle of Sierra Maestra [a Mountain], Castro had a confidential meeting with a
conglomerate of Latin American leaders to analyze a way to precipitate a war
crusade in the entire continent, starting with a Venezuelan cell. Castro’s
reasoning consisted on preparing an international brigade similar to the one
instituted during the Spanish civil war. The group included a jumble of Guatemalans,
Guadalupeños, unionized Paraguayans and others. Outstanding among them were
the Colombian communists Tancredo Errante and Luis Sánchez. From Costa Rica,
Carlos Luis Falla -that conducted the war in 1948 against the ex president Figueres;
and a nurtured group of Venezuelans: Simón Mérida and Manuel Marcano, among
them. A massive contingent of Latin Americans made up the famous Bay of Pigs
Battalion-331 in the defeat against the anti-castrista armed groups in the Escambray
Sierra [Mountain]. Castro decides to unleash his brilliant plan Camilo
Cienguegos in Venezuela. In April 1961 the nation trembles with the
pronouncements in the Military Units of Caracas, Maracaibo and Cumana, which are
bloodily squashed. The role played by Cuban Embassy in Caracas during these
disturbances very quickly came out to the surface. In June of that year [1961]
Venezuelan Security Forces confiscate a voluminous load of machine guns
manufactured in Czechoslovakia and tranquilly sent by air mail to Zulia State
from Cuba. In November, Betancourt’s government breaks diplomatic
relations with Cuba to end the Cuban espionage labor showing to the
international press countless proofs of Castro’s direct interference in the
destabilization of the nation. Already by 1962, the PCV (Venezuelan Communist
Party) -under La Havana’s guardianship, had proposed the idea of an armed
insurrection. In moments where Castro was debating a suffocating financial duel
with United States, and also getting into a danger relationship with the URSS, he
fiercely needs a Marxist Venezuela which could provide the required help with Oil
and the disposition to deny these hydrocarbon river basins to Washington. For that
purpose he made an occult non aggression pact with the Dominican dictator
Trujillo; agreement that was negotiated in La Habana by ‘trujillista’ General Arturo
Espaillat. Trujillo and Castro were recently expelled from OAS, and the Dominican
official press roared against the “North American Imperialism” and started flirting
with a Cuban style socialist ideology. Betancourt was aware of this alliance that
showed promise to be troublemaker for his government. Cuban aid to the
insurrection in Venezuela was specially directed toward the so called
Chirinos’ Front led by Fabricio Ojeda, Petkoff and the ex commissioned official
Douglas Bravo. Other guerilla centers [cells] existed as well, such as the one
leaded by Juan Vicente Cabezas, and the one called Simón Bolívar, headed by
Tirso Pinto and German Lairet. Castro recurs again to a military coup,
perceiving perhaps that guerrilla warfare in Venezuela not only would take
long time but also with a doubtful result. This is how in 1962 castrenses
uprisings were originated in the bases of Carúpano and then in Puerto Cabello,
directed by elements that responded to Cuba (like Petkoff) but again, both
attempts were violently crushed. Since La Habana had accomplish to trigger
the insurrection in Venezuela with a succession of uprisings, attacks against
barracks, sabotages, assaults, etc., it is possible that the pro-castristas
insurrects have had in mind a flashing guerilla’s victory in the best Cuban
style. However, the Venezuelan army did not give them a truce, blocking the
extension of the [guerrilla’s] cells into other latitudes of the national territory.
In October of that year, the authorities got proof that Castro himself was the
person that ordained four electric power centrals in Maracaibo’s Lake to be
blown up. Even though the police and the Venezuelan Armed Forces were alerted,
on November 3rd a Venezuelan commando prepared in Cuba, dynamited two oil
pipelines and a gas pipeline in the heart of ‘Puerto la Cruz.’ In January 1963,
Betancourt double strikes Fidel Castro, when it was discovered in Caracas the main
warehouse of weapons that Cuba arranged for the use of Venezuelan insurrects,
along with compromising documentation not only for La Havana but also for the
guerilla and the clandestine urban networks precipitating a harsh defeat for the
troop of castristas rebels in the zone of Falcón. Facing the strokes of Betancourt
Armed Forces, Castro decides to unify the divergent Venezuelan Guerrilla fronts in a
central leadership and secretly compromise the Soviet Bloc in that insurrection.
Toward the middle of 1963 it is shaped the National Liberation Front with Cuba’s
sustain and logistic received also in minor scale from China and the URSS. It was the
time that Ojeda -highest pontiff of the FALN, Juan Vicente Cabeza -of the Venezuelan
Communist Party, Petkoff and Gregorio Lunar Márquez, outstand as the maximum
insurrection’s chiefs. On May 25, 1963 a vast terrorist process was initiated with an
attempt to assault La Carlota airport, and celebrated later on, on July 26, when
bridges were blew up while guerilla groups attacked towns, and disturbances were
generated. In August, the Arrecifes’ gas pipeline and the Ulcamay’s oil pipeline were
dynamited; weapons were found, as well as propaganda and a detailed Cuban plan
to kill the Presidents of Venezuela and Colombia. The Cuban agent José Alfonso was
captured directing a terrorist group in Falcón, while in Anzoategui, Dupont factories,
Sears warehouses and other North American properties were assaulted.

The Defeat: However, the guerilla begins to confront a bitter reality when cannot
see materialized the cooperation of The People [of Venezuela] and Castro have no
other choice that perform constant transfusions of men and weapons. On November
4th the Venezuela Army caught in the Paraguaná’s Peninsula, an Unloading shipped
from Cuba. Four tons of war’s materials were confiscated. Weeks later, in several
confrontations with guerrillas, weapons of Belgian manufacture showing the
Cuban shield were found. Toward the end of that month, in a laconic talk,
President Betancourt announced that he had at his disposal overwhelming proofs of
the promotion of urban violence and guerillas by Castro, and the only thing to do
was to convoke an emergency meeting of all the American Continent Nations to
collectively analyze the measures that would be taken to face La Havana’s constant
violation of Venezuelan sovereignty. The elections toward the end of that year with
the massive popular vote and the victory of Betancourt’s protégé, Raul Leoni,
showed the degree of isolation of the armed fight and the incapacity of Castro to
sabotage the democratic process in Venezuela. Caracas democratic consolidation
had irritated Castro and had disconcerted the guerilla and the Venezuelan PCV
whose owner was Fidel Castro. Therefore, it was expected the tear provoked among
the orthodox militancy, headed by Pompeyo Marquez, Jesús Farías, Domingo Alberto
Rangel, and the guerrilla chiefs pro-castristas, aspiring at that time to direct the
political organization. Tension between Caracas and La Havana threaten to
become a war clash; Betancourt fortifies his troop but Castro was armed by
the Soviet Bloc to unsuspected levels. Before each Venezuelan protest, Cubans
responded with an action. Year 1964 showed politically unfavorable for Castro in
the entire hemisphere, and it was expected that Cuba, facing the pressure of the
entire continent, would desist from his interventionist attempts in Venezuela. In
January of that year a small fleet of eight fishing boats set sail from La Havana
with Cuban and Soviet flags, unloading weapons not only in British Guyana
and the Women Island (later worn by the Venezuelan female guerrillas) but
also in the coasts of that country [Venezuela]. In February of 1964 the OAS
condemned Castro’s regime in the Venezuelan case documenting the massive
shipments of subversive propaganda, preparations of guerrilla and terrorists,
funding of subversive activities, introduction of war gear and the infiltration
of Cubans spies in Venezuela. In May, the PCV begins to break its umbilical cord
with the insurrection showing interest to initiate a dialog with the government,
supported by some Latin American communist parties that had not common ground
with the Castrista’s fauvism. The communist orthodox wing resignation to the
guerrilla plotting, ratified in year 1965, provoked a virulent reaction among
those insurrect communists that were patronized, like Douglas Bravo, from La
Havana. This Venezuelan PCV ambivalence had repercussions in the position that
Castro and Che Guevara assumed soon after in Bolivia not having trust in the
Bolivian Communist Party of Mario Monje to foment the guerrilla cell. Fidel Castro
decided to usurp a mayor logistic responsibility in the Venezuelan guerrilla
and in order to do so he ties the details with Douglas Bravo and Fabricio
Ojeda. The first fruit would be the combine landing of Cubans and Venezuelans
in July 1965, with participation of Petkoff who, aided by a terrorist assault,
would make explode valuable oil pipelines of the Gulf Oil, Mobil Oil, Texas
Petroleum and the Socony Oil in the oriental region of the nation. The
government replied with the arrest of all members of the Venezuelan Communist
Party and MIR. In August, Venezuelan security break up a broad complot design that
Cubans conducted from Paris, by detaining Silvia Aguero and Elsa Braun, their key
contacts in Venezuela. On March 1967 occurs the murder of Dr. Julio Iribarren -
brother of the Venezuelan chancellor, by a commando that holds direct
relationships (subordination) with Fidel Castro in La Havana. After the crime
was committed, The Havanero daily Granma published the declarations of FALN’s
guerrilla chief, Elías Manuit Camero, who claimed the action as carried out by his
organization. President Leoni explained the preparation of this murder, and other
previous acts of violence as performed with the consent of Cuba’s Government. The
Venezuelan Minister of Internal Affairs and future president Carlos Andres Perez,
declared that the responsibility for this entire situation was Castro’s, because of his
methods in Venezuela. Pérez announced that it was time for Venezuela and all the
Latin-American countries to decide to do something to face Cuba. Hector Mujica,
head of the Venezuelan PCV [Communist Party], forcefully condemned the crime
against Doctor Iribarren and criticized Cuban politics. The prominent point of
controversy between Castro and the traditional Venezuelan communists took place
during moments of great Havana’s euphoria, resulted from the guerrilla operations
that Che Guevara was unleashing in Bolivia.

