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Salesforce ADM 201 January 2020 Fragen (Trailblazer)

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1. An admin created a workflow rule that sends e mail alerts when a case with a high priority is created. A new support engineer
who works remotely at UMS complains about not receiving the email alerts. All other users at Ursa Major Solar receive these e
mail alerts.

How can an Administrator troubleshoot this issue?

A. Verify the user's role.

B. Verify the user's email address.

C. Assign new hierarchys

D. Delete any accounts or contacts owned by that user: B

2. The administrator at Ursa Major Solar created a process in Process Builder that sends email alerts when a high-priority case is
created. A new support engineer who workds remotely complains about not receiving the email alerts All other users receive
these email alerts.

How can a Salesforce administrator troubleshoot this issue?

A. Verify the user's email address.

B. Check that the process is active.

C. Check that the correct e mail template is used.

D. Check that the process evaluation criteria is correct.: A

3. The Customer support manager at the Ursa Major Solar has received feedback from customers that they're not being notified
when Ursa Major Solar's support reps add comments to their support case. The customer support manager needs a way to
automatically email the customer when her team adds a comment to a case.

How should the system administrator configure the Salesforce org. for an email to be automatically sent to a customer when
the support rep adds a comment to the case?

A. Enable case comment notifications to contacts.

B. Add the comment to the case Chatter feed.

C. Include the customer in the assignment rule.

D. Set the customer as the automated case user.: A.

4. Custom fields in the Lead object can be mapped to what two types of fields?

A. Role Hierarchy

B. Custom opportunity

C. Account

D. Custom account: B

5. The director of operations at Ursa Major Solar has noticed that when sales reps move opportunities out to the closed stage, they
don't always fill in the product installation date. When the date is not logged, the operations team has to reach out to the sales
rep to confirm the installation date. The director of operations has rquested that the sales reps not be able to close an
opportunity without first logging the product installation date.

Which feature allows Ursa Major Solar to rquire a value in the product installation date, a custom date field, when the
opportunity stage changes to Closed?

A. Validation Rule

B. Dependend Picklist

C. Page Layout

D. Record Type: A
6. The Executive Team at Ura Major Solar is exploring ways to increase protection of the organisations Salesforce data from
unauthorized access. It has been proposed to leverage the Trusted IP feature.

What is a benefit of entering Trusted IP ranges in the network access section?

A. Users who log in within the network are not required to verify their identitiy

B. All attempts to log in from outside the network are denied.

C. Users are unable to log in through the API on networks. not marked as trusted.

D. AppExchange packages can communicate with an external Site.: A

7. A finance user with the View All Data permission enabled sees no oppurtunities when opening a sales pipeline report. However,
a sales rep sees oppurtunities as expected. Opportunities should be visible to only those with permission.

Which two actions should the administrator perform to ensure that the finance user sees opportunities in the pipeline report?

A. Create a new report formula on the pipeline report.

B. Select Save Hierarchy Level on the pipeline report.

C. Update the report filter to show all opportunities.

D. Change the org-wide opportunity sharing default to public read.: B C

8. How can a system administrator discover who added a field to the account page layout?

A . Use the Profile Settings

B. Use the Setup audit trail

C. Use the Team Permission

D. Use Objects: B
9. How can condicitions be defined to determine how leads or cases are processed?

A. Assignment rules

B. Workflow rules

C. Queues Rules

D. Validation Rules: A
10. How can customer support requests directly from your companys website and automatically generate new cases with web to

A. Web to case
B. E Mail to case
C. Phone to case
D. Chatter feed: A
11. How can email responses Send automaticaly to lead or case submissions based on the records attributes?

