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Volume 1, Issue 7 June 1, 2006

To succeed in business personally &
professionally through Networking &
education while building key relationships &
having fun!

L i f e i s a J o u r n e y , N o t a
P O I N T S O F D e s t i n a t i o n
I N T E R E S T : F r o m o u r P r e s i d e n t — K a t h y H a r d t k e

• June’s meeting is at Think about your jour- until it is fully grown or think it
Montarra Grill. ney. What part of it are you is any less beautiful in all
• Birthdays are added not living in? What part of it stages of its growth.
to the calendar! are you so focused on the
outcome that you are not en- So why do we not allow this
• Please welcome our
joying the preparation, the growth period in our own
new board members
and ambassadors. growth or the learning along lives? Why do we push our
the way? businesses to grow faster than
• Wow—lots of pics!
the perfection of time to let it
As with planting a seed, we grow into full bloom? Why
understand that seed's desti- don't we see the beauty in all
We have all heard that life is a
I N S I D E TH I S nation is becoming a the stages of our business
I S S U E : journey and not a destina-
flower. In order to achieve this growth as well as our personal
tion. Although we are fully
outcome we need to nurture growth?
WLN Success Story 2 aware of the need for the di-
it. We need to water it, we
rection we are headed, we
need to give it light and let it We allow the flowers in our
Member Spotlight also need to remember to be
2 grow at its own pace. We can't lives to grow at their own pace
Kathy Glink
where we are on our journey
push its growth any faster than trusting that it will continue to
Life is a Journey moving towards our destina-
2 the time it takes to grow with patience, nurturing,
continued tion while enjoying the ride
grow. There are many beauti- time and attention. We do not
including the challenges as
May’s Photo Collage 3 ful stages of growth seen in a get frustrated with the slow
well as the triumphs.
flower. We enjoy it as it growth over time…
May’s Presentation grows. We do not ignore it Continued on page 2

Member Spotlight
4 M a y P r e s e n t a t i o n
Norine Wiebmer
B a l a n c i n g F a m i l y , H o m e , W o r k , &
Calendar of Events 5
L i f e
B y : I r e n e C y g a n

Meet the Board &

For today’s woman, the chal- the recipe as our job needs
Ambassadors 6 lenge of balancing family, While we all want to achieve and personal needs change.
home, work, and life puts that “balance”, everyone has their
tightrope walker to shame. own set of unique work and
The list of responsibilities is Is the answer organization?
personal realities; so there is
overwhelming. The more suc- no “one size fits all” – no one Is the answer MULTI-TASKING?
cessful we are, the more recipe for balance. The truth Is the answer getting up ear-
“stuff” we have to burden us, is there are countless combi- lier, being more disciplined,
the more demands that are nations. And it’s a moving driving ourselves harder?
made upon us. target, as we constantly adjust
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V o l u m e 1 , I s s u e 7 Page 2

W L N S u c c e s s S t o r y

A testimonial by Gwynne Ward of Creative Core to discuss how our businesses could work together in
Knutson, owner of FINE the future.
All this in only three months in the group! I've enjoyed the group so much
WLN member.
that a few of my friends, Tina Hill and Pam Althoff have recently joined.
It has been a pleasure to be part of the
Thank you WLN for your warm welcome and the rewarding experience It's
group, and I have met many fine and FUN
been for me.
women. I knew that this would be a good
support group with all women members, but
was pleasantly surprised that it has also
been a good networking group for me. I have
conducted business with Carol Palframan of
Milestone Mortgage Solutions and have had
a business meeting with Anne

M e m b e r S p o t L i g h t — K a t h y G l i n k
Kathy Glink is one of your fellow WLN members that is a representative for CABI. Kathy studied merchandising & marketing in col-
lege. After she graduated, she worked for Carson Pirie, Scott for 5 years before starting a family. Kathy has always had a passion
for helping others. Kathy states that passion is what makes doing this business easy and enjoyable. She gets to meet so many
wonderful women. Kathy joined the WLN when she reached a point in her career when she needed to branch out. Meet other busi-
ness women and learn from them. Her sister had been a member of an ABWA chapter in Texas. With the advice of her sister, she
went online and found our group!
Kathy’s perfect client would be anyone that buys women’s clothing. She really enjoys giving shows, and
states that it’s just like visiting with her girlfriends at each and every one. Kathy does not worry about
competition—she embraces it. She states “We can all really learn from each other. But I do think that I
offer great customer service.” Kathy’s eye for style and experience consulting women has proven to in-
crease confidence and self esteem in her customers!!
Kathy’s tip to deal with stress: exercise, exercise, exercise! “It really helps me feel & think better!”
If you have any questions or if you want to experience Kathy’s expertise please contact her: or call 847-255-6045