On May 8th 1967 the Cuban vessel ‘Sierra Maestra’ set sail from Santiago de
Cuba’s port unloading a guerrilla device [party] in Venezuelan inlets in a place
between Machurucuto and Jinarapo. The Cuban invading force was discovered
and annihilated by Venezuelan Army units. In the fight were captured Cuban
military Antonio Briones Montoto, Manuel Gil, and Pedro Cabrera who
committed suicide in prison. Montoto died drowned at the hands of his
interrogators while being tortured. The Venezuelan government then got rid of what
remained of the urban guerrilla’s infrastructure. The tension between the
Venezuelan Stalinists and Castrists became a reflection of the tactical differences
between Moscow and La Havana in regards to the taking of Venezuelan political
power. Castro accused Venezuelan communists of treason for not wanting to attend
the OLAS meeting in La Havana. The setback of the guerrilla cell in Africa, Bolivia,
and the United States’ invasion of the Dominican Republic, determined the fate of
the Venezuelan insurrects. Therefore, Fidel Castro started assuming a less strident
international attitude and more conditioned by the Kremlin. His approval of the
soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia provoked the definitive schism with the Latin-
American guerrilla; so the Caamaño project in the Dominican Republic along with
the one of Douglas Bravo’s rebels in Venezuela was set aside by Fidel Castro.

In June 1967 Castrista-Venezuelan guerrilla combatant Manuel Marcano rendered a

declaration in front of an OAS’s special commission which minimized the Cuban
subversion in Venezuela. Marcano, trained by the Cuban secret services,
participated in numerous sabotages and terrorist actions against his own country.
According to Marcano, Fidel Castro organized a Venezuelan unit that took part in the
operations in the Escambray hills against Castro’s opponents, inside the Cuban
Army, in the years 1960 to 1962. Venezuelans, along with other Latin-Americans,
took courses in the Cuban war schools. Marcano testified the following:

1. That Fidel Castro himself expressed to them how decisive was to strike
Maracaibo’s zone because of the biggest oil pipelines located there, in order to
create trouble for the government; likewise, that it was essential to blow up the
supplies transport’s lines to give the feeling of a situation out control in the

2. That Fidel Castro had appointed him to carry out a combat mission in Venezuela
coordinated with the general secretary of the Venezuelan MIR, Américo Martín.

3. That by disposition of Fidel Castro, he controlled Aruba’s hallway, used

thoroughly by La Havana, which perfectly functioned to introduce weapons
along with “Cuban and Venezuelan combatants trained in Cuba”. He also
declared that from there, MIR leader Américo Martin slipped away in a banana
boat bounded for the English Checkpoint Charlie, in Berlin, complying with Fidel
Castro orders.

4. That in October 1966 he traveled to México where he received from the

hands of Cuban agent Reginaldo Cepeda, secret communication keys
created by the soviets; false documentation to enter Venezuela to infiltrate
official resources to obtain Venezuelan coast tactical charts such as
strategic places, Venezuelan Army Bases, and military vulnerable spots to
provide it to Fidel Castro who would use them in the planning of the next
armed incursions in Venezuela. In his declaration to Venezuelan authorities,
Marcano manifested that, following Fidel Castro orders, he provided money to
Journalist Menéndez, of the magazine ‘Sucesos,’ for several stories favorably
portraying La Havana, and reveled how Cubans financed this Political magazine,
along with a group of publications in France. Marcano’s last contact trip, to
consult with his Cuban patrons, resulted like an odyssey, and he had to quickly
move from Madrid to Paris and from there suddenly toward Berlin, due to the
hound of occidental services maintained around Cuban agents. Once in Prague,
he could finally have an interview with his superiors from the Cuban
Intelligence General Direction that gave him $250,000.00. Amount of
money that Américo Martín, from MIR, had requested to Fidel Castro. This
money had been originally assigned to another armed organization, the
FLN, belonging to the PCV; furthermore, Fidel Castro got the compromise
to regularly give to MIR a monthly help of $25,000.00. Marcano accepted to
transmit a direct order from Fidel Castro to the insurrects in Venezuela about
not collecting funds of any European socialist country since Cuba would resolve
any financial need. Cuban services demanded from him the kidnapping of
Manuel Artime, head of the exiled Cuban counter revolution, who often visited
Venezuela, to have him transferred to ‘El Bachiller’s guerilla in order to “soften”
him, to be then transferred to Margarita’s Island and from there to Cuba under
the action of sedatives. Fidel Castro also requested from him that his
military intelligence dispositive could penetrate those Venezuelan military
that were partaken in the Latin American Defense Board.

The description made by Juan F. Benemelis in his work sets up a valid reference of Fidel Castro’s
hostile politics toward Venezuela at the head of the Cuban terrorist state. It is also evidence that
this genocide dictator declared war to us from the moment he assumed office in 1959, and it is
proof of the existence of VENEZUELAN TRAITORS TO THEIR NATIVE LAND at the service of the
Cuban terrorist state, mortal enemy to Venezuela, that has been acting, and still does so, with total
impunity, so the reason they multiply is because their TREASON had never been punished as

In 1961, Venezuelan Republic, by the intercession of his government, presented before the OAS a
great amount of proofs against the Cuban terrorist state, not only in regard the unloading of tons of
weapons in several Venezuelan spots and using different channels; or the landing of armed Cuban
military with combat missions against Venezuela entrusted to them by the Cuban government; but
also the training in Terrorism of Venezuelans that were later sent to perform terrorist activities
within their own territory, along with Cubans; and a whole large list of armed incursions where a
great amount of soldiers and peasants died. In summary, the documented evidence of all sort of
Cuba’s aggressions and hostilities against Venezuela that had been accumulated in a thick dossier.
Finally, the OAS [Organization of American States] issued an investigation and the 31 of January of
1962 Cuba was expelled from the Inter-American system for the military aggression against
Venezuela among other serious charges. [As a result,] all its members broke all diplomatic and
commercial relations with Cuba with the only exception of Mexico. The quoted fragment presented
earlier, taken from the works of Juan F. Benemelis relating the author’s perspective on all Fidel
Castro’s Cuba aggressions against Venezuela, with the collaboration of Venezuelan traitors during
the Sixties, was written much before Hugo Rafael Chavez Frías and his accomplices opened the
doors to the last Cuban invasion and therefore lets us appreciate the level of aggressiveness and
impunity of Fidel Castro’s actions in the Cuban front against our Homeland, as much so as the
magnitude of the treason today perpetrated by those who are currently in power in Venezuela.

There is a great amount of public documents proving not only the hostile politics but also the
hostile actions of La Havana against Venezuela; and Fidel Castro intentions to take over our
Country, via weapons, to enslave the Venezuelans as the Cubans are enslaved, using his means as
the source to finance his subversion plans and international terrorism. Yet, notwithstanding his
expulsion from the OAS Fidel Castro continued attacking Venezuela, training traitors in Cuba as
guerrilla fighters and sending them with arms, ammunitions, materials and combat equipment to
make incursions and to keep penetrating our coastlines. On May 8, 1967 the Venezuelan Army
detected and neutralized a large Cuban armed incursion through Machurucuto [a town], which had
been accurately planned and personally supervised by Fidel Castro to include the participation of
high seas vessels, with full logistic approach, cash money in dollars as well as bolivars,
communication devices, landing boats [rafts] of the assault type, and combat personnel composed
by Venezuelan “guerrilleros” (traitors to their own country) trained in Cuba and also military
personnel of the Cuban Army. In the communist website http://mllcloyolianos.blogspot.com, on
Friday May 18, 2007 appeared an article entitled: “Machurucuto, Genial History of an Invasion”;
the traitor who writes it tells in the most shameless way how the preparations for the Cuban
invasion through the Machurucuto’s coast on 8th May 1967, were unfolded, directed and personally
overseen by Fidel Castro, and how it was then neutralized by the glorious Venezuelan Army, to
which I belong. To continue [on the argument] I cite an excerpt from the mentioned article:

“We came on board at six in the morning on May 3rd 1967. Fidel spent all night
long with us, accompanied by commander Guillermo Garcia Ponce -who was
the chief of the Party in the orient area, by one of the Sierra Maestra combatants, and
by his security people, including ‘de La Guardia’ brothers, Tony and Patricio All that
night was devoted by Fidel to read and comment his Sierra Maestra war
dispatches, that he carried with him in a voluminous and very well bound
book, reading for us these documents and giving us orientations on how to
proceed until we ran into the guerrilla that supposedly was located in a hamlet
named ‘La América’, in the outskirts of ‘El Bachiller’s hill, in Miranda State. The
landing should have taken place in a spot called El Cocal de los Muertos, as it is
shown in the map: latitude 10 11’ 14 N; longitude 65 35’ 22 W. An area of coconut
palms on a strip of sand very close to the road of the Orient, which will allow us to
rapidly reach it, cross it and make way to the mountains without being discovered.
We spent all that early morning doing that: silently listening to the incessant
Fidel’s advice on how we should proceed. I remember around six in the
morning that one of the security men told Fidel, who was still talking and
talking and talking and giving us counsel: “Commander, the boys have to
embark”. We then walked towards the dock – we had been transferred days before
from Pinar del Rio to Santiago de Cuba and lodged in the impressive mansion that
used to belong to the Bacardí family, owners of the famous Cuban Rum, a true palace
with its own dock and enough spread and drench that a warship could dock there
camouflaged as a fishing vessel, armed to the teeth. We embarked rapidly,
always accompanied by Fidel, who came onboard with us. Then he presented those
that were to leave in the expedition with a Rolex watch, that famous one, the
submarine. “The best watch for a guerrilla man” he commented as he was giving us
the watch, “Because it doesn’t matter the whereabouts, in the mountains, in the
water, it works everywhere.” He gave each of us a watch – one to Moises Moleiro, to
Eduardo Ortiz Bucaram, to Americo Silva and one for me. Also he gave us one
additional Rolex to be given to Américo. “This one is to be handed to Américo.” This
is because, as I have related before, he was supposed to be leading the fight in ‘El
Bachiller’ guerrilla front. And as I related above, Fidel’s encounter with Américo in
mid 1965, to which I also participated, lasted three whole days and nights, and it
was extraordinarily affectionate. Fidel remained really impressed by Américo.
He surrendered under his spell and took care of him in a splendid, very special
way. To the point that when we were ready to embark he gave an extra watch
to Moisés, with this specific commend: “Give this one to Américo.”

Two commando speedboats should have left the main vessel approaching two miles
from the coastline, in front of ‘El Cocal de los Muertos’. We were eight combatants on
the actual landing boat, supposed to get infiltrated and four crew members in charge
of the mission, specialized in landing tasks. They had previously participated in the
landing of Luben Petkoff, Arnaldo Ochoa Sánchez and a group of 14 other Cubans
that were integrated in the guerrilla front commanded by Douglas Bravo in the
Falcón sierras [mountains]. There were four frogmen trained for this sort of
operation: Tony Briones Montoto, Manolo Gil Castellanos, Torres, and a certain
‘Pico:’ people with great experience, whom, along with the eight guerrilla fighters
constituted a crew of twelve men. Another twelve men -as well of great experience
were in the other boat, for support, heavily armed and disposed to back us up in
case of an emergency in the moment of the landing. That second boat had a direct
order from Fidel to immediately engage in combat under any circumstance
and to give us all possible support to perform the landing and the infiltration
until coming across with El Bachiller’s guerrilla. Fidel instructions were
forceful and very precise: in case of any emergency everyone should land and
integrate into the guerrilla. Every one of us, included the crew members of both
speedboats, was carrying ten thousand Dollars and ten thousand Bolivars in
cash bills. We were 24 men in total, so we were transporting two hundred forty
thousand dollars and two hundred forty thousand bolivars. At the exchange rate of
4.30 bolivars per dollar, [it was] an average of two thousand five hundred dollars
extra per person, that is: sixty thousand dollars in Venezuelan money. For the time,
it was a true fortune. At Fidel’s request, -who used to visit us in the middle of the
night in the Pinar del Rio’s house where we slept during our training, to
review even the smallest detail of our preparations- it was agreed to abandon
the FAL, ---the Venezuelan Army combat weapon-, and carry AK 47. “At least
for the landing and the first fire exchanges”, he had said to us. “It is much more
efficient and light for those tasks. They will anyway get enough FAL [rifles]
conquered from the enemy, the Venezuelan Army.” The name of the four
Cubans in unforgettable because they were the highest meaningful
combatants in the Cuban Army, which shows the extraordinary importance that
Fidel assigned to the landing, and more in particular to the revolutionary war in
Venezuela, that he believed it would be solved on our behalf in the short term. They
were important not only for what they used to be but also for what they would
become. They were: Commander Raúl Menéndez Tomassevich, maximum chief
in the guerilla war against the peasants that rose up against Fidel Castro in ‘El
Escambray’, the so called “Bandits’ War”, where he had life and death power
widely exercised; subsequently general of division, member of the Main State,
Cuban hero and head of the Africa’s mission, deceased; Captain Ulises Rosales
del Toro, today a General of Division, member of the Cuban Communist Party
Political Bureau Central Committee, member of the National Assembly of
People’s Power, member of the State Council, Minister of Sugar since 1997 and
currently the key man in the Nomenclature along with Raúl Castro, a Cuban
hero. The picture was completed by Captain Silvio García Planas, and the
Medical doctor of the misión, Harley Borges, an elite group. Add the presence
in Falcón, along with another 14 Cuban revolutionary Army elite combatants,
of Captain Arnaldo Ochoa Sánchez, who would become the most named and
glorified general in the history of the Cuban Revolutionary Army, hero in
Angola, in South Africa and Ethiopia, fighting at that time in the Falcón
Guerrilla Front along with Douglas Bravo and Luben Petkoff; and now you can
have an idea of what Venezuela meant to Fidel Castro. I must add an ironic fact
that shows the cruelty of history: Ulises Rosales Del Toro and Raúl Menéndez
Tomassevich were part of the military jury that sentenced General Arnaldo Ochoa
Sánchez and Tony de la Guardia to death twenty years after these events, in 1988”.

The testimony of this Homeland traitor exposed before, is an evidence that Fidel Castro was
personally in the front line of the war that he had declared to Venezuela, and the blood here spilled
is all over his hands; he supervised the trainings, reviewed the weapons, ammunitions and gear
shipments that often departed from Cuba, and was too close to come and combat from here… It is a
pity that he did not do it.

Because Fidel Castro continued his attacks toward Venezuela -training ‘guerrilleros’ and deploying
them in incursions to penetrate our coasts from different points; and he did so along with members
of the Cuban Army- killing Venezuelan military and peasants in ambushes, in 1967 Dr. Raúl Leoni’s
government turned once again to The OAS. Foreign Affair Ministers from the member nations
confirmed the Venezuelan accusations about the constant armed incursions coming from Cuba
(Cuban Invasion) and, once again, The OAS condemned Cuba per Interference and Aggression
against Venezuela. On August 31, 2001, Venezuelan Newspaper “Tal Cual” published an article with
the testimony of Demetrio Boersner, who was the political and personal advisor in 1967 of
Venezuela’s chancellor Dr. Ignacio Iribarren Borges, which textual content I present in the

“Early in the morning on that Friday, May 12 of 1967, I got an urgent phone call from
Venezuelan chancellor Dr. Ignacio Iribarren Borges, asking me to go to his office as
soon as possible. At that time, I was his personal political advisor and besides- I
enjoyed President Leoni’s confidence. I was informed that, on the night of
Wednesday May 10 until Thursday -May 11, our [Venezuelan] Army had
captured two active members of the Cuban Armed Forces in the act of
unloading Venezuelan guerilla trained in Cuba, in the Machurucuto’s Beach,
facing the oriental extreme of Tacarigua’s lagoon. Another Cuban military
have die during the operation. The Cuban captives –first lieutenant Manuel Gil
Castellanos and militiaman Pedro Cabrera Torres- were interrogated by the
SIFA (today known as the DIM) [Direction of Military Intelligence]. They have signed
confessions that would be given to the press. My role would be to handle the
diplomatic aspect of the matter by coordinating teamwork with the Minister of
Foreign Affairs -Reinaldo Leandro Mora, Minister of Defense –General Ramón
Florencio Gómez and General Martín Márquez Añez. On Monday, May 15, I attended
a meeting with the chancellor, where the participants -besides the President Raúl
Leoni, included citizens such as Leandro Mora, Iribarren Borges, Gonzalo Barrios,
Luis Beltrán Prieto Figueroa, Jóvito Villalba, Jaime Lusinchi, Manuel Mantilla, Pedro
París Montesinos, Raúl Nass, David Morales Bello, General Ramón F. Gómez, and
General Márquez Añez among others. All participants –including Dr. Jóvito
Villalba and Dr. Luis Beltrán Prieto- agreed on reporting Cuba before the
International Community per interference and military aggression against
Venezuela. However, this was a ‘nuanced’ agreement in regard the way to proceed
and the scope of our report. Finally, it was accorded by consensus: to request a
consultation meeting with The OAS based on the articles 39 and 40 of its letter,
abstaining ourselves from invocating the Reciprocal Assistance Inter American
Treaty. Similarly, it was decided to take the denunciation before the United Nations
as a matter of information for them. In regard that moderate way to proceed,
General Márquez Añez told me with concern, in a private conversation: “We, the
Generals, understand that Diplomatic means to act are limited. But somehow
you must show that what it needs to be defended is what the poet called “the
sacred native soil.” Common people feel it that way. We have subalterns that
would not tolerate [their] superiors -in charge of the National Defense, with a
passive attitude. They will say: “What are those Generals good for?” The OAS
sent and investigative commission to Venezuela that on Junes 24 and 25 performed
unexpected inspections, and received from my hand one inform and a general
explanation that I redacted at their request. That document was the base during a
meeting of OAS chancellors for a subsequent condemnation of the Cuban
interference in Venezuela.”