A. Auto-response Rules

B. Mass Mail

C. Workflow rules

D. Validation Rules: A
12. How can multiple Campaign records be associated with a single opportunity?

A. Campaign Hierarchy

B. Campaign Influence

C. Workflow Rules

D. Validation Rules: B
13. How long is Data stored in the Recycle Bin?

A. 10 Days

B. 5 Days

C. 15 Days

D. 20 Days: C
14. How should the system administrator implement biweekly notifications for sales reps that include opportunities that need
attention based on the opportunity owners las login, past due opportunities and all opportunites that have not been updated in
the last 30 days?

A. Create E- Mail Allerts

B. Create opportunity update reminders.

C. Create Workflow rules

D. Set up a Case feed in the Service Cloud: B

15. The password policy in Ursa Major Solar's org showsthat the length of time until passwords expire is 60 days.However, sales reps
are complaining that their passwords expire every 30 days.

Where should the system administrator change the passwort expiration perion for the sales rep users?

A. Individual user records

B. Permission Sets assigned to the users

C. Profiles assigned to the users.

D. Roles assigned to the users.: C

16. The sales operations team at Ursa Major Solar needs to import and export accounts, contacts, opportunities and orders.

Which profile permissions do the sales operation team need to be able to perform this taks ? (Choose two answers.)

A. API enabled

B. Modify All for those objects.

C. View All Data

D. Weekly Data Export.: A B

17. A sales rep for Ursa Major Solar is working with a potential customer who cannot open email attachments per company IT

How should this sales rep send the product data sheet to a prospect without attaching the document to an email?

A. Copy and paste the data sheet content and create a custom page within the customer community.

B. Upload the data sheet to a Library and create/send a content pack to the prospect.

C. Attach the data sheet to a Notes and Attachment related list and email the link to the prospect.

D. Assign the prospect as a campaign member to the product data sheet campaign record.: B
18. A sales user wants to add components to their dashboard.

What is the maximum number of components that can be added to a single dashboard?

A. 3

B. 10

C. 20

D.50: C
19. A slaes manager at Ursa Major Solar wants a team of sales reps to know how many open opportunities they have at any given

How should an administrator configure a report for each sales rep to see their own open properties?

A. create a reporting snapshot grouped by sales rep.

B. create a report filtered by My Oppurtunities.

C. create a report with a cross filter by My Oppurtunities.

D. create a report schedule for each sales rep: B

20. A System Administrator cannot share a report folder. What is a possible reason?

A. The User is not allowed due to hierarchy

B. The Folder is only public

C. The Folder is private

D. The System Setting: C

21. A System administrator enables Case Feed Actions and Feed Items in Support Settings. With the appropriate profile permissions
enabled what change will users see?

A. Customers can share and install apps published by Salesforce partners

B Each account must have a related account

C Cases will use feed layouts rather than standard page layouts

D. Cases will be assigned directly to the Service Agent: C

22. A System administrator uses the import Wizard to update existing account records. Which two values can the Import Wizard use
to find matching records?

A. Account Name

B. Site Fields

C. User Role

D. Hierarchy Settings: A B
23. Ursa Major Scholar has inconsistent data in ist 20,000 existing accounts and asked the system administrator to convert all of the
standard country fields to ISO codes. Which method should the system administrator use.

A. Update the adresses Manually

B. Mass update adresses

C. Use Data Loader for Update

D. Its not possible to update Adresses: B

24. Ursa Major Solar created an action that sends a follow-up email to the customer two days after a case is closed. The
Administrator wants to verify that the process functions correctly.

Which queue should the administrator view to monitor pending actions?

A. Outbound Messaging Delivery queue

B. Mass Email Queue

C. Process Action Queue

D. Background Jobs Queue: C

25. Ursa Major Solar has an auto-response rule to send emails when a customer submits a new case, and an assignment rule to
determine case ownership for new case, and an assignment rule to determine case ownership for new cases. In addition the
case object has validation rules to ensure that each case includes values for all fields needed by its owner to resolve the case.

In which order does Salesforce process the immediate actions associated with workflow rules and related business aautomations
for a newly created record?

