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North South University MIS107,

Summer, 2020

Case Study-01
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Mohammed Yaseer Nazeer (Ysn)
Lecturer, North South University

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1. Shabab Qurashi 131 0421 630
2. Jannatul Ferdaus 142 0279 030
3. MD Mehedi Hassan 143 0518 030
4. Nusrat Amrin Nishu 153 1386 615
5. Shadman Shakib 161 0232 030
6. Md. Salman Elahi 153 0139 630
7. Zahebi Tarannum 142 0299 630
8. Md. Asif Abdullah 152 1888 030

1. What, according to you, were the reasons for Rohit’s disillusionment? Answer
the question using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?
Answer: Rohit started working for Apex with a heart full of hope and expectation but his
disillusionment got over because of some reasons. We can define the reasons with Maslow’s
hierarchy theory.
In Maslow’s Hierarchy theory, need for safety and job security, food, shelter is needed. Rohit
passed all these long ago. Now he needed something else to keep motivated. That’s why he
joined apex to explore his inner capabilities and to get value for those. But later he found that his
decisions and opinions are not valued and even listened at all. He felt heartbroken due to this. He
was growing quick and fast in his career. Now he wanted to achieve esteem needs and self-
He tried to find solutions and answers so that he get valued for those and he could feel that he
has done something but his boss doesn't appreciate the hard work rather she has all the answers
and she doesn't rely on anyone of her team. This made the team feeling not belonging to a team
and this allowed them not to work hard anymore to achieve prestige. Rohit lost esteem needs this
way because he wanted a feeling of accomplishment when he found the solution but he was not
cared and listened by his boss. Again he also didn't get self-actualization. In this stage people try
to find their full potential which include creativity. Rohit thought all the night and came with
several solutions but his boss didn't even listen to him. This made him feel he didn’t accomplish
the self-actualization stage which he was craving for. When a person passes the basic 2 stages of
physiological needs, he needs a bit more than materialistic and basic needs. He needs praise and
recognition for his work, for his creativity. If he doesn’t get the value and acknowledgement, his
inspiration and creativity starts to fade away.
Rohit felts disillusionment because of these reasons. So here Rohit was in lack of self-fulfillment
needs from Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. In Apex he wasn’t getting Self-actualization needs as
there were no scope of achieving his full potential, his creative ideas, he was having low self-
esteem where at one point he thought his work, potential, prestige and

2. What should Rohit do to resolve his situation? What can a team leader do to
ensure high levels of motivation among his/her team members?
Rohit was very professional with his job. But his boss was very unprofessional. He should notify
his boss about the current situation. Because of not having any motivation or any attention his
coworkers are also not being able to give their best. On the other hand, if the problem still
remains it would be better for Rohit to leave this job.
A team leader can ensure high levels of motivation among his team members. We can see
enough evidence of it in this case. It was well explained Suresh Reddy previous boss of Rohit
was very supportive. He never interfered rather always suggested how his team members can
improve their work. Motivation is very important, because it allows to meet the goal of the
company. Moreover, it increases productivity

At different circumstances a team leader has to play different role which should be as par
requirement. Since Aparna is a self-oriented leader who doesn’t pay much attention to her sub
ordinates, first most thing she has to learn is to appreciate what it means to be a team player
being in a team. And she is not just a team player, she is the leader of it, to whom others has to
look up to. If you lose interest in your team, one day you might lose your team as a whole. So,
the most important thing she has to do is to communicate more often. This way rebuilding the
connecting bridge between the leader and the team members, a leader (in this case Aparna) can
ensure high levels of motivation among the team members after a healthy relation is build.