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Always Stand by Your Daily Practice


LED Curing Light Built-In Type

Streamline design
A stylish compact design with: with ultra-light weight
Strong output for your easy carrying
High performance with fast cure in 8 seconds
and holding comfort
Multiple Functions
Full-power, Ramp & Pulsing Mode at
doctor’s preference

Built-in to the Dental unit

Easy accessible & space saving

No noisy Cooling Fan

Fast cooling, prolong your curing usage

Ergonomic Design
User friendly for your practice all-day-long

Low Maintenance
BlueLEX BT-150 equips a long-life led light
source, No battery is needed & Always
conveniently hung on the dental unit.
A highly advanced & innovative
BT-150 curing device
LED Curing Light Built-In Type
BT-150 is pre-programmed with 3 modes:
1. Full power mode:
it releases the full light intensity up to
1000 mw/cm2 at 8 seconds presetting
time. Emitting time is adjustable
depending on doctors’ preference.

2. Ramping Mode:
it gradually climbs up its light intensity
from 50% to 100% in 15 seconds.
User may also adjust the emitting time
depending on doctors’ choice.

3. Pulsing Mode:
Flashing on & off per shifts per second
with full power.

Advantage: It’s easy to operate, yet versatile in every function

to fulfill the needs of your general dental daily practice.
Output Intensity:
BT-150 is equipped with highly efficient long-life lasting 5W
LED. With 9V input from the adaptor or your Dental Unit,
BT-150 can emit up to 1000mW/cm2 Light intensity for your
fast curing effect. SPECIFICATIONS
Advantage: The time required to cure a 3 mm thickness Resin
is approximately 8 seconds only.
Built-in to the Dental Unit: LED lamp: 5 Watt
Instead of built-in battery for portability, BT-150 is build-into Voltage: AC 100V~240V 50/60 Hz
the dental chair, it’s even more accessible to the doctor.
Advantage: with the constant power supply from the dental unit, Weight: Approx. 203 g
it is more assuring to the stability of the light intensity at all time. Light Intensity: up to 1,000 mW/cm2
Wavelength: 445 ~ 470 nm
Dimesion: Approx. 197x42x77 mm
The built-in magnetic fan system can ensure the heat generated
from the light source be dissipated efficiently and effectively for
doctor’s long usage. ADAPTER :
BT-150 is also equipped with auto-shut off protective mechanism. Input: AC100V~240V 50/60 HZ
Prevent the unit overheats, the system will turn/shut off with the Output: DC9V
fan running and cool off. BT-150 resumes normal operation when
Current: 1.3A(TYPICAL)
the temperature returns to normal.
Advantage: Smart design to provide you with highest safety &
using comfort. LIGHT GUIDE :
Ergonomic Design: Fiber optic with tapered tip
Stream Line, modern design, suitable for your hand holding ( 10mm taper to 8mm)
posture. Its ultra light weight & ergonomics brings the comfort Weight: Approx. 25g
to your hand. It is not only an upgrade of functionality to your Autoclavable up to 134℃
original dental chair, but an ornament to enhance the elegance
of your dental unit both in Beauty & Design!


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Concerning the discrepancy of the product, which caused by weather, temperature and used materials, we reserve the rights of explanation. The specifications are subject to change and revision without prior notice.