The following is a summarized chronological account of the attacks perpetrated by the Cuban
Communist State -mortal enemy of our homeland- since Fidel Castro seized power in 1959:

January 23, 1961

Wild acts of violence take place against humble policemen during the celebrations of the third
anniversary after Marcos Pérez Jiménez’s dictatorship fall. The celebrations turned into violent
manifestations incited by the leftists and instigated from Cuba by Fidel Castro.

June 25, 1961

‘El Barcelonazo’: The insurrection of a group of military in Barcelona -Anzoátegui State, that seized
Pedro Maria Freites’s barrack and the governor’s headquarters. The National Executive controls the
situation in few hours.

November 29, 1961

Two policemen are killed by communists’ agents at the service of Fidel Castro during the raid to the
Venezuelan communist party (PCV) and the Leftist Revolutionary Movement’s (MIR) sites.

December 10, 1961

Communist agents at the service of Fidel Castro take by assault the Urachiche prefecture, in Yaracuy
State. Cruelly taking them by surprise they kill the Chief and two policemen. The criminal wave
bathes Venezuelan cities with blood.

December 27, 1961

Venezuelan communists loyal to Fidel Castro wake up common people’s rage before the wild
murder’s spectacle of two modest police officers, head of his families, which got killed from behind
their backs. Toward the end of 1961 over one hundred police officers got killed in the same way.
This is a wild and coward human hunt carried by bestial Castro-communist fanatics’ again the
People of Venezuela’s children.

February 2, 1962
A communist gang supported from Cuba kills a policeman in Ciudad Ojeda, Zulia Sate.

February 28, 1962

‘El Guairazo’: hundreds of people protesting in the streets of La Guaira, Vargas State, in support of
the public transportation’s strike, manifestants with the support of the Venezuelan Communist
Party (PCV) which owner was and still is Fidel Castro, congregated at the doors of the Marine
Infantry Battalion No.1 Simón Bolívar to be armed for a subsequent insurrection. However,
contrary of what manifestants were thinking, the Battalion’s Lieutenant Commander Victor Hugo
Morales Monasterios calls the police, resulting in the arrest of approximately 200 people. Few days
later, intelligence services verify Morales Monasterio’s partaking in a conspiracy plan manufactured
in La Havana, along with Caracas Armored Battalion No.8 and National Guard Detachment No.99 of
Maiquetia, and also with communist elements and left’s extremists.

April 1st 1962

Castro-communist armed bands assail the military field attacking the Naval Base in Turiamo,
Aragua State.

April 3, 1962
Takes place a guerrilla assault by Venezuelan communists and Cuban elements infiltrated in the
Humocaro Bajo’s City Hall in Lara State.

April 15, 1962

La Pastora’s Civil Registry is assaulted. Four Castro-communists kill the policeman in charge of the
surveillance, at ‘Agua Salud’s corner booth.

April 20, 1962

A Castro-communist armed band attacks the Nautical School in ‘Catia La Mar’, Vargas State.

May 4, 1962
‘The Carupanazo’ takes place: a direct attack against the young Venezuelan democracy. Members of
the Marine Infantry Battalion [Marines corps] No.3, Marshal Sucre, and Detachment No.77 of the
National Guard joined with Castro-communist bands seize Carúpano’s town, in Sucre State. The
insurrects follows orders from Lieutenant Commander Jesús Teodoro Molina Villegas, Major Pedro
Vegas Castejón and Lieutenant Héctor Fleming Mendoza. The insurrects occupy the streets and the
city’s buildings launching a manifesto via radio. The government demands their submission and
surrounds the city by land, sea, and air, in what was known as “Operación Tenaza” [Operation
Claw]; detaining over 400 persons involved, among them the Communist Party’s congressman, Eloy

June 2, 1962
A third direct attack against the National Armed Force takes place. Communist bands seized the
Puerto Cabello’s Naval Base. Terror propagates in town. Castro-communist fanatics kidnap people,
shoot from different strategic spots, and lay in ambush to Venezuelan soldiers who were bestially
peppered in ‘La Alcantarilla’. The insurrects take over Radio Puerto Cabello, and from the studios,
with the help of a short wave radio, they air Fidel Castro, who from La Havana pitches a discourse
instigating the bloodshed of brother against brother in Venezuela praising up the action of the
rebels. The rebellion left over 3,000 civilian victims and military death and disappeared. With “El
Porteñazo” [the described act] communists establish “The National Liberation Armed Front” (FALN
or FLN) that would kill great amounts of Venezuelan peasants and soldiers in the future.

October 9, 1962
A Castro-communist band attacks a military vehicle in San Martin Avenue, in Caracas. The attacks
increase. The year 1962 culminates with a red account of civilian, policemen, and soldiers cruelly
murdered. Carúpano’s civic-military communist uprising and the ‘crime against humanity’
occurred in Puerto Cabello were very recent. All these facts are repulsive evidence of the initial
communist interventions in Venezuela.

January 16, 1963

Castro-communist elements assault The Bellas Artes Museum stealing pictorial works from the
French Exposition, recovered few hours later.

January 18, 1963

A Castro-communist band indolently kills a police agent in Rio Claro, Lara State.

February 13, 1963

Members of the self-denominated “National Liberation Armed Forces” (FALN) seized Venezuelan
cargo vessel ‘Anzoátegui’ deviating it toward Brazil.

April 15, 1963

A Castro-communist band cowardly kills two modest policemen.

September 22, 1963

In Calabozo, Guarico State, Castro-communist agents kill two policemen and a third agent got
seriously wounded.

September 25, 1963

La Vega ambush, on ‘Pueblo Nuevo de la Sierra’s road, toward Cabure, in Falcón State. It was the
first reported ambush to an Army’s Unit, with an account of two soldiers wounded.

September 29, 1963

Venezuela and America shake with disgust and indignation before the terrorist act perpetrated by
the [National Liberation Armed Forces] FALN -Castro-communist guerrilla at the service of Fidel
Castro, against tourist train ‘El Encanto’, in Miranda State. The surveillance of the train was
entrusted to members of the National Guard, the People of Venezuela’s soldiers, humbles and
devoted to their noble function of ensure a pleasant ride to the people that come to board the train
in the early hours. The placidness of the modest soldiers, mixed with the laugh of the children and
their parents. The train reached tunnel No. 10. The semidarkness just begun to give the passengers
the always original effect of the shadow against the light, when multiple bursts of machine gun,
were combined with the noise of the machinery. The confusion was terrifying. Mothers trying to
protect their children in the darkness, while the guards were falling, some of them death, other
wounded. Lieutenant of the National Guard, Jesús Palma Reyes, was among the firsts to die. One of
the guerrilla assailants is the current director of the evening newspaper ‘Tal Cual’, Teodoro Petkoff.
He was subsequently captured for this act, and was jailed in the San Carlos’ barrack of Caracas from
where he fled on June 6, 1967 along with Pompeyo Márquez, and Guillermo Antonio García Ponce –
one of the intellectual authors of the attack to the train ‘El Encanto’. - Thirteen orphans were part of
the horrendous account and coward attack.
October 5, 1963
El Arco’s ambush, carried out by the castro-communist’s guerrilla front ‘Jose Leonardo Chirinos’
and commanded by Polito Acosta in the Municipality of Puerto Cumarebo, Falcón State. The ambush
left one death and three injured.

October 8, 1963
Castro-communist bands attack police’s units between the corners of Capuchinos and El Guataro, in
Caracas’s downtown.

October 13, 1963

Another Castro-communist band brutally attacks Baruta’s Police Prefecture, in Miranda State.

November 13 1963
Unload of Cuban’s weapons sent by Fidel Castro to Punta Macota, Paraguaná’s peninsula, Falcón
State. Two others attempts to send weapons failed before. A fourth shipment is carried out in
December of 1963.

February 4, 1964
The Judicial Technical Police (PTJ) detains two Castro-communist muggers intending to steal the
insurance policy’s money to the widow of a guard murdered by guerrilla fighters. They arrived to
the Chester residency, located in Orinoco Avenue, Bello Monte residential area, Caracas, and
knocked the apartment door. The widow requested help from the neighbors and they grabbed the
muggers who were sent to the PTJ. The muggers were identified as Mario Antonio García and Adina
Mercedes Bastidas Ramírez, this last one carried a handgun and the man [carried] a revolver.

