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Empowering From Our President - Pat Kolodziej

Are We Having Fun Yet?
Women Have you heard of 5S? This was work practices
introduced to me a few weeks ago and or operating in
To empower women to
succeed in business personally I wanted to share it with you. 5S is a a consistent and
and professionally through Japanese philosophy and method for standardized
networking and education organizing a workplace and keeping it fashion. Everyone
while building key relationships organized. The key targets of 5S are knows exactly
and having fun! workplace morale and efficiency. what his or her
The benefits of this methodology come responsibilities are
from deciding what should be kept, to keep above 3S’s. Think of McDonalds
Best Tips for Using Business
Inside This Issue

– in every restaurant, you know what

Cards where it should be kept, and how it
Page 2 should be stored. to expect. The same type of cup, the
burgers made the same way and the fries
October Meeting - Who The 5S’s are: taste the same.
1.SORTING: Going through all the
Page 2 5.SUSTAINING: Maintaining and
tools, materials, etc. in the work area and reviewing standards. Once the previous
Welcome New Members! keeping only essential items. Everything
Page 2 4S’s have been established, they become
else is stored or discarded. the new way to operate. Maintain the
Member Spotlight
2.SET IN ORDER: Arranging all the focus on this new way of operating, and
Mary Dickson, Aflac
Page 3 utensils, tools, equipment and parts in do not allow a gradual decline back to the
a manner that promotes work flow. For old ways of operating. However, when
Business Spotlight there is a suggested improvement, then a
example, tools and equipment should be
Page 4
kept where they will be used (straighten review of the first 4S’s is appropriate.
Dates to Remember the flow path) and the process should be
Page 4 set in an order that maximizes efficiency. Now that we are heading straight into the
Meet the Board/ holiday season, you may be interested in
3.SHINING: Systematic cleaning or
Ambassadors getting your personal or professional life
Page 4 the need to keep the workplace clean in order for 2009. I hope this gave you
as well as neat. At the end of each some ideas to be in better shape for the
shift, the work area is cleaned up and upcoming year.
everything is restored to its place. This
Monthly Meetings makes it easy to know what goes where I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving
Holiday! I am thankful for each and
2nd Wednesday of each month and have confidence that everything is
where it should be. The key point is that every one of you for you have enriched
Hennessy’s OnQ Steak & my life immensely.
maintaining cleanliness should be part
of the daily work – not an occasional
2300 Bushwood Dr, Elgin, IL 60124
activity initiated when things get too
5:30 PM to 7:30 PM messy.
$35.00 (includes dinner)
4.STANDARDIZING: Standardized
Best Tips for Using Business Cards
By Marc Levack
The business card is the most powerful take their card - don’t make that a one- the back of the card to jog your memory
single business tool in which one can way street. Be sure you give them your about something special that’ll help you
invest. It’s compact, energy-efficient, card as well. remember her. Don’t do that in front of
low-cost, low-tech, and keep working for When you visit a non-competing business her, or you run the risk of making the
hours, weeks and even years. The two that might attract the same people you impression that you are “forgetful.” If you
main functions of business cards are to would like to have as customers, ask if need to record information immediately
gain business from the person you give you may leave a supply of cards to be during your discussion, such as telephone
it to and to get your name out to other handed out or made available. In most numbers or other data not on the card, use
people with whom the first person comes cases, a business that’s complementary one of your own cards. You don’t want
in contact with via referrals. to your own is always looking for a her to think you view her card as scrap
Make Your Cards Accessible in Every networking partner. An example would paper upon which to take notes.
Situation be a sports nutritionist leaving a stack of Specializing in the highest quality, full color
In short, don’t leave home without them! cards at a martial arts studio. printing of Business Cards, Postcards, Club
Flyers, Brochures, Letterhead and so much more.
It’s a great idea to keep a small box of Contacts at a Distance For more information visit:
your cards in your glove box, just in case Enclose several cards in every packet of
you find yourself in a situation where you
need more than you’ve carried in your
sales material you mail out. Along with The WLN is looking for
pocket or purse. Keep an eye on your
your thank you note to the businessperson
whose referral brought you a major
supply. The time to reorder is before contract, include a business card to Get more from your
you’re in danger of running out. replace the one she gave away, plus membership by getting
Seek Situations to Exchange Business several more.
involved and volunteering!
Cards After any telephone call in which
Contact Lisa Davidson
Whenever you have a one-on-one business was discussed, follow up with
at (815) 444-3779
meeting with someone new or someone a letter outlining the main points of your
for more details.
you haven’t seen for a while, give his/ discussion and include one or more of
her your business card. Conventions and your cards.
trade shows are another great venue for
exchanging business cards. The vendors
Special Tricks of the Trade
After you get someone’s card and have
Welcome New
at the trade shows are anxious for you to
ended your time with her, make notes on

