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Empowering From Our President - Pat Kolodziej

It’s That Time of Year Again!
Women The kids are back in school, the leaves will provide the
are changing and Halloween is just most opportunity
To empower women to
succeed in business personally around the corner. Where does the for candy. Then,
and professionally through time go? It seems as though Labor Day of course, comes
networking and education weekend hits and Tuesday comes with afterwards when
while building key relationships cooler weather. I personally love this the bags of candy
and having fun! time of year. It’s sweatshirt weather! are dumped out
Are you ready for some football? Yes, and scanned for the
we now have football to watch too. favorites!
September’s Photo Collage
Inside This Issue

Page 2 We’ve talked about change before – it’s My kids love getting their hands messy
To Will or Not Isn’t the
always a good thing. Just look at the by carving a giant pumpkin – the hubby
Question By Lisa Miller, trees while you drive down a long stretch loves the seeds! This is a great way to
Page 3 of road. It’s beautiful! Or are you too bond with family and friends. So as you
busy thinking of the laundry list of things carve your pumpkin, eat lots of candy
September Meeting - Who
Attended Page 3 you need to do (including laundry) that and watch your favorite football team
you are too busy to notice. (Go Bears!) on T.V., remember to enjoy
Welcome New Members! and live for the moment. Snow will be
Page 3 I have to stop and tell myself to slow
down and relax. Pretty soon the holidays here before you know it!
Member Spotlight
Lisa Davidson, will be upon us and we will not have the Happy Fall WLN!
Northwestern Mutual time to enjoy the beauty outside. Fall
Financial Network Page 5 seems to come and go too quickly lately
– according to some, it’s global warming. “Eye of newt, and toe
Business Spotlight
Bobbi Allen Page 5 Whatever the reason, the snow will come of frog, Wool of bat,
Dates to Remember
soon enough so be sure to enjoy the pile
of leaves with your kids or the football
and tongue of dog,
Page 5
games with friends or a cup of hot Adder’s fork, and
Meet the Board/
Ambassadors Page 4
chocolate by yourself. blind-worm’s sting,
Again, this is my favorite time of year Lizard’s leg, and owlet’s
for all of these reasons. I also enjoy
Monthly Meetings Halloween – yes, of course, there’s
wing, For a charm of
2nd Wednesday of each month candy. You all know me too well. But powerful trouble,
Hennessy’s OnQ Steak & I love following the kids as they dress Like a hell-broth boil
Seafood, up and run around the neighbors’ homes
and bubble.”
2300 Bushwood Dr, Elgin, IL 60124 and say “Trick or Treat”. Remember
those days when life was simple? The William Shakespeare
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM most difficult decision was what to be
$35.00 (includes dinner)
this Halloween followed by which street Happy Halloween!
o Collage
September’s “Friends are like bras:
close to your heart and
there for support.”