June 16, 1964

A Castro-communist gang kills a policeman from an automobile in motion, in Coro, Falcón State.
Five persons got injured. One of them so severely that subsequently dies.

July 23, 1964

A castrist’s band kill two soldiers and left wounded the Secretary of the region’s prefecture along
with a traffic officer in Cabure-San Luis’s road, Falcón State.

July 26, 1964

Castro-communist Guerrilla laid in ambush an Army group killing in cold blood one lieutenant and
two soldiers, in Falcón State.

July 30, 1964

A Castro-communist band attacks the Army in ‘El Bachiller’s area, borderline with Miranda and
Anzoategui States.
August 1, 1964
Armed Castro-communist agents assault the Santa Lucía’s prefecture in Ospina District, Portuguesa
State. They steal the weapons.

August 14, 1964

One Castro-communist’s guerilla urban column, executing plans created by Fidel Castro in Cuba,
attacks with machine guns and rifles the Fort Tiuna Military Base (Conejo Blanco’s) in ‘El Valle’,

September 2, 1964
An armed Castro-communist group attacks the Police in Maria Lionza’s hill, Yaracuy State. One
police officer dies.

September 4, 1964
Castro-communist agents attack an Army’s group in the mountain range of Coro, Falcón State,
killing one soldier.

September 11, 1964

Guerrilla cowardly kills Laudelino Ramón Briceño González, Technical Major of the 2nd Army, in
front of his own house. The communist group fires a burst of machine gun and flees in an

September 20, 1964

Once again two police officers are cruelly assassinated by Castro-communist’s bands.

September 21, 1964

A Castro-communist group, executing a plan created by Fidel Castro blow up ‘El Pichao’s bridge,
between Petare and Santa Lucía, Miranda State. Three policemen got seriously injured.

September 23, 1964

A Castro-communist terrorist band, once more, open fire against Fort Tiuna, while another Marxist
violent group attacks a detachment of soldiers in a mountainous sector of Falcón. Several soldiers of
the Venezuelan Army die in the attack.

September 30, 1964

An armed Castro-communist band assault El Calvario’s prefecture, near Calabozo, Guarico State.
They steal the weapons and escape.

October 9, 1964
Castro-communist groups kidnap Lieutenant Colonel Michael Smolen, member of the military
mission from U.S.A.; Communists announce that he will be judged by a revolutionary tribunal. Same
day, in Lara’s mountains, thirty peasants are murdered by guerilla bands per refusing to
backup their plans; while in Boconó, Trujillo State, a Castro-communist guerrilla attack the Army
killing three soldiers.

October 21, 1964

A guerilla group attacks the [Venezuelan] Army in the mountainous zone of Racamal, Trujillo State.
Two soldiers die and the subversives lost nine of them.

October 24, 1964

More armed clashes. Castro-communist armed bands kill more Venezuelan Army soldiers. At the
same time, several members of the Castro-communist band fall.

November 6, 1964
Castro-communist bands murder the police custodian looking after the oil pipeline near Barcelona,
Anzoátegui State. On the same day an ambush occur via Cabure-La Vega, Falcón State. Subversives
kill two Venezuelan Army soldiers and three others got considerable wounds.

November 16, 1964

Castro-communist bands of Venezuelans and Cuban military operating in Venezuelan territory with
Douglas Bravo, attack the Venezuelan Army between Iracara and Zazárida locations, in Falcón State.
One Army officer and two soldiers result seriously injured. The subversives accomplish to bring
down a helicopter in Pueblo Nuevo, of the mountain range.

November 22, 1964

Castro-communist guerrilla with Venezuelans and Cuban military attack the [Venezuelan] Army.
There are two encounters in Iracara and Cabure, in the mountains of ‘Santa Cruz de Bucaral.’
Several Venezuelan Army soldiers die and others got injured.

December 6, 1964
A Castro-communist column following plans devised in Cuba by Fidel Castro, launched a coward
assault to the water purifying site of the Combat Engineers’ Battalion “G/J. Francisco de Paula
Aventine,” located in Fort Guaicaipuro, Miranda State. The attack left an account of two death
soldiers and one officer injured. The targets were the weapons, materials, and unit’s equipment.

December 28, 1964

Agents following Fidel Castro orders attack a military patrol in Cardón Grande, Coro’s mountain
range, Falcón State.

March 29, 1965

A Castro-communist guerrilla column -integrated by Venezuelan guerrilla loyal to Fidel Castro and
Cuban military, attack the Venezuelan Army in ‘La Trinidad,’ -Coro’s mountain range, when military
patrols take over a communist camp. Guerrilla fighters escape abandoning weapons and other
effects. On that same day, in a different assault near to the Humocaro Alto’s location, Morán District,
Lara State, one Venezuelan Army soldier got killed.
April 6, 1965
Castro-communist guerilla executing plans elaborated in Cuba attack the Venezuelan Army in the
hills of Lara State. Four soldiers result seriously injured. A peasant is executed in Falcón’s
mountains accused of have informed the Venezuelan Army about the Castro-communist armed

April 22, 1965

A Castro-communist group attacks an Army patrol near Azagua, in Bolívar District, Monagas State.
Several soldiers got injured.

April 27, 1965

El Potrero’s ambush in Morán District, Lara State. Seven Venezuelan Army members die at the
hands of a castro-communist guerrilla. Lieutenant Abelardo Estrada Vale among them.

May 20, 1965

El cucharo’s ambush, near of Humocaro Bajo, in Lara State. Two Venezuelan Army soldiers got
killed, and six others got injured. Chávez’s second Minister of Labor – and Venezuela’s ex
ambassador in Mexico, Lino Martinez, participated in this act. Currently serves as a link between
Chávez’s government and México’s Zapatista Movement, as well as with Guatemala’s Marxist

September 30, 1965

A castro-communist gang unexpectedly attacks two National Guard agents who were driving
terrorist Juan Almérida Bolívar, of extensive criminal record, toward Caracas’ Hospital Vargas. The
criminal’s disease was feigned. He takes advantage of a lie to obtain his transfer to a Medical Center
and his accomplices open fire from different places. One of the National Guard agents dies instantly.
The second agent dies right after being placed on the surgical table. The communist gang members
flee taking with them the false patient. The double crime creates disgust and anger all over the

November 9, 1965
The ambush perpetrated in ‘El Jobo’, between Cabure and San Luis, Falcón State. Two Venezuelan
Army soldiers and two civilian passengers in the vehicles got killed. Five Venezuelan Army soldiers
ended wounded.

March 13, 1966

Ambush El Cepo, in Morán District, Lara State. Venezuelan Army Lieutenant Félix Ramon Alvarez,
six soldiers, and two civilian passengers in the vehicles, die. In this ambush the guerrilla cut the
soldiers’ fingers to steal their rings, and cut the genitals of others to place them in their mouths. The
same horrendous technique is used by the castro-communist criminal FARC and The ELN of
May 5, 1966
The Castro-communist guerillas that kill Venezuelan soldiers and peasants are encouraged from La
Havana with intense Fidel Castro’s speeches against Venezuela. A communist band attacks the
Army 650 Km from Caracas. One soldier dies. Also a bandit dies. Five days later “Commandant
Pablo” surrenders himself to the authorities. His real name is Juan Vicente Herrera. He talks about
the guerrilla’s failure.

June 22, 1966

A castro-communist terrorist gang kills two policemen near ‘La Ciudad Universitaria de Caracas’
[Main Campus of the Central University of Venezuela]. The coward attack occurred during the night,
few hours after castro-communist Fabricio Ojeda have committed suicide in his cell, of the Army
Force Intelligence Service. The murderers take refuge in the Central University, by then the bastion
of Extremism.

July 8, 1966
Luben Petkoff disembarks in Tucacas’ beaches, Falcón State, with a group of Cuban military and
moves inland into the Falconian Mountains. Among others, the Cubans Angel Frías, Jose Bouza, and
the celebrated Arnaldo Ochoa, who at the moment was Captain of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed
Forces, subsequently Major General, and hero of the Cuban Revolution, later executed by order of
Fidel Castro. The deceased Major General Arnaldo Ochoa worked inside Venezuelan territory,
killing Venezuelan Army soldiers and Venezuelan peasants.

July 18, 1966

Fidel Castro in person, from Dominican waters, sends another Cuban detachment of “combatants”,
who were coming to back up his Venezuelan castro-communist guerrilla allies. His enemy -as Fidel
Castro himself repeated constantly, “THE VENEZUELAN ARMY”, while the Cuban “combatants”

August 1, 1966
Castro-communist guerrilla attack the Venezuelan Army in Lara State. Two bandits die. Another
results wounded.
August 4, 1966
An armed castro-communist band attacks two vehicles carrying Venezuelan Army officers inside
the boundaries of Falcon and Yaracuy States.

