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Mitchell J.


Phone: (231) 645-6450 | Email: wino9369@kettering.edu

Professional Experience
​ ew Eagle Consulting LLC​ ​· ​Ann Arbor, MI ​·​ October 2018 - Present

Supported mechanical design, fabrication, and integration for an electronic steering
● Lead thermal design and integration of AC and glycol loops for two customer projects,
increasing my knowledge of fittings and reinforcing my fluid dynamics and heat transfer
● Designed schematics and finalized bill of materials for a mass-produced wiring harness
● Designed the HMI and high-current electrical system for an electric fracking rig
Bosch Motorsport​ ​·​ Novi, MI ​·​ January 2017 - March 2018
● Responsible for the wiring, enclosure, structural support, packaging, and mount design
for a prototype telemetry product tested in NASCAR
● Fuel-test bench packaging, plumbing, and wiring for internal testing use on GDI and
diesel fueling products
Benteler Automotive​ ​·​ Grand Rapids, MI ​·​ June 2016 - October 2016
● Supported quality control team by etching failed welds on OEM exhaust systems and
providing analysis using a Keyence microscope
● Presented findings to company leadership utilizing Microsoft Powerpoint

Kettering University Formula SAE

Powertrain Subsystem Lead (2018-2020)
● Built a GT Power 1D engine simulation model to assist the design of flow systems for a
custom turbocharged 450cc single-cylinder engine
● Designed a custom DMLS titanium dual volute turbine housing for the single-cylinder
engine that reduced mass by 2kg and increased engine output by 15%
● Designed low-mass fuel, cooling, and oil systems, as well as the sensor package to
assist in design validation
● Oversaw all engine calibration using ATI Vision and a dynamometer
Electronics Subsystem Lead (2018)
● Designed the vehicle wiring harness and supervised the harness build
● Supported PCB schematic design for a new power distribution module
Fabrication Lead (2017-2018)
● Fabricated all welded components including the chassis, suspension components
(control arms, push rods, pull rods, tie rods, and bellcranks), and powertrain components
(engine intake, pre- and post-turbocharger exhausts, and fuel tank)
● Successfully handled difficult-to-meet deadlines resulting in the first chassis completed
early enough to be powder coated prior to competition

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Mitchell J. Winowiecki

Phone: (231) 645-6450 | Email: wino9369@kettering.edu

Other Formula SAE Highlights

● Personally secured 8 new team sponsors, resulting in over $25k in cost savings
● Mentored — and transferred critical team knowledge to — dozens of Kettering freshmen
by providing TIG weld instruction, documenting engineering specifications, and creating
a comprehensive technical database

Kettering University​ ​·​ Flint, MI ​·​ October 2016 - Graduating September 2020
● Major: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, GPA: 3.3
● Research Thesis: Designed, manufactured, and validated a concept turbocharger, which
significantly increases turbine efficiency and power when paired with a single-cylinder
engine. This concept is also designed to increase turbocharger effectiveness on other
odd-fire internal combustion engines.

Technical Skills
● Proficient with DS Solidworks, Siemens NX, Gamma Technologies GT-Suite (GT-ISE,
GT-Post, GEM3D), Rapidharness, Siemens STAR-CCM+, Autodesk Suite (AutoCAD,
AutoCAD Electrical, and Inventor), Mathworks Matlab and Simulink, and ATI Vision
● TIG Welding (titanium, aluminum, chromoly steel, stainless steel, and low-carbon steel),
manual and CNC mill machining, manual lathe turning, FDM and SLS rapid prototyping,
DMLS rapid prototyping, and wet layup CFRP
● Knowledgeable with fitting standards; automotive, aerospace, and motorsport wiring
techniques; material grades; and fasteners

Memberships & Extracurricular Activities

● Society of Automotive Engineers, Student Member, 2017 - 2020
● 4-Year Varsity Tennis Team member; Team Captain Senior Year
● 2-Year FIRST Robotics Team member; Co-Captain Senior Year

References Available Upon Request

Engineering Portfolio: mitchelljwinowiecki.weebly.com

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