October Meeting - Who Attended Tammy Cook: Certified coach

and offbeat motivational
Congratulations to the following Siree Sandberg Bakakos speaker. She helps people
members who made a commitment to SSB Financial Services, Inc. juggling too many projects
their businesses, and themselves, by make progress on their goals
Sheri Miranda
attending the October WLN Networking Optimal Health Modalities
and regaining balance.
Meeting! Tammy’s specialties
Pat Kolodziej PK Tax Services, LLC include marketing for small
Mary Dickson Aflac
Kathy Glink CAbi businesses, time and project
Joyce Edwards Point Flow Acupuncture
Lisa Miller Prepaid Legal Services management, and getting
Gwynne Knutsen Fine Graphic Design organized.
Doreen Langereis Cruise Planners
Kathy Sean Birong
It Makes Cents Bookkeeping Lisa Langenbach AromaLisa Esther Bachrodt: Owner
Paula Ramos DataPros Bookkeeping of Bachrodt Med Legal
Melissa Hernandez Consulting. She is a Legal
Service, LLC
Kelly Vaclavek Attorney for Law Office Nurse Consultant who works
of David Gervais Jackie Prehn T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc.
as an independent consultant
Lauren Perrine Panache Interiors To be included in future newsletter with attorneys on cases that
Lisa Davidson Northwestern Mutual
recognition, please make sure your have a medical aspect, such
business card is deposited in the canister as medical malpractice or
Robin Braga Sterling Silver Jewelry when you check in. product liability.
“Success means

Member having the courage,

the determination,
and the will to
become the person
you believe you
were meant to be.”
 George Sheehan

Mary Dickson, Aflac complements our health packages for large companies. Wal-Mart is our
Independent Associate full & part time employees that save largest client.
them tax dollars and has no direct cost What keeps you ahead of your
to their employers. We also cater to the competition?
self-employed in many ways as well.
Aflac’s #1 position as a provider of
Tell us a little about your background In my specialization with the Aflac supplemental plans advertised by the
and your current business. What plans, I identify and explain the five ever-popular Aflac duck along with
makes you successful? key gaps missing from our health its 54-year history of no rate increases
After 20+ years in management insurance plans. Understanding each across all their highly rated plan
with Motorola and a not-for-profit clients unique needs helps me assist choices.
health-care organization, I decided them make a sound decision on the
to take my career to a higher degree best way to fill those gaps and ease Who is your perfect power partner?
of service to employers, employees, the financial impact of a health event. Health and financial related services.
and individuals in an area of critical Building long-term relationships is
necessity. Like so many folks, I have essential. What tip can you give to a business
had personal experience with the looking for your services?
How did you get involved in WLN?
impact of a significant health event. It Any success stories? Aflac is not insurance as you know it.
is our basic need to empower ourselves Set aside your assumptions about how
to understand and make serious Tammy Cook, who spoke at the August insurance works and learn how the
adjustments to our core health package meeting, sent me an email about the Aflac programs can provide additional
to cover the many uncertainties that meeting. Tammy was a speaker earlier benefits to your employees at no direct
often times we are not even aware of this year at another group meeting and cost to you as well as improve your
until something happens. I enjoyed her presentation so I decided bottom line.
to attend the August meeting. Everyone
As an independent representative of was so warm and friendly that I joined You can reach Mary at
Aflac, I am proud to say, that National WLN in September. 847-428-8957 or email her at
Underwriter has named Aflac as the
#1 provider of individual guaranteed Who is your perfect client?
renewable health plans year after year. Small business owners with 3 to 50
National Underwriter specifically employees as well as mid-size and

Wanted: You! “To get what

Get involved! Share your knowledge and expertise! you’ve never
The WLN Newsletter is looking for members who would like had, you must
to share their business knowledge by submitting articles do what you’ve
for future newsletters. You can submit your articles for
consideration to Jackie Prehn at never done.”
Mac Anderson
(All articles must be informational and not promotional.)
Board Members Dates To Remember
President Pat Kolodziej
PK Tax Services November Meeting: November 12th
Day Phone (847) 858-5074 Hennessy’s OnQ, 5:30 - 7:30 PM, $35.00
Speaker: Marcy Piekos, “Victims of Language”

Fun Night Out! Friday, November 21st, 7 PM

President Elect Lisa Davidson Sterling Silver Jewelry Party
Northwest Mutual
Day Phone (815) 444-3779 Robin Braga’s House, 4493 Rolling Hills Drive, Lake in the Hills, IL
Email RSVP to 847-961-5526. Proceeds will be donated to the Susan G.
Komen for the cure.

Monday, January 5th, 6:15 PM: Mark your calendar!

VP Events Doreen Langereis
Cruise Planners Zumba Class, Exercise in Disguise
Day Phone (847) 847-8555 More details to come!
December Meeting: December 10th
VP Marketing Jackie Prehn Hennessy’s OnQ, 5:30 - 7:30 PM, $35.00
T.R.I.M. Designs, Inc. Speaker: Senator Pam Althoff
Day Phone (847) 289-8007
Business Spotlight
VP Admin. Siree Sandberg Bakokos
SSB Financial
Day Phone (847) 519-1142

VP Finance Anne Ward

Creative Core
Day Phone (847) 854-1111

VP Membership Robin Braga

Independent Rep. for a
national jewelry company
specializing in sterling silver
Day Phone (312) 259-8032

Visitor Welcoming: Norine Wiebmer
Events: Kathy Glink, Lisa Krupp
Marketing: Kris Freeman
Are you interested in becoming an Ambassador? If so, please contact
Lisa Davidson at (815) 444-3779.

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