August 10, 1966

The castro-communist bands, following plans created by Fidel Castro in Cuba, deploy diverse
attacks on Venezuelan territory. The “castro-communist guerrilla’s commander Elias”, captured by
the Venezuelan Army, confesses the murder of thirty two people: twenty six humble policemen, and
six civilians.
August 15, 1966
Ambush perpetrated in Las Guabinas near of Santa Inés, on the border of Falcón State. One National
Guard dies in the attack and another three results wounded. The attack includes the presence of
Cuban military even though their identities were not revealed.

October 11, 1966

A Venezuelan infantryman, custodian of the North American Captain Arthur killer -member of the
Naval Mission of the United States of America, is severely wounded. His attackers were identified as
members of the castro-communist guerrilla trained in Cuba.

October 16, 1966

Ambush in ‘Cerro Atascadero’ between Yumare and Duaca, Bolívar District, Yaracuy State. Lows:
four soldiers of the Venezuelan Army. Two die and two others got wounded. Lieutenant Miguel
Eduardo Ponce Lugo was the chief of the commission and remained badly hurt in the site. While in
agony he was ‘finished off’ by castro-communist guerrilla’s fighter Agustín Peña. The strict
application of Fidel Castro’s instructions and the disdain that these assassins feel even of their own
men can be measure in the story provided by one of the bandits, making reference to his on
wounded men after the ambush: “Our injured men were Alirio Riera and Rafael Riera, and since
they were seriously wounded and would not resist the journey, Agustín Peña cut a stick so we finish
them off to not let them wounded thereabout. I hit them twice in the head, and the others also did
so in the head and body. We buried them later on separated, from behind ‘San José’s hill.”

October 30, 1966

Venezuelan Army Sergeant Major, Angel Dámaso Blanco, of 23 years old, is killed. He got license
after complying with a meritorious labor in the Hunter Units of the Army. He is treacherously
murdered at the door of his parents’ house.

November 3, 1966
Castro-communists intensify their vandal acts. They lay in ambush to the Army in the road between
Ospino and La Aparición, Portuguesa State. In the action, 10 soldiers of the Venezuelan Army result

November 6, 1966
Castro-communist groups kill an official personal guard assigned to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

November 13, 1966

Castro-communist guerrilla attacks the Venezuelan Army in a mountainous area, between Lara and
Yaracuy States, and also in Portuguesa. 7 soldiers of the Army die. 5 others result wounded.

November 15, 1966

New attacks perpetrated by castro-communist ‘guerrilleros’. They kill four soldiers of the
Venezuelan Army.
November 17, 1966
An Army’s truck is blown up in Ospino, Guarico State. In the explosion, 15 soldiers of the
Venezuelan Army result wounded.

November 27, 1966

The castro-communist guerrilla kills ex-policeman Ramón Antúnez.

December 5, 1966
A Judicial Technical Police (PTJ) officer is killed near of The Central University of Venezuela. His
name was Carlos Eduardo Masson Kuelendon. He was attending his 4th year in Finances. The body
presents many bullet perforations in the head. The general public point out university communists
as the authors of the coward crime.

December 8, 1966
A communist band fires a burst of machine gun against a public security team, in a Bar. The
terrorists travel in an automobile presumably stolen. They got two police officers, one Staff
Sergeant of the Air Forces, and a member of the Secret Service badly hurt.

December 16, 1966

A gang of The FALN (irregular group with direct connections to Fidel Castro) fires a burst of
machine guns against Warrant Officer, Dr. Astudillo Suárez, member of the Army Legal Corp. Almost
at the same time, another gang attacks with machine guns the Brigadier General Roberto Moreán
Soto, Venezuelan Army Chief of Staff which result injured. The military repels the aggression.
December 14, 1966
A castro-communist sniper shoots a soldier and kills him at The Central University. The Army lost
another People of Venezuela’s son.

February 25, 1967

Ambush El Mortero between Sanare and El Blanquito, Lara State. Lows, three professionals of the
National Guard death and eight wounded with the numerous participation of Cuban combatants on
the assailants’ side.

May 8. 1967
Another Cuban Front disembarks in Machurucuto’s beaches to access “El Bachiller”, in Miranda
State. Among the Cubans arriving to the site were (Tony) Briones, Manuel Gil Castellanos, Del Toro,
Tomassevich, García Planas, Borges and Pedro Cabrera Torres, to mention some.

May 18, 1967

A guerilla band attacks a military convoy in Oriente’s road between The Ocoita and El Guapo’s
Mango, Miranda State. A distinguished [police] and a Venezuelan Army soldier result wounded.

August 30, 1967

Two castristas open fire against the Police, in El Cafetal: a residential area in Piar Street,
Municipality of Baruta, and Miranda State. They fled.
September 20, 1967
A castro-communist armed band lay in ambush to a military patrol, killing a civilian and a
Venezuelan Army soldier in the State of Monagas. The civilian had requested from the military just
a “ride”.

October 2, 1967
A castro-communist gang assails Venezuelan Navy officer, part of EL Carite submarine’s crew. They
got away with two Browning pistols.

October 16, 1967

Marxist guerrilla fighters attack the Army, on the border of Falcón and Lara States. As result, three
soldiers die and another got wounded. The assailants lose four of theirs.

October 17, 1967

Guerilla groups move back and forth between Los Pozos and Valadero causing deaths, but they lose
eight subversives. On the same day, in Santa Teresa del Tuy, Altagracia de Orituco, they kill four
National Guards that were complying with their surveillance functions in the roadblock of
Guatopo’s National Park, in a place called Macanilla. The guards were attacked in treachery and did
not have time to defend themselves.

October 30, 1967

It is found dead Guillermo Ramón Velandria inside of an automobile parked on the 23rd trial of
Coche, Caracas. Velandria belonged to the Armed Forces Logistics’ Department of the Joint General
Staff. The body presented three bullets’ perforations.

November 24, 1967

A subversive armed group tries to take by assault a military camp in Acosta District, Monagas State.
One military result wounded.

November 28, 1967

A guerrilla band attacks the Army in San Antonio de Maturín, Monagas State, in a place called Los

December 12, 1967

Guerrilleros lay in ambush to the Army, once again in Yumare, in a mountainous site between
Yaracuy and Lara States. A soldier dies.

December 13, 1967

Two FALN’s fanatics attack troopers of The National Guard, The Armed Forces Intelligence Services
(SIFA) and The General Direction of the Police (DIGEPOL) in Coromoto Street, Barinas, and State of
January 8, 1968
Two members of the FALN wildly assail the residency of an Army’s officer, in Rotaria Avenue,
Barquisimeto, Lara State; stealing money and military uniforms.

Enero 15, 1968

A gang, traveling in a “ghost” automobile, attacks Ramón López Garay, Police Chief of Petare,
Miranda State. López Garay travels in his own vehicle and results unharmed. This piece of News is
broadcast with pleasure by Radio Havana and Granma of Cuba. The Cuban government makes
public its delight for this act.

February 23, 1968

Communist armed bands fire bursts of machine gun against San Carlos’s barrack, Caracas’ North,
and the headquarters of The Marine General Command in San Bernardino, in the wee hours of the
morning. Military troopers respond to the gunfire made from an abandon house and a “ghost”
automobile respectively.

February 28, 1968

FALN’s groups, also in the wee hours, attack with a burst of gunfire ex-Commanding General of the
Army General Pablo Antonio Flores’s home. Results wounded a police officer on duty (12 Street of
Vista Alegre, Caracas). The delinquents placed a bomb in the garden that did not explode.

April 8, 1968
Communist bandits lay in ambush to the Army near the Ospino’s Hamlet, Portuguesa State.
They kill a Battalion of Hunters’ soldier stationed in La Estación. Other military results wounded.
Combined forces look for the delinquents in the mountainous zone.

April 14, 1968

Four left wing extremists assault Detachment 99 of the National Guard Second Section Lieutenant
Commander Francisco Hernandez Garcia’s home, Villa “Jenny”, in the Atlántida residential area,
Catia La Mar, Vargas State.
April 18, 1968
It is cruelly murdered a soldier in Sabana de Parra, Lara State, by subversives of a castro-
communist group.

April 23, 1968

Nine Guerrilla fighters assault the village of Zazárida in Zamora District, Falcón State. Army
commissions chase the bandits. Five antisocial die and others result wounded. In the event lose his
life the soldier of the Venezuela’s Army Esteban Segundo Landaeta.

April 25, 1968

A guerrilla gang laid in ambush to a military patrol in the banks of the Hueque River, by the
outskirts of San Agustin’s hamlet, Petit District, Falcón State. Result in several hurts. A Venezuelan
Army soldier dies. The fight lasted one hour. The bandits fled to the densest area of the mountain.
April 27, 1968
Castro-communist bands attacks on several sites in Falcón State. The guerilla Chief Douglas Bravo,
along with Cuban military personnel sent by Fidel Castro, attempted to flee the military surround.