L i f e i s a J o u r n e y , N o t a D e s t i n a t i o n
F r o m o u r P r e s i d e n t — K a t h y H a r d t k e — C o n t i n u e d

Continued from page 1 the times you were driving along fol-
lowing the speed limit, not anxious, Feel the difference in how you felt in
we let it be as it is and enjoy it for
not rushing to get somewhere, listen- each scenario. This is the difference
what it is and where its growth is at.
ing to music and just driving to your between living on your journey and
destination. Think how you felt: re- living in your destination. We need to
If we can transfer this same philoso-
laxed, at ease enjoying the journey not have a destination, a plan and a goal
phy into our business life, we will have
thinking of the future or the past. Now in mind. As imperative to the visual of
already achieved success as we will
think of the times that you are driving the destination we need to trust the
see the success in the journey and not
and all you can think of is how you are process of the journey, be flexible to
only in the achievement of the goal or
late, how the traffic is keeping you let life guide us as we follow our
from your destination, how you will paths. As we watch our 'flowers grow',
never get there, how tired you are, our businesses will grow, we will grow
Think back for a moment to the times
etc. and our relationships will grow.
you have been in your car. Think to

What part of our lives do we need to slow down and allow us to be on the journey? How can we prepare the seeds, soil and
light for it to grow and trust it will grow as it should?
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V o l u m e 1 , I s s u e 7 Page 4

M a y P r e s e n t a t i o n B y : I r e n e C y g a n — C o n t i n u e d

Continued from Page 1 Remember, you are solely respon-

Organization tools and techniques sible for the choices in your life.
can help us keep track of all the Empower yourself. Take control.
balls we are constantly juggling in You will find it enables you to have
the air. By multi-tasking we can fun, experiment, unfold your life
often manage to check off more adventure. Remember - The trag-
items on the to-do list but we run edy of life is not that it ends so
the risk of “losing focus” and can’t soon, but that we wait so long to
do our best when we’re only giving begin it.
part of our attention. Effort and
achievement are commendable Thank you Irene for speaking at
and, when we have a clear goal, our May meeting. We hope that
this may be the answer. you will come back and visit us
that will crop up. I hope my guiding principles/ again.
It all comes down to making priorities can be of help to you. Summarizing
choices. In order to make good they are:
Should you have any questions or
choices, we have to nail down our Feel good (by taking care of yourself) if you would like to learn more,
priorities. That means deciding Feel good about yourself (by taking care of please contact Irene directly:
what those priorities are – and your inner, spiritual self)
writing them down. Organizing life
around priorities has a calming Maintain control by using the N word and nego-
Irene Cygan
effect. Choose your priorities pur- tiating flexible options
Toastmasters International
posefully and you will be doing only Build support systems (preferably before you
stuff that matters to you. You will really need them) Club President
get things accomplished that you 4008 Steeple Run
deemed important.
What are your goals – your dreams? Are you Crystal Lake, IL 60014
too busy to pursue them? Are you even too 815-477-0636
My advice for you is to Map out busy to dream them? If so, a little rebalancing
your priorities, leaving time for
is in order.
relaxation and those emergencies

M e m b e r S p o t L i g h t — N o r i n e W i e b m e r
Norine Wiebmer was first introduced to the flexibility and opportunity of the Mary Kay product line as a nursing student at Elmhurst
College. She quickly fell in love with Mary Kay’s “inside out” philosophy of helping people feel better about themselves by improv-
ing the way they present themselves. She has been active in the company for 24 years and a director for 16 years, receiving re-
wards such as 10 company cars (3 pink Cadillacs), jewelry, trips, and a stable income for her family. She is married to Ken, and
has two children, Christina, 8, and Daniel, 5.
Through mentoring other women to start their careers, Norine has learned a lot about serving and listening to others. She loves
seeing the excitement in a woman’s eyes as she starts her career; she quotes Mary Kay, “When one more woman realizes how truly
great she is, that is a GREAT day!”
Norine joined WLN when she was encouraged by friends to attend a meeting, and was instantly impressed by the energy and level
of expertise group members possess. Together with Sandra Larken, whom she met at WLN, she is expanding her business to help
companies build their teams and productivity. She is working with groups or individuals as an image consultant / personal shop-
per. She says, “When an employee or a business owner feels good about themselves, it will increase their self confidence, their
productivity, which in turn increases their self-esteem.“ She teaches classes on being an educated consumer, building a wardrobe
on a budget. She enjoys helping her clients to build self-confidence, maintain a positive attitude, and achieve servant leadership.
Any man or woman who needs a little “me” time can benefit from Norine’s experience. She recognizes many
women really desire to look great and keep up with fashion trends but lack the time or skill to create the look.
Norine can assist you in building and accessorizing your wardrobe, and she can come to your home or office or
her studio is conveniently located in Lake in the Hills. She will deliver or mail your order FREE of charge, and
many items come with gifts with purchase.
Norine’s advises people to work hard while you can and build a strong support system. She says, “The money
and fame of today will fade when you are gone but your love, spirit and faith will live on in others.”
If you have any questions or if you want to experience Norine’s expertise please contact her: or call 847-854-7765
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June 2006
Are you a member of a women’s networking
or support group that is not listed? If
so—please email me and we will add to
next month’s news letter.
Ginger Imes—

