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Empowering From Our President - Pat Kolodziej

Women Now that we have stuffed ourselves think of the less
To empower women to with Halloween candy and turned back fortunate. You
succeed in business personally the clocks, it’s time to get ready for may donate food
and professionally through Thanksgiving. Have you ordered your or money this
networking and education turkey and made your pumpkin pies? Is Thanksgiving.
while building key relationships this what you think of when you think of You may even
and having fun! Thanksgiving? donate your time
I believe we all try to step back and think to assisting the less
about what Thanksgiving is really all fortunate.
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Inside This Issue

about – being thankful. What are you Let’s be thankful for all you have
Page 2-3
thankful for? Family and friends are and think of those that may not be as
Member Spotlight: always on the list. Health and wealth fortunate.
Michelle Wood, Wood could also be on the list. Anything With our businesses and family
Writes else? What about the opportunities obligations, I know we, as women, run
Page 4 that come every day? They could be ragged all day long. My wish for you is
business or personal, but the opportunities that I hope you take time to step back and
A Good Handshake can be anything that comes along that “smell the roses”. We are so “busy” that
Page 4 may change your life. Do you take we fail to slow down and appreciate even
advantage of the opportunities that present the little things around us.
Dates To Remember themselves?
Page 5 I truly wish for all of you to have a happy
Let’s be thankful for the opportunities and safe Thanksgiving holiday! I hope
Meet the Board/ and changes that come into our lives. you see family and friends that you
Ambassadors There is a reason for them. may not have seen for a while. I hope
Page 5 The opportunity could also include the you fulfill your need to do something
people that you meet – the potential that charitable with your time. I hope you
this relationship could bring to your life. meet someone new that may change your
Will the people that you meet change your life. I hope you are not too busy to miss
life? Will this change be a change for the an opportunity (or a rose) that comes by.
better? I truly believe that people come Lastly, I want to take this opportunity to
Monthly Meetings into your life for a reason. What is the old thank all of you for all that you have given
2nd Wednesday of each month saying? - “People come into your life for a to me. You all have truly changed my
reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you
Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiono life – for the better! You have all taught
figure out which one it is, you will know
1542 Randall Road what to do for each person.”
me so much and given me opportunities
Algonquin, IL 60102 that would not have come my way
Let’s be thankful for the people in our without you. I am truly thankful for the
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM lives for whatever reason they are there. women that I have met in the Women’s
$35.00 (includes dinner) Leadership Network!
Thanksgiving is also the time that we
o Collage
October’s Life is partly what we make it,
and partly what it is made by
the friends we choose.

Our President, Pat Kolodziej, and gust speaker, Jennifer Jeffries

t he October Meeting
w o r k in g a t
Fun and net
Don’t miss out on
the networking,
training and fun!
Plan on making
the next meeting.
We’ll see
you there!
“Success means

Member having the courage,

the determination,
and the will to
become the person
you believe you
were meant to be.”
 George Sheehan

