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Hero The Super Brand Quality : The Driving Global Gearing Reigning the

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Quality : The Driving Force

At Hero Cycles, quality is a tradition, be it in the form of well trained

labour, technically superb machines or world class quality. The
conformance to quality at Hero begins on shop floor, with every
worker ensuring at each stage manufacturing, that only perfect
product passes through his hands. Hero’s production department too
believes in following the zero-defect approach and continuous
upgradation of its manufacturing systems. The marketing and
operations teams are also constantly creating new and effective
strategies using modern management techniques. And finally, every
Hero cycle goes through a series of rigorous quality checks before it
leaves the factory. No wonder, Hero is in proud possession of ISO-
9001, ISO-9002 & BVQI certifications and also ISO 14001,
environmental compliance endorsement from the Ministry of

Constant quality upgradation ensures that the company stays in the

global mainstream and maintains its edge, through excellence. A
technology tie-up with National Bicycle Industries of Japan led to the
launch of the ‘World 1’ series of cycles, besides introduction of new
frame designing and features like- A-frame, D-frame, Y-frame, Swan
shaped frame, speedometers & indicators among others.

HERO : The Super Brand

By definition, a Super brand offers consumers significant emotional and physical

advantages over its competitors, which consciously or subconsciously
consumers want, recognize and are willing to pay a premium for. A Super brand
cannot be substituted. It is part of our life. It has become one with us.

In the morning, we want a familiar flavour of tea, brush with a familiar

toothbrush, using a familiar taste of toothpaste. The soap we use has a familiar
smell. The shaving cream and the shaving razor are familiar and so is the tang
of the aftershave. And so through the day, we reach out for familiars.

In a departmental store, we go to familiar sections and shop for familiar brands.

When a new one appears in the racks, we stop and look at it suspiciously.
Often, we postpone the decision to try a new for another day, another time.
When a brand embeds itself into our lives and we are willing to go to next shop,
to look for it, we are no longer looking for a brand. We are searching for a
Super brand.

What makes a Super brand? Own the years, the Indian market place has been
witness to the emergence of a wide variety of Super brands. Many have
followed the ‘Standard rules’ of becoming a Super brand : great product energy
to exploit the market, relevance to consumer needs of wants, edge in business
technology, superb distribution and superbly chain and consistent quality. It is a
leap from branding to brand leadership.

Considered as " Oscars of Branding ", in 25 countries of the World, the Super
Brands in India were bought by the finest marketing guru of all times Late
Shunu Sen and the unbiased rating agency ‘Super Brands India’ is now headed
by Mr. Anmol Dar and includes the most powerful brains in the world of
marketing and advertising in India - Mr. Dilip Sehgal, Mr. KMS Ahluwalia, Mr.
Mike Khanna, Mr. Nabankur Gupta, Mr. Piyush Pandey, Mr. Raghav Bahl, Mr.
Sunil K Alagh, Mrs. Tara Sinha and Mr. Yogi C Deveshwar, besides others.

Globally, a select few, exceptionally powerful brands, are recognized as Super

Brands. Some of the Indian brands have made it into this unique hall of fame,
and amongst that coveted group features Hero Cycles. Super Brands are
actually the big ideas which provoke us to explore the realms of our dreams and
inspire us to live satisfying life styles. Anchored in omnipotent consumer
insights, the super brands go beyond mere functional promises as they trigger
deeply embedded emotional chords.

Hero Cycles has been one of the most progressive and dynamic brands for the
decades now. More than 3200 dealers, 4800 employees and more than 9.6
Crore satisfied customers, have directly or indirectly, endeavoured tirelessly to
make Hero Cycles a phenomenal success and are the true guardians of this

Ambitions, belief, empathy and a strong culture of sensitivity are at the heart of
Hero Cycles brand. Each of these values is reflected in the company’s products,
its communication and its dealings with suppliers, employees, dealers and
customers. Be it company’s environment friendly manufacturing processes or
the brand initiatives for the lower income customers, leadership is all about
capturing the hearts & minds of the people- the way a true Hero always does.

Global Gearing

Heroes moving the Globe

Today Hero Cycles is one of the handful companies in India which can boast of
the global scale of operations, not just in size or superior technology, but also
its innovative marketing strategies. True to its leadership stature, Hero has not
only achieved a volume of production that can be matched by no other cycle
manufacturer in the world, but has also started exporting bicycles to countries
like US, Germany and Japan, which is a manifestation of Hero’s quality and
marketing capability. Hero’s forays into the overseas markets pioneered the
Indian export in bicycle segment as early as 1963. While initial exports were
restricted to the Africa and the Middle-East, today more than 50% bicycle
exports meet the demands of sophisticated markets in Europe and America.
Indeed, to dare to explode from a small town of Ludhiana to world’s best and
household name in 89 countries, it has Herculean task by any standards.

