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Volume 2, Issue 2 February 1, 2007

To succeed in business personally & professionally
through Networking & education while building key
relationships & having fun!

Y o u r L i g h t i s Y o u r P o w e r

F r o m o u r P r e s i d e n t — K a t h y H a r d t k e

Where does our power come I am speaking of and is as trust encompasses us as our
INSIDE from and what does it mean follows: fears melt away allowing our
THIS to have power. To some, lights to shine bright. We
ISSUE: power means a successful are living our truth and our
job, high earnings, control “Our deepest fear is not passion while our power
over others or simply control that we are inadequate. lights the path for others to
over our own destinies, to Our deepest fear is that follow and join in our journey
name a few. To others it is we are powerful beyond of success uncovering their
simply freedom of choice. In measure. It is our light own truth and power along
the past we have reflected on not our darkness that the way.
choice and how women today most frightens us. Your
have more choices as well as playing small does not
January’s serve the world…there is Who do you hold back your
Dinner meeting 2 the freedom to choose from
a vast array of ways of life, nothing enlightened about power dulling your light for
Photo Collage
ways of living life more than shrinking so that other fear of losing them as a
ever before including how we people won’t feel insecure friend, associate or family?
perceive our realities. around you. We were ALL What area do you find your-
meant to shine as chil- self cowering for fear of
dren. It’s not just in standing tall? When will it be
With that in mind, I share some of us. It is in every- time for you to let your light
with you an awareness of a one and as we let our own shine and experience your
Member Spotlight
3 deeper power that we as light shine, we uncon- own unique power? Maybe,
Lisa Krupp
women today are uncovering sciously give one another just maybe it will be some-
within ourselves that is permission to do the one you love that you show
bringing our lives to a whole same. We are liberated your power and light to that
new and more rewarding from our own fear and our models your courage and
level of success, joy and hap- presence automatically changes his or her life for-
piness. As successful women liberates others.” ever…
today we do have the power
Meet the Board 5 of community, choice and
freedom however I would like Today, let’s begin to open up Kathy Hardtke
to direct your focus and at- this power within us to those
February 1st, 2007
tention within to the power of that we have held back. We
who we are as women with give ourselves and others
our very individual and permission to be authentic to
unique gifts we offer to the our core. We no longer have
world…not the power of what to cower behind those that
Ambassadors 5 we have and can attain out- can’t handle our success, our
side of ourselves. We simply light and our own unique
need to unleash the light gifts. We are who we are for
within without fear of who we a reason. The closer we
are and how others may come to uncovering these
judge us. parts of ourselves the closer
we come to our own personal
truths and the more success-
I recently watched the movie ful, joyful and complete our
“Coach Carter” and heard a lives will be. A subtle know-
quote that clarifies the power ing returns and a sense of
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M e m b e r S p o t L i g h t
L i s a K r u p p