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat

1 2 3

4 5 6 11:30 APW 7 8:15 MCPWG 8 11:30 WIM 9 10

Networking Bi-monthly Meet- Northern Fox
Luncheon ing Valley Chapter
Ellsworth Monthly Meeting

11 12 13 14 5:30 WLN 15 16 17
Monthly Meeting
18 19 6:30 WLN 20 11:30 WIM 21 5:00 EWN Anni- 22 23 24
Board Meeting McHenry Co versary Event; 8:15
MCPWG Meeting;
Chapter Monthly
11:45 WINGS Meeting
Meeting Cheryl
25 26 27 28 29 30


Schedule of Events
• 6/14/2006—Women’s Leadership Network Monthly Meeting: Progressive networking at Montarra Grill, 1491 South Randall
Road, Algonquin, IL 60102. 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. $35 Call to reserve 847-489-5053

• 6/19/2006—Women’s Leadership Network Board Meeting: Irish Currough, Algonquin Commons, Algonquin. 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

• 6/06/2006—Alliance of Professional Women Networking Luncheon: Bonefish Grill in the Algonquin Commons. 11:30 am to 1:00
pm. Call Theresa to reserve 847.458.7040

• 6/21/2006—Empowering Women’s Network Anniversary Event: Motorola, Inc., The Galvin Center, 1303 E. Algonquin Road,
Schaumburg, IL. 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Reserve at

• 6/07/2006 & 6/21/2006—McHenry Cook Professional Women’s Group meeting: Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce. 8:15 am
to 9:15 am. No reservation required.

• 6/08/2006—Women in Management Northern Fox Valley Chapter monthly meeting: Elgin Country Club, Weld Road, Elgin. 11:30
am to 1:30 pm. Reserve at 847-426-3066

• 6/20/2006—Women in Management McHenry County monthly meeting: Bull Valley Country Club, Woodstock. 11:30 am to 1:30
pm. 815-363-2693

• 6/21/2006—Women’s Interactive Networking Group Monthly meeting. McHenry Country Club, 820 N. John Street, McHenry.
11:45 am to 1:15 pm. 815-385-4300
President: Kathy Hardtke
American Home Mortgage

President Elect: Anne Ward

Monthly meetings are located at: Creative Core
Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiono
1524 South Randall Road
Algonquin, IL 60102
VP of Membership: Pat Kolodziej
2nd Wednesday of each month PK Tax Services
5:30 pm — 7:30 pm 847-608-6451

If you should have any questions please

contact one of the board members listed or
visit us on the web.
VP of Finance: Sandra Larkin
Lost & Found Life Coach

New Members—April & May:

Pat Van Slyke Speech Pathology Consultants VP of Programs: Kris Freeman
Pamela Althoff Honorary Member / Senator Body Talk Practitioner
Debra Hanlon LifeSpring 847-975-9406
Tina Hill Elective Official / Legislative Assistant
Pam DeLeon Mission Capital

VP of Marketing: Ginger Imes

DS&P Insurance Services
Ambassadors: 847-485-2408

Ambassador of Membership: Siree Sandberg

Ambassador for Visitor Welcoming: Norine Wiebmer
Ambassador of Events: Carol Palframan
Ambassador of Programs: Terri Williams VP of Administration: Robin Braga
Ambassador of Marketing: Debra Hanlon Silpada Designs
Ambassador of Events: Mary Anne Muscat 847-961-5526
Ambassador of Membership: Lisa Davidson
Ambassador of Visitor Welcoming: Gwynne Knutson

*Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador? If so,

please contact Anne Ward. VP of Events: Kim Gaxiola
AG Edwards