A. Escalation rules, validation rules, workflow rules, auto-response rules, assignment rules.

B. Validation rules, Assignment rules, auto response rules, Workflow rules, escalation rules.

C. Workflow rules, validation rules, assignment rules, escalation rules, auto-response rules

D. Validation rules, Escalation Rules, assginment rules auto response rules workflow rules.: B
26. Ursa Major Solar has an inside sales team that sells only warranty renewals, and an outside sales team that only sells products.
Each type of sale captures different information and has a different sales cycle. How should the system administrator configure
Salesforce to meet the requirements?

A. Create a workflow rule for the process

B. Create a validation Rule for the user in the chatter function

C. Create an Apex trigger to notify the assigned Support Rep

D. Create a page layout, sales process and record type for each type of sale.: D
27. Ursa Major Solar has a team of account managers that requiested email alerts anytime an opportunity or case is created on
accounts that they own.

What is the minimum number of workflows needed to accomplish this task?

A. One Workflow rule with two email alerts

B. Two Workflow rules with one email alert each

C. No Workflow rules but two email alerts.

D. Four Workflow rules for create and update on opportunities and Accounts.: B
28. Ursa Major Solar has created an automated approval process to quickly communicate and improve their customer service.

What are two approval actions in an approval process?

A. Create a Chatter post.

B. Add an email alert.

C. Send an Outbound message

D. Call Apex: B C
29. Ursa Major Solar has created a new product line of solar panels with a special sales team to sell these products. The sales
process for the new line is more complex than the current sales process and requires additional stages to the sales path.

How should the system administrator configure Salesforce to ensure only the appropriate stages are visible based on the
product line?

A. Create a sales process and Opportunity record type for each product line.

B. Create a validation rule to display the approoriate stages based on the product line

C. Create new forecast categories and assign the new stage picklist values to those categories.

D. Create a validation rule to display the appropriate stages based on the user's role.: A.
30. Ursa Major Solar has noticed an uptick in support cases that could be resolved easily if the customers had access to the proper
documentation. So, Ursa Major Solar wants to create a knowledge base where articles can be classified into categories.

What are two benefits of using Data Categories with Salesforce Knowledge?

A. Article owners can track views.

B. Articles can be classified into groups.

C. Article access can be controlled.

D. Articles can be referenced in Chatter posts.: B.

31. Ursa Major Solar is looking to reduce support costs by allowing customers to work together to answer one another's questions
and solve problems.

Which feature should a Salesforce administrator use to allow its Customers to interact with eacht other and share best

A. Communities

B. Campaigns

C. Omni-channel

D. Mass emails.: A
32. Ursa Major Solar offers a variety of products that are comparable to products from other companies. Sales representatives
request a method to track product strecngths and weaknesses compared to those offered by other vendors.

What should the system administrator implement?

A. Create users in the organization and assign them a chatter-free license

B. Competitors on the opportunity page layout

C. Allow customers to log in and check the status of cases online

D. Competitors and similar opportunities: B

33. Ursa Major Solar provides various levels of customer support. The VP of support wants an automated way to notify the support
team when an unresolved case has been open for over 4 hours.

Which feature should be used to alert support managers when a case has been open for more than 4 hours?

A. Case queues

B. Auto-response rules

C. Escalation Rules

D. Case assignment Rules: C

34. Ursa Major Solar regularly imports accounts from an external order system that has its own ID field for each record.

What should the system administrator do to help prevent duplicates during these imports?

A. Import the data using the Data loader

B. Use the ID from the order system in place of the Salesforce ID.

C. Create a unique external ID field on Accounts in Salesforce for matching

D. Create a formula field that identifies matches.: C

35. Ursa Major Solar sells through many different reseller networks. Each resellers deals are tracked on seperate opportunities. The
sales manager is concernced that the pipeline report is not accurate due to multiple opportunites for the same end customer.
How should the sales process be modified to ensure opportunies are not double counted in the pipeline?

