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Empowering From Our President - Pat Kolodziej

Women It’s tough nowadays to hold on and
continue on your path. There are so many
being depended
upon. However,
To empower women to obstacles, so many people who bring I have to say that
succeed in business personally negativity, so much to do in our busy lives. most of the time, I
and professionally through So how do you persevere? How do you do the things I do
networking and education continue on while others have given up? for myself. I know
while building key relationships What keeps you on track? When you fail, they are the right
and having fun! how do you try again? Are you more of a thing to do or the
fighter? Do you want it more? necessary thing to do depending on if it
April’s Photo Collage relates to my personal life or my business
Inside This Issue

I found some quotes that I liked and wanted

Page 2 to share: life.

Business Spotlight “Success seems to be largely a matter I never thought that my business would
be where it is today. But I kept going for
Judy Nepil-Shaw/Mary of hanging on after others have let
myself. I persevered when I lost clients,
Kay Page 3 go.”
- William Feather - when my harddrive crashed, when my time
“Do You Want Raving was running out before a deadline – I just
Customers?” “Perseverance is not a long race; it is kept going. Life is not perfect – we all
Page 3 many short races one after another.” know that. So you will have things that
- Walter Elliott - happen that may deter you from your goals
April/May Meetings - Who
or your dreams. The question is, will you
Attended “The race is not always to the swift,
but to those who keep on running.” persevere?
Page 3
- Author Unknown - Being a successful woman in business, you
Wanted: You!
“Saints are sinners who kept on have done just that. We applaud you for
Page 3
going.” it! In this challenging economy, we know
Member Spotlight - Robert Louis Stevenson - it’s difficult to keep plugging on. We are
Vicki Rae Thorne/Earth here for you – in good times and in bad.
Don’t they just hit the nail on the head!
Heart™ Inc. Page 4 We want you to feel like the WLN is here
Of course – there are so many others who to help you persevere so that your business
Dates to Remember would have thought it was not worth the will succeed and your personal life will
Page 5 time and the energy to continue on. Why is grow.
Meet the Board/ it worth it to you?
“Patience and perseverance have a
Ambassadors I have tried to think of what keeps me magical effect before which difficulties
Page 5 persevering through the obstacles, the disappear and obstacles vanish.”
negativity and the “busyness” of my life. I
Monthly Meetings have to say that it depends. I sometimes
- John Quincy Adams -
2nd Wednesday of each month feel like I do things for others like my Carry on, Ladies of the WLN!
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM family and friends. That’s ok with me. My
$35.00 (includes dinner) family and friends depend on me and I like
o Collage
April’s Life is partly what we make it,
and partly what it is made by
the friends we choose.
Don’t miss out on
the networking,
training and fun!
Plan on making
the next meeting.
We’ll see
you there!

Do You Want Raving Customers?

By Dana Phillips, Team Connections

I am a raving fan of Jackie Huba better. with fun, informative, helpful, more
and Ben McConnell. Their book, An incredibly important element than a “sales person”), you have created
Creating Customer Evangelists, is in this process is to listen without customer evangelists. They rave about
incredible. Their six tenets of moving reacting. When you ask someone for you and your products.
great customers to raving fans and their feedback, listen. Write down their Check out Jackie and Ben’s website at
“evangelizing” you and your products comments and suggestions, and no matter
have helped hundreds of companies. whether you agree or not, thank them for Would you give us some feedback? Visit
How does this apply to you, the direct telling you. Then take what you have us at and
seller? Here is one of my favorites: heard, evaluate it, and make changes email me with suggestions at dana@
Customer + ∆: ∆ (Delta) is the Greek (that’s the ∆ delta). You will keep getting
symbol for Change. So Customer + ∆ better and better, and your customers will
simply means to talk to your customers, tell others about you and your product. Courtesy of Dana Phillips, Team Connections For more
information, visit
find out what they like, what they don’t When your customers begin to tell others To connect with Dana, email
like, what they would want differently that they have to do business with you or call 972-874-8070
and then change your business to make it because you are so ___ (Fill in the blank

April/May Meetings - Who Wanted: You!

Get involved! Share
Attended! your knowledge and
Congratulations to the following Robin Braga Sterling Silver Jewelry expertise!
members who made a commitment to Siree Sandberg Bakakos
their businesses, and themselves, by SSB Financial Services, Inc. The WLN Newsletter is
attending the April and/or May WLN
Kelly Vaclavek
looking for members
Networking Meeting!
Law Office of David Gervais who would like to
Anne Ward Creative Core
Vicki Rae Thorne share their business
Bobbie Allen Peace 4 All Earth Heart Herbal Aromatherapy knowledge by
Doreen Langereis Cruise Planners Deb Metroka submitting articles for
Jackie Prehn T.R.I.M. Design Metroka Coaching Services future newsletters. You
Judy Nepil-Shaw Mary Kay Melissa Douros can submit your articles
Kathy Glink CAbi DOVCO Collection Services, Inc. for consideration
Kris Freeman Freedom Therapies Randi Goodman Interior Inspiration to Jackie Prehn at
Vikki Callaway Century 21
Lisa Davidson Northwestern Mutual
Norine Wiebmer To be included in future newsletter (All articles must be
Networking With Impact recognition, please make sure your informational and not
business card is deposited in the canister
Pat Kolodziej PK Tax Services when you check in.
“Success means

Member having the courage,

the determination,
and the will to
become the person
you believe you
were meant to be.”
 George Sheehan

Vicki Rae Thorne / Earth Heart™ Inc.

