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Empowering From Our President - Pat Kolodziej

Can You Roll With the
Women Punches?
To empower women to There was a US naval ship traveling off the this new challenge or
coast of Canada and the US captain saw a obstacle.
succeed in business personally
light in the distance of a ship headed for a
and professionally through When a challenge or
collision course with his ship. He immediately an obstacle presents
networking and education got on the radio, “Please divert your course itself, how do you
while building key relationships 15 degrees to the North to avoid a collision.” react? Do you
and having fun! The voice on the other end of the radio said, move or force the
“Recommend you divert your course 15 lighthouse to move? Life will throw you all
July’s Photo Collage
Inside This Issue

degrees to the South to avoid a collision.” types of crazy things – it could relate to your
Page 2-3 The captain was dumbfounded – how could family, your friends, your business, what have
Business Spotlight anyone tell him to change his course? He you. The question is, are you able to handle
Jackie Prehn, T.R.I.M. insisted, “This is the captain of a US Navy these challenges when they come? What
ship requesting that you change your course 15 kind of attitude do you have when something
Designs, Inc. Page 4
degrees to the North.” The voice said again, happens to force you to change? Is it positive
July Meeting: Who “No, I say again, you divert your course.” or negative? Are you confident? Are you
Attended Page 4 Now the captain was angry, “This is the eager?
Hot Tips and Cool Ideas Aircraft Carrier USS Abraham Lincoln, the I hope that your reaction is not one of anger or
second largest ship in the US Atlantic fleet. resentment like our captain with the lighthouse.
Page 4
I demand that you change your course 15 It should be a positive one since there is a
Member Spotlight degrees North or counter measures will be reason that this challenge has come. You may
Robin Braga, Sterling Silver undertaken to ensure the safety of this ship.” not see it now but it could be that this will
Jewelry Page 5 The voice said, “This is a lighthouse. It’s your make you a better mother, sister, daughter,
call.” wife, colleague or businesswoman. Have an
Small Business open mind and roll with the punches!
Achievement - Thinking The moral of the story? Don’t get in the way
We are excited to announce the new vision
of a lighthouse. No! In life, there are going to
by Having Lunch of the Women’s Leadership Network! The
be many obstacles in the way of your personal
Page 5 and professional life. It is how you choose to members have voted to deactivate our
Dates to Remember react to them that is the point. membership with the ABWA. With this
Page 6 change, we hope that this will not be a curve
Now this is not a true story but it hopefully
ball in your life but an opportunity to try
Meet the Board/ made you laugh a little. I also want it to make
new things with this organization. We will
you think a little.
Ambassadors no longer be limited to the expectations of
Page 6 When someone throws you a curve ball, can the ABWA but will be able to create a better
you hit the ball? It’s hard for some of us. We organization with corporate memberships and
have things set in our minds – this is the way it speaking opportunities for our members.
Monthly Meetings is supposed to be. We are content and satisfied
We will be announcing more of the new vision
2nd Wednesday of each month as we go along our path. Then, of course, all
to you in the coming months and we hope
of a sudden something happens to force you
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM to change. You were perfectly happy with the
that you enjoy the new Women’s Leadership
$35.00 (includes dinner) way things were and now you have to react to
Network! We are strong, ambitious and
o Collage
July’s Life is partly what we make it,
and partly what it is made by
the friends we choose.

ew Board o
f Directors
for 2008!

Don’t miss out on
the networking,
training and fun!
Plan on making
the next meeting.
We’ll see
you there!
Thank You Kris Freeman and Lisa Krupp for serving on the Board in 2007!
a t u la t io n s t o P at Kolodziej!
Congr O f T h e Year 2008!
The WLN W o m a n
Spotlight You!