Don’t miss out on
the networking,
training and fun!
Plan on making
the next meeting.
We’ll see
you there!
To Will or Not Isn’t the Question need a Will but that is not true.
There are laws for what happens if you die
By Lisa Miller, Paralegal intestate (without a will) and it means your
Independent Associate for Pre-Paid Legal Services assets will distributed as the legislature
guesses most people would want their
Financial Planners consistently espouse the you die. If you are married the spouse assets distributed. In some cases assets
need for a Last Will and Testament, and normally will receive custody of the will go to the State Treasury because no
yet few Americans take the time to create a children. But Grandparents or other next of kin can be found.
Will, or revise it after changes in their life. relatives may petition the Court for legal Who will get your business assets and
Use change it after changes – maybe use guardianship. Without a valid Will, your future income if you pass away? If you do
alter for the first “change” instead? voice is silent in the proceedings. not have a business partner, do you want
To test your understanding of the On the other hand, perhaps you want your your business to shut down or continue to
consequences of dying without a will, take children to live with your parents, but your operate?
this short quiz: Will doesn’t provide this information to In some states, if you do not update your
1. If you pass away without a Will, the the Court so the Judge follows common will, your EX-Spouse may get your assets,
State could decide who will raise your practice, leaving the minor children with and custody of your children from that
children? Yes or No your spouse. Either way, your wishes may marriage. In addition, if your intention is
not be carried out if you have no Will. to have your children acquire your assets,
2. If you pass away without a Will, the
State could decide who inherits your In addition, suppose you and your spouse and not allow the assets to go to a new
home and other assets? Yes or No? are killed in a car accident -- who will spouse, that must be in your will too.
raise your children and get your estate? Each state has their own laws regarding
3. If you were divorced and pass away
Family could end up in a dispute over both how to distribute your assets and provide
without an updated Will, your former
the children, and the estate. This point is for your children. You need to make sure
spouse could end up with your estate,
brilliantly portrayed in the movie “Raising your estate planning covers all the bases.
even if you got married later to
Helen” when a woman dies and leaves
someone else? Yes or No? After you pass away, you will not be able
custody of her children to her free-spirited
4. Do you need to change your will if you younger sister, rather than the “soccer- to tell the Court what your wishes were…
move from one state to another? Yes mom” older sister. so please make a game plan now to get a
or No? will drafted by the end of this year.
It is important that you protect all of
If you answered YES to all of these your assets that you have worked hard to Next month I will provide the different
questions stop reading now otherwise, this accumulate. Do you want everything to alternatives to creating a will so you
article is for you! go to your Spouse? Children? Parents? can make a decision based on your
Statutes (laws) regarding estates will Single people often believe they do not circumstances.
mandate who will raise your children if

September Meeting - Who Welcome New

Attended Members!
Congratulations to the following Lisa Davidson Northwestern Mutual
members who made a commitment to Lisa Lagenbach AromaLisa Bobbi Allen Home Instead
their businesses, and themselves, by Lisa Murphy Panache Interiors
Laurie Huspen Valuable Resources Joyce Edwards
attending the September WLN Networking
Meeting! Martina Mathisen My Custom Installer Point Flow Acupuncture
Mary Dickson Aflac
Anne Ward Creative Core Megan Miller Signature Flooring
Katie Haslow Arbonne
Bobbi Allen Home Instead Natasha Corda Nick’s Pizza & Pub Kathy Senn Birong
Cheryl Gilliland G&I Dental Co Paula Ramos DataPros Bookkeeping
Doreen Langereis Cruise Planners It Make Cents
Service, LLC
Gwynne Knutson Fine Graphic Design Robin Braga Sterling Silver Jewelry Lisa Langenbach AromaLisa
Jackie Prehn T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc. Shannon Bednowicz PartyLite Gifts
Joyce Edwards Point Flow Acupuncture Sheri Miranda Optimal Health Modalities Mary Dickson Aflac
Judy Nepil-Shaw Mary Kay
Karen Robins
Siree Sandberg Bakakos SSB Financial Paula Ramos
Services, Inc.
Kathy Glink CAbi Sue Jaeger Flooring America/Sue Designs 2
DataPros Bookkeeping
Kathy Senn Birong It Makes Cents Terri Williams Nick’s Pizza & Pub Sheri Miranda
Kathy Smith Flooring America To be included in future newsletter Optimal Health Modalities
Katie Haslow Arbonne recognition, please make sure your Terri Williams Nicks Pizza
Lauren Perrine Panache Interiors business card is deposited in the canister
Linda Gaska Organizational Consultant when you check in.
“Success means

Member having the courage,

the determination,
and the will to
become the person
you believe you
were meant to be.”
 George Sheehan