April 30, 1968

A guerrilla band attacks Venezuela’s Army in Maria Lionza’s mountains, Chivacoa, Yaracuy State.
Three bandits die and several others result wounded. The band has been previously located in La
Enjalma’s summit. The Army chased the rest of the band.

May 6, 1968
A communist group assaults DIGEPOL’s headquarters in El Tigre, Anzoátegui State. The irregulars
kill an official of the National Army identified as Eleuterio Nadales. The assault occurs at midnight.
The subversives use a stolen vehicle to flee, but are blocked by a police patrol. There is crossfire.
One of the subversives, Wilfredo Quijada happened to be a High School student that was
ideologically poisoned by Fidel Castro followers…

March 1, 1969
A castro-communist band commits an armed robbery in Banco del Caribe [Caribbean’s Bank], in
Guacara, Carabobo State. The assault was perpetrated by a group of guerrilleros lead by Carlos
Rafael Lanz Rodríguez, currently Minister in Chavéz’s Cabinet, and President of the CVG [Guayana’s
Venezuelan Corporation].

August 1971
Fidel Castro successfully infiltrates Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías in The Military Academy of Venezuela.
His contacts present as his most outstanding “merit” to deserve the opportunity to become a
Venezuelan Army’s Cadet “that he was good at playing baseball.”

November 17, 1975

Several subjects led by Carlos Rafael Lanz Rodríguez assault an officer of The Direction of
Prevention and Intelligence Services’ (DISIP), Eliseo Casanova Villamizar, divesting him of his gun
regulation, Police officer credentials, and personal documents. Later on Lanz Rodríguez uses his
documentation and usurps his identity.

February 27, 1976

It is kidnapped from his house in Caracas the North American industrialist William Frank Niehous,
by the self denominated Revolutionary Commando Groups (GCR). The political-military operation
was called “Argimiro Gabaldón” and the commandant of the action was the guerilla fighter Carlos
Rafael Lanz Rodríguez. Other participants in the kidnap of the industrialist are the guerrilla fighters
Luis Alberto Solórzano, Iván Nolasco Padilla Bravo, Jorge Rodríguez, David Nieves Banchs, Doris
Francia Echenique de Medina, Angel Cristóbal Márquez Esquedes, Alexis José Toledo Castro,
Eduardo José Mulatero Secci, Jesús Enrique Pacheco Carreño and others. Niehous’ Kidnap is
considered the longest in Venezuelan’s history (three years and four months.) Niehous was rescued
in June, 1979. Lanz Rodríguez was released by the Venezuelan “Justice” infiltrated by Fidel Castro,
in 1984.
The fights against Fidel Castro’s invasions or incursions and the Cuban terrorist state against
Venezuela were very harsh. Venezuelan Army assumed his historical role and complied with it
acting jointly and very coordinately with The Navy, The Air Force, The National Guard, The Police,
and The Venezuelan Intelligence Agencies. We were all a great team. At the beginning the units
were surprised since their deployment was for a conventional combat, ready to confront an enemy
that shows its face; but now they were severely struck by an [enemy] that attacked by surprise and
from behind, in treachery, that did not know the meaning of combating with honor. The ambushes,
infiltrations, blow ups, sabotages, coups, attacks to the civilian people; caused the spilt of too much
Venezuelan blood. However, The Venezuelan Army rapidly got adapted to the new demand of
combat, The HUNTER units were created, and began to operate with the same guerrilla’s tactics of
the murderers sent by the Cuban Terrorist State of Fidel Castro, who were convinced that here in
Venezuela they would do the same thing they did in the mountain range of Sierra Maestra; Fidel
Castro and his Cuban Terrorist State were convinced that Venezuelan Army was alike to Fulgencio
Baptista’s, but they were terrible wrong. The Army soldiers became hunters and the hunters
became “guerrilleros” and we advanced improving their tactics and techniques and we became
better than them in the irregular war… and we militarily defeated them… Fidel Castro and his
Cubans sub estimate Venezuelan people and their Army, that man has always sub estimate The
People of Venezuela, thinking that it would be very easy “THE THING”. At the end of the 60’s
decade we, the Venezuelan military, defeated and expelled them forcing Fidel Castro, his Marxist
government, and the traitors that were and still are loyal to him here in Venezuela to accept that in
order to coexist in the hemisphere with us he should respect the democratic republican model of
the Venezuela State chose by its citizens. Fidel Castro had to bite the dust of his military defeat
thanks to the Hunter’s Units… it was impressive the presence of The Hunters of the Venezuelan
Army. Cubans got to feel dread of them and fled terrified out of their sites when the Hunter Units
approach them, leaving all abandoned, clothe, personal effects, even the armament, ammunitions
and equipment that is a lot to give up coming from a combatant. An image of what the Hunter Units
of the Venezuelan Army that confronted and defeated Fidel Castro and the Cuban Terrorist State in
the 60’s years is expressed in the book “GUERRILLEROS’ HUNTERS…AND MOUNTAINS” by
Captain Jorge Alvarez Cardier, Editorial Impresos Sandino, 1971, pag 6, Chapter 1, OTTO EL
ALEMAN [OTTO THE GERMAN]; A Venezuelan of that time, looking close at the officials and soldiers
of a Battalion of Hunters got so impressed that describe them in the following fashion:

“I saw them for the first time and their presence inspired me enthusiasm.
Tanned by the sun, slender and wiry, they seem to be animals of war”.

Too much blood was spilt in the Army. The blood of its officials and soldiers which names are
[engraved] in a plate positioned (or used to be) on a commemorative wall that was located in one of
the parade grounds, facing The Great Hall, between the Ok and the Rain Tree. I was present in the
solemn inauguration of that memorial to our heroes; there in that memorial wall are the names of
all the officials and soldiers that were assassinated in the 60s by Fidel Castro’s Cubans and
Venezuelan traitors; under the legend: “FALLEN IN THE FIELD OF HONOR”. [Fallen in the Line of
In 1968 Fidel Castro, defeated by the Venezuelan Army, pretended a correction of his politics
towards Venezuela where he “accepted” and respected the profound difference between his Marxist
model and the democratic model of Venezuela, with plenty liberties, but he was lying. Fidel Castro
always lies and the communists always lie. The following Lenin’s words bear witness to what it was
previously said, and explain the reason why, lying, deceiving, and manipulating the truth are
fundamental tools of the communist speech:

“Communists must live the revolution, eat it, breath it, dream about it. They
must lie, deceive and even kill, no matter if it is their own mother” Lenin .

From that moment on, began a coexistence that could be labeled as apparently “normal”. I say -
apparently because in the shadows, as the crime works, Fidel Castro’s government continued acting
against Venezuela. From the darkness, and thank to the flaws of our institutions, and the mistakes
and personal ambitions of those who held Power, Fidel Castro continued his work to destroy our
Republic and to put his hands in our natural resources that belong to our people. He did so in order
to finance the expansionist and hostile politics of the communist State he leads, and to keep
projecting his subversive and terrorist actions to the rest of America, -the United States, and of
course, the rest of the world; and worse and most infuriating of all…through Venezuelans! Fidel
Castro resumes his conspiracy, stringing together his terrorist threads through Venezuelan’s
traitors and foreigners who periodically travel to our country to comply with his “errands”. This is
how the Castro-communist conspiracy extended his tentacles to infiltrate Hugo Chávez Frías in the
Military Academy of Venezuela. This individual obtained his degree as a Second Lieutenant in the
Simon Bolívar II 1975 class and from there he initiated a career at the service of Fidel Castro. His
most “meritorious” feat was to make an attempt in 1992 against the Venezuelan democracy by
means of two coups d’état that fell through. He was defeated by the Venezuelan Armed Forces. In
the coup attempts were involved General Commanders and Admirals who had high positions at that
time, along with many ‘fat cats’ of the economic and financial sectors, mass communication media,
etc, that following their ambition to obtain more power and money of what they already had,
decided to bet and played against Democracy. Now they are being punished for their betrayal.
They were and still are being betrayed by the one they bet for; the one they economically helped
with money and/or big coverage in the different mass communication media. What happened is
that they bet in favor of whom they wrongly considered as a “leader”, but in reality it was not, and it
is not one. The leader of those failed coup d’état attempts against the existing Democracy at that
time, was not Hugo Chávez. The one confronting brother against brother -again from the darkness it
was no other but the old decrepit, bloodthirsty, Fidel Castro and his terrorist dictatorship that

On June 3rd of 2009, the OAS, in Its XXIX General Assembly accorded to abolish the suspension to
Cuba; and even though it is hard to believe for any Venezuelan that feels how PATRIOTISM is
boiling in his/her blood, it happened because of the negotiations of the current Venezuelan
government, and it was personally carried out by the “President of Venezuela” Hugo Rafael Chávez
Frías. The same that passed infiltrated by the ranks of our Army, which blood, -its soldiers and
official’s blood,- was spilled by Fidel Castro’s Cuba inside of our own territory. The same who, by
the way, calls Fidel Castro the “Father of his Revolution and his government” hugging and
showering him with all kind of pampering and worship each time they meet. Thanks to this man
and his government, Fidel Castro’s Cuba, the most hostile enemy known in the modern history of
Venezuela, was admitted again in the Inter American system from where he was expelled per
militarily attacking and spilling the blood of The People of Venezuela. Nevertheless, in spite of
Hugo Chávez and his government -a puppet of Cuban’s dictatorship, attaining from The OAS the
abolishment of Cuba’s suspension, the terrorist government of that island refuse to go back to The
OAS because in order to do that, he has to give to his people -enslaved by the chains of communism,
all guarantees, rights and liberties characteristics of a Democracy that are established in the Inter
American system. The truth is that given Freedom to the Cuban people is not of interest for Fidel
Castro or his brother Raúl, neither of the rest of the gerontocratic court of feudal lords that control,
subjugate, and exploit them from Power. Probably Fidel Castro and the Cuban gerontocracy ask
themselves, Why the OAS? If there are already Latin American Presidents that are lined up in La
Havana to pay homage and request “favors” to Fidel and Raúl Castro since they know that the pair
of old and miserable assassins got in their hand, BY THE MOMENT, the biggest deposit of natural
resources that exist in America. They have in their hands VENEZUELA, Why the OAS?