Michelle Wood connection to date has been with Lisa What tip can you give to a business
Krupp of Island Relief; I donated my looking for your services?
Wood Writes services to assist with the rebuild of her Be prepared to answer a lot of initial
Copywriting Services charity’s website. As a result of our great questions, because professional creatives
working relationship, she referred me are not mind readers. And don’t worry
Tell us a little about your background to another not-for-profit that became a
and your current business. What makes that every question I ask will go into
source of repeat business. a piece verbatim. It’s important to
you successful?
Who is your perfect client? understand that many of the things I ask
My educational background about are relevant to basic concepts like
is in engineering, biology and The best clients grasp that even though target markets, which can dramatically
communications. I spent roughly 10 generating marketing materials is a impact the general style of a piece.
years in big corporations, and regardless business activity, the process is by
of my job title what I invariably its nature a creative endeavor, that How do you deal with stress? Would you
did for those companies was write perfection does not always happen like to share any tips?
documentation. It became obvious where on the first try and that clear, open I deal with stress through triathlon
I should take my career, so I researched communication is a critical factor in the and yoga. It’s impossible to dwell on
the field to learn how to do this as a entire process. troublesome clients when you’re focused
business. It’s been 3 years and I’ve never on executing a strong swim, bike ride or
been happier! I think what makes me What keeps you ahead of your
competition? run. For me, yoga is not only a peaceful
successful is that I serve the practical antidote to work stress and a welcome
needs of smaller companies. Many I’m down to earth and don’t like to play break from the intense workouts of
copywriters come from the advertising games – one client told me my “candor triathlon training, it’s also a gift I give
industry and prefer to focus on very is refreshing.” I’ve won bids simply by my body, mind and spirit. I try to attend
creative work. I’m better equipped to being (politely) honest, even when my a yoga class every Friday as a way to
write the kind of straightforward pieces honest impression was that the client’s dissipate the stress of the week.
many small businesses have a need for. ideas for their project were terrible.
You can reach Michelle at:
How did you get involved in WLN? Any Who is your perfect power partner? (815) 363-1213 or
success stories?
My perfect power partner is a graphic
I became involved with WLN through designer or web developer who feels
Noreen Wiebmer, whom I met through confident suggesting to a client that they
the McHenry Area Chamber of should consider adding a copywriter to
Commerce. My most successful WLN the project team.

A Good Handshake “With confidence,

A good handshake is essential for first other individuals presence. Remember, you can reach truly
impressions and every time you come a limp handshake displays weakness. amazing heights;
in contact with potential customers or So, each and everyday show off the without confidence,
team members. Make sure your grasp is confidence you have in your company, even the simplest
firm, yet friendly as you establish a sense your products and yourself with a firm accomplishments are
of cooperation. Maintain eye contact handshake.
beyond your grasp.”
throughout the handshake as it is a sign
of confidence and genuine interest in the
Courtesy of Elizabeth Caesar as seen on DSWA;
Board Members Dates To Remember
President Pat Kolodziej
PK Tax Services Monthly Meeting: November 14, 2007
Day Phone (847) 858-5074 Part 2: Invest in Yourself and Improve Your Skills
Email with Stacia Skinner
Stacia Skinner is the owner of Creative Training Solutions, Ltd. a
franchise of DEI Management Group. She has over 20 years of
Past President Kathy Hardtke
sales and training experience and brings a very upbeat and
Milestone Mortgage
Day Phone (847) 458-9300 enthusiastic feel to all her trainings.
Email The series will wind up in January with Part 3: Selling Skills and The
10 Characteristics of World-Class Salespeople.
VP Programs Lisa Davidson December Dinner Meeting: December 12, 2007
Northwest Mutual
Day Phone (815) 444-3779 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Email D’ Andrea Banquets (on Route 14 and Route 31)

Progressive Dinner with our Holiday Exchange. If you wish to

VP Events Lisa Krupp participate in the Holiday Exchange, please bring a gift valued
Island Relief at $20. We will also be sponsoring families, by purchasing their
Day Phone (847) 707-2132 Christmas gifts, as we did last year. The organization will be
Email decided upon in the next few months and any suggestions are
VP Admin. Kris Freeman January Meeting: January 9, 2008
Body Talk Practitioner 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM
Day Phone (847) 975-9406 Jimmy’s Charhouse on Randall Road and I-90
Part 3: Selling Skills and The 10 Characteristics of World-Class
Salespeople with Stacia Skinner
VP Marketing Mary Ann Muscat
Milestone Mortgage
Day Phone (847) 494-4068

VP Finance Anne Ward

Creative Core
Day Phone (847) 854-1111

VP Membership

Robin Braga
Silpada Designs
Day Phone (312) 259-8032 Membership: Siree Sandberg Bakakos
Email Visitor Welcoming: Norine Wiebmer
Events: Kathy Glink, Wendy French, Deirdre Reishus and Kim Gaxiola
Programs: Terri Williams
Marketing: Jackie Prehn
Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador? If so, please contact Pat
Kolodziej at (847) 608-6451.

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