Lisa Davidson, Associate Financial Representative wtih the Kratochvil Group,

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
Tell us a little about your background been to a networking group meeting in the industry and is known for its
and your current business. What before and WLN made me feel right strength and integrity.
makes you successful? at home the first meeting. I have Working with Northwestern Mutual is a
When I was 29 our family suffered the developed some great friendships choice I am proud of and I never doubt
loss of my husband and I had to learn over the years and my confidence in that they will do the “right thing” when
the hard way how valuable planning speaking and networking has greatly the time comes for one of my clients to
for the unexpected is. Luckily for us improved due to the warm women of make a claim.
we had some foresight and had life the WLN. I owe WLN for my current
position with Northwestern Mutual. Who is your perfect power partner?
insurance in place. It was never in
my plans to raise a family and take I met Cheryl Red at a meeting and Power partners can be people doing
care of a home on my own. I learned I made a career change by the next business with families: Doctors,
firsthand how a tragedy can turn your meeting. Lawyers, Dentists, Accountants.
“plans” for the future upside down. I Who is your perfect client? What tip can you give to a business
use this experience to help guide my My perfect client is someone who looking for your services?
clients in making tough decisions on worries about their family or business Make sure you research your insurance.
what they may want to have happen and wants to protect their future. They are not all created equal. Cheaper
to their families if they did not make Everyone needs life insurance. It can is not always going to save you money.
it home one day. Really getting to be a confusing decision and all I want When you need to make a claim you
know my client and their desires helps to do is help someone make the right want to make sure the company will be
me to make the best recommendations decision for themselves. around and be able to pay. Make sure
for their particular situation. Building you are with a highly rated company.
lifetime relationships is the key to my What keeps you ahead of your
competition? Northwestern Mutual has the highest
success. ratings by Moody’s, AM Best, Fitch,
How did you get involved in WLN? Attention to my clients desires for Standard & Poor’s. We are also rated
Any success stories? the future coupled with “top of the by Fortune magazine by our peers for
line” products makes me number one. the last 24 years as the “Most Admired”
I found WLN in a McHenry County Northwestern Mutual over its 150 years
Women Magazine and joined online company.
has made an impressive reputation
before my first meeting. I had never

The WLN is looking for Look For The Lesson

Ambassadors! Have you had a recent setback? Look for the lesson. Setbacks serve. They bring
Get more from your with them lessons about you, about life, about relationships. When a setback
erupts in your path, do not dowse the flames without first examining its lesson.
membership by getting
Learning the lessons that your setbacks deliver to you is one of the ways you build
involved and volunteering! your resilience. Prepare yourself for the next surprise by learning something from
Contact Lisa Davidson this one—look for the lesson.
at (815) 444-3779 Courtesy of Caterina Rando, MA, MCC, Keynote speaker, success coach.
for more details. Contact Caterina at (415)668-4535 or
Board Members Dates To Remember
President Pat Kolodziej
PK Tax Services October Meeting: October 8th
Day Phone (847) 858-5074 Hennessy’s OnQ, 5:30 - 7:30 PM, $35.00
Progressive Dinner

November Meeting: November 12th

President Elect Lisa Davidson Hennessy’s OnQ, 5:30 - 7:30 PM, $35.00
Northwest Mutual
Day Phone (815) 444-3779 Speaker: Marcy Piekos, “Victims of Language”
December Meeting: December 10th
Hennessy’s OnQ, 5:30 - 7:30 PM, $35.00
VP Programs Lisa Miller
Pre-Paid Legal
Speaker: Senator Pam Althoff
Aflac Insurance
Day Phone (224) 623-4891

VP Events Doreen Langereis

Day Phone
Cruise Planners
(847) 847-8555 Business Spotlight

VP Marketing Jackie Prehn

T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc.
Day Phone (847) 289-8007

VP Admin. Siree Sandberg Bakokos

SSB Financial
Day Phone (847) 519-1142

VP Finance Anne Ward

Creative Core
Day Phone (847) 854-1111

VP Membership Robin Braga
Independent Rep. for a
national jewelry company
specializing in sterling silver
jewelry Membership:
Day Phone (312) 259-8032 Visitor Welcoming: Norine Wiebmer
Email Events: Kathy Glink, Deirdre Reishus and Lisa Krupp
Marketing: Kris Freeman
Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador? If so, please contact
Lisa Davidson at (815) 444-3779.

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