HerbalAromatherapy for People, Places, and Pets
Tell us a little about your background formulations are effective for people as Who is your perfect power partner?
and your current business. What makes well. I now have 8 resellers, including My ideal power partner is someone
you successful? an animal hospital, health food store, who is connected to the pet care/
I started studying herbs in 1974 because pet shops and the original kennel. The products market, someone who has
my friends and I loved to cook – the success of these products has shifted my personal experience with my products,
concept of food as medicine, and herbs focus toward finding natural pet products understands their efficacy, and is willing
as the foundation for prescription drugs distributors and potential outsourcing of to incorporate them as part of a holistic
fascinated me. When our older son had manufacturing. health care menu or the retail product
recurrent ear infections I got serious market.
How did you get involved in WLN?
about herbal medicine because I didn’t
want him on antibiotics. Echinacea was Toward the end of 2005 I began visiting What tip can you give to a business
the first herbal medicine I grew and made area business groups with intention looking for your services?
into remedies, and it proved valuable to join the one group that could help As you look for ways to improve and
for healing all sorts of infections. My me take Earth Heart to a new stage of expand your product line or services,
interest in aromatherapy started when growth. The open and energetic feeling think about creating a safe, effective,
I bought several essential oils after a within WLN was contagious (and it and memorable customer environment.
weekend intensive, and formulated was the last night to join as a charter Earth Heart can help you by providing
effective massage oils for pain and member). I joined that first night and specialty herbal and aromatherapy
relaxation. have enjoyed networking with several of products to augment your business
the members and benefited from many of without the need to cultivate expertise in
Earth Heart was founded to help
the business presentations that have been those areas yourself.
people improve quality of life by
offering premium holistic products and Whether for people, places or pets,
programs. I offer classes at a variety of Who is your perfect customer? Earth Heart products are carefully
locations, including community colleges researched and blended to be safe and
An ideal customer is someone who
and holistic health offices, massage chooses to use quality products for self
effective; natural, paraben-free and
schools and in home gatherings. I have plant-based; crafted in small batches to
and family, someone who gets excited
developed an original line of herbal ensure freshness and quality; simple and
about a particular product and wants
and aromatherapy products for people, practical to use; field and time-tested.
to share it with others, someone who
places, and pets that includes inhalations, provides repeat business and referrals.
massage oils, creams, lotions, bath salts, To learn more about Earth Heart products,
and sprays for a variety of common What keeps you ahead of your classes or services, please contact: Vicki
ailments. competition? Rae Thorne, Earth Heart Inc. (www.
My current success story is Canine Calm, As a small business I have the ability to, PO Box 427, Dundee,
an aromatherapy formulation for anxious focus attention on each customer. Earth IL 60118, or
dogs (and their families) that a holistic Heart products have been developed and (847)551-1806.
kennel in McHenry commissioned over refined by listening carefully to customer
8 years ago. Since then I’ve developed comments. Customers can personally
3 more products for canines – Calm request that an existing product be
Travel for motion sickness, Guardian adapted to accommodate a special need,
for immune system support, and Buzz such as allergies.
Barrier for repelling insects. All the
Board Members Dates To Remember
President Pat Kolodziej
PK Tax Services July Meeting: July 9th at Giordano’s. 5:30 - 7:30 PM
Day Phone (847) 858-5074 We will be installing our new board and then doing a special
Email networking event.

July 12th: Island Relief Event – Family Focused Fun Day

VP Programs Lisa Davidson Live music, and food, t-shirts, open to
Northwest Mutual WLN members - FREE!
Day Phone (815) 444-3779
Tuesday, August 19th: 7 PM; Annual wine tasting event at
VP Events Lisa Krupp
Island Relief
Saturday, June 14th, 2008: “Good Deeds Day” 9:00 AM- 2:00 PM
Day Phone (847) 707-2132 McCormick Park, 427 Virginia Street, Crystal Lake, IL 60014
Email Hosted By: Northwestern Mutual Financial Network: The
Kratochvil Group
Join us and thank the community at our first ever “Good Deeds
VP Admin. Kris Freeman Day”! Blood drive, clothing drive, food drive,Cook-out, prizes,
Body Talk Practitioner
Day Phone (847) 975-9406
raffles, music, and MORE!
Sunday, September 28, 2008
The “Run for the Bear” - Save the Date!
VP Marketing Jackie Prehn
T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc.
Day Phone (847) 289-8007 “Don’t wait until everything is just right. It will never
be perfect. There will always be challenges,
VP Finance Anne Ward
obstacles and less than perfect conditions. So
Creative Core what. Get started now. With each step you take,
Day Phone
(847) 854-1111 you will grow stronger and stronger, more and
more skilled, more and more self-confident and
more and more successful.”
VP Membership Robin Braga
Independent Rep. for a Mark Victor Hansen
national jewelry company
specializing in sterling silver
Day Phone (312) 259-8032
Membership: Siree Sandberg Bakakos
Visitor Welcoming: Norine Wiebmer
Events: Kathy Glink and Deirdre Reishus
Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador? If so, please contact
Pat Kolodziej at (847) 608-6451.

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