Get involved!
Share your knowledge
and expertise!
The WLN Newsletter is
looking for members who
would like to share their
business knowledge by
July Meeting - Who Attended! submitting articles for
future newsletters. You
Congratulations to the following Melissa Douros can submit your articles
members who made a commitment to Dovco-Collection Solutions
for consideration to
their businesses, and themselves, by
attending the July WLN Networking
Pat Kolodziej PK Tax Services Jackie Prehn at
Meeting! Randi Goodman Interior Inspiration
Anne Ward Creative Core Robin Braga Sterling Silver Jewelry
(All articles must be
Siree Sandberg Bakakos
Deborah Metroka
SSB Financial Services, Inc.
informational and
Metroka Coaching Services not promotional.)
Jackie Prehn T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc. Vicky Callaway Century 21

Judy Nepil-Shaw Mary Kay Kathy Senn Birong “Success is achieved

It Makes Cents Bookkeeping
Kris Freeman Freedom Therapies
To be included in future newsletter
by developing
Lisa Davidson Northwestern Mutual recognition, please make sure your our strengths, not
Lisa Krupp Island Relief Inc business card is deposited in the canister
Lisa Miller Aflac Insurance when you check in. by eliminating our
Hot Tips and Cool Ideas Marilyn vos Savant

One reason my business grew so fast ... as I complete every order I ask, “May
I send you an e-mail one time per month that includes my Special Offer for the HELP
month, some Product Tips, and some Updated Information?” On the first of every
month I send a message that includes all of the above mentioned, plus some brief
information about my business (and/or business opportunity). At the close, I add
that I appreciate them sharing this message and would gladly offer them $5 off their The WLN is looking for
next order for every referral that purchases my products. And, I include all of my Ambassadors!
contact information - of course!
By Jennifer Walker, Courtesy of the DSWA, Get more from your
membership by
Have you had a recent setback? Look for the lesson. Setbacks serve. They bring
with them lessons about you, about life, about relationships. When a setback erupts getting involved and
in your path, do not dowse the flames without first examining its lesson. Learning the volunteering!
lessons that your setbacks deliver to you is one of the ways you build your resilience.
Prepare yourself for the next surprise by learning something from this one—look for Contact Lisa Davidson
the lesson.
Courtesy of Caterina Rando, MA, MCC, Keynote speaker, success coach. at (815) 444-3779 for
Contact Caterina at (415)668-4535 or more details.
“Success means

Member having the courage,

the determination,
and the will to
become the person
you believe you
were meant to be.”
 George Sheehan

Robin Braga
Sterling Silver Jewelry
Robin decided to become an jewelry for themselves or to give as a women with ideas you can utilize in
independent representative for a gift. your business. She is also active in the
nationally-known sterling silver jewelry Robin likes to share the business Northern Kane Chamber of Commerce
company after going to a jewelry opportunity with those looking for a and is on the board for the SOHO
party. Though never being in sales, she new career. It’s a great opportunity (Small Office / Home Office) group.
loved the jewelry and the casualness where you can determine how much you She enjoys playing tennis, reading,
of the parties. There are no formal want to work. Where else can you go movies, comedy clubs and getting
presentations, and the parties are held as to work and end up at a party! together with friends and family.
an open house allowing guests to mingle
with their friends as they try on the Robin moved to the Chicago area after You can reach Robin at 847-961-5526
beautiful jewelry. college and has lived in the Lake In with questions about purchasing the
The Hills area for 4 years. In addition jewelry, hosting your own party, the
What sets this product apart from her to selling jewelry, she is employed by a business opportunity or fundraising
competitors is that it is handmade .925 major electronics company in Hoffman events.
sterling silver and not plated jewelry. Estates.
Other natural precious and semi-
precious stones are used for the jewelry, She joined WLN in October 2005
watches and belts. and has been on the board for two
years. It’s a great opportunity to share
The perfect client is anyone who loves your business and also meet a lot of