A. Change the OWD default settings

B. add approval steps from the process Visualizer

C. Change the forecast category to omitted on the duplicate opportunities.

D. Create a new page layout for the record type: C

36. Ursa Major Solar's newest product line has just been announced. The web form on the Ursa Major Solar website is generating a
lot of leads where prospects have indicated interest in particular products. THese leads are imported directly into Salesforce

Which features should the system administrator use to assign ownership of a Lead to the appropriate product team using the
custom Lead field Product Interest?

A. Assignment Rules

B. Escalation Rules

C. Lead Teams.

D. Queues: A D
37. Ursa Major Solar's sales operations director has noticed an increase in sales reps logging opportunities without products.. The
operations team then has to go back into each opportunity after the fact and add the products. Which configuration change
should the system administrator make to help sales reps remember to add products to every opportunitiy?

A. Create a related list to enable the user to view the related products.

B. Enable the opportunity setting to prompt users to add products to opportunities.

C. Create a workflow rule on the Opportunity object to add a default product to opportunities with no products.

D. Set the org-wide defaults for Price Books to Use and Products to read only: B
38. Ursa Major Solar's VP of global Sales has requested that the sales rep commission report be visible to the executive team.

How should the system administrator provide visibility to the sales rep commission report to the executive team only?

A. Set opportunity org-wide default sharing settings to private

B. Save the report in a folder shared with the executive team

C. Name the report "For Executive Team Use Only - Do not use"

D. Save the report in the My Personal Reports folder.: B

39. Ursa Major Solar uses a hybrid sharing model where contacts and accounts are read only and opportunities and cases are
private. The Account Executive team owns all the accounts some contacts are owned by AEs, and other contacts are owned by
support reps.

How should the system administrator ensure the AEs can edit all the contacts associated with their accounts, no matter who
owns the conteact?

A. Account owner privileges give the AE edit access to all related records by default.

B. Select the edit all associated contacts option for the AE role in the Role Hierarchy.

C. Create a private Chatter group for AEs and support reps to share relevant data.

D. Use the Mass Transfer Tool to transfer ownership of all contacts. to the AEs.: B
40. Ursa Major Solar uses a private data access model. Product managers and sales representattives are in different branches of the
role hierarchy.

What should an administrator do to ensure that product managers can report opportunities in their product line?

A. Create a sharing rule based on criteria.

B. Save all opportunity reports in a public folder.

C. Move all product managers to a role below the sales reps

D. Create a new role for product managers and sales representatives.: A

41. Ursa Major Solar uses a private sharing model for cases. Each product line has several product specialists who want to have
visibility to all cases involving their product line.
How should the administrator meet this requirement?
A. Create a predefined case team for each group of product specialists and assign the team using case assignment rules.

B. Create a predefined case team for each group of product specialists and assign the team using case Validation rules

C. Create a new object for the chatterfeed by setting up a new team case in the workflow rules.

D. Remove the Customer record type as an Assigned record type in the users' profiles and permission sets.: A
42. Ursa Major Solar wants internal support requests to be directed to any of the IT representatives. They want external support
requests to be directed to customer support representatives based on the conteacts location.

What should the system admin use to set this up? Choose 2

A Hierarchies

B Assignment Rules

C Workflows

D Queues

E Validation Rules: B D
43. Ursa Major Solar wants the sales team to access information about Closed Won oppurtunities with a common competitor for all
pedning big deals. What set of features should the system administrator implement?

A. Create users in the organization and assign them a chatter-free license

B. Competitors on the opportunity page layout

C. Allow customers to log in and check the status of cases online

D. Competitors and similar opportunities: D

44. Ursa Major Solar wants to assign a task automatically to account managers when a customers agreement is about to expire.

How should an administrator configure this functionality?

A. Create a time-based workflow on account with a rule criteria of agreement end date > TODAY ()

B. Create the workflow rule on opportunity object.

C. Create opportunity teams for customers.

D. Use the data loader to match records between the systems: A

45. Ursa Major Solar wants to create a workflow rule to send an email alert to members of ist board of directors, none of whom use

How many of the board members can be added to a single email alert?