The most humiliating to the Venezuelan honor is not the admission in the OAS of that terrorist
hostile with Venezuela -and all America, because of the negotiations of the “President of Venezuela”
Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías. The Cuban enemy realized that it was not capable to dominate us by
means of force, using armament. Fidel Castro, knowing that he would frontally encounter this
[Venezuelan] Army that never could defeat, decided to change his strategy and penetrate Venezuela
utilizing TRAITORS. Now he is here, once again, and this time he got inside by the hand of Hugo
Rafael Chávez Frías and his court of TRAITORS TO THE NATIVELAND. Now results that our worse
enemy, already militarily defeated by us, that have spilled so much Venezuelan blood, is according
to them, our best friend, our ally and benefactor, so they already have surrendered to Cuba (and
continue progressively doing so) economic activities, Institutions, strategic functions and controls
that are exclusive inherence and competence of Venezuelans, an example among them: the
registries, public notaries, and our FAN [National Armed Forces]. It is of public general knowledge
the fact that Cubans militaries are occupying positions above Venezuelans’. Those traitors,
confabulated with the Cuban enemy, destroy our Institutions, surrender our sovereignty and take
away properties belonging to the citizens in the name of ‘The People’, menacing them with the
armament of our FAN, that it is to defend them, so they can tamely give in the product of their labor,
the food for their families, the food of Venezuela to the Cuban enemy. They are stamping out those
who have means, first, so later will be very easy to finish off with those who have less or none,
because those who have nothing are not important for them. This is why they call them “popular
mass” because in their ignorance, poverty and weaknesses they are perfect to be manipulated with
their communist doctrine, and constitute raw material to build the nation of slaves into what they
already turned Cuba’s Island.

But the worse humiliation to the military honor is that now, it is pay homage to Fidel Castro and his
tyranny here, within our own territory, where they spilled the blood of that Army that I belongs too,
and the descendents of our current officials and soldiers are forced, by the means of those who
should avoid it, their generals and admirals, to cry the motto of our enemy, the slogan created in
Cuba by the dictator Fidel Castro on March 5 of 1960 “Native land, Socialism or Death” the same
slogan cried by Cuban militaries infiltrated in our territory in the 60s while killing our officials and
soldiers of the Venezuela’s Army, when cutting their genitals to put it in their mouths, while
opening their throats to pull out their tongues in a necktie manner, or when killing our peasants to
instill fear and force them not to denounce them. How many Venezuelan officials, soldiers and
policemen fallen in the field of honor in the 60s heard that damned slogan “Native land Socialism
or Death” cried by a Cuban while being assassinated or tortured? The spirits of each one of the
Officials, Soldiers and National Guards will not rest in peace while those who have the obligation to
honor their memory, their sacrifice; betray them by surrendering their arms to our enemy to death,
Fidel Castro and/or the Cuban communist state. The spirits of all the heroes of our Army over the
course of our history, from the Independence to the current date, that have offer their lives
defending the native land, NEVER will be able to rest in peace while listening, coming from the
mouth of officials and soldiers of the Venezuela’s Army, the Venezuelan FAN, that assassin slogan,
that infernal cry of “Native land, Socialism or Death”.

The size of the betrayal to our NATIVE LAND by Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías and his accomplices do
not have comparison in the History of Venezuela. Since July 1811, when Venezuela was founded as
a Republic until this day, have not existed a traitor to the NATIVE LAND of the size of Hugo Rafael
Chávez Frías, and if we review the history of the world will be difficult to find in any nation of the
world another case of betrayal to the native land similar to it or in the same range. However,
Venezuelans must be totally clear about something: Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías is not the brain that
directs the destruction of our Republic, our NATIVE LAND; there is a diabolic mind that elaborate
the plans of destruction, a genocide hand that from the darkness move the threads of the puppet,
and a terrorist structure that works laboriously dismantling Venezuela; the diabolic mind and
genocide hand belongs to Fidel Castro and/or the Cuban government, and the terrorist structure is
the contingent of thousands of Cubans that are deployed all over the national territory working to
turn us [Venezuela] into their province number 15. Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías is only a sort of
CUBAN PRO CONSUL in Venezuela, the faithful servant of the Cuban Communist State, good
subaltern of Fidel Castro and/or the Cuban government; this man and his accomplices are only the
figure that serves to gives legality to the VENEZUELAN CAMPAIGN -as is called in Cuba, that have
been develop by the Cuban Forces. These wretched are destroying 200 years of republican life
leaning on a foreign government, ENEMY OF VENEZUELA, enemy of our Republic, enemy of our
Democracy, enemy of our Freedom, to whom are giving in THE NATIVE LAND, escorted by our own
soldiers, covering themselves with our native land symbols and singing the national anthem. These
traitors to the native land subordinated to our Cuban enemy are progressively taking away the
freedom that was legated to us in 1811 by our liberators and consolidated with over 10 years of
independence wars and that have coasted so much sacrifice and blood, much of them spilled by the
same Cuban terrorist state to whom it has been hand over to.

VENEZUELAN MILITARY! Active and retires, we must fulfill our oath made before God in the
presence of the national flag to “DEFEND THE NATIVELAND AND ITS INTITUTIONS AT THE
OWN LIFE COST” which do not expire when the military left the active service but remains in force
during all our life, until the day of our death. That, colleagues in arms, is called PATRIOTISM!:
Venezuelan military must defend the soil where we were born safeguarding it from the footprint of
any foreign invader, whatever it may be the mask he shows up with, or coming from the hand it
may come from. Patriotism is also respecting the institutions as much as complying and enforcing
the compliance of The Law; patriotism is preserve unalterable our tradition of glory and military
honor maintaining in the highest the war standards of our military units avoiding their arms to be
surrendered and put at the service of one person, politic organization, or what is worse and more
humiliating to the Venezuelan Military Honor, at the service of an invader or foreign government,
like it is the bloodthirsty Cuban terrorist state, that have turn the beautiful Island of Cuba into an
“ISLAND OF TERROR” whence evil emanates towards the whole world, especially Latin America,
attacking governments to destroy democracies. That realm of terror possessed by the Demon of
Communism under the Castros’ bloody “reign” and his murderers, military defeated by us, the
Venezuelan military, in the years 60, right now is attacking Venezuela by the hand of traitors to THE
NATIVE LAND. That realm controls already the government, and right now is destroying our
Republic. All Venezuelans, specially the military, must assume a fight to death against Fidel Castro,
the Cuban communist state, and the Venezuelan traitors that serve them in their purpose to control
the immense economic resources of Venezuela. We all must fight united and made them ‘bite the
dust’ of the defeat, once again, as we did over 30 years ago, but now DEFINITEVELY! The Cuban
Terrorist State MUST DISAPPEAR to put an end to the menace toward Venezuela, Venezuelans, and
the world.

VENEZUELANS! We are all obligated to defend and preserve the Republic of Venezuela free,
democratic and Independent from the Cuban enemy and its servants acting here in the country. The
Republic of Venezuela was well-founded by our Liberators in 1811 and we owe them TO PASS IT
ON UNABRIDGED AS LEGACY TO OUR CHILDREN! ... Let’s defend it now from the Cuban enemy.

My special thanks to Mrs. Flor Sulbaran who made the translation into English unselfishly, just a
helping hand to spread the truth.

Libertarian salute,
Angel Vivas
General of the Venezuelan Army


Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda
February 2, 1806

WE SHALL TRIUMPH! Venezuela NEVER will be Communist!

The Cuban enemy in VENEZUELA must be defeat and expelled!

"ISLAND OF TERROR, 52 Years of Cuba Attacking Venezuela” is an article written

by Gen. Angel Vivas, and posted on his blog http://losescritosdelgeneralvivasp.blogspot.com on
January 1, 2011. It was translated from Spanish to English by Flor Sulbaran, Arizona, USA.