business can donate used electronics such as computers, fax,

Tell us a little about your
scanners, telephones? This a tax deductible donation for both
background and your current
individuals and businesses, as we are a registered public char-
business. What makes you
ity with a 501(c ) 3 non profit organization status.
Almost 30 years ago, in 1979, I
was introduced to the island of What keeps you ahead of your competition?
my dreams, Eleuthera Baha- Our organization can HELP YOU, by motivating you to de-
mas. I embraced the islands clutter your home or business to recycle your electronics that
and went on to work in the can generate funds to send materials to people that are less
travel industry for 18 years. fortunate. We also encourage volunteers and donors to travel
After becoming a Montessori to the Bahamas and see firsthand the difference that you are
parent for six years, I changed helping to make. We will have future trips scheduled for those
careers and took on the role of a that are interested in
Montessori Educator, focusing on preschool ages 0-6 years old. After assisting on the island in sorting books or local distribution.
being drawn back to Eleuthera year after year, we decided to build our
dream home, brick by brick, with help from our Bahamian friends that Who is your perfect power partner?
have since become extended family. That experience alone could fill My perfect power partner is someone that believes in the
a book, from purchasing land, locating building materials, to digging power of education through access of books and technology.
up palms in the wild and transplanting them into our yard. It was a They have to want to make a difference and believe that they
true test of our determination and perseverance. Over the years, we can.
hosted several friends from the Bahamas in our home here. They were
in need of medical treatment that was not available there and stayed What tip can you give to a business looking for your ser-
with us up to 5 months while receiving aggressive cancer treatments. vices?
That is another book, but it enabled us to become aware of the need Our organization can arrange to pick up large quantities of
for basic medical supplies and equipment, preventatvie health educa- computer electronics throughout the Midwest and Northeast at
tion and resources that are so readily available to us in the United this time. Please check our website for Success Stories and
States. The concept for Island Relief was born. From and Educator’s News at
perspective, I realized the need for basic school supplies, books, and
computers. I also became very aware of the recycling here that would How do you deal with stress? Would you like to share any
enable us to send many books, computers and items that come very tips?
easily to us to those that would greatly appreciate the donation. I have I try daily to be present. I remind myself that I am truly
been successful in shipping over 35,000 lbs of materials and over 100 blessed and have a healthy family. It doesn’t get better than
computers to Eleuthera Bahamas. This amount translates to approxi- that, all the other stuff is just a trick. I take a few minutes in
mately 5 community libraries and additionally being able contribute to the morning to be grateful, breathe and see what the day
existing school libraries collections. I believe that I have been suc- brings. I believe that it is always a gift, even when at first it
cessful in making this happen because I refuse to give up. It has been does not appear to be.
one of my biggest challenges, finding volunteers, searching for fund- Island Relief has become my full time mission ( full time vol-
ing, arranging shipping and sharing my cause, but I believe that every unteer) as I have given up being in the classroom to devote my
minute is worth it. I know that I can make a difference in the many time to this cause.
lives and I know that sometimes it is that ONE book that impacts you My family and I are now renting our island home out to pro-
and takes your life in a new direction. I believe that the many children vide income that will allow me to continue my passion. If you
and adults that are living in an island community are worthy and de- are interested in an island vacation or know of someone that is,
serving receiving those items that come so easily to us and that at please contact me.
times we take for granted.

How did you get involved in WLN – any success stories?

I was invited at a guest to the first WLN meeting. I have truly enjoyed
the many new friends and business contacts that I have made since
that time. It is inspiring to see so many strong women each month that
are on their working on creating success in their careers and equally
inspiring to listen to the encouraging speakers that present tools that
can help each one us achieve a new level.

Who is your perfect client?

My perfect client (volunteer) is someone that wants to help change
lives! Wow! Did you know that each one of us is SO capable of mak-
ing that happen, just by donating your time in organizing a children’s
book drive or sharing this story and connecting with someone whose
President: Kathy Hardtke
Independent Contractor

President Elect: Pat Kolodziej

PK Tax Services

Monthly meetings are located at:

Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiono VP of Membership: Anne Ward
1524 South Randall Road Creative Core
Algonquin, IL 60102 847-854-1111
2nd Wednesday of each month
5:30 pm — 7:30 pm

VP of Finance: Sandra Larkin

Lost & Found Life Coach

If you should have any questions please contact

one of the board members listed or visit us on
the web.
VP of Programs: Kris Freeman
Body Talk Practitioner

VP of Marketing: Ginger Imes

DS&P Insurance Services
Ambassador of Membership: Siree Sandberg
Ambassador for Visitor Welcoming: Norine Wiebmer VP of Administration: Robin Braga
Ambassador of Events: Carol Palframan Silpada Designs
Ambassador of Events: Lisa Krupp 847-961-5526
Ambassador of Events Wendy French
Ambassador of Programs: Terri Williams
Ambassador of Marketing: Mary Anne Muscat
Ambassador of Events: Kathy Glink
Ambassador of Membership: Lisa Davidson VP of Events: Kim Gaxiola
Ambassador of Membership Gwynne Knutson AG Edwards
Ambassador of Membership: Susan Skawinski 815-338-2550

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