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The design is just

as powerful as the
sound you’ll hear.
The VS2621 three-piece speaker system for computers & MP3 players was built
with one purpose in mind – deliver blow-your-socks-off sound without blow-
ing your budget. The unique angled shape of the satellites directs full-spectrum
audio toward you for improved audio dynamics while the side-firing subwoofer
pumps out impressive bass. Its compact size makes it ideal for small spaces, but
there’s nothing small about the sound. All controls are at your fingertips and a
handy secondary input jack lets you connect your MP3 or CD player while still
linked to your computer.

Speaker system for computers & MP3 players
with crystal-clear sound and powerful bass
The VS2621 boldly redefines value with impressive good
looks, compact size and amazingly powerful sound for
computers and MP3 players.

Powerful Bass
Space-saving side-firing
Crystal-clear Sound subwoofer shakes the
Dual 2” (50 mm) full-range room without taking a
speaker drivers deliver lot of space.
crystal-clear, full-spectrum
audio. Bold,
Two 2” (50 mm) full-range drivers
One 4” (100mm) side-firing subwoofer
Sound Pressure Level (SPL): 93 dB
Total Continuous Power: 28 Watts RMS
Each Speaker: 7.5 Watts per Channel
@ 8 ohms @ 10% THD @
200 Hz - 20 kHz
Subwoofer: 13 Watts @ 4 ohms
@ 10 % THD @ 50 Hz – 200 Hz
Single Channel Loaded
System Response: 45 Hz - 18 kHz
(-10 dB)
Signal to Noise Ratio @ 1 kHz input:
> 65 dB
Satellite Dimensions:
5.1” (W) x 4.7” (D) x 5.2” (H)
130 mm (W) x 120 mm (D) x 131 mm (H)
Subwoofer Dimensions:
4.9” (W) x 10.3” (D) x 8.8” (H)
125 mm (W) x 262 mm (D) x 224 mm (H)

Optimized for Packaging Specifications

computer and Master Carton Quantity: 4
other digital
Master Carton Dimensions:
media sources 17” (W) x 14.1” (D) x 24.1” (H)
Display Carton Dimensions:
16.3” (W) x 6.7” (D) x 12.1” (H)
Master Carton Weight: 38.4 lbs.
Display Carton Weight: 8.5 lbs.

Built-in controls
Package Contents
Volume and tone controls
are at your fingertips. VS2621 speaker system
Quick connect guide

Audio Alignment™ AUX IN jack 535 Rte. 6 & 209
Drivers, enclosure and electronics Lets you connect a portable CD, Milford, PA 18337-0277
are balanced for optimum sound. DVD, or MP3 player while linked 800-ALTEC-88 • 570-296-4434
to your computer Fax 570-296-6887

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