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To empower women to succeed in business personally and professionally through nelworking and education while building key relationships and having fun! Event Photo Collage 5S Pose 23 Four Ways to Get More Referrals and Profits Page 3 Member Spattight: Vicky Callaway, Century 21 Page 4 The Comiorl Zone Page 4 Dates To Remember Page 5 Meet the Board/ Ambassadors Page 5 Inside This Iss Monthly Meetings 2nd Wednesday of each month Biaggi's Ristorante |taliono 1542 Randall Road Algonquin, It 60102 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM $55.00 {includes dinnen) nica we iS From Our President Inspiration As I was trying ( figure out what to-srite about this month, | told myself | needed inspiration. Inspiration to find a topic that ‘would interest you. What is inspiration’ According to the Webster's inspiration is “a divine influence or action ‘on a person belicved to qualify him-or her toeceive and communicate sacred revelation: the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions: the act of influencing or suggesting opinions.” Wow, that’s a pretty wonderful way to explain it, But, now how do we get it? ‘That's the more impartant question, 1 think it can come fram the world around you ~ your family and friends or even total strangers. Have you ever walked down the strect and watched someone helping someone else? Doesn't that inspire you to do the same the next time the oppartunity presents itself? What inspires you to get up and go to work? Is ityour co-warkers or the clieals that you will be servicing that day’ Tt ‘could be the satisfaction that what you do helps someone m need. It could be that ‘you know you are contributing to your hhouschold so that you and your family can do more. Forme. it’s knowing that I ‘can try to do it all ~ a business and family and the challenge of keeping everything in balance To be honest y inspiration comes from yo T walk into a WEN meeting. I att uplifted by all the wondlerfl women in the room. | find my strength to continuc with my career Pat Kolodziej §e0e0 re + Network STRONG. AMBITIOUS. SUCCESSFUL. frome others thas are succeeding in theirs. [find my strength in the women that ane involved with their children’s ives while trying to koop-a business growing. Women inspire each other all the time and I find that the women af the WLN da it very well When you leave a meeting, do you feel a sense of rejuvenation? The enéngy in the room can keep you going for days. Leave you with this So show a itile in Show ar httle spark ‘Show the ware a lt show il year leert rar We And the other one we make {nd she world won ¥ stop And actions sped Listen t v0 Fivesmone we re given, louder uur heart by Alar Chapin Ca [would like you to think about what inspires you. Keep that in your heart 50 that you can succced in everything you do. Remember the feeling you leave with after attending ene of our dinner mectings or any meeting when a bunch of women get together. Inspiration can be contagious, Thope you have your inspiration this ‘month to grow and change orto simply rake it trough the day! te eels edge mc MeL oa and partly what itis made by the friends we choase. ‘You have customers that love your products and services, and dove pou? Put {Your attention om turning these loving ustomicrs into “champions” (som cone who is om the lookaut for new customers) for you and your bu Rather than having customers praise you and your products and/or services in Private, you want to enteourage them to shout out to cveryone that they need to take a look at what you have to-offer, To do thatit takes some time and attention. Ifyou focus on cultivating your champions, you will watch y i veferrals re positive peaple who are ordering regularly with you, using your services consistently, or simply’ let you know how much they enjoy your products andior services Mave a champion plan, As part of your overall marketing plan, decide in advance what you will do for ‘your champions throughout the year You'll want to be consistent in your ‘champion benefits. ‘Create an Incentive, At your events, or via a letter, make a special offer just for your champions. Let them know that i they sere -you areferral this month for someone that brings you business. vou w give them x". Let them know that this offer is ‘only for champions, Because Lhey know ‘you, and like-you, you can alsa let them in on a goal vou are working on and you would appreciate their help. ‘Of course, say thank you, thank you. thank you! Send thank you notes make thank you calls, Say thank you three times in three different wavs to really express your appreciation to your ‘champions! Pick which of going. to b ‘champio ese ideas ane you in Lo use today to cultivate and boost your bottom line.