This Super Brand has still a long way to go but there is no hurdle too big and no
accomplishment permanent as this super brand thrives on the philosophy that
Heroes in the market-place are the ones, who forge strong relationship by being
relevant, constant and persistent, ...the True Heroes - in spirit and in form.


Born out of Passion

The ore goes into fire only to shed off its impurities. Similar is the man whose
virtues shine when he is tried by the fire of life. Taking upon ‘Novelty’ itself as a
competitor, the Hero Cycles, has been always striving for perfection and
innovation in every aspect of their dealings. The pursuit to innovate is endless
at Hero, so much so that ‘innovation’ has become a buzz word in Hero premises.
Hero Cycles has been able to use changes and new trends to its advantage by
identifying emerging need gaps and expanding its product portfolio to appeal to
different kinds of customers. In its endeavour to keep a step-ahead of times,
Hero’s most advanced & modern R & D department continuously creates
innovative products having functional attributes & aesthetics, meeting the
aspirational needs of its proud customers around the globe. As a result, Hero
Cycles was able to launch several new concepts and models in bicycles like the
Mountain Bikes, Racer Bikes, Dirt Terrain Bikes & D-frame bikes besides
creating a variety of cycles for different user segments and sub-segments –
including women and children, students, adventure seekers, labourers, city
customers and fitness conscious. Rolling out nineteen new models in just one
year, itself speaks volume for Hero’s emphasis on innovations & designs.


Until 1986, the company had no need for mass communication. But as
competition started growing, Hero Cycles begun to feel the need for creating
lasting impression on the customer’s mind. In the mid 1980s Hero was
perceived to be the manufacturer of the basic black bicycles. The company
required an image change. It needed to communicate to customers the vast
portfolio of products that it had, particularly in the recreational segment. The
launch of innovative products and their use as image builders happened
simultaneously. Since 1986, the communication strategy has been to build each
product separately and create a unique positioning for them. In this way the
Ranger was positioned as the bike for outdoor fun, Impact was the preferred
choice among city riders and Jet was projected as the lightest running roadster
while Hawk was the racer’s edge. Each of these launches and their promotion,
gave the Hero brand a new meaning. The brand has also used celebraties -
including film stars Sanjay Dutt, Rani Mukherjee, Hrithik Roshan and Ameesha
Patel. The latest is India’s new bowling sensation, Irfan Pathan who has also
been a real life Hero cycle user.

Building Relationships

At Hero, it’s always believed that there is much more to life than just business.
As a company with a heart, it has certain commitments towards its employees,
the society and the nation. Though growing incomes, changing life styles and
availability of cheap customer finance has changed the market scenario
enormously, Hero believes that cycles can still be the driving force of the rural
economy. By introducing the loan facilities under ‘Hero Cycle Loan Yojana’
through Corporation Bank and Oriental Bank of Commerce, Hero Cycles has
enabled low income customers to purchase cycles on easy terms.

Commitment to its employees is just as important as commitment to the

society. All efforts are taken to make sure that employees are provided the best
working conditions as work culture at Hero revolves around the philosophy-if
there’s one way to work, it’s with the heart. At Hero Cycles, there is a strong
affinity towards building the relationships with employees, workers, vendors and
dealers. Job security, growth opportunity and respect are the unspoken, yet
understood components of every man’s package who chooses to work within the
fold of Hero family. It is quite common to find two generations of the same
family working together in the company, or the workers sharing their skills with
other family members and passing on finest training to each other. It goes
without saying that people at Hero are its largest investment and easily the
largest asset.

At customer front too, Hero’s perception of customer relationship management

(CRM) does not end with merely meeting their expectations and aspirations or
by ensuring complete customer delight by overnight turnaround of customer
complaints, but it goes several steps beyond that horizon. The company
believes in delivering value to the customers even before they feel the need.
This has helped Hero Cycles develop immense brand loyalty and customer
satisfaction. Like a true Super Brand, Hero has been able to attract the respect
and awe of not only its users, but also those who are directly or indirectly
exposed to it.

Social Responsibilities

In this way, the company has fulfilled its social obligation. Charged with their
mission nationalistic fervor, the Hero Group has always been actively involved in
Social and Medicare activities, such as providing medical facilities for the under
privileged, Hospitals, Heart Research Foundation and Mobile Medical Vans. Hero
also runs schools and colleges, maintains parks and public facilities.