Small Business Achievement - Thinking by Having Lunch

Have lunch with your customers. Small We are all people and we all appreciate Sometimes, ideas just develop, and
business owner can learn great advice being appreciated. Show this appreciation these ideas can be creative ways to
and strategies by having lunch with the by taking somebody to lunch. Don’t have grow your small business. In order for
right people. By eating with the right a rigid list of tasks to be accomplished. that to happen, you need to create the
people you can learn incredibly valuable Just enjoy some time with them. You are environment to allow trusted, honest and
information to insure the successful building a relationship, enjoying time candid discussion. More casual settings
growth of your small business. Having spent together, and if perhaps you get provide an opportunity for this type of
lunch is a great way to grow your small some good suggestions from it, great. conversation.
business. I do this often in my business. Have lunch. Having lunch is a great
Small business professionals get Sometimes, I meet people for coffee, strategy to help you grow your small
overwhelmed with the day to day sushi, or burger night at a local pub. business.
demands of their business. I encourage The atmosphere is more fun, relaxing Could you use more tips like this to accelerate
you to at times, to take a break and and cordial. The key is to allow some the growth of your small business? Achievement
schedule a lunch with some of the flexibility in learning who these people thinking is a powerful concept that Mark Mikelat,
the founder of Building Aspirations (www.
people important to the success of your are. Don’t have the goal be to land this uses to coach his small
business. Enjoy the opportunity to simply deal, or that deal. The goal should be business clients to double or even triple the size
talk with them without the pressure of a open and honest discussion and pleasant of their businesses. You can learn more and take
negotiation, or pending sale. conversation. advantage of a free strategic analysis at www.
Board Members Dates To Remember
President Pat Kolodziej
PK Tax Services August Meeting: August 13th at Giodarino’s. 5:30 - 7:30 PM, $25.00
Day Phone (847) 858-5074 Speaker: Tammy Cook, ACC, Professional Coach, Offbeat
Motivational Speaker, “Get Off Your Buts! How to Make Progress
Instead of Excuses”.
President Elect Lisa Davidson Tuesday, August 19th, 7 PM: Annual wine tasting event at
Northwest Mutual Winestyles.
Day Phone (815) 444-3779
Email September Meeting: September 10th at Biaggi’s.
5:30 - 7:30 PM, $35.00
VP Programs Lisa Miller WLN Kick-Off! Renew your WLN Membership for $50 at the
Pre-Paid Legal September Meeting!
Aflac Insurance Speaker: Terri Williams, “How to DREAM and Dream BIG!”
Day Phone (224) 623-4891
Email Terri will share some of what she has learned from her experience
with consulting firms and learning organizations, mentors along her
journey, and books that have truly changed her life.
VP Events Doreen Langereis
Cruise Planners Friday, September 19th, 6:00 PM: Corn Maze for Board Members
Day Phone (847) 841-8555
and Ambassadors

Sunday, September 28, 2008

VP Admin. Siree Sandberg Bakokos The “Run for the Bear” - Save the Date!
SSB Financial
Day Phone (847) 519-1142 October Meeting: October 8th, Location TBD
Email 5:30 - 7:30 PM, $35.00
Progressive Dinner
VP Marketing Jackie Prehn November Meeting: November 12th, Location TBD
T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc. 5:30 - 7:30 PM, $35.00
Day Phone (847) 289-8007
Email Speaker: Marcy Piekos, “Victims of Language”

December Meeting: December 10th, Location TBD

VP Finance Anne Ward 5:30 - 7:30 PM, $35.00
Creative Core
Day Phone (847) 854-1111 Speaker: Senator Pam Althoff

VP Membership Robin Braga

Independent Rep. for a Membership:
national jewelry company
Visitor Welcoming: Norine Wiebmer
specializing in sterling silver
jewelry Events: Kathy Glink, Deirdre Reishus and Lisa Krupp
Day Phone (312) 259-8032 Programs:
Email Marketing: Kris Freeman
Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador?
If so, please contact Lisa Davidson at (815) 444-3779.

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Jackie Prehn, T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc.
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