A. Up to 10 additional e mail adresses can be added to the email alert.

B. Up to 2 additional e mail adresses can be added to the email alert.
C. Up to 5 additional e mail adresses can be added to the email alert.
D. Up to 15 additional e mail adresses can be added to the email alert.
E. No E Mail adresses can be added to the email alert.: C
46. The VP of marketing at Ursa Major Solar loaded leads into the ord and now realizes they need to be deleted. The VP has asked
the system administrator to delete them.

Which best practices are recommended prior to mass-deleting records? (choose two ansers).

A. Download a Setup Audit Trail for the last six montchs before deletion.

B. Schedule a weekly data export and download the backup zip files.

C. Create a new list view for all records that neededto be deleted.

D. Run and export a report to archive data before deletion.: B D

47. What are three reports that can be used to display a list of the top 10 accounts on a dashboard?

Choose 3:

A. A Matrix Report with rows to display set to 10

B. No Report

C. Tabular Report with rows to display set to 10

D. Summary report with a chart

E. Summary report without a chart: C

48. What configuration action should be performed to ensure every case gets assigned to a valid owner?

A. Define the Default Case Owner in Support Settings

B. A Case assignment rule to associate the case team

C. Define the the Case Owner in Campaigns

D. Select the primary campaign source for the opportunity.: B

49. What feature tracks how often a file is viewed?

A. Content Deliveries

B. Content Views

C. Page Views

D. Object Dashboard: A
50. What is a Flow?: FA flow is an application that can execute logic, interact with SF database, call Apex calsses and collect data from
51. What is a potential benefit of using suggested Solutions?

A. Better Customer Experience

B. Reduced Work load

C. Reduced support costs

D. Automated Workflows: B
52. What should an administrator configure to provide each sales rep a dashboard that shows their current Opportunity pipeline?

A. Set a dashboard filter to the current user.

B. Create a dashboard folder for each user.

C. Filter the dashboard with a dynamic view set to the VP of sales

D. Set the dashboard running user to the "dashboard viewer": D

53. What should an administrator do to organize the fields availible on a report?

A. Create a standard report

B. Create a custom report type

C. Set Settings to Organisation Wide Default (ODW)

D. Create a Workflow Rule: B

54. What should an administrator use to display the number of conatects related to an account?

A. Summary report with a report formula

B. Summary report without a chart

C. Tabular Report without a validation Rule

D Matrix Report with a Tab set to 10 fields: A

55. What should a system administrator do when users are unable to find a custom report type?

A. Make sure the new report is deployed

B. Make sure the user profile includes the report type.

C. Add the new report type to the related objects.

D. Add a Button for the new type to the Report Builder: A

56. What two objects can be related to campaign members? Choose 2

A. Leads

B. Roles

C. Objects

D. Contacts: A D
57. What two related lists should be added to the opportunity page layout to track how campaigns contribute to the overall

A. Campaign Influence

B. Campaign hierarchy

C. Workflow Rules

D. Contact Roles

E. Oppurtunity: A
58. Which configuration option shows sales representatives the fields they must fill in prior to saving the opprtunity?

A. Roll-up summary fields

B. Cross-Object formula fields

C. Page Layout required fields

D. Custom fields: C
59. Which set of Salesforce records is exported by choosing the Export All option instead of Export Data Loader.

A. The objects that are available when building a report

B. Records Coming form a Updated workflow rule.

C. Related records for a custom object.

D. Records for a specified object including records in the recycle bin.: D

60. Which three report charts show how many leads are in the marketing pipeline based on lead status and what percent each lead
status represents? (Choose 3 answers)

A. Grouped bar chart

B. Pie Chart

C. Donut Chart

D. Line Chart

E. Funnel Chart: B C E